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What’s Next for the Perverted Food Industry: How About Meat-Scrap Ice Cream with Animal Waste?

Elizabeth Renter
June 26th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:48 pm
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ice cream 263x164 What’s Next for the Perverted Food Industry: How About Meat Scrap Ice Cream with Animal Waste?If you have a “sweet tooth” or are under the age of 15, an ice cream shop can seem like heaven on earth—coolers filled with tubs of the cold, smooth, sweet stuff, in countless different flavors and colors. Sometimes ice cream makers reach a little too far in their flavor creations, and recent developments in meat processing could push that envelope way too far, in using animal meat waste as an ice cream ingredient.

Boost Ice Cream Nutrition with Meat Scraps?

Up to 50% of animal tissues, bones, and the like are “wasted” in the meat processing industry. These proteins are usually composted or burned because there simply isn’t anything else that can be done with them. Until now. Researchers have been looking for ways to minimize this waste and are in the process of developing protein-rich powders and products that can be reintroduced into the food marketplace.

“Animal protein hydrolysates” are liquid or powdered protein blends that can be added to supplements and food to boost their protein and nutritional content. As of now, developers see this waste-slurry as being a gold mine for the protein supplement industry and for people who are in need of supplemental nutrition due to illness or disease.

Several companies are in on the product development. After all, if 50% of animal weight is currently wasted, this could prove to be a cash-cow if it can be exploited.

The technology for the project is being tested by a Belgian food company, called PROLIVER. It is hoping to enhance the nutritional quality of its protein hydrolysates, already sold in dietary, health and sports food supplements. A project partner, Mobitek-M of Russia, specializes in the production of protein-enriched processed foods. They are spearheading the effort to get the meat-waste slurry added to ice cream. A plant has already been built that will transform the waste into useable protein at a rate of one hundred tons per day when at capacity.

We are admittedly a world of excess consumption and waste. Bucking this wasteful attitude is just one of the reported advantages of using the blood, bones, tendons, and other animal parts. But, for the processed food industry, the availability of cheap protein that can be labeled “natural” and not synthetic is also alluring. If scientists can show that these protein-powders and liquids can be absorbed more quickly or better than regular protein sources, they can be marketed as beneficial dietary supplements on a global scale. And it’s not a stretch of the imagination to foresee wealthy companies and governments feeding the hungry in poorer countries this meat-trash soup and patting themselves on the backs for it.

While it isn’t in circulation yet, it’s only a matter of time. And one has to wonder if we’ll be made aware of the presence of these meat-leftovers in our foods or if our next venture into a new ice cream flavor will have us ignorant to the tendons, fat, and organs that made it possible.

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  • yankee phil

    After living in the Benelux region of Europe for more than 25 years I can tell you stories of their waste product into food product (recycled food?) that will keep you up at night. They collected fat by- products,waste from slaughter houses , used cooking oil from restaurants and food manufacturing ,and so forth. To fill their their liquid bio waste trucks up one came by my work (auto garage) and asked if we had any used oil we'd like to get rid of. Well we had 12,000 liters of drained oil to empty and he dragged in his suction hose and emptied our tank directly into his trucks tank. I never ate pressed chicken again but you can see the danger when waste products are added to the food processing production line. Who inspects waste? There are no rules as to its wholesomeness as there is for normal food products and additives. Don't let them kill you for a profit or you'll be eating sollient green (food made out of human by-products) soon enough. (from an old sci-fi movie with Charlton Heston in it)

  • XsGuy

    … So, politicians sacrifice themselves to make this new ice cream? I knew they were useless piles of animal bits, but even in death – they're still trying to find ways to screw us over.

  • Debbie

    It's not as bad as this article makes it out to be. After the meat is removed from a cow carcass at the slaughterhouse, the remaineder (offal) goes to rendering. The offal is processed into seven by-products. The blood is collected and dried and fed to poultry as bloodmeal. The bones are made into bone gel and sold to companies who make the film for xrays and cameras. The fat is boiled and filtered and made into edible and inedible tallow which are used in numerous by-products such as soap and, yes, consumed in our foods (gelatin, soup bases, etc.) There is no waste other than a small amount of process water that is decanted to a small pond for evaporation and then removal of solids to a special dump for animal incineration. Everything we eat either comes from plant or animals. Period. Additionally, not everything is labeled accurately enough for the lay consumer to understand the origin of each ingredient. For example, the beverage base in soda pop consists of highly flammable solvents. Do you see solvents listed on the label. Oh, it's the stuff you can't pronounce. Yes, each time you consumer a soda pop you're cleaning out your pipes, literally. I am a former FDA inspector.

  • Jacqui Butterworth

    Pass the sick bag!

  • Ethyl

    I can't WAIT for Pink Slime Marshmallow to come out! I'll be double dippin'!

  • Riggah Mortis

    Just as long as they give it an official name and it must be legally put on the ingredient list in that exact name so I can avoid anything that has it in.

  • Lorri Shearer Fuentes


  • Lalita

    FYI folks, these same animal by-products are what gelatin is made with, hence, marshmallows and some ice creams contain gelatin already and many gummy types of candy! just saying…read labels!!

  • Deanna Szuter

    Give new image to Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey.

    • arlen

      Now with real monkeys!!

      • Guest

        Spank it daddy, SPANK IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bob

      I've seen ice cream bars with lard listed as an ingredient..That was many years ago..