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Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Anthony Gucciardi
April 17th, 2012
Updated 04/10/2013 at 3:08 am
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cankersore 263x164 Home Remedies for Canker SoresCanker sores are whitish oval formations that may appear inside your mouth –  and are quite common. While they are fairly temporary, and normally last less than a week, canker sores can be irritating and may even hinder your ability to speak properly. While the causes of canker sores are debated, some medical practitioners believe that environmental and hereditary factors play a major role. One thing is certain though, there are some home remedies for canker sores which can be used to prevent canker sores and make them disappear faster.

Treating Canker Sores the Natural Way – Home Remedies for Canker Sores

Thankfully, there is a natural method of aiding canker sores, which is excellent news for those who suffer from them frequently. Although canker sores get better without any medication or treatment, you can help quicken their disappearance with these natural home remedies for canker sores:

  • Gargle with salt water - Mix a tablespoon of salt in one glass of warm water. This will help ease the discomfort that you feel and make the canker sore heal faster. Gargle for about 10-30 seconds. You can do this as many times a day as you wish.

  • Consume Vitamin C rich foods - Vitamin C helps in better cell reproduction and repair, so it will aid greatly in treating the canker sore (as well as boosting overall immunity).

  • Stay away from hot foods - Try to eat colder foods as hot foods will cause a burning sensation in your mouth. Try to also avoid eating spicy foods as well, as it will cause the same effect on the canker sore. You also should avoid all ‘scratchy foods’, as they could touch the canker sore causing you discomfort or pain.

  • Use cayenne pepper - Cayenne is usually used in sweets. It contains capsaicin, which helps relieve the pain.

  • Wash with aloe - Cut the aloe leaf and take the juicy part of it. Use it as a wash to help disinfect the area. You can do this as many times as you want.

  • Apply ice - If the canker sore is making you feel very uncomfortable, ice can help you relieve the pain.

These home remedies for canker sores may not take care of the problem overnight, but they will help accelerate the recovery process.

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  • @ShirleyBlank3

    After reading this article on Healing Canker Sores Naturally, I had someone tell me to start taking acidophilus for my caker sores, I have always struggled with them my whole life. I now take one a day and have nearly eliminated them. I probably eat better than I use to but this totally "cut" out Canker Sores for years…

  • james2

    i rarely have canker sores… but whenever i have one a friend would usually suggest "alum"… it indeed heals faster, it is very painful once applied.

  • Rod

    I read that yogurt sloshed around in the mouth is also helpful?

  • tongue canker sore treatment

    A healthy diet program comprising vitamin C and B
    intricate, iron and zinc will assure a powerful immune program to ward off
    infections. About 20 a person % of people practical experience the exact dilemma with white or yellow open sores displaying up in the mouth.

  • pupshoo

    salt water? ouch! I had nonstop canker sores for 40 years. While searching for ways to stabilize my weight, I came across the 'Eat Right 4 your Type' book. Simple premise, you eat according to your blood type. I started by avoiding the foods on the list of foods to avoid for my blood type. A short time later I realized that I had gone 2 days without a canker sore. This was monumental! I used to be in constant pain every day. lived a life of pain. I have bee avoiding certain foods ever since. The hard part is that many of the foods were my favorite, and I can't believe that I don't eat my favorites anymore. I can't eat pork or tomato or anything with corn or even Chicken. It is tough to not eat some of my favorite foods, but it is worth it not to be in pain every waking moment. If I have a very small morsel of one of these foods I will pay for it by the next day. It is worth a shot for those of you really suffering.

  • janet

    I've had canker sores since I was a child and they're often really, really painful, once it brought tears to my eyes. I found a product that's become my hg, Canker Sores Begone. Do a search, theyre online. It heals them for me overnight, for my 8 yr old and 10 yr old also.

    • Pupshoo

      I will try this product when I slip up from my Eat Right 4 your Type diet.