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Glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

Mike Barrett
January 26th, 2012
Updated 05/08/2013 at 2:25 pm
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pesticidesbackpack 210x131 Glyphosate in Monsantos Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

A recent study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of Glyphosate, a carcinogenic chemical found in herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup, in all urine samples tested. The amount of glyphosate found in the urine was staggering, with each sample containing concentrations at 5 to 20-fold the limit established for drinking water. This is just one more piece of evidence that herbicides are, at the very least, being sprayed out of control.

Glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup Impacting Global Health

This news comes only one month after it was found that glyphosate, contained in Monsanto’s Roundup, is contaminating the groundwater in the areas in which it is used. What does this mean? It means that toxic glyphosate is now polluting the world’s drinking water through the widespread contamination of aquifers, wells and springs. The recent reports of glyphosate showing up in all urine samples only enhances these past findings.

Monsanto continues to make the claim that their Roundup products are completely safe for both animals and humans. However many environmentalists, scientists , activists, and even doctors say otherwise. Glyphosate radically affects the metabolism of plants in a negative way. It is a systemic poison preventing the formation of essential amino acids, leading to weakened plants which ultimately die from it.

A formula seems to have been made to not only ruin the agricultural system, but also compromise the health of millions of people worldwide. With the invent of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready crops, resistant superweeds are taking over farmland and public health is being attacked. As it turns out, glyphosate is also leaving behind its residue on Roundup Ready crops, causing further potential concern for public health. Glyphosate is even contributing to escalating rates of mental illness and obesity through the depletion of beneficial gut flora that directly regulates these functions. But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Researchers tested roundup on mature male rats at a concentration range between 1 and 10,000 parts per million (ppm), and found that within 1 to 48 hours of exposure, testicular cells of the mature rats were either damaged or killed. Even at a concentration of 1 ppm, the Roundup was able to affect the test subjects by decreasing their testosterone concentrations by as much as 35%.

Note: You will need to translate the study to English via one of the many translators available.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Glyphosate in Monsantos Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Colloidal Silverwrks

    Common sense tells us to stay away from plants that other animial and bugs avoid, if insects avoid these GMO Crops, why are they Force Feeding us this crap.

  • Silverwrks

    I think a low PPM of CS will help kill off bugs on plants and vegetables, why modify what nature has already designed, we may be in for some serious side effects that will not appear until 20 years from now if they have not appeared already.

  • Chad

    What people need to understand is anything is mass amounts is going to be toxic. The limited use of glyphosate has proven to be harmless. People who disagree with the use of these chemicals really should think of the alternative in higher food costs. Otherwise, it's a great time to start learning sustainable living practices.

    • Tim

      If by harmless you mean completely harmful. lol

      Google “Glyphosate — a history of environmental harm”. Forty years and hundreds of inexpedient peer reviewed studies proving it’s devastation. Wake up sir.

      • Tim

        And by inexpedient I meant independent. thanks auto-correct.

  • Margaretjohnson

    Could you do an article on the salienization of beehives?

    Thanks for a great site – my daughter, a nutritionist, has been bleating on about this stuff for years.

  • Anon

    It was the Kissenger memo that indicated comtrolling food supplies was a means of controlling the populace of a country.

    If you are not careful, it can happen to you in any country on this earth.

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing the old adage always seems to apply in these types of discussions, "Why is it that those that know so little speak so much ?

  • Pat Burhan

    In 2006, a friend visited South Africa and brought back in the US a few things for me including a small bag of beans bought from a busy supermarket near her home. Instead of cooking the beans, I decided to plant a lot of them in my garden – about 50 seeds. I gave the rest to another friend who is also an organic gardener – about the same number. Not a single one of the beans ever germinated! The rate of germination failure is statistically impossible and is explicable only if the seeds were genetically modified with a deletion of the replication. Monsanto has been in that country for decades. I can now smell the stench of man-made famine in years ahead in that country when food will be used as a political tool to decimate entire populations…

    • Pat Burhan

      …correction…" deletion of the replication gene. "

    • hanspy

      That is bc Monsanto dont want you to harvest your own seeds.They want to make slaves from all farmers.In India many farmers kill themselfes bc they can pay the money for growing crops,and they cant get seeds from there own rice fields.There is only one way to end this disaster.Bomb Monsanto of this earth.

  • Terrence

    Nothing I have read on research about glyphosate has stated that it is carcinogenic.In fact many articles claim the opposite, that thus far there have been no evidence that it is.This is backed up (apparently)by numerous studies done on animals.

    • Terrie

      Well Terrence go drink some glyphosate !!!! Troll

    • hanspy

      Bc something cant be shown as dangerus, wil not say its NOT dangerus.Example:DDT, Softenon and many other products.Just wait and see when you like, but i try to stay away from it as far as i can.

  • ross keegan

    So as soon as we quit using chemicals like round up and all go organic, how long before there is anarchy because a loaf of bread costs three times as much as it did before? What about when beef prices skyrocket because there is no corn to feed the cows with due to there being no corn due to the fact that with out GM corn, yields drop to levels that are consistant with the 1950's when we didnt have glyphosate. With out chemicals and genetically modified crops, food prices would rise. You think food is high priced now, imagine it with out glyphosate and other chemicals. And for everyone concerned about the environment, think about this: to organically raise a crop and actually turn a profit, a farmers must go over the field at least 3 more times to keep it weed free. Thats 3 times as much greenhouse gas. Organic farmers also have to run their grain through a cleaner more times than a farmer that uses chemical. That's even more greenhouse gas and cost to the farmer. Finally, I have been in contact with glyphosate (not to metion several other chemicals) for the last five years spraying crops and selling it. I have had it spilled on my skin, dripped on my clothes, and all but took a bath in it and my testicles seem to be working just fine and haven't had an birth defects in my children.

    • Awaken

      Your a retard, cows are not ment to eat corn. Id explain more, but its pointless. Due some research!

    • Willie Makeit

      You actually think that with all the farm land in the world you need round up in order to grow enough crops? The old adage teach a person to fish holds true hear. Spend some of the money we spend blowing up the world and supporting 3rd world dictators on educating farmers and helping the people. Then we don't need a bunch of chemicals. You think G-d made this earth to rely on Monsatan to teach us how to grow? Sure there's a place for chemicals but just maybe it's not in our food supply and livers. And by the way the damage is done slowly so enjoy your chemical bath while you can.

      • sybil brittain

        Ditto to everything you said!!!!!

  • Udo Frentzen

    Information about widespread misuses of genetics and bio-technologies, designed not to cure diseases, but intentionally to induce them, you find at:

    Udo Frentzen

    • Pat Burhan

      Thank you Udo Frentzen for the "Open Letter" that you sent me a few months ago. I created a folder in which I saved the letter for future reference. Someone illegally accessed my email inbox and felt a need to delete both the letter and the folder. But I simply went back to your page and downloaded the letter, printed out and handed it to as many persons as I could.

  • catina singley

    Why is Monsanto the only product being listed? I think this article sounds more like a blast at monsanto than useful information. What other products is this chemical found in?

  • Hari

    Well thank Goodness the Germans don't drink their urine as that would be dangerous!

  • Rory ONeil

    Hating to inject any note of reality into the always fervent responses to the always interesting truthout polemics, I seem to have read in a number of reliable sources that Round up resistent crops are not grown in Germany and that the EU is resistent to their marketing… might it be possible that the source of urinary glycophosphate is not Monsanto's doing? Some thing to think about about before initiating the class action suits and starting the funerary pyres…

    • Klaas Martens

      If you read the original article, it explains where the glyphosate is most likely to be coming from. While the vast majority of people in the EU do not want to eat genetically engineered foods, their governments have not banned them and glyphosate is being used in the EU. Your 'reliable' sources are badly mistaken.

    • bernd

      You are correct only in part. Glyphosate IS available in Germany as an herbicide. GMO crops with glyphosate resistance are NOT grown there (ie the EU). However, imported feed crops such as soy from South America are being fed ubiquitously. So,as you can see, it is possible. And…..even more worrisome, what does that say for countries like the US where the use of glyphosate is out of control?

  • Mike Strong

    While we really do need to reduce the global population, as a priority, what irony that a product sold to feed (it doesn't) the increasing population should be the agent of such an insidious method of "birth control" combined with a horrid method of "population control." Geez. Call the pope! Don't get me started on that.

    Really, GMOs do not increase (actually decrease) yield and productivity and both GMO seeds and the pesticide RoundUp cannot be neatly limited to specific boundaries.

    We are letting these people get away with massive, uninformed experiments on all of us and on the future. The only real punishment should be to make both the company executives and foremen and their families live in a GMO/RoundUp confinement until their health deteriorates fatally. Won't happen, of course and to include their families sounds cruel but that is what they are doing to all of us and maybe if they have to think of their families first, they will think, and anyone else who would go down this road would think.


      You Terrorist! Submit.

    • RAY2087

      Mike i totally agree with you 100 percent

  • Donna

    I just wrote a blog piece this weekend on the state of city drinking water in general. In the process, I checked my city water supply stats and found out it contains Roundup! Of course, it doesn't say so… it listed the chemicals that were found to be either at a level deemed above healthy levels or were at illegal levels.

    So it is very, very possible that these city folks had glyphosate in their urine from their drinking supply. But yes, it's in all GMO products, grains, and the animals that eat them. Know your farmer!

  • Buddy Walker

    Woah! You guys are scaring me!! :O(

    • K Mc

      Sorry, but this is some truly scary stuff! The residue left on crop plants and foods doesn't 'go away' or 'wash right off'. Monsanto convinced the country of India to allow their farmers to use Round-up ready cotton… after the crop is harvested, they farmers traditionally let their cattle into the fields to forage on the left-over cotton plants… They had been doing this for the last hundred+ years… The very 1st time they allowed the cattle to graze on the Roundup-ready cotton, the ENTIRE herd died… from glyposate poisoning! This caused India to ban all Round-up ready seeds… like I said… scary stuff! I won't use it!

      • Anonymous

        Don't believe everything you hear. Some of the comments are actually quite comical, a herd of cattle that died from grazing on a roundup ready crop? Really? I'm not going to say they didn't die but it wasn't roundup that killed them! Organic food sounds safe and good, if agriculture is pushed in that direction it won't take long before the world is out of food. Its good that people raise questions about products that are used on our foods but how many of the people that read this even know what glyphosate is…its not the boogie man

        • Anonymous

          Really? The world would be out of food? It might run out of junk food and high fructose corn syrup, But not out if food from organic. Organic can and does produce higher yields than transgenics. The UN, FAO and many universities and organizations have shown this It IS organic farming that can probably feed most people, especially those in poor countries.


          Also the Rodale Institute's 30 year study of side by side agriculture practices,and the report: Failure to Yield


          and here is the UN's report…. And that's just off the top-of-my-head.

          Now hopefully you'll stop promoting this bullshit MYTH that chemical and transgenic agriculture is meant to feed us or that it is the only way.

          The green revolution has only existed for 50 years and failed in most cases (my country is one of those cases: we were self sufficient before it and still could be and now we import our most basic staples from subsidized commercially-dumped, mass-produced, unhealthy sources. We are the centre of origin of some of the most nutricious and useful crops in the world and now we pay royalties to foreign countries to produce them (also called biopiracy).

          In the cases where the GR did succeded it was only to mass produce speculative, subsidized garbage food used for processed foods that are makeing people fat, allergic, diabetic, etc; and of course fuels. Transgenics are only the next step in that spiral.

          Organics are not the trendy Wholefoods products that you think they are, they are the basis for the REAL agriculture that has fed humanity for thousands of years that deal with healthy soils and water supplies with low inputs and closed cycles that ARE economical because they are renewable and are healthy because they produce many different things for our nutrition and that of the soil.

          Plants need more than 34 nutrients (that we know of) and chemical agriculture provides four. Herbicides kill weeds by not allowing the minerals the plant needs to be utilized by the plant. Herbicide resistant crops substitute and get-by but they don't have substantially lower amounts of these minerals in them. We also need these and many others whoch we are not getting. What we are getting is poison. Herbicides like glifosfate have been found to damage or kill testicular cells, kidney cells, to cause birth defects and infertility. All this is what we are eating and because they do not degrade and seep in to the water we drink that is what we are drinking too. Do a little research.

          Now if after you read all this you still don't believe. Then ask yourself this: do companies like Monsanto exist to feed the world? Do they exist to help others help themselves? or do they exist to make profits? If you honestly believe that they care for your nutrition and the food soverengty and safety of poor countries and if knowing all the risks associated with this kind of agriculture you're still fine with it, then be my gest and take a spoonfull of Roundup to prove it to yourself.

  • Frank Jasi

    Rusty says:

    January 30, 2012 at 6:45 am

    More pesticides means more sterility. More sterility means less people in an already over crowded world.

    As I see it Rusty should be the first to go to reduce our crowded world. A real IDIOT and no loss.People, listen to Alex on the internet. He has been preaching about this for a long time

    • Anonymous

      This guy is right . And so is ALEX JONES. Listen and become Aware of what the New World Order has planed for us. FEMA Camps, Marshall Law , population Reduction Starting in the US. Scary stuff . The NWO Wants a world population of 5 hundred million .That means they have to get read of 90% of the populace. They have created many wars through monatarie manipulations , created the aids virus in chicago lab in 1971. I could go on and on. It all on the Internet and at the librarys. The fact remains there is a war going on .

  • Darlene

    I saw a program about a year ago about a family from Texas and Mexico that have lost work in the fields, because the farmers were using Round up and did not have a need for them to pick weeds anymore.It was 20/20…Dateline…60 Min….

    They worked in the Sugar Beet Crops…Do not eat sugar from sugar beets….I believe Dr. Mercola has a list of crops that he knows they use it on…corn and soy also on the list….Cows eat corn…soy is in everything….need I say more!

  • Sue

    Hi … I used Roundup on my patio to stop the weeds, a few weeks later my cat got really sick. Well she was treated with antibiotics , recovered but seemed to get deathly sick about every few months until finally they did surgery (wrong diagnosis) and found she had a liver abscess … she died a horrible death. It never occurred to me that that was her favourite spot to sleep, then of course she groomed herself … I really feel the liver abscess was the direct result of the Roundup poison affecting her liver …….. shame on me I killed her… what are we doing to this world?

    • Will

      Glyphosate chelates manganese which is a crucial nutrient for proper liver function. There are many farm animals suffering from the same liver malfunctions because of glyphosate.

      • Ines

        Oh great. So scary.

      • ross keegan

        If glyphosate chelates manganese (an essential micronutrient for crop developement) why do round up ready crops yield so well?

    • Cheryl

      I feel sorry for you & your kitty. Don't blame yourself you did not know at the time.

  • Ines

    Hi, I'm German, and I just tead the original article. Basically, the test persons were employees in Berlin, white collar types, some lawyers, office people. It was noted that none of them had any connection to agriculture, and they were city people. So it is suggested that they ate the round-up through food and maybe they came in touch with some through the new procedure of municipalities spaying public walk ways, ply grounds etc..

    Apparently the study just started in , Dec 11, so the results are still being evaluated. The University is secret, because the scientists are worried that corporations will try to influence University officials to alter results and findings. It says that they will publish sell that once the study is finished and officially published.

    The article also explains how the round-up is widely used right before harvesting (within days) to grrr the crop "harvest ready." It's like putting the poison straight into the bread dow, and that probably explains why people have such high concentrations in their bodies.

  • Rusty

    More pesticides means more sterility. More sterility means less people in an already over crowded world.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, there's a good rationale for depopulating the planet. Let's poison people and render them infertile. There's probably a job waiting for you at some pesticide company.

    • Linda

      Youre an idiot.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous


    • Jake

      Rusty = Jobless cretin masturbating in his mothers basement. RUSTY YOUR DINNER'S GETTING COLD SWEETIE!

  • Sandy

    If you read the article in English you will read that the subjects whose urine was contaminated were people from Berlin who had no direct contact with glyphosate. The article does not state how many people were tested, however.

  • Al Atomicus

    Why cant they go back to the basics and use colloidal silver atoms, externally on plants and vegtable, it a natural alterntive and its anti viral and antibacterial, plus it kills parasites.

  • goatgirl

    Interesting. I would like to see some original sources as well. I have family members who insist on planting all Roundup GMO yr after yr, and I have said many times its going to bite us in the arse!

    As far as the honeybees, I keep bees as well. The chemical of greater concern for bees is imidacloprid (sp?) Which is a neonicotinoid insecticide applied to seed before planting. Trade names include Gaucho and Poncho. Chemical is taken up into the plants system providing insect pest protection, but is the pollen and nectar the bees gather in addition to the water drops that are transpired by the plant at the leaf edges and that is where the really high concentration of poison is found, as high as 1000x higher than in the nectar or pollen. This information, incidentally, has been published in many different articles in Bee Culture and American Bee Journal the past few years.

    • warren Dostie

      Very interesting, thank you. Any recommended course of action?

    • Donna

      There's a huge black market for honeybees now.

  • Peter Pan

    The Russians conducted an experiment with rats and figured out that third generation is infertile.
    That's why the bees in the States are dying.

    • zarf21

      We live in South Florida and have more bees than I want to contend with ( then again, we have our own veggie garden going and use NO pesticides whatsoever). Whenever we mess with the balance of nature, it's gonna come back and bite us you-know-where.

  • John Starkey

    People refers to the elected representatives who the citizens give their sovereign capacity over to to act on their behalf.People,person or any other title is just a scam and word art!

  • amicus curiae

    its been widely reported that folks of many nations have issues with declining fertility..

    its made the IVF clinics a lot of cash.

    and its the same countries using roundup, it appears, that are having those issues.

    the damn muck stays IN the soil for considerable periods of time over 2 years was recorded in some data I have seen from the Nth hemisphere, norway finland? and down to surprising depths in soil then into water by infiltration. as well as the immediate runoff issue.

    what do you think the double whammy of 24D + roundup will do? the synergistic effect INcreases the damage.

    and then maybe throw some highly modified 10k stronger Bt toxins in as well.

  • sandy

    If this is true then a law suit for genocide maybe even intentional genocide is in order .

  • Renee

    I would also like some references. Was it a study on the general population? Farm workers? School children? Which university? What is the name of the study? I want to be able to share this information on my blog, but I need some facts to back it up.

    • amicus curiae

      you didnt read and see the links?


      According to an article in German in the Ithaca journal, a German university study has found significant concentrations of glyphosate in the urine samples of city dwellers. The analysis of the urine samples apparently found that all had concentrations of glyphosate at 5 to 20-fold the limit for drinking water. As well as being used increasingly widely in food production, glyphosate-based weedkillers often also get sprayed onto railway lines, urban pavements and roadsides.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it basically says, "according to an article at another site that posted an article". There is no link to the referring study data.

        • Grant

          Here is a link to the study but it is in German —>

          To read it in English, highlight the article text then copy and paste it here —>

        • ColloidalSilverwrks

          Silver Kills Parasites,no question the problem is that big corps like to sell patentable products that they can have a niche with.

          So, they try to re-invent the wheel and find that they have created a monster and major problmes to society.

  • Johanna Lovisa Stefa

    This is very interesting !!

  • BringItOn

    "all urine samples" … of who? All citizens of Germany? Give us some figures, it will make the article relevant. Otherwise, not. And no, I'm not a Monsanto troll, believe me.

  • shari fill

    Please include links, or at least the name of the university, the title of the study and which journal it was published in! How can I evaluate the truth of this (and I am very anti-monsanto by the way) if I can't reference the original study?

  • J Glenn Lowe

    So if corporations are now considered as people and we have a long history of sending psychopathic murderous people to the electric chair. Doesn't that mean I can charge the "corporate person" known as "Monsanto" and all of its top brass with murder? Are there any lawyers out there with a spine? Anyone? Anywhere? Just one single lawyer that cares about humanity more than a payoff that leads to genocide? Contact me at the website above. We have a lot of work to do.

    • Geoffrey Franklin of

      Hello, if you bother to read the law it was stated about 1898 or so that a corporation was a person. It does not say people. It says person. Are you a person? No you are not but the scamsters in government have made you believe you are a person instead of a people.

      • Anonymous

        Your not a people person thats for sure!

      • Caley

        Geoffrey … can you provide link or citation to this 1898 law? (I'm sincerely interested, not trying to flame you at all.) Now, on the other hand, as an old School Marm, I'm not sure you made the correct distinction between people and person.

        An individual, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, etc., is a person. If you have 10 friends over for dinner, you'd say, "Ten persons attended…" People refers to a group with one or more common characteristics, e.g., race, creed, national origin, religion, etc. Thus correct usage would include things like, "The Japanese people are industrious." or, "Christian people have many conflicting beliefs about," or in a plural example, you might say, "Native American peoples were organized in tribes residing in various locations with some similarities, but many more differences, in their beliefs about creation." Indeed, "We the people" is the correct way to refer to the western European (and other)persons who came together to form a more perfect union with common attributes, thus creating the American People.

        Current common usage confuses the two and we all tend to say things such as, "I had 20 people over for dinner the other night." Properly, it would be persons, not people — despite how strange it sounds since we've all accepted the substitution of people for persons.

    • Lisa Alarcon

      I agree with some of the intelligent comments and feedback that several of you have given. This really feels like and sounds like intentional harm and yes, genocide was the FIRST thing that i thought of upon reading this article. I have many more to read and it will take more research to fully form a rational and intelligent opinion. I am really sad to hear of this tragedy happening to our beautiful planet.

      PS: If i were a lawyer i would be the Cowgirl or Cowboy and or the proverbial Knght in Shining Armour on this one…..Like Glenn said…anyone???ANYWHERE wanna help?? Who has the Ganas??

    • Anonymous

      What about Erin Brockovich? Just a thought…

    • Cindy Ruggiero

      Count my family in. It has affected us personally and I want to sue them at the least. Please if there is a lawyer who will take this class action Law suit against Monstano please contact me too.

      • Cindy Ruggiero

        "Monsanto's" I meant to write.

        • Gerhard Pretorius

          The german article says Roundup has been around for 10 years, but it's more like 25 years. Roundup ready crops are more recent. It's important to get your facts straight because if you don't your credibility is questioned and the warning is lost.

          • catina singley

            Also Monsanto's Roundup is advertising at the top of your article. Funny!