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India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into Law

Anthony Gucciardi
January 10th, 2013
Updated 01/10/2013 at 2:04 am
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indiagmolabeling 265x165 India Signs Mandatory GMO Labeling into LawPaving the way for other nations to introduce similar legislation and inform consumers what they’re really putting into their mouths, the labeling of products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) within the nation of India is now mandated by law. The country’s Ministry of Consumer Affairsmakes declared in a June 5, 2012 notice that all GMO-containing packaged foods must be labeled by January 1, 2013 or face legal repercussions.

Each package containing GM ingredients will clearly be labeled directly on the prime real estate of the package as ‘GM’. A warning that many heads of organizations and even bodies within the Indian government are praising for its ability to inform individuals as to what they are really feeding their family.

“The labelling will basically help inform the consumer about the presence of GM content in packaged food products,” said B.N.Dixit, Director, Legal Metrology, Department of Consumer Affairs.

In the wake of crippled labeling attempts inside the United States thanks to Monsanto-backed corporate deception, such as phony campaign materials designed to deceive California’s Prop 37 GMO labeling campaign, this is an extremely bold message by India. A message that will likely be picked up by neighboring countries where citizens have been demanding GMO labeling — or even an outright ban. The move also comes after other countries like Poland already took moves to ban Monsanto’s genetically modified maize.

Even states like New Mexico and Washington are now pushing forward with legislation that would make labeling mandatory.

While the labeling declaration is certainly a victory, some Indian experts are saying that it would be much more of a victory for somewhere like the US, where around 90% of food products are pre-packaged or processed. The opposite is true in India, where much of the food available in local markets is whole food items and raw materials. In other words, the Indian citizens still prepare meals by hand in many cases. This means that they are using non-packaged food items like produce that may not be labeled.

Nonetheless, the law allows for an advancement in the lengthy fight against GMOs, which have been linked to a host of serious illnesses ranging from tumor development to infertility.

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  • Bert Trim

    This is good news for us all. India’s awake. Thanks.

  • Rodrigo

    It's time people's worldwide awake and support these type of actions…. Congratulations to India's government and people…

  • Peter

    This is fantastic news. Whilst its impact on the population of India may actually be minimal compared to more westernised nations such as Australia, the U.S. and Canada, the message is clear and powerful.
    Greater Europe should take head of the implication of such a decision and follow suit.
    Then it should just be a matter of time before other countries like Australia, the U.S. and Canada have to fall into line.

  • Carl Thomas

    India have also cut big pharma out by buying only generic meds that don't have a big price tag. Good for them.

  • ramesh meiyar

    Wow thAt is great news, I can't believe this, very good.

  • michael davis

    I love it, the house of cards will soon be coming down in the states, I look forward to that day.

  • ecorepublic

    great news, go India!