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What MUST Be Done to Stop the GMO Threat to Our Food Supply: Coexistence is Not an Option

Paul Fassa
February 23rd, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 8:48 pm
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gmo no1 263x164 What MUST Be Done to Stop the GMO Threat to Our Food Supply: Coexistence is Not an Option(NaturalSociety) Only a cooperative effort between consumers and non-GMO farmers of banning cultivation of genetically modified foods in as many local areas as possible will rescue us from the future peril of scorched earth by biotech. Retail labeling will do nothing to stop these GMO monsters, especially here in fast-food nation where most don’t really care what’s in their food.

Actually, non-GMO labeling already exists thanks to a non-profit group called the Non GMO Project. Instead of throwing millions of dollars and lots of blood, sweat, and tears into getting any government to label GMO foods, why not put some of that money and effort into supporting a non-government group that offers labeling to the handful of Americans who know and care. Find out more about the Non GMO Project here.

While earnest anti-GMO activists attempt to meet the demands of the struggle for labeling, the GMO companies make more and more inroads into agriculture. Our government on all levels has been infiltrated by biotech industry masters. The biotech industry owns the government in the USA and Canada. They don’t have to play fair. So forget petitions to Obama and the USDA and others. They’re all in on it.

Contamination from GMO crops and seeds has already happened often. The USDA’s four mile buffers aren’t effective, and worse, there’s the even more difficult to ascertain GMO contamination at the seed level.

Consumer labeling at the retail level implies non-GMO and GMO crops can coexist. This is totally untrue. Many non-GMO farmers have discovered this the hard way when their exports were rejected because of GMO contamination, which the USDA deems completely normal.

While GMO labeling is better than nothing, the only true way to protect the Earth and living organisms from the potential destruction from GMO biotech is to ban GMOs altogether.

An Example of Grass Roots Farmer Actions That Could Use More Support

Jackson County in Central Oregon has been invaded by Syngenta, which needs to experiment with their GMOs on open fields outside their head-quarter’s nation because Switzerland doesn’t allow GMO cultivation at all. By leasing unmarked fields covertly, their experimental GMO crops have violated the four mile buffer zone mandated by the USDA.

Syngenta had fields within one mile of three organic farming operations, and further investigation discovered that Syngeta had been in Jackson County operating undercover in unmarked rented fields since 2009.

Syngenta’s GMO beets threaten non-GMO and organic beets and chard and their seeds since they are of the same species. Since agricultural authorities are ignoring these local farmers complaints or even considering lost business from exports rejected, they formed their own movement called “GMO Free Jackson County”.

They created a petition to bring the whole matter of banning GMO seeds and cultivation within Jackson County. After obtaining over 6700 signatures, Measure 15-119 to ban GMO seeds and farming completely will be on the ballot May 20th, 2014. Hopefully this will get voted in.

Label laws will be meaningless when all organic or non-GMO crop foods are contaminated from GMO seeds and crops and the pollinating bees, butterflies, and birds are all killed from the GMO pesticides and herbicides, which is occuring.

Folks, food doesn’t originate from retail shelves; it comes from the ground. We need to support and incorporate farmers into the fight against GMO proliferation.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a clear example of corporate agents infiltrating a grassroots movement. The anti-GMO movement was growing too strong for the corporations’ liking, so they paid people to start a phony grassroots movement who proposed a “solution” which was clearly designed to give immunity to the biotech industry.

    End result? The anti-GMO community is fractured – the “label GMOs” crowd vs. the “ban GMOs” crowd – and the biotech industry is more powerful than ever.

    Why did the Organic Consumers Association promote “Yes On 37″? Because they are funded by the Rockefellers who own a substantial stake in the biotech industry. Yes, the Organic Consumers Association was created by the biotech industry in order to fracture the anti-GMO movement to where it has no teeth.

  • AwakeinOregon

    Thank you for stating what few are willing to realize. Americans and hefty organizations spending so much of our limited time, effort and money into labeling GMOs is the chemical cartels best ‘plan’. Keep them distracted with fluff while your toxic seeds trespass onto farms and fields across the county. Of course they are pretending to try and fight against the labeling efforts and spending millions of dollars. Wouldn’t you if you could make $Billion$ and take over the world food supply in the process? The $$$ flow would be endless, which has been their plan with their ‘feeding’ the world campaign as it is. The EU and nations what demanded labeling did not have the extend of the GMOs already taking over their food and farms. Those who use that argument are ignoring the facts. In America this stuff has to be stopped NOW, or two years from now, if a labeling campaign were to win, it would be way too late. This Genie is not going back into the bottle.

  • yankee phil

    A true definition of cancer causing properties must be made in order to classify GMO’s as a threat to public health. The fact that labratory tests have shown GMO’s cause tumor growth should be enough to take them off the market but since there is no exact definition of what constitutes a public health hazard in the food supply the FDA can be bought off to ignore overwhelming evidence of dangerous properties of GMO foodstuffs and in court (when challenged legally) cannot be prosecuted for negligence because of a lack of legal guidelines on what exactly constitutes a danger to public health ,leaving that major decision up to opinion rather than fact. Laws governing the FDA should be studied at once for these flaws to be rectified which will allow a legal challenge to the inevidable spread of the GMO virus to the natural food DNA integrity.

  • Ann

    I hated to watch what went on in the Ukraine. Innocent people protesting for and standing up for their rights and what most of Ukranian Citizens want yet the government allowed these innocent people getting killed and injured. When governments are just as “Corrupt” as Corporations like Monsanto, Dow, Dupont etc. forcing GMO’s, Pesticides, Herbicides, Hormones etc. on us, there doesn’t seem any other way!

    • yankee phil

      Are you suggesting that the american public throw fire bombs and use roof top snipers with full metal jacket bullets to attack monsanto and dupont like the ukrainian protesters did to the police in Kiev?

  • Frank

    Do what they just did in the Ukraine

  • daysleeper3

    With GMOs, there’s no “co-existence” possible. Our human species’ survival is at stake.

  • Toby Hunter

    We vote with our dollar’s everyday.