Toxins are stressors on the body that, after heavy accumulation, are powerful inducers of disease. While you may be fully aware of this fact, you may be surprised to know which aspects of your environment are actually characterized as a toxins or toxin-emitters. Whether it’s the ‘health’ products you’re using, or the ‘healthy’ food you’re eating, the volume of toxins amounting in your body could easily be generating disease. If you’re suffering from a serious chronic condition, it’s essential you identify the toxic stressors currently assaulting your body.

Dr. Edward Group’s “Dr. Detox” show delves into this core issue. Free to watch online without any ads, the program is an excellent eye-opener to some serious toxins that are lurking in your living space which you may be completely unaware of. Your bed, for example, may contain flame retardants that could be damaging your health. On the other end of the spectrum, are you being assaulted with consistent EMF interference as a result of clustered electronics in your home or office? After viewing this series myself, I find it very useful for anyone trying to improve their health by ridding toxins from their daily life.

You can view the first episode below:

Dr. Group is a natural health educator who holds an impressive number of certifications and degrees in the realm of health and natural living. A certified doctor of chiropractor, naturopathic physician, and clinical nutritionist, Dr. Group’s ‘Dr. Detox’ goes beyond the typical method of mainstream medical care. He has a serious one-on-one coaching session with an individual suffering from poor health, and gets to the root cause of the issue. Instead of taking 5 minutes to prescribe pricey and ineffective pharmaceuticals, he offers natural methods to aid the body in self-healing.

It is this self-healing that really accelerates a serious change in your overall health. Improving your interior gut health, for example, can make a serious difference on your exterior appearance. Such connections would never be drawn by many mainstream health practitioners, nor companies selling you toxic body care products.

You can watch for the latest episodes on the Dr. Detox website.

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