Home Remedies for Warts

  • barbara

    I’m looking for skin tags removal, have many and it cost a lot to go to a sin doctor

  • http://wartrolreviewsitefc.com Carol

    I agree. Virgin coconut oil does work. But you really need to wait for it to take effect.

  • shwanmartin

    Nice article…
    Living with HPV is much easier if you have a healthy body. This prevents the warts from recurring. In addition to the above mentioned natural treatments, herbs like Hyperisince Mysorense, Echinacea, Phyllanthus emblica are also effective for Warts. They boost immunity of a person and plants of the Hypericum family have also been studied to have anti-viral effects. Intake of vegetables especially Cruciferous vegetables which includes cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli and citrus fruits should be increased with minimizing intake of sugars, caffine and refined foods. The aim of treatment is to improve the immune system of the individual. Curing hpv, also called human papilloma virus or venereal wart, can only be achieved through strengthening the body's resistant system.

  • Angel

    Hi Pat u said u used Ravensara oil to get rid of some warts but how do u go about doing it do u put it on a pad and leave on it or what can u give me some info?

  • http://todayshomeremedies.net/home-remedies-for-mosquito-bites/ Home remedies For Mo

    The apple cider vinegar method works great not only for warts and treating them, but i found that u can actually make a mixture that helps get rid of most bug bites.

  • Tim

    The best treatment I ever used was duct tape. First, I had a persistent wart cut off. When it came back after a couple of years, I had it removed with a laser. When it came back a third time, I put a piece of duct tape on it and after about a week, it was completely gone and hasn't returned (or any new warts either) after ten years.

  • jo

    Vitamin e,600 units, daily for three weeks and any over the counter lotion containing vitamin e on the wart area. It worked for me.

  • Wideawake

    Castor Oil and baking soda

  • http://www.Relfe.com Stephanie Relfe

    Virgin coconut oil works, without burning. But you have to apply it a lot.

  • pat

    While any or all of these remedies might work, they are only dealing with the symptoms and not the cause. While fighting the "scourge" of warts myself recently, I accidentally discovered that the essential oil Ravensara (purchased from Youngevity) that I was using to relieve congestion is also an anti-viral and killed the internal virus —- voila ! warts shriveled and gone in approximately a week.

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