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Mike Barrett
January 25th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 1:01 pm
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On December 9th a group of internet hackers who go by the name Anonymous shut down biotech giant Monsanto’s public relations firm. Anonymous, who have temporarily shut down FBI and Justice Department websites are now targeting the GMO giant itself by attacking This group of hackers, seemingly working in the shadows, focus their efforts on corrupt organizations in all forms. Targeted by ‘Anonymous’

In December the hackers infiltrated the PR firm, known as The Biving Group, due to “15+ years of running marketing campaigns and helping some of the most corrupt corporations on the planet, as well as several governmental agencies, cover up their dirt.”  The hackers claimed to have succeeded in bringing down The Bivings Group on December 5th. Going by information released by Anonymous, Bivings Group shut down all of their servers and liquidated their assets after the infiltration.

The group stands by the free-thinking citizens of the world, and reserves the right to go against Monsanto, who is causing so much environmental and human destruction that they have previously been declared the Worst Company of 2011. Anonymous is voicing their support for people like you and me, and every farmer or food organization denouncing the practices of Monsanto.

The group itself demands Monsanto to stop:

  • Contaminating the global food chain with GMO’s.
  • Intimidating small farmers with bullying and lawsuits.
  • Propagating the use of destructive pesticides and herbicides across the globe.
  • Using “Terminator Technology”, which renders plants sterile.
  • Attempting to hijack UN climate change negotiations for your own fiscal benefit.
  • Reducing farmland to desert through monoculture and the use of synthetic fertilizers.
  • Inspiring suicides of hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers.
  • Causing birth defects by continuing to produce the pesticide “Round-up”
  • Attempting to bribe foriegn officials
  • Infiltrating anti-GMO groups
While the common person may not be able to take down to portray resistance to such organization, and may even be against such an action, all of people do have the power to make change through purchases and voice. Each one of your voices are heard loud and clear, but when everyone unites, the power grows exponentially.
About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Targeted by Internet Hackers Known as Anonymous Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • guest

    thank you anonymous, go get em! We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts!!!

  • juliaw1955

    yeah, anonymous! Go get them tigers! May God bless your endevours to rid us of this evil that has been sent from hell to poison us and kill our mother earth. I love ya'll !!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Beck

    Your so right Bob, why aren't we charging Monsanto as criminals? We won prop 37 even though they are saying we didn't. These people should be prosecuted and given the death penalty. If I kill one person, they would charge me amd give me death. Monsanto gets the death penalty would be a great start of a new year.

  • Theodore Baskind

    Let's keep spreading the word about the evils of Monsanto! Don't forget to battle with your wallets too! If it isn't profitable for them they'll look for a new venture. I just posted on my blog about Oxitech creating a genetically modified mosquito with a part of the herpes strain in the engineering… ouch!

  • Bob

    People should just start going after the CEO and all his hencemen. War is war.

    • Anonymous

      had a monsantos rep show up and threaten my family at my farm, found out where the little bastard lives, showed up unannounced at his place like he did to me and issued a few threats of my own with a bat for punctuation on the important points, with three cousins in tow to back me, then we beat the bitch a while and have heard nothing since….get the hint….now get to work. beat monsontos employees…I even went so far as to vandalize the car of a college student trying to get an inter with the devil company and left a note as to why. get to work!!!

  • Martin Kjeldsen

    good work Anonymous.

    lets work for a clean and healthy world.

  • Lois Barg

    Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you so very very much for , hopefully, giving us our lives back. You are indeed heroes. I hope you can persuade everyone to join in the effort to take the most evil corporation in the world all the way down to hell.

    I am grateful


  • hawkeye

    Glory To God!!! God Bless Anonymous!!! Does anyone realize how much evil Monsanto is REALLY doing?? They are buying up huge parcels of land, and growing their GMO crops, and they are planting them close to where Organic Farmers are growing their crops, and contaminating them. Then they are trying to say that these farmers have stolen their patented seed, and are trying to Sue them! After that, what you need to realize is that about 80%+ of All Corn grown here IS GMO, and that when you go to the store and buy your food, such as corn chips, corn flakes, popcorn, tortillas, meals with corn in them, corn on the cob, foods with high fructose corn syrup in them, which is a lot of things, drinks, etc. This gmo corn which has glyphosate (Roundup) and (or) Bt- Bacillus Thuringiensis keeps working inside your gut after you eat it, and it is messing up people's immune systems and causing all kinds of problems. I was told about a man who is just spitting up blood, and doesn't know what is wrong, and I can almost tell that it has something to do with the gmo food that he is unknowingly eating. There is some help for that, but in the first place, we've got to stop eating this stuff!! For more information on this, you can go to:… P.S. It's probably going to need to get to where Monsanto's crops are burned up and all their seed is destroyed, in order to stop them!! If not, eventually humans are going to starve, because they are also killing honey bee colonies with these toxic plants and their roundup sprayed on all the flowering weeds, etc.

    • Agatha

      Ditto! Thanks for the link…

      • marquita

        look anonymous is real! there hacking msp too! now as a member of msp i must say my fellow (vips) and i are done with anonymous! hes hacked most vips and is after my bud pumpckin!(ps pumpkin is her username!)soo with tht anonymous should stay away for his/her sake!if ur reading this anonymous get out of msp 4 goood!

        if interested in joining us then go to!

  • Hippie Vicky

    Lets bring MonSATAN down for good!! So glad we are all rising up

    against them, we must fight and fight hard for us and the future of man kind or sadly our planet will be destroyed for good.

    • Anonymous

      a simple toss of a match brings them down, buildings…crops…employee houses…cars….ceo types and lawyers….it all burns

    • marquita

      dear anonymous,

      hope u see tht ur a total monster!ull be srry 4 hacking msp!hope u die in ur sleep!


      • juliaw1955

        let's feed Marquita nothing but Monsatan GMO's until she is full of tumors and dies from cancer. then who will be her monster?

  • Len Aldis

    Monsanto, through its Agent Orange, has caused the deaths of thousands of Vietnamese who dies in their mothers wombs, those that were born are suffering from various illnesses and deformities.

    Today in Vietnam there are near to four million of all ages affected by Agent Orange. Monsanto refuses to accept responsibilites or make any payment as compensation to the victims. The effect of Agent Orange has now gone into the fourth generation.

    So good luck to the hackers.

    Readers who wish to know more about Agent Orange or Monsanto should go to:


    • marquita

      dear anonymous,

      why u target msp we did nothing to u leave us alone!

      hate, marquita

  • http://?? Ray Howard

    what is wrong with our govt's lack of action prohibiting any group from messing with the genetic structure of our food ?? our reps are sleeping at the helm !!!!

    • Shalew38

      Actually, Ray, today's elected officials are being paid to not only look the other way, but to pass 'laws' that benefit the corporate powers. At least 2 congressmen from every state is in the pocket of mega-corporations. Go to for more info.

      • Anonymous

        exactly…their houses burn, right? as do monsatan crops, right? so what's the problem? burn the bitches out

  • Apiculteur

    Bravo, en France monsanto essaye de s'imposer quitté a tuer nos abeilles par millier, continuer les gars

  • Johanna

    Good work

  • Johanna

    Good work ceep going, Monsanto is going down with all their lies and the Life destroying crapp they do.

    XXX Johanna

  • Sally Birtwell

    Russia Today television station has been running some wonderful documentraies about the iniquitous nature of Monsanto. (see The sooner the world catches up to their dirty tricks the better

  • Federico Capoano

    Yeah man! This is the kind of good news I want to read in the morning!

  • TIBIfan

    Monsanto also killed hunderds of thousands of ppl in Vietnam with Agent Orange and there are still children who are born with birth defect due to the aftereffects of Agent Orange.

    • paganangelborrowedca

      They're also trying to use it as an herbicide now on the corn you eat. Roundup Ready, their favorite herbicide in the past, is no longer working; it effectively gives plants AIDS, destroying their immune systems, and independent studies have conclusively found dramatically increased sterility and miscarriage rates among farm animals fed with feed upon which Roundup Ready had been used.… (Monsanto working to add the principle ingredient of Agent Orange to their GMO corn).

      • john

        I read an article a few months back that loggers and farmers in Brazil are using Agent Orange to kill acres and acres of rainforest. Since they can't legally clear cut it, they chemically kill it and THEN clear it. Guess who's probably making a nice profit on the Agent Orange sales?

        Terrorists, that's who.

  • C

    Register to vote below and lets make some changes.

  • Lulzsec

    Mankind has been genetically altering food supplies and cross-breading animals for thousands of years. Most of the stuff would be eatable (or enjoyable) if it hadn't been for that.

    Anynomous lost all credibility for backing out of attacking Mexican drug cartels. Kids.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not know what Monsanto does other then making GMO's?

    • bali

      Ya whiles its true mankind has been cross breeding animals for years. What we haven't been doing for that long is injecting plant cells with gold covered e coli bacteria to mutates its genetics so that it can literally live off round up and not water. That we have only been doing for a decade or two sir, and that's the fucked up part everyone's talking about.

    • Calicoboy

      Cross breeding, yes. Genetically mutating genes, no.

  • Monsanto


  • Tim

    Go Anonymous! Although I lost faith after the PSN incident you're redeeming yourself

    • James

      Anonymous wasn't behind the PSN outage, it was Lulzsec.

  • Anonymous

    Good work Anonymous.