Mother Nature Sticks It to Monsanto with Drought


droughtWhile a drought doesn’t help organic farmers either, Monsanto’s net income for it’s fiscal third quarter of this year has slipped by 3 percent due to a lower yield of crops like cotton and soybean. The higher production costs from last year’s drought were to blame in a release issued by the company this past Wednesday, remarking on a smaller contribution from its Brazilian soybean business. Last year, the company enjoyed a bumper crop and increased earnings of 17 percent due to an early Spring which inspired farmers to sow their crops early and in larger numbers.

Monsanto shares fell almost a dollar on last Wednesday’s stock market tick, and with this news, and it proves that even corporate giants who rake in more than $4.25 billion a year while poisoning people all over the world with their Roundup Ready crops are not immune to Mother Nature.

Analysts were expecting a much larger earnings per share, but can they really depend on high crop yields as more people, including farmers, learn of the health and environmental hazards of GMO crops?

Big Agriculture and Big Pharma – companies like Monsanto, and Dow – don’t need a single extra dollar from investors. The scientific reports are coming out all over the world that prove genetically altered corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, and more, are tainted goods causing infertility, weight gain, tumor development, and so much more.

Every food ‘trend,’ dies, even fried pickles. Monsanto has been colluding with government organizations for decades (making their ploy anything but a trend and more like an evil scientist’s life-long dream to rule the world) to try to take over the global food supply. The company has ironically named drought and unavoidable weather patterns as part of the reason we need to rely on GMO to feed a growing population, but even holier-than-thou Monsanto suffers stock loss when crops are affected by the absence of rain.

Is it possible that along with Mother Nature’s chiding, Monsanto stock will plummet further as more people rebuke this company for their shady science and cancer-causing foods? With the Monsanto Video Revolt taking over the Internet on July 24th, even while mainstream media continues to sweep GMO facts under the prime time rug, its anyone’s guess just how long it will take to bankrupt this careless corporation.

The sooner, the better – and always remember that your voice and actions make a difference.