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Marijuana Helps 6-Year Old Beat Severe Seizures, Replaces Pharmaceuticals

Elizabeth Renter
May 20th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 10:39 am
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marijuana bud 263x164 Marijuana Helps 6 Year Old Beat Severe Seizures, Replaces PharmaceuticalsAs if the medical marijuana industry wasn’t controversial enough—with opponents arguing it encourages drug addiction and crime and supporters citing years of research to the contrary—there are now children benefiting from it. While there are several cases across the country of children being given various forms of cannabis to treat disease and illness, the case of 6-year old Jayden David is getting a particularly heavy dose of attention, where marijuana helped the boy beat severe epileptic seizures.

Marijuana Replaces 22 Different Anti-Seizures Pills, Helps Prevent Seizures

Jayden suffers from something called Dravet syndrome—a form of epilepsy that results in frequent and painful seizures. In his short life, he has been rushed to the hospital a total of 44 times. In an effort to control the seizures, doctors had the boy on 22 different anti-seizure pills each day. Sure, they helped to control the violent seizures, but Jayden was left immobilized by their strength.

At his wits end, and nearly suicidal, Jayden’s father turned to medical marijuana. For the first time since he was an infant, Jayden went an entire day without a seizure.

“He’s in pain and suffering and crying,” explained his father of Jayden’s normal daily seizures. “You can’t help him no matter what. What are you supposed to do? You have to do whatever it takes to save their life.”

Jayden’s father, Jason David, uses a non-psychoactive form of marijuana. This means his son doesn’t experience any sort of high, aside of course from the high of being pain free.

While he still doesn’t talk, Jayden is now more active than ever, running, playing with friends, and swimming at the local pool. There was a time when he couldn’t eat solid foods or function because of the steady stream of pharmaceuticals. His father has taken to calling the medicine “miracle marijuana” as opposed to “medical marijuana”. This is similar to the experience another 3-year old boy had, where marijuana oil actually helped him beat cancer.

The form of liquid cannabidiols that Jayden takes is a tincture developed by Harborside Health Care in Oakland, California. This clinic is the same type that the federal government is gunning for in the War on Cannabis.

But as Harborside’s executive director Steven DeAngelo says, parents don’t come to a decision like this lightly.

“Parents don’t want to bring their children to something controversial like cannabis,” said DeAngelo. “They do it reluctantly, and they do it because they’re at their wit’s end.”

The David family is fortunate that they live in California. Though 18 states have some form of medical marijuana legislation in place, not all are open to the idea of medicating children. And for those that are, families must live in fear knowing the federal government has yet to respect state laws in regards to this healing herb.

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  • David Dade

    In the Bible it speaks of the herb that is for the healing of the nations.Wonder what it could be ?DUH TAKE A GUESS,LOL.

  • Daniel Beck

    Hence it’s reason for being illegal. The “they” crew of criminals passing all these laws into implementation are goin after vitamins and all natural forms of medicine. When Oboza the clown care goes into effect, you will have to get pharmasudical poison for your ailments. Herb has kept me healthy and sain for many years. I don’t take drugs from doctors or street dealers. It’s funny how people look at these people as so very different. One where’s a white coat and has a Harvard degree, the other where’s a hoodie & sweat pants……..they both make really good money……I’m not mad at either group of people, I just stay away from both. Anyone who gets upset about these types of people needs to really look at the way things Really work.i clean up hazardous waste for my pay checks, I expose my body to hazardous materials and try to avoid toxicity… I better than a whore who’s sells her body for pleasure? Use your own brain for ever aspect of life, or some other jackass is going to make your decisions for you.

  • james228

    another proof how helpful this substance is… i just hope that people would realize the value of this and no longer use to abuse it.

  • mark


  • tugnpretty

    Um, someone needs to seriously question the brains of the physicians who think its Okay to prescribe a daily regimen of 22 drugs. How do these Morons actually think they are helping Humanity????

    • Jerry

      It`s a – Help yourself – kind of world it seems.Most Americans are so busy helping themselves they still think Saudi Arabia is a man.

    • caspa

      duh . they get paid a commision from each drug manufacturer when they prescribe it. fuck them every1 should homegrow. its very east, if you want help with a set up mail me.

    • AmericanMom

      Doctors prescribe all those drugs because no one drug helps…and there is no drug specifically for this. They keep adding more and more off-lable ones, hoping it helps. We've experienced the same for a severe Tourettes case. A family member was taking over 17 pills a day, heavy duty ones too. Some were actually intended for heart issues, some for mental health issues, some for other types of physical probs…none intended for Tourettes…there are none. This experimentation went on for years, until I heard of successes in other countries with cannabis. It was a MIRACLE for sure. The family member is off ALL other drugs now, only has to use a little cannabis and the Tourettes is now manageable. The first remark they made to us was: " is this what normal feels like?" Made me cry… now they can go to the store, movies…etc…no more isolation. Cannabis HAS to be legalized on a federal level!!

      • Beauti

        If they make it Legal then the Pharmaceuticals will lose money.. And to think they say that Cannabis will kill the brain cells as a result of long term usage but yet the drugs they tend to give will cause all type of side effects from kidney failure to suicidal thoughts in a short term usage.. Go Figure that one..
        I am with you AmericanMom make it legal and I don't smoke..