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Kevlar Tires Now Required to Traverse ‘Spear-Like’ GMO Crops

Anthony Gucciardi
August 4th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 3:35 pm
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farm4 235x147 Kevlar Tires Now Required to Traverse Spear Like GMO Crops

The news surrounding GMO crops continues to get further and further outlandish as the crops are increasingly mutated and sprayed with a medley of harsh pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. The latest news comes from an unlikely source — an automotive publication known as Autoblog. The website reports that farmers who have opted to plant Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds have run into one daunting problem (outside of decreased yields and an extremely higher risk of disease): little ‘spear-like’ stalks from the harvested GMOs are absolutely wreaking havoc on the heavy duty tractor tires.

Described by one farmer as a ‘field of little spears’, farmers are now turning to kevlar tires. In case you’re not aware, kevlar is the same material used in bulletproof vests to protect from gun bullets.

The stalks are so sharp and weapon-like that they can wreck an entire set of wheels, which is a daunting reality when considered that one tractor can have as many as eight heavy duty tires. Furthermore, a single tractor tire can easily cost thousands of dollars. Thanks to the GMO crops, the average lifespan of a tractor tire has dwindled from five or six years down to just one or two — if the farmer is lucky. Add that to the exponentially increased amount of pesticide use required to maintain modified crops thanks to heavily mutated ‘super’ rootworms and other insects, and it’s easy to see how GMO farming is nothing but a monetary pitfall for farmers.

Strange reports like these may ultimately be what it takes for the public to truly be concerned about genetically modified seeds and ingredients. Outside of the massive amount of research highlighting the damaging effects of GMOs on human biology, the environment, and nature as a whole, it oftentimes takes a bizarre incident such as this in order to fully gain the attention of the far-reaching press. The longer the use of GMOs is allowed nationwide, the more bizarre and outlandish stories will begin to emerge.

As if mutant insects, superweeds, decreased biosphere microorganism population, and direct organ stress weren’t enough, now Monsanto’s GMO crops can be easily utilized as a sharp and deadly weapon.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • kitokid

    I am really impressed with your writing talents as neatly as with the layout to your weblog.

  • Nancy Thomas

    And the plants will create their own weapons to destroy us.

  • Shel

    Check out the following link–

    GMO is scarey stuff and it doesn't take a scientist to know it should be outlawed!

  • Mark

    Wow, I've heard of stubble damage, but I'd have never guessed that corn stalks could ruin an entire set of WHEELS on a tractor!!! Considering that steel is pretty hard, and the stalks would have to go through the tires first, I find that kinda tough to believe. And BT corn requires the use of MORE pesticide and have reduced yields? You mean that I am paying $200 per bag for seed so I can get lower yield and spend more on crop protection? Yep, that makes a lot of sense, too. I pay for BT because it eliminates the need to spray insecticide, and I buy the higher priced hybrids because they yield MORE, not less.

    Stubble damage has always been a problem in notil, and in the first pass of conventional tillage if you do not run tires between rows. It was not as bad when corn heads left stalks long, but now we chop them up so that they will decompose faster without tillage, and that leaves a stub which pokes at tires. Tractors are heavier and higher power then they used to be. Tires are soft when they are new. Lots of reasons for stubble damage and your article has successfully avoided mentioning any of them.

  • FarmKid92

    This may be the most ridiculous anti-GMO argument I have heard to date. Someone already mentioned it, but running between fields on pavement wears tires out a lot faster than this supposed "stalk damage" does

  • Adam

    While stubble damage to tires can be a concern it's because the plants stay healthier longer. We have had just as much trouble with our non GMO crops causing tire damage as the GMO's and that's a result of the hybrid not the GMO part of the plants. Of course it will be tougher if it's still green than if it's been dead and drying down. A lot of the damage can be avoided if the residue is managed properly. We have far more tire damage from running equipment up and down the pavement. Should we outlaw that? Once again a once sided report full of speculation and lies to try to push your agenda forward. Maybe if you took the time to meet and talk with someone who is directly involved in production agriculture instead of reading all your doomsday prophecys on the Internet you would have an actual understanding of how things work. Before you start I don't work for Monsanto and I recieve no money from them. That seems to be the canned response whenever anybody speaks out agaings your little cherade. I'm a 5th generation farmer.

  • Joan McDaniel

    Yes the story does need some pictures and documentation but I would believe just about anything when it comes to these GMO plants. In fact, we don't really know what's growing.

  • Jim Smith

    Probably a lie started by the Ag industry to have people who support anti GMO legislation look like idiots when they cite this story instead of true science.

  • Curtis Bostic

    I don't know what will get us first, Fukushima,gmos,pharmaceuticals,obama

    • InTheNameOfDog

      Obama? Really?

      If by that you mean his administration just being another extension of the Monsanto corruption scheme, then I'll agree.

      But to be realistic, one has to accept that the republican party is the party of corporate free-for-all. At least the Dems pretend to put up a fight and mock outrage at corporate malfeasance.

      • Jim Smith

        But in reality, they work in perfect harmony togethor to perpetuate the corruption for as long as we continue to believe in Democrats and Republicans.

  • David

    I used to not worry much about GMOs…now it is just crazy how wrong they are for us and the environment. ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS!

  • Rich

    I would take this story with a grain of salt. (or the author needs to provide more information)

    Its been a long time since i have been back in the farm in Oklahoma but as i recall, potential tire damage from corn stalks has always been a risk in NO TILL FARMING. (meaning that the ground is left untouched and crops are planted on it thus saving water and organic matter in the soil).

    Studies have been done to see if BT corn are indeed stronger:….

    Conclusion is that BT corn contains more lignin protein.

    But straight from the actual farmers that work the field: Stalk damage to tires are a threat in no till farming, regular corn OR GMO corn… also from cotton!

    If you till your field every year, this is a non-issue.

    You can also harden your tires by aging them. My grandfather has done this for years… which minimizes stalk damage. Remember, always do your own research.

  • Monsantogotohell

    Where is there a link to photographs of these weeds?

  • Lori

    That's nature telling us something's not right. Maybe the large monetary costs will get rid of GMOs and catch people's attention since the risk of humanitarian crisis hasn't. Monsanto biohazard site?

  • Carri

    We're headed for an immense global "dust bowl". It's not the nuclear bomb that we should be afraid of, but the rise of indestructible weeds, plants and bugs. This will lead to the eventual poisoning and destruction of all the soil that's currently planted with GMO's. THIS will be the Armegeddon of the future.

    • Rich


      "Dust bowl" happens when farmers farm irresponsibly… they till the field excessively which leaves the soil exposed to the elements… resulting in eroison by wind and water. No till farming is one solution to this and what this article is referring to when talking about "stalk damage". If you really think that nuclear weapons and or nuclear power is less of a threat (seeing as we are being poisoned by Fukushima as i type this)…

  • Akia Vongdara

    I want to see pictures.