The Health Benefits of Pistachios: Heart Health, Eye Health, Cancer Prevention

  • eyeswideopen

    Read Atkin’s books on controlling blood sugar and preventing diabetes. I used to have acid reflux at a very early age, I went on Atkins and it disappeared. I also got into it because family members had type 2 diabetes. I have seen friends and family control blood pressure with herbal remedies and limiting and even totally avoiding refined carbs. I have personally taken care of issues using natural remedies and have elimated the problems as well as friends have done the same.

  • skincare thailand

    What an amazing post that I have ever come through. It gives the information that I was really searching for the past week and I am really satisfied with this post. Need more like this. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Reshad Atchia

    I've been having some problem lately with my blood sugar… tests done shows in future I might be at risk for diabetes and as my family carries history of heart disease, I think heart problems might be behind the door as well!lol!I am 47 years old and would like to try natural or balance diet instead of taking normal medicine. If anyone can help, please be my guest.

    • bikpet

      no more sweets for you

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