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Monsanto’s Top 7 Lies About GMO Labeling and Proposition 37

Mike Barrett
August 24th, 2012
Updated 05/20/2013 at 1:01 am
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Due to the near future voting on November 6, 2012 for California’s Proposition 37, there has been a lot of heat going back and forth concerning GMO foods. Up until now, 10′s of million of dollars have been funneled into the opposing side of the bill, with biotechnology giant Monsanto dishing out a whopping $4.2 million alone. Monsanto has even recently published a page on their site titled “Taking a Stand: Proposition 37, The California Labeling Proposal,” where the GMO giant attempts to logically explain why it is against GMO labeling. Needless to say, the post reeks of false and misleading statements, and oftentimes downright deception. Here are the top 7 lies Monsanto wants you to believe regarding GMO labeling and Prop 37.

Monsanto’s Top 7 Lies

1. The bill “would require a warning label on food products.”

GMO foods will not require a warning label (although they ought to!) Actually, foods made with GMOs would say “partially produced with genetic engineering” or “may be partially produced with genetic engineering,” – not a warning label, but a clear warning sign to those of us who want to avoid GMOs. The whole idea of the GMO labeling bill is to make consumers aware of what they are consuming, not to bash GMOs on every label. We have a right to know.

2. “The safety and benefits of these ingredients are well established.”

This may be the most comical statements of all. While no long-term studies portray the dangers or benefits of GMOs, countless studies using a ‘shorter’ time interval show not only how GMOs are a danger to humans, but also the environment and the biosphere. One study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences shows that GMO corn and other GM food is indeed contributing to the obesity epidemic and causing organ disruption.

Through the mass genetic modification of nature via GMO crops, animals, biopesticides, and the mutated insects that are created as a result, mega biotechnology corporations are threatening the overall genetic integrity of the environment as well as all of humankind. This is just one reason that GMO crops are continuously banned around the world in nations such as France, Peru, Hungary, and Poland.

3. “FDA says that such labeling would be inherently misleading to consumers.”

While the FDA may think that labeling GMO foods would be misleading, in reality the exact opposite is true. Most consumers are in the dark when it comes to GMOs residing in their purchased foods. Foods being sold that contain hidden GMOs is much more misleading than letting the consumer be aware.

The FDA may call it ‘misleading’ since ‘GMOs are safe,’ but research shows that this is far from the truth.

4. “The American Medical Association just re-affirmed that there is no scientific justification for special labeling of bioengineered foods.”

Although true, the American Medical Association also recently called for mandatory premarket safety studies for GMOs – a decision virtually polar opposite of the above quote. It seems that the AMA is being inconsistent no matter which view is taken. Here is a quote from Consumers Union recently noted in its reaction to AMA’s announcement:

“The AMA’s stance on mandatory labeling isn’t consistent with its support for mandatory pre-market safety assessments. If unexpected adverse health effects, such as an allergic reaction, happen as a result of GE, then labeling could perhaps be the only way to determine that the GE process was linked to the adverse health effect.”

5. “…the main proponents of Proposition 37 are special interest groups and individuals opposed to food biotechnology who are not necessarily engaged in the production of our nation’s food supply.”

Not engaged int he production of our nation’s food supply? Countless farmers, food producers, and consumers who are engaging with their hard-earned dollar support Proposition 37. In fact, many farmers have taken legal action against Monsanto in the past for widespread genetic contamination.

Here is a growing list of endorsements for the GMO labeling bill.

6. “The California proposal would serve the purposes of a few special interest groups at the expense of the majority of consumers.”

Monsanto says “at the expense of the majority of consumers.” Maybe the biotech giant isn’t away that GMO labeling is so desired that the pro-labeling side has a 3-to-1 advantage, based on recent polls. The majority of consumers actually want GMO foods to be labeled. It is no secret that government organizations such as the FDA and USDA are in bed with Monsanto, but this is a decision for the people – not any government organizations.

It has also been revealed that Monsanto has control of virtually all U.S. diplomats, and the company has even used its massive influence to force other nations to accept their genetically modified crops through economic threats and political pressure.

7. “Consumers have broad food choices today, but could be denied these choices if Prop 37 prevails.”

There is absolutely no reason to think that because of Proposition 37, food choices would become more limited. Actually, the bill would add value to the purchase by consumers, as no one would need to ‘eat in the dark’ and unknowingly consume GMOs.

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About Mike Barrett:
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    AT ONE TIME,in america the women said "we have to protect the children",WHAT HAPPENED,no one ever mentions the children anymore,SO IS IT NOW OK FOR BIG CORPORATIONS TO PRAY ON THE CHILDREN "FOR PROFIT",america,I fear has turned on the most unable to protect themselves "THE CHILDREN"…this is really sad,the population of america has turned into slime,comequite lord,the children are in extreme danger,from their own parents……….


    MONSANTO is killing the bees and other wildlife,they should be arrested and charged with genocide,YOU WANT TO SAVE THE PLANET,put everyone who works for MONSANTO IN PRISON,where they belong,there not after you anyway,THERE AFTER YOUR CHILDREN,its called population control,arrest the killers at MONSANTO,and watch how much healther your children become…"THATS IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN"……..

  • Brit

    Deborah. im not sure about that, as I see a few products labeled NO-GMOs here at my healthfood stores in CO.

  • Deborah

    David that proposal has already been tried. Labeling of NON-GMO is banned at present. To do so implies that there is something wrong with GMO products. Monsanto has already won that battle for the moment. Truth and health is not what this company is about. Their actions against small family farms across America speaks volumes! It's the same issue that the dairy farmers have tried to do with their products; hormone free labeling. Mega milk producers fought against the right to know what is in the milk that is making so many individuals sick.

  • reg

    We have 'mandatory labelling' of GM food in Australia. Any product that contains more than 1% GM must be labelled. The loophole is there because of GM contamination. Anything less than 1% is called 'adventitious'. It also means highly refined food from US corn, soy and Australian canola and cottonseed oil are exempt from labelling. Companies cannot label their products GM Free because of the contamination by GM in our food supply and because animals fed GM don't have to be labelled. They can label non-GM which some are starting to do. Certified organic is the safest option.

    Good luck with your labelling fight. Once you win the devil will be in the detail.

  • David Best

    I believe you are wasting your money on fighting Monsanto . Use all the money to get the producers of none GMO foods to label there food GMO FREE and tell them we will buy there foods rather than the none labeled food,

    Now if you were a producer and all you had to do was put a GMO FREE label on your packets and produce to increase sales would you do it . Then very soon no food manufacturer would buy GMO produce to put in there product and force All GMO FOODS OUT fight where it hurts at your level not where they have billions to spend to fight.

    • Susan


      I love your idea of labling GMO FREE!

    • DeAnna Davis-Rice

      i believe we should keep fighting, an one way is to learn to read the tags on already on produce itself

      4 numbers means your produce was Coventionally grown

      5 numbers starting with 8 GMO, and

      5 numbers starting with 9 organic.

      • Deborah

        What about ALL the other foods containing GMO? Millions are eating packaged/ processed food items laced with GMO. Without mandatory labeling you will never know what you are eating. History has already proven that the FDA & USDA can lie to the American people. It's all about lining the pockets of the money hungry.

        • Eliot W. Collins

          Genetically engineered crops, also referred to as GMOs, are already so common that it's easier to point to where they are not used. That is, by definition, certified organic foods cannot be grown from genetically engineered seeds.

          It is as simple as that!

      • Brenda

        I am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying that we can already tell by a bar code or something?

    • juliaw1955

      if prop. 37 looses, this is the next step for the consumer, buy only organic labels.

  • Joli

    In other countries, many of these products that contain GMOs, such as Kellog and Pepsi, absolutely do offer Non GMO products as an alternative, otherwise they would lose all of there customers. They choose not to offer them in the US though. If this bill passes, they would have to start.