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Fracking Process Shown to Compromise Air Quality, Cause Cancer

Mike Barrett
March 22nd, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:51 am
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oilblack 220x139 Fracking Process Shown to Compromise Air Quality, Cause Cancer

In a new study soon to be published in an edition of Science of the Total Environment, researchers found yet again that hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is causing cancer. While fracking is known to be contributing to various health problems through the contamination of groundwater, it is also important to recognize that those near the hydraulic fracturing sites are taking in an even greater dose of chemicals through the air.

Cancerous Air a Result of Hydraulic Fracturing

The process of fracking involves a number of harmful and carcinogenic substances that are helping to lead to the downfall of public health. The EPA has admitted that this method of attaining oil or gas by pumping chemicals underground is causing polluted water, which being consumed by countless number of individuals every day. Still, the process of fracking persists. The new research focusing on fracking’s negative impact on air quality is pointing out that, after three years of monitoring air quality near fracking sites, there are a number of toxic petroleum hydrocarbons in the air.

“Our data show that it is important to include air pollution in the national dialogue on natural gas development that has focused largely on water exposures to hydraulic fracturing” Lead author Lisa McKenzie, Ph.D., MPG, said

Many of the chemicals used in the fracking process are harmful by nature, and are being ingested far too regularly. You can expect to find carcinogenic chemicals such as naphthalene, diesel, formaldehyde, and lead in the fracking process, but one of the primary cancer-causing culprits eyed down by scientists and researchers is benzene. Found in gasoline, benzene has been shown to cause dizziness, weakness, and chest constriction at short-term exposure while being a major contributor to lifetime excess cancer risk.

“Our results show that the non-cancer health impacts from air emissions due to natural gas development is greater for residents living closer to wells…The greatest health impact corresponds to the relatively short-term, but high emission, well completion period…We also calculated higher cancer risks for residents living nearer to the wells as compared to those residing further [away]…Benzene is the major contributor to lifetime excess cancer risk from both scenarios,” states the study report.

Research is consistently and conclusively reporting that fracking is indeed cause for concern, and thus should be heavily investigated. Mainstream doctors are urging the United States government to actually halt fracking — what do you think?

About Mike Barrett:
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  • David

    Dana Fiola probably defends the use of depleted uranium too, since the matrix media she is brainwashed by tells her DU is safe to us, although it does cause our own troops to die slow, suffering deaths.. She likely used fluoride toothpaste, sees her doctor regularly for drugs and vaccines, and follows all the other matrix media health protocols. Fortunately for the planet, people like her don't live very long…

  • Dana Fiola

    I totally disagree with your conclusion as you have your facts completely wrong. You are wrong and it is poor taste and irresponsible to post such a negative article online or any where else for that matter.

    In simple terms most ground water is 3' to 200' deep that is the water taken from the ground for drinking. Sanitary rules for wells require that water be taken at least 50' deep with the first 50' being a sanitary seal to ensure water quality. Water moves very slowly through the Earth and as such 50' of earth is sufficient to filter all contaminates.

    Oil is found deeper than 1,000' and fracking to be profitalbe would be at depths closer to 3'000 ft. deep and more likely a mile deep. Why is that? Because fracking makes and artificial void for oil to seep into from the surrounding strata. Mixing a small amount of detergent into water makes water super-fluid and then pumping up the pressure to 5,000 psi or better sends that super-fluid water into any crack in the rock and widening the crack until there is a shatter effect. That shattered rock then allows oil to free flow and be drawn to the surface.

    There is many more chemicals daily going into septic tanks which are on the average of 10' below the surface plus human and animal waste. That waste water from septic tanks, then flows bach into the aquafer. I will chose the deep earth fracking over septic tanks any day of the week. Please get your facts right before heading of into a world of science that is obviously way over your head. Stupid people have a habit of doing and saying stupid things. Unfortunately stupid people think that they are somehow smart and intelligent with something import that others must listen too.

    Now, you went and wasted my time with a stupid assurtion and you were so proud of warning me of the perils of life. In the future shut-up!

    • u bet

      stuff it dude with your choice. without you actually living in an area that has been fracked and you drinking from those wells your comments are "saying stupid things". "detergent" the fluids are not. there is enough evidence now connecting the carcinogenic makeup of the frack fluids, and the contaminated drinking waters in many locales to frack the sites nearby.