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FDA Pushes to Release Genetically Modified Salmon into Environment

Anthony Gucciardi
December 21st, 2012
Updated 12/21/2012 at 2:35 pm
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geneticallymodifiedsalmon 260x162 FDA Pushes to Release Genetically Modified Salmon into EnvironmentThe very genetic coding of the planet is no longer held sacred, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration. The agency is now pushing for the release of genetically modified salmon called ‘frankenfish’ to be unleashed across the globe, threatening the genetic integrity of the entire animal kingdom.

Mutated by scientists to grow twice as fast as a normal salmon through the manipulation of the animal’s genetic code, the genetically modified salmon created by the company AquAdvantage was actually blocked for approval by Congress back in 2011 due to serious health concerns. In the report regarding the ban on the approval of the genetically modified salmon by Huffington Post, it is quite clearly spelled out how the FDA-backed mega company AquaAdvantage only cares about losing investors and profits — not the serious public health concerns.

Health Not a Priority: Genetically Modified Salmon Maker ‘Frustrated‘ Salmon Not Yet Unleashed Due to ‘Loss of Investors’

As the report details, AquaAdvantage head Ron Stotish had this to say about being blocked due to serious health concerns:

“He said, he is frustrated by the delay and has lost investors in his business…”

Poor Ron Stotish! This chief executive has lost investors! Never mind the fact that the GM salmon could proverbially ‘muddy’ the genetic ‘waters’ of nature, or cause unknown health issues in humans. No, that isn’t important. What’s important to Mr. Stotish is the loss of profits. Since 1991, AquaAdvantage pumped in over $67 million to develop this fish, and they are not going to stop fighting until it’s on your dinner plate.

Thankfully, Stotish has the FDA to proclaim how great genetically modified food is as usual. Ignoring the 37 diseases that Roundup is associated with and discounting all of the information linking GMOs to health concerns is ‘scientific’, after all. Even mild critics of the ‘frankenfish’ salmon argue that it could at the very least cause allergies in humans, let alone be unleashed into the wild and disrupt the genetic coding of fish for all future generations.

The genetically modified salmon contains both a gene from the Pacific Chinook salmon that causes the fish to produce growth hormone 24/7, as well as a gene derived from an eel-like fish that triggers the hormone production. This causes the fish to reach around 6.6 pounds instead of the average 2.8 pounds. It also reaches 24 inches instead of 13.

FDA Says GMOs Safe, Natural Foods Dangerous

The fact of the matter is that numerous heads of the FDA have a deep (or even current) history with biotech giants like Monsanto. People like Michael R. Taylor, the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA, was actually a Vice President at Monsanto. This is the same man that led an assault and subsequent shutdown of the largest organic peanut butter factory. Meanwhile, tumor-linked GMOs roam free.

And so will this genetically modified salmon unless activism prevails against the FDA and AquaAdvantage.

But in the event that these GM salmon are unleashed, how will you know if you’re eating GM salmon? After all, US citizens eat more than 650 million pounds of salmon each year. As you may have guessed, the FDA says that the genetically modified salmon does not need to labeled as it’s the ‘same’ as regular salmon.

The fact of the matter is that this criminal organization must be stopped before the genetic coding of plants and animals worldwide is irreversibly contaminated. As biotech corporations with billions in funding begin to alter animals after already manipulating 80 plus percent of just about every staple crop, the fight for genetic preservation will continue.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail FDA Pushes to Release Genetically Modified Salmon into EnvironmentGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Air Conditioner

    Thanks in support of sharing such a nice thinking, post is pleasant, thats why i have read
    it fully

  • MegaSolipsist

    You can practically taste the vitriol the author of this site has for GMOs.
    Genetic modification is an incredibly safe line of research, as reality is far removed from a Michael Crichton novel.
    I agree that the food should be labelled as GMO, but the whole thing about it having unintended side effects is overly dramatised.

  • mark

    even more dispicable then the gmo issue itself is how is it allowed that these executives from these biotech corporations such as monsanto are allowed to serve in the fda in a capacity inwhich they have the power to bypass laws that govern our safety .and to put us all at risk for the sake of monetary gains,maybe we should look into their finances,can you say colution?

  • BreezyB

    Not only would our entire salmon supply be affected but the animals that consume them in the wild as well. Look at our GMO eating cattle and the affect when we consume them.. Taste and quality obviously affected.

  • Lynne

    The real issue here is the insistence on having investors-it's the money, stupid. If we, as a global society abolished the debt-based money system with usury laws and instituted a resource based economy across the globe we would be able to together create a world that was safe and nurturing for all of us.

  • Martin

    It's simple. You either conduct proper research – take 20 years or so to determine that it's safe or you label it and let people decide for themselves whether or not they want to be part of your experiment. You can't on one hand insist that it (GE Salmon) doesn't need to be labeled because it is "substantially the same" as what exists in nature, while at the same time insist that you are entitled to protection under patent law.

  • Tim

    History shows again and again, nature points out the folly of men…. Go, go, go Godzilla….

  • aed939

    I am OK with transgenic organisms as long as they are properly labeled. For example, AquaBounty's product is not GM salmon, but a salmon-pout transgenic organism, because it contains the genes of both salmon and pout. It should never be referred to as simply salmon or even GM salmon. "Transgenic fish" is OK because both salmon and pout are fish.


    How about several million people file injunctions to stop these terrorists. Oh wait, that's too much work for people that would rather scream about how bad it is than DO something substantial.

    • chris

      why do that when all you gotta do is not buy the stuff. Let them waste their time and resources. We have absolute control. We are the consumers remember. When people don't want GMO's anymore they will stop making them. But until then its a golden coral buffet.

    • mark

      you got that right.every one bitches but never takes a stand

  • Larry Carter Center

    FrankenFish is too mild a name for this GROWTH MODIFIED fish that may affect other species in food chain or cross breeding …. Not safe & must be kept away from all other living species 843_926_1750 @Greens926_1750 @VoteLarryDis114

  • Ian

    Better, maybe become a vegan then you would not have to worry about all that stuff .

    Any comment on that?

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I am thinking this more often. Vegan – the safest way to go! I am ing trust in the FDA.

    • Tim

      Yep. there's plenty of GMO veggies out there for ya to eat. Sure, most get fed to dairy cows and other farm animals and then we get to drink 'em in our milk or eat 'em in our meat, but there's already millions of acres of GMO contaminated corn that Monsanto is trying to sue farmer's for growing when the pollen blew across the road and fertilized non-GMO corn the farmers were growing and that corn suddenly became immune to root-sucking root worms the following year. The only safe stuff is what you grow yourself!

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Face it you bloody morons, a vote for the pedophiles and molesters has been votes for unnatural acts, which these swine cannot but indulge themselves in. Now we have a guy who appears to have had a lobotomy because he has no spine, does exactly what he is told to do by his handlers, and sees no difference in going one way or the other about anything. You voted for it, so MAN UP AND CLEAN YOUR SHORTS LIKE A BIG BOY!! And you ladies, you help them or go where I wish to send them. We gave you all plenty of warning. HINT: Kill your CFRtv. Have the heads of the FDA and EPA arrested ASAP.

  • wtchdr

    These fish were made for the purpose of aquaculture. contained ponds and raise the fish for market to help relieve the intense pressure on the wild fish, that are losing the battle and becoming severely depopulated. Makes excellent protein to send to the mid East, and North Korea and places like that.

    • Howard T. Lewis III


    • Anonymous

      So let’s not worry. This will just harm people in other regions of the world. Not here in the US!!!

  • beholder

    This is an appallingly irresponsible and greedy act.

  • visgoth

    Money is the corporations god what do they care who they kill so long as they make tons of profits greed reigns nothing else.

  • suss

    Doesn't matter people this is for a corporation by a corporation and be damned us little people and the environment- they are hell bent on wrecking everything sacred- everything!!!!!!! They are "evil" and they rule this day- don't know when it won't be so either. I won't be eating any salmon thats for sure!!!! What a shame- shame on out government officials- shame on all of us too w/ out people being vigilant and aware- non of this would have got this far. God help us- i wouldn't blame him if he were a bit discusted in us either!

  • Le & Donna

    Please help spread this bad news, so we can turn it into good news, by putting a stop to this kind of evil.

  • Deb

    Ugh…. I appreciate being made aware of this threat issue. When will the madness stop? Thank you for posting so I can share with my circle of influence. We all need to be PROACTIVE in the issue of GMO's which are causing a global food chain and environmental crisis.

  • dogitydog

    F D A = Fraud and Death Administration. Thanks alot Obama for appointing the fox to guard the hen house. Michael Taylor should be on the top of the list of the worst possible choices. What about the conflict of interest? Appointing him was equal to putting Monsanto in charge of our food safety. What a stab in the back to the American people that put you in office. Traitor.

  • awoken

    This is an abomination , I wont bring in the religeous implications of this as i am not a religeous person but this is sickenning if salmon wanted to be modified they would do it themselves not for profits or food or man but evolve for themselves , they will kill the eco systems they will destroy an already beautiful species , STOP OVERFISHING OUR OCEANS stop , we dont need mutant species or genetically modified fish or food or plants or animals , we need to slow science and technology down get back to nature, when will man realize that it is man that is killing this planet and man that is endding the salmon, stop buying salmon stop supportting the money industries . If people would stop the demand for salmon eat vegetables grow gardens for themselves stop buying it then the salmon would explode in the oceans but mans greed knows no boundaries and when all the salmon are gone from the ocean and all thats left are the poisonous genetically modified fish who will care when those that start eating these crap fish start dying from other genetically modified diseases and tumors , the health care system and when that collapses and economies are turned inside out and man starts to hate his fellow man where does it end , we know this is pretty farfetched but its a vicious circle if we start letting science and techology ruin a perfectly devine species. GET A LIFE AND WAKE UP ,THESE PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT THE FISH OR THE OCEANS OR INFACT OTHER PEOPLE , THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR IMAGE FOR NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT FOR SPENDDING 67,000,000 ON A STUPID PROJECT , should have used this money to put the salmon fishing industry out of business then it would have been well spent and we wouldnt be looking to modify the species, MAN CAN BE SO STUPID ,

    • Nicolaas Angenent-Mari

      The only thing that worries me about the environmental movement sometimes is its lack of brains… please people, choose facts over emotional responses. There is a lot to be concerned about with this story -enough that you dont have to go and put out alarmist crap. First of all, aquabounty is not a megacorporation… they have only 12 employees currently, down from thirty. Second of all, there is no risk of these fish affecting wild populations. Not only is the company only selling eggs, not fish, but every fish is female and triploid. All of their gametes are more sterile than a mule’s and they cant reproduce amongst each other. The fish will have no offspring and farmers simply buy new fish eggs every time one dies. Lastly, the comment on roundup is misleading… diseases have been linked to glyosphate, the pesticide used on GMO plants, but not to the Genetically modified plants themselves.

      There are issues with the health of this product… but not much else. Its environmentally safe- triploid animals are 100% sterile. The gametes literally shred their DNA apart during meiosis.

      • awoken

        then my question to you is this whats the point ,then why do this , if it has no proper use or application who cares about some mutant fish , why do it whats the point of doing it, does it help anything at all? I dont care how many employees they have i want to know why they are gentically modifying this fish whats the point have you seen the pictures of these crap fish i could send you some if want
        if it doesnt have any sort of feasible application why spend 67,000,000 million dollars on somthing as stupid and pointless as this project? you yourself said"there are issues with the health of this product " whats the point of selling it eggs or no eggs and why would the food and drug administrations be involved sounds to me like youre apart of their own contradiction.

      • dogitydog

        Apparently the scientific data is irrelevent to you. I am talking about the real scientific data, not the pseudo-science data that Monsanto puts out. FYI, Monsanto's GMO's have been modified to produce their own pesticide within the plant itself in addition to the mass amounts of roundup being dumped on them. The pesticide continues to reproduce itself once inside gut also. The real question is, what was wrong with the plant that has been perfected by nature in the first place? No way to patent it?

        • awoken

          dogitydog i agree with you 100% i would also like to know what was wrong with the plant that as you say has been perfected by nature and your right again if they cant make money from it then it must be no good ergo "patent it" and mass produce it who cares if it kills people or hars anything ,I hope i am right in paraphrasing you like this

  • steve

    Is nothing sacred? What do we do if the very agency who is supposed to protect us from things like this get bribed to push for it. Because let's be honest, there is no other way they would give this the go ahead otherwise.

  • 503me

    I don't know about other people, but i am very committed to ensuring that our food is labeled and thus giving us the choice to eat 'gmo enhanced food or seeds'

    • louis

      Hi 503me ! I'm against labeling …GMOs , for the simple reason that ANYTHING processed is UNFIT for human consumption !………
      The first GMO wheat used for mass production was created was with traditional means back in the 70's …it prodices gluicin , a byproduct hat is linked to overeating thus since this wheat was introduced Americans took on weight . You must also take into account the factory farming processes : battery farming which results in poor hygene of the animals , genetic modifications of therine , bovine growth hormones , vaccinations , medications , neotame laced , soya & animal flours based feed for livestock thus the nutricious vitamines and minerals in all of the "conventional" foods of mass distribution have all but dissapeared !!!
      In France , the geneticaly modified freikenfish are not allowed to roam free … they are soley destine for isolated privet creeks& ponds …..
      The solution is support of natural ORGANICS and the wonderful and numerous varaities of plant & animal comestibles ……

      • Ida

        They are so unreal to nature that they may not even survive when released into the oceans. Don't other countries deserve a say in this?

    • LAS

      I have read that we will be consuming GMO foods without our knowledge if we eat prepared food. I don't think labeling is the answer. I believe that banning it is what is needed.

  • Matt corriere

    Every time humans try to control or manipulate the natural world it always has unintended side effects. It used to be that we would introduce animals from other parts of the world into environments that could not defend it self or control the introduced animal. The introduced animal would over populate with no predators to control the new animal. Our family has been in the salmon fishing industry for the generations please do not try this ill conceived attempt to control the natural world.

  • JJ88

    The FDA is criminal indeed. They simply should never release these mutant fish or it will destroy the gene pool.

    • Kerry

      It will not only destroy the gene pool friends, it will also promote cancer and disease in all being who ingest these poor fish. Please remember, it is the aberrant growth of cells at multiplied rates that we commonly call CANCER…I feel this is not simply a question of "labelling" it is an absolute question of BANNING….These money/power hungry excuses for human beings must be made to understand that people DO NOT WANT TO LIVE WITH, CONSUME OR BE EXPOSED TO GMO. This is just another link in the depolulation agenda called Agenda 21. Take care friends, Awaken, Look Up, Speak Up and Live.

    • LAS

      Does anyone remember the movie, "Mimic"? That was far-fetched when it came out but it is so much reality now. What will these GMO plants, fish and animals mutate into in the future?

    • billy bob

      you really need to looking into Tiaplia that fish you see in the market is the the real deal. Have you ever seen it with the head? Real tiaplia have short life spans so it would not be feasible to farm and have profit from it.

      • billy bob

        sorry is NOT the real deal. its a hybrid.

    • Tim

      Go, go, go, Godzilla….

    • Linda T. Sturgis

      The FDA should NOT release mutant fish. We need to keep the gene pook pure!