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Mad Cow Disease Newly Confirmed in California

April 25th, 2012
Updated 12/21/2012 at 2:57 pm
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By: Cassandra Anderson

madcow 220x137 Mad Cow Disease Newly Confirmed in CaliforniaA dairy cow in California’s Central Valley was found to be infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or Mad Cow disease, which is fatal and causes degeneration in the brain and spinal cord. A USDA spokesman said that the cow did not enter the food chain and that its carcass will be destroyed.

John Clifford of the USDA chief veterinary officer says that the cow had an atypical case of BSE and did not get the disease from eating infected cattle feed.  An official at Cornell University says that this was a “random mutation” that happens once in a while.

The massive British outbreak of mad cow disease in 1993 was blamed on farmers feeding recycled meat and bone meal from infected cows to cattle feed.  Young calves were also fed protein supplements that were infected.  Cows are herbivores and should only be fed grass and vegetation.  The US has a ban on Specified Risk Material that restricts the use of most mammalian proteins in animal feed, but not everything.  For example, cow feed may include blood and blood products, milk products, pure pork protein, pure horse protein and gelatin.

According to Wikipedia, the disease is transmitted to humans who eat food contaminated with the brain, spinal cord or digestive tract of infected carcasses, but the infectious agent can be found in all tissues throughout the body, including the blood.

It is interesting to note that this cow was at a rendering plant which is a place that processes waste animal tissue into “useful materials” such as animal fatty tissue converted into lard and tallow for use in food products and may also be used in food products and animal feed.

Mad Cow disease has has killed 171 people worldwide, mostly in the UK, with an infection called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease that is caused by prion proteins that cause the brain to break down.

Health officials working on this case say that Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease cannot be contracted through milk.

Mad cow disease was first uncovered in the US in 2003 and this is the fourth cow that has been detected as having the disease in the US since that time.  Mad cow disease devastated US exports to foreign countries who refused the meat.  The last time this disease was detected in America was in 2006.

The US is estimated to raise 97 million cattle across the country and the USDA tests only 40,000 per year, which is woefully inadequate.  California alone has approximately 620,000 beef cattle and 1.84 million dairy cattle, so federal safety oversight is very limited.

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  • Daisy

    Horse protein? Disgusting and truly heartbreaking. Wild horses are rounded up in the US and sold to be slaughtered in Canada and Mexico. Cattle would not willingly eat other animals.

    Let cattle graze, keep them out of feedlots, and keep the food supply clean. Someone?

  • Pitman

    Cows are being fedd unnaturally corn & antibiotics by the tons ao if we ingest meats, dAIRY, this altered corn & POISIONS they ingest has no course but to attack us as well. The effect on the body is killing us with all this man made junk .What made them try and change mother nature they claim suppy and demand the world is over populated so the process of elimination keeps people sick , on drugs and who get the profits , we sure do not our soils are ruined , our food is contaminated, our waters are even making the fish sick , drugs found in so many of them because we are taking so much medicine and it's recyled right back into the waters .We can go with out food for a while but water to our body is a must have . If GOD so loved thie world he gave his only begotten son don't you think if people thinking they are superior to GOD who is said to be the prefect being isn't really makeing him mad just so some can profit off the lives of his other children it's no wonder sccience is trying to say this world will come to a end with out good soil, water , nuclar particles in the air ,& of course the BIG PHARM & FOOD Chains & the people that are so greedy to the point of profiting of the sick they have made so sick God is not going to sit still for this .You are tampering with his MOTHER Nature calling him the unsuperior being .I sure would not like to be in their shoes on judgement day .When Greed exceeds need it's out of control , money hungry like a vicious disease .Older people used to say money is the root of all evil turn evil around LIVE or life as we know it is being ruined as we know it to the expence of out very being .They have no cures , they have no answers of how to fix sick people they only treat symptoms maakeing us sicker .It's our fuel , the food going into our guts , it's not the food GOD provided for us .If it's enough to make a dog sick dog spelled backwards is GOD so not saying God is a dog but it's just to scarey to even think about when it's said he would be with us in sprit it did not say in human form , but who is loyal , man's best friend . Loves us unconditionally like God .I often wondered why children are so drawn to a little puppy so much LOve you see in a child with a little puppy and a heart felt warmth & who is suffering his children and all our animals not getting natural ways to eat .GOD help us all and have mercy on us as we are all blind but some know these are the ones making the money off of GOD so Loved world.

  • 2

    Excess Manganese/deficiency of Copper in their diet.

    (Extra Low freq. in the surrounding earth might also trigger it)

  • Robert

    Any one who has traveled interstate 5 in California knows where Hanford is located, you can smell it 10 miles before you reach it in either direction without getting out of your car. This should be a huge red flag as these poor beasts are allowed to stand in this ammonia hell hole for days in 100 deg temperatures. Why are we so stupid to allow this inhumane treatment of our food source. It makes me want to scream and vow to vegetarianism.

    • Gary

      I work in Hanford. It is not on interstate 5.