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GMO Gene Splicing Lunacy: Cabbage Mixed with Scorpion Poison Coming Soon

Christina Sarich
June 27th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 8:47 pm
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dnaorangestrand 263x164 GMO Gene Splicing Lunacy: Cabbage Mixed with Scorpion Poison Coming SoonWould you consider scorpion venom ‘safe’? The next ‘safe’ GMO food for you to consume is a genetically altered cabbage that has been gene spliced with scorpion venom because it is more ‘resistant’ to Roundup ready chemicals, and of course they are telling us it is safe.

As the GMO frankenfood business continues, the brain-children of the likes of Monsanto and Dow get progressively ludicrous. I beg a rap artist to talk about scorpion-poison genes interlaced with cabbage, just to exacerbate the inane to the masses of people who still believe these companies are out for your best interests, and really care about your health. Maybe a little ditty about the curling tail and venom of a vegetable might wake up the people who still believe GMO is good for you. It’s as if the hubris of Big Agriculture and Big Pharma companies is so enormous, that they have caricatured their own evil faces into their latest invention.

In 1994, a scorpion-poison-pesticide was made and ‘tested’ by spraying it in a field with scientists who wore full hazmat suits to protect themselves from it. Even the lead scientist in charge of running the trial was absent from the spraying altogether – perhaps David Bishop was just as worried as we are about scorpion cabbages.

Now, in 2013, the same genetic engineering is utilizing genes from the scorpion, Androctonus australis hector as a cross-breed with cabbages, of course with the goal of creating plenty of food for a growing population, and to feed us all. The FDA hasn’t done any research on this new crop, and it is probable that this newest freak-show of ‘food’ will turn out on our grocery store shelves before we can say, “WHAT?!”

Monsanto-backed science says that this tortuous invention is necessary because increasingly potent pesticides are necessary to grow crops. Our plants must be genetically altered to resist the pesticides that they make so that they can grow. If this isn’t already circular reasoning, its been proven that additional pesticides are causing bee population demise, and serious environmental impact, such as soil devaluation and super bug creation.

We are told time and time again that it is completely safe, but where are the unbiased reports stating this is so? And why should we believe them when they have clearly lied about other crops being ‘safe’ thus far. Everything from rice, to soy, to the rouge wheat that was found in Oregon are not safe. There are mounds of evidence by scientists not in Monsanto’s back pocket, who report as such.

Just one little white lie is that scorpion-poison made into pesticide is anything but safe. The ‘testing’ that they did was not done on live, healthy human cells, but MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Yes, let’s test cancer-causing agents on cancer, then use that ‘science’ to tell the public there is no harm in this genetic monster. We should have the makers of these monstrosities sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner of GMO scorpion-cabbage, corn, soy, salmon, etc. and eat until they can’t any longer and see just how ‘safe’ they are after consuming their own poison.

Put An End to Genetic Insanity

It’s time for us to stop this insanity by protesting genetic manipulation and biotech giants like Monsanto. Join the Monsanto Video Revolt on July 24th and before and create a video voicing your resistance against genetic insanity.

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  • truth guy

    Published in nature journal? It’s good science. End of story. Every single article in that journal is peer reviewed before submission just so that people like me can make that statement without hesitation.

  • frank fitz

    You were home schooled right?

  • Kyle

    Some of you may have noticed that corn used to have but three kernels. Now each bushel has hundreds. That took thousands of years. Science isn’t wearing those suits because they know “scorpion venom” is dangerous, they are wearing them because they don’t know. Its called safety.

    • Frank Fitz

      You should not need safety equipment when testing a food product. Do you think the Mayans used ppe when they were breeding maize? No! Because they likely died of starvation because they didnt know how to breed maize worth a shit. See if they had spent there time conquering other cultures instead of breeding vegetables they would be a dominating force in the americas now, and i would greet you by saying “Buenos Dias!”

    • Earth Angel

      For thousands of years people organically grew their food and obviously proliferated to the point we are at today. It is NUTS to introduce these unnatural toxins into any food supply whatsoever. The criminals doing this know exactly what they are doing to us- they MUST be STOPPED at all costs- There is nothing safe about any of this being done by Monsanto and ‘Big Agra’.

  • Khun Gip

    Facts.. ah… come on.. the idiots on this website do not want to pay attention to those! "Satan"…"Mental clarity" from non-GM… holy shit??.. these people need to go the funny farm!! Gotta keep these fruits cakes from the real world…

  • Robles

    Truly do you blame corporations?
    God give a day to worship. Genesis 1 (For the once who belief in Bible)
    Satan imposes a false Day.

    God say you should not eat from the good and evil tree because you will die.
    Satan say God knows that if you eat you will become like God and you will not die.

    God describe the food that Man should eat.
    And Satan wants to produce food that will make you sick Satan has used this corp. (it’s not Monsanto fault, it is on Satan Hans)

    God wants man to live healthy.
    Satan wants humanity to die.

    It’s our fault for not blast our government in protesting, who permit these blasphemy. Our government it’s who should we focused on to stop these crimes.

    I think you are doing the right thing and I am a grate supporter but by attacking the corporation we are not succeeding, as we should attack the main head of our nation for betray USA citizens, so the head of the nation has to be thrown off of office.

    The one who signed Monsanto protection and all of those Senators that betray USA Citizens.

    He is not good for the people of our great nation. He signed.

  • Colette

    Thank you- tweeted it. I started eating gmo free June 1, 2013 for one year and am blogging about it. Any new info is welcome. http://gmogone.com_

    • Anthony Gucciardi

      Great work going GMO free! It makes a major difference in mental clarity and overall health in a very short amount of time. Thanks for tweeting this out, also — we can defeat this.

  • anonymous

    CRAZINESS! This has got to stop. Also skeptics this is in the MSM just click the links.

  • ozspeaksup

    in the Discussion part right at the end..
    see this.

    We constructed originally an efficient system for the expression of a scorpion toxin AaIT coding sequence in E.coli and carried out three different bioassays to study the toxicity of this recombinant protein. Interestingly, the median lethal concentration (LC50) for the three assays differed by more than two orders of magnitude (Tab 1 and 2, Fig 3). Comparing with an LC50 of 0.13 muM observed in cultured insect cells and an LC50 of 0.7mM observed in the contact insecticidal effect assay, low toxicity with an LC50 of 18.4 muM was recorded in artificial diet incorporation assay in which the toxin was consumed by the testing insect through feeding. We suggested that this might be a result of toxin degradation by digestion. This raised an important question regarding agricultural application of the toxin. According to our calculation, 18.4 muM toxin spread on the leaf surface equaled to 0.04% toxin protein expressed in the leaves (suppose total leaf protein content is 3.0%). This was comparable to the level previously obtained in insect resistant transgenic plants which was about 0.05-0.1%24, 25, 26. Even with a toxin as potent as AaIT, high level expression was still imperative for transgenic plants to show decent insect resistance. In the cytotoxicity assay, the toxin showed higher toxicity with an LC50 of 0.13 muM, which was comparable to the cytotoxicity of Wt-hTNFa to the HEp-2 cells27.

    so to make sure it kills the bugs it has to fairly high expression IN the plant.
    dermal absorbtion via spray would be a seemingly safer option rather then IN the damn plants., and human cell testing would seem to be somewhat incomplete.!
    what about humans digesting sprayed leaf matter on our gut?
    let alone eating the GMspliced vegies.

    • anonymous

      Crazy right?

  • ozspeaksup

    couldnt be bothered waiting for comment to clear approval, went digging
    here is the ORIGINAL research report.

    • Patti Jo Edwards

      Really? Is this research from the same bad science that says glyphosate (RoundUp) only effects plants. Or the BAD science that says Bt toxin only effects specific pests, not Monarch Butterflies or humans or Bovine Growth Hormone is not harmful to kids and cows for that matter? Seriously?! What is wrong with organic cabbage -NOTHING!

  • ozspeaksup

    it would be exceedingly handy and supportive if you could POST the link to the trials or any other actual info you base this on please,W.HO is doing the trial? where? more detail would be a good thing.