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Mother Nature Sticks It to Monsanto with Drought

Christina Sarich
July 5th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:03 pm
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drought dry 263x164 Mother Nature Sticks It to Monsanto with DroughtWhile a drought doesn’t help organic farmers either, Monsanto’s net income for it’s fiscal third quarter of this year has slipped by 3 percent due to a lower yield of crops like cotton and soybean. The higher production costs from last year’s drought were to blame in a release issued by the company this past Wednesday, remarking on a smaller contribution from its Brazilian soybean business. Last year, the company enjoyed a bumper crop and increased earnings of 17 percent due to an early Spring which inspired farmers to sow their crops early and in larger numbers.

Monsanto shares fell almost a dollar on last Wednesday’s stock market tick, and with this news, and it proves that even corporate giants who rake in more than $4.25 billion a year while poisoning people all over the world with their Roundup Ready crops are not immune to Mother Nature. Analysts were expecting a much larger earnings per share, but can they really depend on high crop yields as more people, including farmers, learn of the health and environmental hazards of GMO crops?

Big Agriculture and Big Pharma – companies like Monsanto, and Dow – don’t need a single extra dollar from investors. The scientific reports are coming out all over the world that prove genetically altered corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, and more, are tainted goods causing infertility, weight gain, tumor development, and so much more.

Every food ‘trend,’ dies, even fried pickles. Monsanto has been colluding with government organizations for decades (making their ploy anything but a trend and more like an evil scientist’s life-long dream to rule the world) to try to take over the global food supply. The company has ironically named drought and unavoidable weather patterns as part of the reason we need to rely on GMO to feed a growing population, but even holier-than-thou Monsanto suffers stock loss when crops are affected by the absence of rain.

Is it possible that along with Mother Nature’s chiding, Monsanto stock will plummet further as more people rebuke this company for their shady science and cancer-causing foods? With the Monsanto Video Revolt taking over the Internet on July 24th, even while mainstream media continues to sweep GMO facts under the prime time rug, its anyone’s guess just how long it will take to bankrupt this careless corporation. The sooner, the better – and always remember that your voice and actions make a difference.


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  • Daniel Beck

    Nobody wants to hear. I work in the environmetal field of HAZ MAT clean up, and even the scientist types don’t want to hear about this information. I think people’s ignorance is bliss, and am right because I’m stressed out with all the news I know about. It seems everyone is just carrying on as if nothing is happening. Why haven’t we impeached Obama yet? Have we all lost our minds!? This dude is paper thin he’s so see through. Rediculous.

  • Rach

    The drought is caused by stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, not nature. Monsatan is happy to have drought because insurance is protecting anything they lose and the price of food going up feeds them more money. If you look at the whole picture, drought caused by geoengineering, aluminum-resistent seeds made by Monsatan to replace all the real plants on earth killed by the aluminum in the geoengineering spray, and the circle that plays into medical problems that feed the Rx companies, etc you'll see that the genocide of the people of earth is planned by many companies and government agencies all over the world. Just check out the Nasa Future Warfare Document on Stopthecrim. net and read about how they plan to use nanotechnology to kill us. Right from the horses mouth. Not everything just "happens." Psychopaths have planned much of what seems "natural."

  • tony

    they don't need government subsidies to survive. every seed court case even the ones that get to the supreme court they win because they are legally in the right – 3 billions acres planted, 16 years used and not a single human and animal problem

  • tony

    They are not going bankrupt the farmers like their products too much – it saves them masses of insecticide costs.Raises yields. why do you think the majority of farmers buy their seed if it is available.

    • steveo

      the bt cotton needs more insecticides because the aphids are immune, the yields are less for almost all GMO crops. Not a single animal or human problem? Only if you hide under a rug…there are thousands of recorded issues. not to mention, spraying roundup poison on food that would not normally have any, and in doing so, creating superweeds! there are PROBLEMS, everywhere one looks if they choose to. Oh, don;t forget the problem monsanto found in its RRsoy, where they found 600 genes unrelated to the RR or the SOY in their product, 10 years after introduction. don;t forget the corn seed that did not germinate in South Africa, Oh, the roundup chelating the nutrients out of the soil, all of That's good/exact science, brought to you by Monsatan.

      • Ed Butt

        You're wasting your time steveo, these people are shills paid by Monsanto. There job is to challenge everybody who tries to tell the truth.
        Trouble is, one that (GM) seed of doubt has been planted we have to respond.

    • steveo

      look up gmoevidence"dot"com, all the evidence you need is right there to basically deep six these inferior products forever.

      • carolann

        I agree from my extensive research gmo is death to humanity after much physical pain from illness of course. People need to do their research and spread the word that it is the survival of humanity at stake.

  • TONY


  • @TreeOfLifeSword

    Monsanto is destroying God's creation.

  • xplorexpress

    Bankrupt? Not sure of that… to much money and power involved… government will bail them out :(

    • stoney

      That's what everyone said about the tobacco companies and look how far down the tubes they went when people finally woke up and they are still going down as more and more people quit smoking . GMO will die but as with tobacco it may take a long time to kill . I remember the adds big tobacco had ( more doctors smoke camels , get a promotion give your boss a menthol ) they thought they were too big to go down too , just like biotec . Like smoking we are the ones that have to quit the product to kill the company .