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7 Ways to Detox Pesticides from Your Body

Elizabeth Renter
November 18th, 2012
Updated 11/18/2012 at 2:44 am
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waterdroplet1 250x156 7 Ways to Detox Pesticides from Your BodyIf you don’t know by now, pay closer attention—pesticides are everywhere. They are on our food, in our water, and in the air. They find their way into our bodies through a variety of vehicles. We can buy organic, grow our food, and use fancy water filtration, but we are still exposed to these modern chemicals on a daily basis. The key to minimizing the effects of pesticides come through both minimizing our exposure, but also through detoxification and preventing their effects on our bodies.

So, how can you detox from pesticide exposure? Here are 7 tips on how to detox pesticides.

1. Milk Thistle

This plant is a member of the daisy family and has a long history of healing. It is primarily seen as a liver cure-all and is also said to be a great way to detox from toxic chemical exposure.

2. Sauna or Bath

Sweating is just one of the many great methods for detoxing your body. Encourage this natural elimination with the use of detox baths and saunas. Something else to note, consuming niacin,or vitamin B3, with sweating will increase the process of eliminating toxins. Your skin will flush and you may experience some discomfort, but the niacin is, over several days and increased dosages, breaking fat cells. Guess what’s in these cells? Toxins.

Additionally, try this simple detox bath recipe.

3. Fermented Foods

By ensuring your gut bacteria is in good health, your body is better able to combat invaders like the toxic pesticide chemicals.

4. Increase Fiber

The more fiber you eat, the faster things move through your body. And good sources of natural fiber (i.e. organic fruits and vegetables) don’t only take the food waste with them. Fiber helps clean the toxins from your body as well.

5. Burdock Root

This natural healer helps flush toxins through urination and perspiration. Use it in a tea or tincture for optimal results.

6. Sarsaparilla

You can find sarsaparilla in most well-stocked health food stores where it is often sold as a tea. This is a well-known blood purifier.

7. Get Fit

Exercise isn’t only good for weight management. Working out encourages all of your body systems to function more effectively. By increasing blood flow throughout the body, you are also helping it to eliminate unwanted toxins.

Keeping healthy is much more than just eating the right foods—it’s eliminating the toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis whenever possible, and helping the body cope with some of the inevitable exposure. By detoxifying the body on a regular and consistent basis, you can help prevent some of the many side effects of these dangerous pesticides that have become so prevalent in our modern world.

Additional Sources:

Dr. Mercola

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  • Dipti Sahoo

    now you can make you can kill mosquitoes without use of insecticides. this idea can save you from mosquito coils / repellent liquids.

  • A S Basically, Kloss wrote that if the blood is clean from impurities, it will be free of disease and sickness. Using my own words, not those of Kloss: As blood circulates, it carrys oxygen and nutrients to the cells and carrys away toxins and waste, like carbon dioxide. If the tissues are overloaded with toxins and waste, the blood stream is also overloaded and the toxins and wastes aren’t removed from circulation very well. By purifying the blood, it clears the garbage so the tissues and systems can also remove the trash they’ve stored or that has been redeposited.

  • N_Disnye

    When I was younger, SULPHUR, or as it is known in US as sulfur, in tablet form was prescribed as a blood purifier.
    Today, it is marketed under the obscure label of MSM.
    It seems to have disappeared from the remedy list, and I often wondered why?

  • mjaank

    I am suffering from mouth blister at the edge of my toung

  • JCM

    I'm always suspicious when the claim for the tonic is that it "purifies the blood." No one's ever explained this claim.

  • lori

    i thanky'all…

  • escapefromobamastan

    The day before Thanksgiving here in Dallas, Texas. It was a beautiful cloudless day until about 1 pm and then the criss-crossing chemtrails began. It was massive. By 5 pm all the sky was covered. It was very ugly. Isn't it funny how no one looks up at the sky anymore? Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  • Troy

    Pesticides suck man

    • Chuck Norris

      Eat organic, its Chuck Norris approved

  • David

    Thank you for this article. Though your other comments may not show it, some people appreciate the info you took the time to write.

  • tony

    oh no the spelling police

  • David

    I am surprised that drinking plenty of water is not in this list. It is the number one way to eliminate toxins. Most of the methods that you enumerate rely on drinking plenty of water. Let's all start off well hydrated.

    • Rob

      The water usually contains these pesticides, as well as fluoride, arsenic etc. I'm leery of all this water and have seen no study showing that drinking lots of water helps anything. It depletes your minerals too. DIstilled water is the only practical water to drink. But it has no minerals. Spring water is expensive. There is a sand water filter though- never tried- maybe it removes the bad stuff.

  • Fitzcarraldo

    The key comes through? Well, I suppose the key comes through the keyhole…But the key here IS, don't you think,literate though you may be?

  • Ed Melik, Esq.

    I've tried almost every health food and alternative medicine in detoxifying my body with reasonable but not totally 100% satisfactory results. However, the penacea is Bikram Hot Yoga for any and all types of toxins in your body. Mind you, Bikram Hot Yoga is not for light hearted folks. You have to have a strong will power and sense of serious commitment to seek good health. There's no substitute to Bikram hot yoga despite all the nonsensical rumors and "sore losers syndroms". Try it and I bet you'll find for yourself that how true this fact is. Good luck and best wishes to all those seeking to live healthier and cooperative life. God bless.

    • Frank

      The word, Mr. Attorney, is "panacea," not "penacea."

      • Steven

        You Know I'm a Doctor and I misspell a word or two occasionally,I've misspelled ding dong a couple of times too.

      • Anonymous

        Frank needs to get a life. Lol

        What a tool !

    • Digby Davidson

      Bikram Hot Yoga isn't yoga.

  • James Hilton

    Sometimes a simple juice detox will do the trick.

  • jim

    i drink 10% straight chlorine followed by 10 oz apple juice very very warm !!! i have been doing this the last 13 years and feel great for being 96 !!! keep well, jim

  • Luis

    in spanish from Spain is spelled with Z, in latin american countries sometimes they spell it with S, because the pronounced the same (Z and S) but is not right is a mistake. Lets do things right ;)

    • really


    • really

      In English its Sarsaparilla.

      Spanish use a Z instead.

      English article so Sarsaparilla is right.


      • Bobby

        Why get so excited when Luis is simply pointing out a different fact. It doesn't change what the herb does, but it's knowledge nevertheless.The great Greek philosopher Plato said, all knowledge is usefull.

  • Lynn

    sheeezzzz FRANK….a little anal retentive are we? Im certain the author was not looking for a compasition course! WOW!

    • Frank

      Sheeezzz Lynn, how ILLITERATE you are! Learn how to spell "composition." It is not "compasition." Also, learn how to use the apostrophe. Literage people write "I'm." Illterates write "Im."

    • Frank

      Make that "Literate people write…" I mistyped it as "literage."

      • Anonymous

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  • Sandy Halliday

    Good advice. Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are good for revving up the detox pathways.

  • Luis

    Nice list, only one thing, is not "Sarsaparilla" is called ZARZAPARRILLA

    • am

      I've found it to be spelled with z's in latin languages only

    • Bobby

      Luis, give it a rest.



    • Ben Evans

      Detox as opposed to fasting? Both work extremely well, for slightly different results. I spend a a few days before a fast cutting out the worst foods and detoxing etc, then fast for 1-2 days, then slowly reinstate foods again starting with detoxing, antioxidant filled, light whole foods and liquids. Very effective for cleansing your whole body.

      • ducq iapetus

        You eat?!? Weird. Easier to just go without.