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Genetically Modified Grass Kills Cattle By Producing Warfare Chemical Cyanide

Anthony Gucciardi
June 24th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 7:56 pm
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cropfield 235x147 Genetically Modified Grass Kills Cattle By Producing Warfare Chemical Cyanide

Another report of genetically modified creations taking the lives of livestock has hit the media, and this time genetically modified grass has been identified as the culprit according to CBS News. Shockingly (and quite disturbingly), the GM grass actually produced toxic cyanide and sent the cattle into a life-ending fit that included painful bellowing and convulsions. The deaths have led to a federal investigation centered in Central Texas, where the cattle had resided.

Genetically Modified Grass?

Just east of Austin, the cows lived on an 80-acre ranch owned by Jerry Abel. Abel says that the fields were used for over 15 years for cattle grazing and hay, and that the genetically modified grass was ‘tested’ previously and should have been ‘perfect’. The GM grass however, known as Tifton 85, appears have been producing toxic cyanide. Used as a genocidal agent in World War 2 by the Germans and considered to be an extremely dangerous substance internationally, it is extremely concerning that cyanide is now being produced by once harmless grass thanks to the modification process.

The 18 cattle went off to enjoy some ‘fresh’ new genetically modified grass, when Abel says they went into a fit of convulsions and shrieks. He explains:

“When our trainer first heard the bellowing, he thought our pregnant heifer may be having a calf or something,” said Abel. “But when he got down here, virtually all of the steers and heifers were on the ground. Some were already dead, and the others were already in convulsions.”

Within 15 hours of this incident, all of the cattle had died as a result of the grass ‘suddenly’ producing cyanide and therefore throwing them into a lethal fit. According to USDA scientists, it may be the result of a mutation — the same kind of mutation that has been seen in many of Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready crops.

What’s more is the fact that many other farmers are now testing their grounds and also finding the presence of cyanide. While there is not yet a large number of reports concerning cattle deaths from cyanide, it was recently revealed that one large biotech company Syngenta had been covering up further animal deaths from genetically modified corn.

Additional Sources:

CDC Facts on Cyanide

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  • bahmi

    Prove this paper is bogus. Use references liberally. Make your case, don’t just assume you are right and the people who rail against Roundup are stupid conspiracy freaks who really need to be shot.

  • bahmi

    Lousy attitude, fella. Testing done over the years since introduction, over and over, has shown many detrimental effects of Roundup. Would you rather we turn our backs on the reality of this toxicity? Remember also that Monsanto has lobbied furiously pro-Roundup and Obama has taken a shine toward them, probably due to campaign contributions. Also, a Monsanto official was put into some part of Obama’s cabinet. No conflict of interest, right?

  • muttkat

    You know King Obama passed some sort of law protecting Monsanto.

  • Ryan Goodman

    You may be interested in this statement from the University of Georgia – academic institution highly involved in bermudagrass research and by far the people most familiar with the grass –

  • Jerrymat

    My son located these articles that seem to oppose the idea that the grass in question is GM:

  • chuck

    For what this is worth, I want to bring your attention to a newsperson from WPIX named LIONEL who has got to be one of the very few who actually speaks the TRUTH. Not one of your usual PRESSTITUTES or "Ted Baxter media sock puppets". Wow, what a concept! And for the last 8 months have been sending him articles and links and my own issues with the likes of MONSANTO, GMO's, toxic pesticides, herbicides, the entire issue, and he has so far devoted three commentaries on New York News channel 11 on this issue. Many can be viewed in their website or on You Tube. Doing what I can to wake the sheep up…

  • Anonymous

    Looks like its caused by a phenomenon called Prussic acid poisoning.

    More details here:

    • Soildancer

      Quite commonly, particularly among Tift Grasses, the fungus Helminthosporium is found to be the culprit causing cattle death. I'm no fan of Monsanto, but there are other possibilities.

  • Kenneth Smith

    Joan Hull. I am very much interested and concerned about this article. I have been researching Monsanto for 6 or 7 years now and this is the first time I have heard of this. I have a close friend whose last name is also Hull. Could be your related? My email is Like to stay in touch if its ok. Let me know.

  • Dave Kimble

    And it was first released to market in 1983. Now 29 years later all of a sudden its poisonous and GM.

    • yankee phil

      The scientists researching the grass say it seems to be a mutation of the GM. Please read the entire article, if your not a native english speaker then find someone to help you with the translation of the text.

  • Gene Kernan

    CBS was part of Operation Mockingbird, a very early CIA propaganda/economic warfare project. If it's disinformation you want, CBS is one of the best places to get it.

  • jonathan

    I've only recently begun to check this website, and this is already the third time I have come across an article that has been poorly researched and is frankly misleading. I'm surprised that such an established news site can get such simple facts wrong, namely the fact that there is no GM grass on the market at all. Are you honestly taking CBS at its word? It is already difficult enough to find out what agribusinesses are up to. Work like this discredits the real evidence on the dangers of GMOs, and undermines campaign work that is desperately trying to bring the mainstream debate on GMO's back into the real world. Check your facts before you publish please.

  • Holly

    To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Some people do love to cling to their favorite conspiracy theories, and some news "sources" will alter data to make it fit their pet cause.

    A person does his own research about this hybrid grass (whatever the right term for it) is now accused of working for the "enemy" because he tries to clear up the misinformation.

    I am as interested as the next person in knowing that our foods are natural and safe. Trouble is, this bogus piece now turns me off on reading anything else from this source (Natural Society) because they can't be trusted not to alter the information.

    • Ken


  • Lissa

    Yeah I bet that Eric is some how employed with Monsatan. Ridiculous that they are STILL trying to lie & say their poison is safe for human consumption when everyone knows it is poison! We will watch them go down. Hard to sell toxic waste when NO ONE will buy it. People are learning!

  • eric

    CBS completely botched this story.

    1. Tif 85 is NOT a GM grass. No GM grassed are approved in the US. This is a normal hybrid which was developed at the University of Georgia.

    2. Cyanide production by forage grasses during drought conditions is a common and well known phenomena. Basic agricultural technology known to everyone who works in the field.

    Basically this story is an indication of lack of science literacy and fact checking in media today. It doesn't have ANYTHING to do with GM.

    • Anonymous

      And I bet you work for Monsanto? Paid commenter to try and cover it up?

    • Kent

      Looks like it's true, it's a hybrid not genetically modified. However, every source said it was genetically modified, so nobody did their research. I remember when every station spent the money to research in death before they ran a story, now they all print the same story they get from spin rooms.

    • Anonymous

      They didn't botch the story, they just didn't tell the whole story. Cyanide is common in some grasses during drought conditions, however there is more to this. This grass is now emitting cyanide in large porportions even during a healthy moisture conditions.There is a cover up because this is happening on several farms, all with tifton85. It seems the sygenta the lab who crossed this grass,crossed it with an african grass that was very vervacious but emitted deadly cyanide in any conditions. Their scientists believed they bred out the cyanide poduction. Apparently after several gernerations of crossing in the fields the tifton 85 resorted back to the capability of producing cyanide from the African strain. I live in Central Texas and raise cattle. We have always been aware of certain grasses that accumulate cyanide during droughts, but this is unusual and much more dramatic. The African grass is deadly at any state! Wait untill this happens to more food. It's already happening to corn also. Livestock is dying everywhere!

      • eric

        So after many years of growing all over the US it all of a sudden is a giant cyanide problem under normal growing conditions?


        Hard to believe. Is there an actual news report of this?

        Also, I'm wondering where you are getting information this is a product of Sygenta. Google Tifton 85 and you end up at University of Georgia.

        Sorry if I don't just accept what you are saying but I'm a fact checking sort of guy. Which is how I found all the problems with the CBS story.

      • Leanderjuel

        Thank you Anonymous Cattle Person [9:27 pm]. If we can't expect to see nothing but the Truth from folks like you who know the range animals and their feed like none other, than we are doomed. Please continue to provide us with further illuminating information about this alarming topic. In this day and age of communication, I learn the most from those who reply to articles like this…since their real life experience and inherently discerning synthesis rings more true, no matter the dubiousness of a source or spin. Again, my MANY thanks.

    • Barb Peterson

      Eric, You are correct. Upon further research, it appears that the grass, Tifton 85 is NOT GMO. Here is some info: "Although we call Tifton 85 a bermudagrass, it is a cross between a bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) and a close tropical relative characterized by a more upright growth than coastal called stargrass (Cynodon nlemfuensis);"

    • Joan Hull

      ERIC: Wrong….there is genetically modified grass….produced by Scotts and others….a bag of lawn seeds I bought said genetically modified so I returned them….Scotts has several lawsuits against the company because of this…seeds blown around to a neighbor's grass….I won't use them….my dog eats the grass sometimes and he would be ingesting the chemicals. Get educated on this matter…..Our dictator even gave Monsanto permission to plant GMO soybeans in our Wild Refuges.


    • Soildancer

      Yes, and if you check back through Phytopathology to perhaps 1970 -1972, you'll see reference to Dr.Everett S. Luttrel regarding the occurrence of Helminthosporum fungi with Tiftway Bermuda — associated with cattle death in Georgia