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Genetically Modified Humans? New Gene-Altering Drug Paves Way for Mass Modification

Mike Barrett
November 5th, 2012
Updated 11/05/2012 at 2:59 am
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dnastrand 245x153 Genetically Modified Humans? New Gene Altering Drug Paves Way for Mass ModificationWe’ve seen genetically modified mosquitoes, genetically modified plants, and genetically modified cows, but could we soon be dealing with our own genetic alterations – genetically modified humans? As the months and years pass, scientists seem to be getting closer to ‘manufacturing’ humankind, with some of the most recent ‘advancements’ revolving around a new approved drug therapy that is designed to ‘correct genetic errors’.

Glybera, the drug which was approved in Europe on November 1, was created to combat against a rare disorder leading to disrupted fat production. Those suffering this rare disease possess what scientists describe as a damaged gene; the drug is meant to repair the damaged gene.

While the drug is only meant to be given to 1 or 2 out of every million people, it paves way for further experimentation into the field of biotechnology and human alteration. Soon, doctors may be giving out drugs to treat any ‘defects’ in genes, whether it be for the so-called ‘fat’ gene or another instance where a damaged gene is present. It could even apply to purported ‘criminal’ genes that are said to predict an individual’s future ‘life of crime’.  It may sound crazy, but scientists are already making even more serious moves that will alter or ‘create’ humankind.

Further Genetically Modifying Humanity

Although gene-altering drugs are indeed helping to pave the way for further human genetic modification, it is only a single move in the game. Just a few months ago, we reported on the very first group of genetically modified babies being ‘created’ in the United States. The scientists stated that 30 babies were born using genetic modification techniques. In addition, 2 of the babies tested were found to contain genes from a total of 3 different parents. Genetecists state that this genetic modification method may one day be used to create genetically modified babies “with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence.”

Interestingly enough, that day may come sooner than expected – at least for some of us. Even leading scientists are now pushing for selective breeding based on genetic makeup, ‘handpicking’ genes of offspring, and even developing cloning technology to ‘grow’ human hybrids and other bizarre experiments. 

While gene-altering drugs and GM babies may appeal to the general public, scientists and biotech companies heavily funded by the government have been working on achieving a much larger feat -genetically modified humans in the form of ‘super soldiers’. These GM humans go beyond even the imagination, not requiring food or sleep to perform Olympic-style physical feats, while being able to regrow limbs that were destroyed by enemy fire.


The fact is that humankind has been moving toward a genetically altered existence for some time now, unknown by the general public. While the mainstream media will have you believe that drugs to repair damaged genes is the answer, no one really knows the kind of dangers that could come with such advancements. We’ve already seen how genetically modified foods can cause tumors and even early death - why wait to see what happens when altering the human genetic code.

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  • Houtex77

    I will wait to receive my eternal resurrection body that will never see pain or death anymore freely given by the grace of God by faith alone, in Christ alone.

  • Michelle Partington

    human hybrids and other bizarre experiments

  • David W Johnson

    It's like each generation is living its own episode of the Twilight Zone.

  • Hal Howell

    I seem to remember that Hitler told the world that Germans (pure) were the 'super' race…

  • chad

    Do you want to move to the next tier of human civilization? We have to learn and utilize knowledge. Your killing your father Larry.

  • human

    OWhat does it mean to be human anyway? Chemtrails, radiation, genetically modified material all contribute to human genetic engineering. For information on how Chemtrails has genetically entire humans see ' morgellons' for information on deep underground based see 'alien digest vhst transit', for information on reptilian's book review see 'we must know wordpress reed reptilians'. The best explanation for the nature of this reality can be found online see (chiappalone great awakening'.


    "TRANSMHUMANISM"=slaves for the ET'S!

  • Mike T.

    The elite need us, we don't need them to eat, clothes or shelter. When we eat their crap we end up poisoned and fat.

  • Joe Bassett

    The answer to the government's problems is to kill millions and imprison millions. That must be our solution to the problem with the government. We have no choice, but to kill them when they come for our guns. Cops will have to give up within a couple weeks of trying to take our guns and then we'll have to take on the military. It's going to be bloody, but if we don't succeed then all the people suffered for nothing. We owe it to the Germans and Eastern Europeans who suffered for decades, because of these goons.

  • Dr. James Chappell

    Epicyte Labs in San Diego, California sponsored by Scripps Institute, developed the Epicyte Spermicidal Gene. Once they proved they could splice this gene into our food crops, specifically corn, Monsanto and Dow Chemical bought them out. This product is known as the "birth control" gene. It causes both women and men to produce antibodies to sperm making men sterile and women infertile. Researchers and biotech companies are now refining bio-drugs or genes that make our food drug transporters. This is no surprise as GMO's are part of the UN's Agenda 21.

    • Kristie

      Thank you so much for this comment. It is so nice to see people speak the truth. Peace to you

      Freedom brings prosperity. Agenda 21 will be the imprisonment or the death of all of us. This is just one big mess.

      Peace from Oregon

  • carol bolles

    What else is new? The "E.T.'S in Dulce, NM's under ground "research" base, have been taking humans by the thousands, and "modifying" them. Nobody, including the CIA, NSA, Black Ops , etc. really don't care!! Sooo, what else is new???

  • Patti Jo Edwards

    It is disturbing that no one mentions the probability that modified humans may lack empathy. Imagine the super soldier most probably will be a sociopath. Certainly there will be a belief of superiority above all of the puny humans who can't regrow their limbs and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Will genetically altered humans feel like freaks and suffer depression? Will they be alienated from society or, perhaps, out produce us and decide our inferior selves must be eliminated? Will we decide they are dangerous and THEY must be eliminated?

  • Franky Freedom

    The true crisis in all of this is one of ethics. As the technology progresses to the point where its consequences grow beyond the control of the humans who have created it it becomes ever more important to get back to the philosophical aspect. Most people fail to consider that only a few hundred years ago science itself was considered a branch of philosophy. The reality is that as the science/technology grows stronger the political issues surrounding it will only grow in importance. Sure, we may be able to genetically modify nature/humans to achieve our intended ends, but what DETERMINES those ends? What is the definition of the "super human" that some humans will strive to create? And who should be given the power/privilege to make such creations. The problem with science is that it is a double-edged sword. Within science holds the key to progress/creation AND destruction. As the science/technology becomes more advanced the ethical issues will also deepen. Then there is also the issue of who will make money off of this technology? And at what costs to society?


  • michael davis

    Don't take the magic gene altering pill no matter how much money or clout they give into it, the same group that made GMO food fucked it up so what makes you think there not going to screw up these magic pills there throwing onto the public.