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Genetic Hybrid Human-Animal Experiments Lead to Call for ‘New Rules’

Anthony Gucciardi
July 23rd, 2011
Updated 11/13/2012 at 1:18 am
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dnachromosomes1 210x131 Genetic Hybrid Human Animal Experiments Lead to Call for New Rules

It may sound bizarre to those who are not familiar with the ongoing genetic manipulation of the planet by large biotech corporations, but the creation of human-animal hybrid chimeras has prompted a group of leading British researchers to call for a set of new rules that prevent scientists from developing “monsters” as the report states. As researchers around the world continue to push boundaries regardless of environmental or ethical consequence, genetic experiments are becoming increasingly more outlandish. Chinese scientists have already admittedly inserted human stem cells into goat fetuses, and U.S. researchers have studied the idea of creating a mouse with human brain cells.

The Destruction of Nature’s Precious Genetic Coding

Scientists have borrowed genes from a jellyfish to make other organisms glow, and have even implanted spider genes in goats as a means of creating super-strength silk. Scientists even took it a step further by creating genetically modified salmon that they intended to release into the wild before Congress blocked the FDA from approving the move over concerns of health endangerment. The list doesn’t end there. Genetically modified potatoes are among the latest food abominations created by biotech corporations such as Monsanto. These potatoes, once planted in farms worldwide, can easily spread to nearby crops and taint the very genetic integrity of the plant.

Tainting the Food Supply

Billions are spent each year to genetically modify the food supply, tainting it with genetically modified frankenfood. Genetically modifying foods requires one to tamper with the very genetic coding of the crop and/or seed.

The process entails the  transfer of genes from one organism to another, such as taking particular genes from a pig and transferring them to a tomato. Not only does this defile nature, but it leads to a host of health problems.

Due to the complexity of a living organism’s genetic structure, it is impossible to track the long-term results of consuming genetically modified food. Introducing new genes into even the most simple bacterium may cause an array of issues, highlighting the complexity of even the simplest organisms. Introducing new genes to highly complex organisms such as animals or crops is even riskier.

When introducing the gene to its new host, it is essentially impossible to predict the reaction. The genetic intelligence of the host could be disrupted with the introduction of the new gene, creating an adverse reaction. There is truly no way of knowing the long-term effect genetically modified food, as there are too many variables. There is simply no room for science when Monsanto is involved.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Genetic Hybrid Human Animal Experiments Lead to Call for New RulesGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • lele

    in my on opinion they are being stupid and they are doin a lot more than this they are screwing up our world the one thing tht will destroy the earth is mankind ourself

  • ifacedownworship

    This has been predicted by the Bible.

  • wolfie

    I think that this is INSANE!!!! I'm really scared to see how this will turn out… its not right! I dont think this will make us faster or better in any way. It will only make us into freaks. think of how screwed up the world is now. Adding all of this insanity on top of it will really mess us up.

  • Presto

    It's just a different step, going to the same place. Evolution. Haven't you ever thought that if some how you could mutate the human body, to become faster, stronger, smarter, todo that to yourself, making yourself better.

  • Mike, don't be

    But yes, I do disagree with the scientists doing this. I mean, they're combining two different consciousness — human and animal just to enslave… as an experiment.. YIKES! That's just cruel.. It was cruel enough when it was just non-human animals.

  • Mike

    Even the idiots who race mix are creating destruction. God made each race and breed of animal unique for reasons. When Man mixed human kinds, animal kinds, plant kinds then he is sickening the planet from its original God created purpose.

    • Bev

      @Mike, to compare genetic modification with race mixing, is quite absurd. We are all mixed races somewhere on our family trees… and if you could go back far enough into your ancestry, you will find that we are all cousins somewhere too. Race mixing reduces the chance of negative recessives which increase with inbreeding, this is why first cousins and siblings are not allowed to marry in most countries. Things that are not supposed to mix genetically will not do so in nature… things that are suppose to mix, like different races, do so with great ease and with positive results. People should actually be encouraged to marry outside of their race for many reasons.

    • Juan

      Human beings are human beings. The races are from dogs, and just to make a differentiation.

      Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens), the only living members of the genus Homo, are mammals of the primate order originally from Africa (MAYBE YOU WONT BE AGREE WITH THIS FACT), where they reached anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago and began to exhibit full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.

      Nature have been done to be how it is, modifying it would modify our nature of being what we are. That i would call it playing god and devil at the same time, or basically the ethic of the market, if that things actually exists.

    • Mike, don't be

      "Race mixing"? I hope you don't mean ethnicity.

      When you say "God" which one are you referring to. Considering you just referred to the entire human race as "man," I'm guessing you mean the Patriarchal Jewish god Yahweh, or something.

      Sorry, your belief system is just one of millions. And just because you disagree with something, doesn't mean your specific deity agrees or "made it that way."

  • dale

    All new technologies have a nightmare aspect. Einstein's theories led to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nakasaki. Our beloved cars kills hundreds of thousands worldwide each year.

    You can choke a man with a baby diaper.

    The problem, as Einstein realized, is that our moral evolution has not kept pace with out mastery of nature and our ability to control events, leading to horrible unintended consequences.

    Until we have a culture based on compassion (and not competition and self-interest), our moral evolution will make our technical genius an evil genius.

    Frankenstein sums up this discrepancy between moral intelligence and technical knowledge.

    Gene research can lead to many wonderful cures, and it can also lead to many disasterous results.

    It's like "Guns don't kill; people do." Research does not kill; people do. I recommend we halt all technological research until we find out why people are such monsters, why we kill each other, why we risk the planet for short term profit, etc.

    Are we the virus? Will someone find the gene for evil and splice in the "love gene?" Or will it all turn into a hideous nightmare?

    We need to sort this out first.

    • Paragon of Truth

      Morality is a very interesting topic that warrants far more than what I’ll write here. Our own English dictionaries define morality as a set of principles that distinguish between right and wrong behavior. These behaviors, on both sides of the fence, have been well documented for thousands of years, and thereby granting none of us an excuse for our ignorance. So why don’t people “evolve” morally?

      Many today self-define morality as being “good” and that being “good” equates to upholding socio-cultural laws and taboos: “I’m a good person because I never killed anyone”, “I’m a good parent because I provide for my children”, “I don’t break the law therefore I’m good” and my personal favorite “I go to church and so I am a good person” all the while ignoring what “good” really means. Again this is something that has been well documented and yet constantly bastardized and/or ignored for personal desire.

      A perfect example of this that everybody hates to hear is in the realm of promiscuity and sexuality. Goodness is not being promiscuous, sensual, adhering to animalistic lusts, etc. Yet our very culture is steeped in these behaviors, messages, entertainment, endorsements, and so on. To adhere to any of these things is an engagement in an act which is not good, and therefore a person who dwells within these acts is likewise not a good person. But who wants to hear that about themselves?

      Instead, humanity has cocooned themselves within justifications, denials, and alleged evidences proving the contrary – that being bad is being good and true goodness is simply fanaticism, intolerance, and wrong. If we admitted the source of goodness and the behaviors of it then we have to admit that we aren’t very good people indeed. This thought process stifles maturation and growth and inhibits the development of true, moral character – or as you put it, “moral evolution”.

      Take the greed of money. This is another socio-cultural taboo of bad behavior, agenda, and practice. Yet the very American, if not global, concept of the self centers around what we do for a living, how much we make, what letters are behind our names, and what companies we work for. I am looked down upon if I work at McDonald’s but applauded if I am Donald Trump. While the socio-cultural concept abhors greed, the same socio-cultural concept promotes it. This is all in part due to advertisements, corporations, and others. But like the Lustful hates to be told that their lusts are bad, so too the Greedy dislike hearing that their selfish greed is bad, so they wrap it all up neatly in justifications.

      Finally, violence. To be brutal, violent, boastful, arrogant, vengeful, and abusive is generally looked down upon at the surface of the socio-cultural mindset. Yet in increasing numbers, especially in our youth, we see an embracing of violence like never before in the history of America (can’t speak for globally). We’ll look down our noses at a movie about the bullying going on in our high schools because of a few “F” words, but will praise and eagerly travel to view a movie depicting horrible violence against children. Likewise, we’ll tag that first movie with a rating of “R” but the latter, far more graphic and depraved, a lowly “PG-13”. I’ll not get into video games, music, and others to save time.

      All in all, people don’t “morally evolve” because they deny Jesus and the truth of the Word of God. Sure they may profess belief in God, but there are many nowadays who “hold to a form of godliness but deny it’s power.” – They profess belief in God but deny His power. A promiscuous person once said to me “I can’t imagine God being mad at me for loving someone else” and yet missed out entirely that He does not condone promiscuous behavior (which does not equate to hating the person – another common misconception about God); begging the question: If you believe in God then why won’t you do what He asks?

      Even if you ignore the Word and Jesus Christ you’re still left with the same principle: People fail to behave morally because they would rather act immorally because they are slaves to their own immorality. Jesus taught that, the apostle Paul taught that, and all too often do you see the truth behind that teaching today. One cannot escape a prison if they never choose to leave their cells after all…yet all they have to do is ask Him to set them free. So simple, so hated, so misconstrued, so sad.

  • Cassie

    I don't want to live in a world like this, someone please make it stop before it's too late :'(

    • thom

      it's up to you as much as anyone else, don't think that you're powerless!