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Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

Anthony Gucciardi
June 8th, 2012
Updated 11/01/2012 at 8:42 pm
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helicoptersradiation 235x156 Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

Eyewitnesses on the ground near the media-blacked-out elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal were quickly removed from public viewing by the EPA, are now sending in a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts, and military personnel. These reports come after a Department of Homeland Security hazmat fleet was sent out to the location after ‘years’ of inactivity.

Those on the ground report that the explosions are ‘loud and deep’, sounding like fireworks with a kick. The explosions are oftentimes followed up with a squadron of helicopters or other aircraft, oftentimes black and unmarked. One Michigan resident reports the following, and is then backed by dozens of organic comments which confirm the findings:

“EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE! Also, Large helicopter heading away from Local Air Force base flying toward scene of explosions! These explosions are seriously consistant, loud booms for the last hour or more.”

After generating much interest, the poster was able to capture some of the explosions on tape. While he would be the first to do so, many more videos began to pop up recording both the explosions and the onset of military aircraft flying through the area into the radiation zone. You can view the video below and hear the explosions for yourself:

Further comments went on to document the increased presence of unmarked choppers and strategic military aircraft. A number of photos have begun to surface from eyewitnesses in the tri-state area of the event, reporting that the helicopters and other crafts were traveling towards the center of the incident. Some pictures are shown below:

helicoptersradiation Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

helicoptersinsky Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

aircrafts Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone

Thousands of comments on articles, discussion boards, and twitter posts are surfacing regarding this event. Explosions are still reportedly being heard in rapid secession, often a large number over the course of only a few seconds.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Nuclear Cover Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation ZoneGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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    On va vous dire que ce n’est guère absurde !!!

  • Joe

    You are a brainwashed sheep, shut up.

  • Joe

    Every single day the same ,exact, black, unmarked Chinook transport choppers and various others fly directly over my house here in down river michigan, they are flying south which leads me to believe they are heading the border between Michigan and Indiana, as the article stated..

  • Curtis Bailey


    • Joe

      There’s an airbase directly near the KZOO/battle creek area…but Im 10 minutes south of detroit, there is no reason for there to be military activity here, they are doing something, not just routine transport, it hasn’t been going on that long, only a few month..

  • zquiet

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    due to its feature contents.

  • marie

    Last night I saw on tv about branch county hearing the boom noises, im in barry and last yr the booms were so load it was like being at a firework show, but it was clear skys and there was nothing to be seen, it was long booms tho that hummed for quite a while, the other night i stepped outside and what i thought could have been the moon was bright orange glowing through the trees with black places in it, online others have seen and photographed exacley what i saw except it was really close to me, not sure what to think



  • Pokagon_NDN

    They show up every time there a leak at the power plant, I live in South Bend, IN. They were here few weeks and the nuke plant reported a leak a week later.

  • Iglarno

    The Truth about chemtrails has been revealed again and again.

    The idea was invented by the government to create anxiety. They actually don't exist. Repeated samples of the atmosphere show no unusual chemicals whatsoever.

    They are a government myth. Why do you believe the lies that the government Feeds you???

    • John Hammell

      Chemtrails are all too real. Watch the documentary film "What in the World Are They Spraying?" Google it. We are being sprayed with very toxic levels of heavy metals including barium, strontium, arsenic, aluminum, iron, zinc and antibiotic resistant bacteria. The purpose is population reduction. The blueprint for which is UN Agenda 21, a 40 chapter document that came out of the Earth Summit in Rio in '92. Organic sulfur can protect people from the heavy metals being sprayed on us, see Sulfur forms 137 different chemical compounds. It combines with the heavy metals being sprayed on us to chelate them and safely remove them from the body.

    • Rick Kasa

      US PATENT #5003186. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming. Patented March 26, 1991. Google it……………….

    • Melissa

      Oh really?? I live less than 10 minutes from the "Weather Modification Inc.". Which is located at the airport. Oh they're a myth? Really? Whith the building right out there in the open for anyone to see? Who brainwashed you? Here's the link.

    • Melissa

      Oh, and one other thing. We are one of five cities with DHS issued FEMA buses. I had the pleasure of seeing that with my own eyes when there was a bomb threat to the hospital I had just given birth in. God himself could open the clouds and tell you the truth and you wouldn't believe it.

    • zippy

      iglarno, you make some bold statements. Care to back any of them up? Or are you not into that end of a discussion?

      Chemtrails are all too real.

  • Anonymous

    That explosion sounded just like when i was watching shock and awe cruise missiles hitting the Iraqi capital

  • Indian in the machin

    THE CHEMTRAIL PUZZLE COMES TOGETHER THANKS TO DRUNK GUY AT BAR: CIA COMPANY Evergreen International Aviation Connection In Planned Planetary Genocide

  • mark

    for got to tell yall that i live neat detroit air port

  • mark

    around may 29th there was a big black chopper flying around at 9 am around 1000-2000 ft and it went buy 4 times

    if yall want to check flight records, the black chopper was flying on the last week of may 2012 around 8pm to 9:30pm

  • Kat

    None of you even mention what all this is doing to our beautiful planet. Everyone is so disconnected to this Earth. This Earth is precious and will not be bought and sold. The air, land and water will be taken care of and men and women will treat each other with grace during this time.

    ownership is about owning up to yourself only. The universe is stepping in now regardless what anyone thinks.

    Check at Eta Carina!


  • freebird

    As if the cops would rebel against the govt,that's not even worth considering.

    This is sheer fabrication.

    • Rick Kasa

      The Michigan Militia (Tim McVie was a former member before blowing up the Federal Bldg in Okl City) aren't exactly "cops" or "law enforcement". I am formerly from South Bend and knew MANY members of the Militia back in the day before some of their members agendas went off on a questionable tangent……..

      • zippy

        Tim McVie, along with his many helpers.

        At approx 2:29 into the video…

      • Paul Fassa

        Tim McVie and the rental moving truck loaded with explosive fertilizer did not do all or most of the damage to that Federal Bldg. There's plenty of evidence that shows a few bombs had been planted in different bldg. locations. That was a false flag operation with Tim as the patsy – PERIOD!

  • freebird

    I live in Houghton Lake,an Hour south of Grayling,no explosions heard,normal air traffic,not even fireworks.

    I'm pretty sure this is a false alarm,the one site claimed Obama forces took out 380 rebel lawmen and then linked to the false radiation reading.

    Nothing going on seriously,I would know about it.

    Am going to go looking to buy fireworks tho.

    • Cyndi… about the 380 people killed…It seems they have SOMETHING BIG they are COVERING UP! So WTF is it! And the radiation levels are spiked up..See DUTCHSINSE YOUTUBE for that day! OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE SHUT..THAT is what you are!

  • grouchygramma

    Chem trails do exist. You punks that claim they dont, go get your dose of fluoride. Then collect your paycheck from the criminal cabal called banks and globalist. Tired of all your shit and theirs….LOCKED AND LOADED AND READY.

  • old1

    Anthony should be arrested? You really are a Nutt! Now think about this – - – Free Country – - -Freedom of speech – - – America Home of the FREE!

    Communist Nutt!

  • Kevin Orourke

    I have been a chemical engineer and a pilot for over 30 years and I promise you there is no such thing as a Chemtrail. I also live in South West Michigan and I haven't heard or seen anything in the last 2 weeks. I just drove up to Van Buren State park which is immediately adjacent to Palisades Nuclear Power Plant and there is nothing abnormal happening.

    • Freeme

      Do you fly blindfolded? aerial spraying has been going on for decades, and only revved up to new levels in the past 15 or so. CALIFORNIA get hammmered every day…let me repeat…EVERY DAY, and it's about 'weather modification' and some claim more than this. Why do people know ALL about this, ei; the patents, the people who designed the tanks, tankers and the formulas for spraying, the lawsuits brought against the States responsible, yet some KNOW NOTHING!?

      Get your head out of the clouds and LOOK UP!! LOOK UP

      LOOK UP!~ it's killing our trees, planes, animals and making us SICK SICK SICK!!

      • GaGirl

        AGREE. Coastal Ga. Has had planes with this mess flying over us for months. What the heck, they doing this for fun? There is a reason and its NOT for the weather. You don't mess with mother nature. Since the 1960's, we have been put in danger with chemicals in one way or another. NOW ITS SHOWING. Before all this in the 1960s started we didn't have so many people with dementia, cancer and yes, autism. MORE SICKNESS AND DEATH.

        Plastics instead of glass for milk. Dinners now put in oven for cooking in cardboard treated containers. Plastic cups, paper plates to warm in microwave. Plastic bottles of water.

        “Early life exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), a component of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, alters sociosexual behavior in numerous species including humans.

        The present study focused on the ontogeny of these behavioral effects beginning in adolescence and assessed the underlying molecular changes in the amygdala

        BPA is found in a variety of items and foods, including but not limited to:

        •Food containers (disposable and reusable)

        •Epoxy resins

        •Water bottles (and other plastics)

        •Canned food

        •Paper money

        Additionally, BPA (and its close cousin, BPS chemical) has been linked with the following conditions:

        ◦Breast cancer


        ◦Fertility problems

        ◦Feminization of boys

        ◦Accelerated maturation in girls


        ◦Depression and hyperactivity

        Read more:

    • John Hammell

      When it comes to chemtrails you are ignorant of the truth, watch this video shot by a pilot of a spray plane flying just underneath him : Watch this documentary film "What in the World Are They Spraying?" I don't know what to make of these alleged explosions, but chemtrails are most definitly real and a serious threat to our health.

    • Anonymous

      you are a lying asshole

    • Rick Kasa

      US PATENT #5003186. Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction Of Global Warming. Patented March 26, 1991

  • JOhn Blaze

    Very interesting read Nutt, but chemtrails do exist and was admitted, you must be late on info so we will forgive you. However just because you know what you kow doesnt disprove a thing. You work for the system anyways, we know your type!

    • Iglarno

      Nope. They don't.

      Stupid shit.

  • Lesely Branks

    The Aliens are here.

    • HD

      The answers you seek are here:

      truthcontrol [dot] com/forum/fixing-problems#comment-9455

  • Semperfi

    nice psyop guys but your all full of shit I worked with all this air craft and I have been inside of and have pics of the chentrail aircraft so ########

    Also I have personal sources that confirmed the killing of these law enforcement personnel…..

    they are preparing to go after everyone in DC including the arrest of Obama the dictaterous self loathing sucker of satans cock

    • Kevin

      Everyone is left to speculate when the truth is covered up, and wow, Radiation spike on Sat never happened, yet on Tuesday they report that Palisades nuclear PowerPlant in South Haven is shutdown

      for a leak. Just happens to be upwind from the monitor that spiked to 7200!
      That isn't speculation, that is fact. Any arguments?

      Furthermore, chemtrails are real as well. Anyone older than 10 years old should be able to tell the difference, start looking up! Check out the film "what in the world are they spraying?".

      Naysayers in this thread must on the payroll…why else would they be commenting the way that they are?

      • Iglarno

        Very Funny, Kevin.

        South Haven shuts down several times a year. It's old.

        What would have been real news is if it had been shut down when the events were actually happening.

        A shutdown days later doesn't implying Ansehung whatsoever, especially when they're talking about a water system that is actually used in emergencies. Come on. If it were an emergency, they would be too busy using the boric acid to even dream about fixing the tank it's in.

        Dumb shit.

      • reiki healer

        i can tell you what the chemtrails are spraying.if you look up monarch project they found from the butterfly that information is passed through your dna because after the mother gives birth it how does the baby butterfly know all that scientist have tested they found info travels through dna so these chemicals there spraying are mind alternating chemicals with the help of H.A.R.P using the frequency can hypnotise you have some vids everyone should see on netflix vid called ethos in documentary section also movie Thrive.goto this video will change everything you believe in.

        look up montauk project

      • old1

        Wonder how many Government paid propagandists are paid to be online everyday? Cushy job if it pays well. Hell, I spew the truth for free! Everyday!

        Back to chemtrails, tied to HAARP, allows HAARP to flow through the atmosphere better kinda like a capacitor. Doesn't stay up there very long so they gotta keep dispersing it – World Wide!

        Believe your Government? Did you vote for him?

    • Star Flower

      Michigan and Indiana do not share a border. I suggest applying your energies elsewhere… helping a neighbor might be a good place to begin.

      • Crowny2

        Ummmm…. yes they most certainly do share a border. Double check your geography.

      • Star Flower

        I apologize. They do share a border, but that doesn't make this alleged event anymore true.

      • bill levin

        MICHIGAN AND INDIANA are BORDERING STATES. Michigan is NORTH of INDIANA ..look on a map.

      • cmn

        Wow, Star Flower, I think the ChemTrail's gotten to your brain. Since when don't Michigan and Indiana share a border?

      • Anonymous

        get a map!!! hwy 69 north goes straight from indiana to michigan!! are you a republican?

        • DoctorBob

          No, Anonymous. That would be Democrat thinking. Remember, they think there are 57 States. How quickly you forget.

        • old1

          HEY! Watch it Communist! I used to wear your comrads hair on my belt!

      • DoctorBob

        Michigan and Indiana do not share a border? Gee… when did they move Indiana? And if Indiana's not on Michigan's southern border, who is there now? I need to know this, since I make the drive from Indiana up into Michigan every week, but I haven't noticed Michigan is missing. Have I not been told something?

      • Dan C

        Yes they do share a border. Buy a damn map.

      • Fedup

        What planet are you from? Michigan and Indiana most certainly share a border.

      • James

        LOL, if that was even remotely serious in any way, sweet baby jesus, i don't wanna live on this planet anymore

        Also, i live 30 minutes south of the border. This area is my home.

    • HD

      Please post locations and evidence here:

      truthcontrol [dot] com/forum/first-battle-americas-freedom-has-occured

      Thank You.

    • Douche Bag

      Sorry my friend, you are still lost somewhere in Vietnam back in the 1960's. Please take your medication as prescribed!

    • Michael Volsef

      This must be where all the uemployed people of the Midwest Hang out. Loooser! Get a life!

  • BoogiddyBoo

    Russians in US yet?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, been in Smoky Mountains, pre 1999

  • Retired Scientist

    Could be earthquakes caused by fracking or natural causes – there is the Madrid Fault right there. It says between Indiana & Michigan which is exactly along the Madrid fault. The aircraft could be looking for visual confirmation of what's going on. And the helicopters in the picture ? NOT necessarily military. They are used in fighting wildfires. And the guy with the 'loud explosions' video – PLUEEZ ! I have neighbors with handguns louder than that. Sounds like a firecracker. *sigh* You people need to get a life.

    • Micahel J. Nutt

      Retired Scientist, I don't know where most of these people are from, or what their story is, but I live here in Michigan and am frequently at Selfridge Air National Guard Base. Michigan has NO Air Force bases (per the article a "large Air Force Base"), and hasn't had since the mid-1990s. The described aircraft fly out of Selfridge and Grand Ledge (rotary wing only at Grand Ledge, rotary and fixed wing at Selfridge), and often forward deploy for training to Alpena or, in the case of the rotary wing, to Grayling Army Airfield (a National Guard training camp). They have been talking about Alpena, Presque Ile, and other areas where this stuff is going on, and these are in the military training areas in northeast Michigan -but then they talk about this being near the Indiana border. Umm…that's close to Chicago and in southwest Michigan, about 250 miles from the aviation activity they are describing! Take a look at my earlier posts if you want to see their stuff debunked, one piece at a time!

      • Joe Alvarado

        Hastings Michigan is home to an a-10 warthog fleet drove by it many a times….

    • Jimbo Jones

      Retired scientist,

      I am not arguing for or against your stance, but I did note this:

      I think the translation from actual sound would be determinate on distance of origin, frequency range of the source sound, the weather conditions, objects in the environment, quality of the microphone, circuitry, compression at time of recording,compression and loss on likely format conversion, conversion on upload to you tube, the quality of your speakers, level of hearing (retired, right?) etc.

      I'm not sure if I would cry "Fake" on that particular basis. It's a bit telling.

  • Micahel J. Nutt

    …and the "unmarked choppers and strategic aircraft" are the current typical "low vis" markings where there is little contrast between the aircraft and the aircraft markings, just a few shades diferent. They're all there, just low visibility (low vis). Nothing sinister, just standard.

    Geez! The people who wrote this article, and many of the respondents, are looking for trouble and linking totally separate events into one complex and illogical story! When I first read it, it sounded like an area the size of a county in SW Michigan was involved. Then I realized that the cities mentioned ranged from southwest to northeast Michigan and included some very populated areas and some of the largest citeis in Michigan. There is no way that this area could be "blacked out" like it is suggested. Someone has a cell, landline, amateur radio, CB, satellite phone…. and could (and would) get a message out if this were true. No, this is a concocted story that is "supportd" by pics of aircraft on training missions, as they are at least a weekend a month or more.

  • Michael J. Nutt

    …and to top it all off, the discussion much earlier about chemtrails/contrails. As another pilot pointed out earlier, contrails occur in cold air. As the military discovered in WWII, even the B-17s with their piston engines, left contrails when they flew into this cold air (minus 28 degrees F or lower, if I recall). You can see this in many of the old newsreels. They made these aircraft VERY visible and were an arrow that pointed to the formations. Due to this, the level that contrails formed (the altitude varied, due to variations in temperature) was plotted in, in order to try and avoid them if at all possible. As you passed this layer, planes that were very close to each other might, or might not, leave a contrail. It depends on who is higher, by even 100 ft, meaning they are in the cold air and the other hasn't reached it yet. I have left a contrail in light aircraft in the dead of winter -but would have a little trouble reaching that cold a temp in the summer in a Cessna 172 (service ceiling of about 17,000 ft., depending on the model -and air that cold would likely be above 40,000 ft in this part of the world in the summer)! Another example of this is the ice fog that sometimes forms in Alaska and other cold environments. This is basically a "contrail" from vehicle exhaust and other sources of warm humid air that are released into the extremely cold air of winter. See

    • Alex

      Stopped reading when I get to the contrail bull. As someone mentioned earlier, we remember and know how contrails look like. Chemtrails are not contrails, I've personally confirmed it, and proven it to others. It's as simple as comparing two areas with identical weather, where both have planes flying through. But one gets chemtrails, the other doesn't.

    • ZT

      With a standard autmospheirc lapse rate you lose 2 degrees C per 1000ft. So if you have temps even as high as 40C, you will hit the freezing level at 20K feet. No where near 40K.

  • Michael J. Nutt

    Oh, and in researching this I found articles on "MLive All Michigan" ( that was headed by an article on the Palisades nuclear plant (one of the oldest operating plants in the country) having more safety violations, followed by an article on a local National Guard unit from Battle Creek that was being activated for 3 months at Ft. Bliss in Texas for training and then on to 9 months of duty with Operation Enduring Freedom. These are unrelated articles, just like looking at the front page of a newspaper with various leads on different topics. Did someone try and tie these articles together into one big story in SW Mcihigan? And then add in all the reported air activity that was part of normal training in NE Michigan by units mostly out of Grand Ledge and Selfridge? Bullshit all the way anyway!

  • Michael J. Nutt

    You guys are idiots! Northeastern Michigan is hundreds of miles from the border with Indiana! (app. 250 statute miles) These sources are tying together stories from northeast Michigan which contains a joint civilian/military airfield in Alpena, Michigan, Camp Grayling (a military training area that contains weapons ranges) and several Military Operations Areas (MOAs) for military aircraft training with stories related to an “insurrection” in SOUTHWEST Michigan, near the Indiana border (very close to Chicago Illinois). Helicopters normally train at Grayling Army Airfield (part of Camp Grayling) during the summer, supported by A-10s based at Selfridge Air National Guard Base (near Detroit). Activity like this is common throughout the summer. The number of helicopters involved is grossly exaggerated and, as I have stated, hundreds of miles from this reported area of interest.

    Summary: TOTALLY FALSE!

    • metoo

      @Admin: you should not post this troll's, or other troll's, disinformation; it takes up space, and inserts confusion about subjects that have already been proven, such as the existence of gravity, for which some people might not have found the proofs yet. Oh, but that's MJ Nutt's purpose, isn't it.

  • Indian in the machin

    I live in Alberta Canada…. far away from Michigan…. I noticed a strong wind coming from the south on the night of the Michigan explosions and weird radiation coverup… The wind lasted for several hours and keep the sky unusually clear… in fact, so clear that it made me want to check the news in the following morning to see if anything unusual had happened during the night. There were no clouds that night, no chemtrails… nothing… Indian in the machine

  • anonymous

    sorry folks, I was up in the northwoods testing out some HOT 45-70 500 grain hardcast handloads. :P

  • Ryan

    This reads like a Nigerian scam email. Especially the quotes from “witnesses”. No actual cities are named in the article. Author Anthony Gucciardi needs a good, strong punch to the throat.

    • Kevin

      My wife and I heard 3 explosions like this in Fremont MI Friday 6-8-12@ around 10:00. Other than that, the evening was quite. Not followed by choppers.

  • V




    P,;'FW PPWGLl

    ]o okiu [r

  • Anonymous

    380 Michigan rebels reported killed by airstrikes…radiation is cover-up to keep people away!!!

    • Anonymousie

      Sorcha Faal is known CIA/disinfo so I think maybe those reports are a coverup for whatever is really going on. Pretty sure the militia folks-esp those following Drake’s “Plan” that was referenced vaguely in those reports, have the communications savvy to get the news of such an action out if it had happened.

      Also, the veiled reference to “The Plan” only making it militias instead of real white-hat military is a red flag for the story’s lack of basis in fact.

      The only thing I can tell for sure from all this is that *something* out of the ordinary is going on, and someone with some power does not want the truth widely reported.

      These explosions follow months of other unexplained explosions in Wisconsin and elsewhere-it would be nice to know what precisely is exploding so much, whether it is nuclear related, fracking, anomalous earth movement, good guy Et’s blowing up NWO underground bases or something even weirder (or more normal)-the creepy bit is that it is being covered up.

    • old1

      Should have had at least a 9mm! The Rebs could have shot back! Them shorts ain't worth much.

  • Phuck You

    WTF is wrong with you people…. YOU are the 99% that need a job…

    • Westly

      Odds are that it is a Military Training Op for tactical overtaking of a nuclear facility. with still Looming threat of unregulated Nuclear expansion in the middle east, the Gov't will want to train on this.

    • george

      room temp IQ and Scumbag too!!!!

    • george

      ROOM TemP IQ Phucker and YOU are a NWO SCUMBAG

    • tab

      This guy needs to keep his gullible Republican comments to himself.He definitely drank the Republican kool-aid.How about furnish the 99% with some jobs since you are so brilliant.

      • old1

        Jobs are out there but you gotta "WORK" No CEOs needed on your first day!

    • Jimbo Jones

      no need to comment, just observe, then apply how much value you level of intelligence would like to apply value to it.

      It's called discernment. no need to even address it with a direct response.

      Ya I did it, call me judas.

  • Tim

    Well, I don't know about the booms…but I can identify the majority of the aircraft in the photos above.

    The first photo has 3 either CH-46s (Sea Knights) or CH-47 (Chinooks) (basically the same type of helicopter). The other helicopter I can't identify, but would guess it is either a Cobra or a Black Hawk (gun ships, usually found with the 46s/47s, nothing unusual about that).

    Second photo is the same thing, 3 46s or 47s, being followed by either a Black Hawk or a Cobra…again, nothing unusual about that, especially if they are conducting training.

    Third photo is 3 46s/47s and a C-130. Obviously there is some type of airbase nearby, probably either a Navy/Marine Corps Air Station (NAS/MCAS), or Army Airfield (AAF). Even maybe National Guard.

    The explosions didn't sound like fireworks, but I'm not there so I can't really say one way or the other. Someone could be doing training for a deployment or something…but hard to say without living in the area.

    • Tim

      And as far as "unmarked" goes…unless you get a really close look at the bird, you won't really see any markings on the side of them.

    • SW MICH

      No airbases in this little corner of the world. Battle Creek is the closest thing we have and they are an hour away.

  • ynnek swehttam

    I live between a nation guard air base and the gulf of mexico. There were multiple flights over me per month in years past now only 2-3 times a year for fast movers in SAR operations. The military activity should be what you focus on. The exercise is demonstration of just how inept the dhs Haz-Mat team is if that much radiation escaped the training site. Military doesn’t move that many fast and slow movers into an area just to play table top response.Now days it is simulation to save $$$$. If the Haz Mat vehicles sat that long at the sight, they would need maintenance and resupply before deployment for a training exercise. To cut and run can mean only one thing, Urgency now!

    • ynnek swehttam

      Wake Up Stand Up and Push Back!

      • Stutter

        I told my girlfriend the same thing

      • The Guru

        "THEY" Say, We Should …

        I Say, We Dont …

        Just Say, SHOUNT …

    • ynnek swehttam

      photo: planes/hellys

      1 C130 regular or (spooky)

      3 sh*thook 25 pass dual rotor

      1 huey or blackhawk ?(nd)

      no Fairchild A-10 warthog

  • Phil

    The explosions are Michigan residents geeked that they can now have real fireworks. They've been shooting them off since May 1st. Anything else is Krazy Kaplan trying to take revenge for loss of fireworks sales.

    You people are nuts.

    • Eve

      We hear loud boom out near the Fort Wayne International airport on June 10,2012. These booms lasted in Ft. Wayne, Indiana from 8:00 p.m until around 10:00 p.m.

    • Andrew

      So I guess my sister is nuts hearing the explosion while out a campground the night it happened. Also nuts would be the entire town of Tekonsha, Michigan standing in their front yards because the foundation of their houses just shook violently. And how about all those nut jobs that heard the explosion from Tekonsha to Kalamazoo, over 40 miles away. And don't forget the biggest nut; the guy who said he thought his basement blew up, then came out front to find two large trees snapped in half, halfway up the trees with no sign of cause. Yeah, lots of nuts up here in Michigan.

      • Johnny Bartee

        It would help to dispel criticism if there were some type of evidence to support all these claims. Can't somebody just come forth with some audio, video, testimony, some geiger counter readings, and anything else that would substantiate something.

        Right now all I hear is claims of this and that. Chinooks in the sky is nothing,happens in Austin routinely. Loud booms can be so many things I won't bother. And what about this "blacked out zone"? How about people that live in this zone? Why do we not hear directly from them? Show me something substantial.

        • old1

          People in the zone could be zoned out!

      • The Guru

        YEP, There is, Just Not These Folks …

      • Joe Alvarado

        This all reminds me of the shuttle breaking up on reentry a few years ago same scenario…. Radioactive fuel multiple sonic booms large contingency of civilian and military authorities scrambled to recover pieces!!! But we have very good heads up on falling satellites… Maybe this was a UFO or a secret military satellite deorbiting leaving a degree field from south west Michigan through the north west…. Only thing that makes sense!!!

  • maverickmagi

    There was a time when thinking the world was round was a conspiracy theory. I hope none of you doubters sail off the edge.

    • Andrew

      It couldn't happen soon enough., Mav.

    • Mike

      Don't arfcommers have anything else better to do? Instead of trolling and various other invasive online activities? In case you hadn't guessed some people aren't top secret cleared so saying it was nothing is a bullshit opinion. It was something and don't pretend you know exactly what. Recent headlines point to top secret stuff having happened right under our noses. Run off and slip trojans and other malware somewhere elese. Online assholes pretending nothing goes on when half of them earn a living causing it. Just get lost.

  • Anonymous

    It's kind of freaky to see how well they can cover this up. Well at least we won't have to go through all this anymore when they gain the ability to terminate websites.

    • Cindy

      I, my husband, our neighbors, friends & family have been hearing the booms (over northern Indiana/southern Michigan) off and on for several weeks. Something else is going on here too–at night there have been huge flyovers of planes going at very low altitude over our houses between midnight & 3 a.m. I know that sound–I used to live under a military flight path in Florida. Plus, our lake was the place of UFO sightings last summer. We didn't report the UFOs but neighbors did, people we don't know, but we read about it in the paper. Plus chemtrails are a regular part of our lives. I take pictures of them. Guaranteed, within 48 hours of a sky full of chemtrails, we have a downpour. But we've had no chemtrails for 3 weeks now and no rain.

      • Jet Pilot

        Contrails are nothing more than water vapor. They are the result of moisture rich air being compressed and heated by aircraft engines, and then ejected into the surrounding cold air of the upper atmosphere. Contrails are indicative of upper level moisture in the atmosphere. When you see them, there is a high probability that you will receive rain/snow. The contrails don't cause the precipitation, but they are simply a sign that the atmospheric conditions for precipitation are near optimum. When the contrails you see appear to for some type of pattern, that is the result of multiple aircraft, spaced at regular intervals (as required for air traffic control) flying over the same path. These paths are called airways, and are designated by way points on the ground. As an aircraft flies along the airway, its contrail is carried away from the airway by the prevailing upper level winds. As successive aircraft follow, their contrails, appearing as parallel to the preceding, are also carried away, at what can sometimes be described as uniform spacing. Areas where two or more airways cross, can sometimes appear to be covered by a grid of contrails.

        I cannot address the other phenomena that you mention, but please don't loose any sleep over contrails.

        • trouble06

          Chemtrails and contrails are two different things.

          • K Cameron

            There is No Such thing as "Chemtrials" you're nuts!

            • Sam

              I can definitively produce irrefutable evidence of chem trails. I have pictures of criss crossing chem trails that go from horizon to horizon as well as normal contrails. the difference is staggeringly apparent. Not only this… the government has admitted to using chemical additives to jet fuel to create barium clouds to"help" with "global warming". I too didn't believe them until I started to document and compare what I was seeing right over my house. I can personally vouch for the validity and existence of silver iodide laden trails left by passing aircraft. They have stopped in my area of the desert southwest for about a month now. They are decreasing world wide as the banker cabal behind them is taken down

              • dan


                If you can produce "irrefutable evidence of chem trails", then do society a service and present it to the world. Put this mystery to bed once and for all.

                I for one am tired of the endless speculation and debate. Conspiracy theorists have been making claims of chemtrails for a very long time now and nobody has definitively proven those claims. So come on, end it once and for all!

              • Jet Pilot

                Please produce the evidence that cannot be refuted.

            • SovereignDennis

              I also have irrefutible evidence of something strange coming out of the jet engines…In the first case, Two jets were flying almost next to each other, one left no trail and the other a very distinct trail. As I was watching the one with no trail, all of a sudden, started leaving the same trail as the other. In the second instance, I witnessed a jet with no trail, all of a sudden, leave a pulsating trail of dashes across the sky. Definitely NOT your run of the mill "contrail" that I first saw in the late 50s.

            • Anonymous

              Ignorance IS bliss.

          • Jet Pilot

            Based on what evidence do you assert that the phenomena you call a chemtrail, is not actually a contrail?

            • Cyndi



            • Diane

              You can easily tell what's a chemtrail and what's a contrail. If you see a line in the sky from a jet, it will gradually dissipate if it's a contrail. A chemtrail line spreads out, and within 1/2 hour or an hour, starts turning a large portion of the sky hazy or cloudy looking. This would never be the case with a contrail. I used to watch the skies as a kid and saw jets and I know real contrails DO go away. They never turn the sky milky looking.

        • K Cameron

          Oh my God these "Chemtrail" people crack me up. Been having this argument for years, they won't listen.

          • SovereignDennis

            You definitely have a weird sense of humor…

          • Andrew

            This has nothing to do with those stupid-assed alleged chemtrails.

          • d

            go fuck yourself

            • old1

              We talking about the Kenyan now?

        • Petunia Screbble

          Contrails are not chemtrails. She is talking about real chemtrails and don't worry, they have been collected and tested by a lab and they are a cocophony of muriad items that are truly bad for your health. They contain everything from pneumonia viruses, to black mold, to fungus, to morgellons, and its confirmed by labs used by TV stations who meteorologists confirmed the resulting clouds and their behavior are not normal. So there you go Mr. Pilot. Just focus on your contrails and we will focus on your chemtrails. Not a problem.

          • Jet Pilot

            Post a link to any sound scientific data, produced by a legitimate research organization, that indicates that the two are not the same. I will read it gladly.

            • Cyndi


        • Kris

          Jet Pilot….you did not read the posting that you replied to. You are talking contrails. The posting was chemtrails…big difference! If you aren't familiar with chemtrails, please do some on line searching to familiarize yourself with the subject matter :)

          • Jet Pilot

            I read the post. The thing you call "chemtrails" are contrails. I make them all the time. It's water vapor.

            If you post up some links to scientific studies on the issue, I'll be happy to ready them. A few of you have posted that there is "proof," so go for it.

            • Wake Up

              This topic may be over in this discussion but I'm not going to read the whole list of comments just to find out.

              I've seen contrails all my life. They form from a passing aircraft and are small, then dissipate within minutes. CHEMTRAILS, on the other hand, I've only seen in the past ten years or so. They hang around in the sky for hours and sometimes are in a criss-cross pattern and get larger until they form a cloudy haze all across the sky. Jet Pilot, and the other ignorant people, stop being so f**king lazy and research it for yourself with an OPEN mind instead of asking to be spoon-fed proof. Look up in the sky and see for yourself!

              • Jet Pilot

                Nothing you described is not typical for aircraft contrails and high altitude weather. During my fucking lazy career, I have studied weather and the atmosphere extensively. I don't need to be spoon fed a damn thing, but I am not going to waste one minute of my time reading through pages of undocumented, unproven, unscientific conspiracy theories about "chemtrails" that litter the dusty corners of the internet. I don't have to, because none of you have presented a single occurrence that is not typical behavior of the atmosphere, weather, and or aircraft in high altitude flight. When you do produce something outside of that, my interest might be piqued, but you won't, because you can't.

                • Mary Mohanan

                  Then when we were kids, planes didn't leave contrails, because we didn't see what we are seeing today.

                • Indian in the machin

                  Better check out EVERGREEN AVIATION…

                  THE CHEMTRAIL PUZZLE COMES TOGETHER THANKS TO DRUNK GUY AT BAR: CIA COMPANY Evergreen International Aviation Connection In Planned Planetary Genocide


                • Whysoadamant

                  You seem to be so fixated on disproving chemtrails. I have to wonder why? If everyone here is crazy just let it be and leave the discussion. You obviously have some sort of an agenda. I bet you also believe the holocaust never happened. Why do you wish to live in a world based on lies? Due to your affiliation I would imagine that you know chemtrails are real and posting to try and disprove them is part of your job…..

            • Cyndi

              You are either a troll or a disinformation agent! GET A GRIP!!!!

            • Indian in the machin

              Proof it's only water vapour.

            • Diane

              water vapor does not spread out and turn the whole sky white and hazy looking.

        • Lemon

          "..but please don’t loose any sleep over contrails"

          This is exactly what the dutch government told the Dutch people in 1940

          "Please go to bed and sleep it will all ok"

          A week later Germany invaded Holland.

        • Cyndi


      • Emily

        "Something else is going on here too–at night there have been huge flyovers of planes going at very low altitude over our houses between midnight & 3 a.m."

        Scanning through the comments so I dont know if others have mentioned this but I've been experiencing the EXACT same thing since about the end of May.

        I live in Maryland (Silver Spring area) and around about the end of May I noticed increased police presence (vehicles) on the ground, BUT, what really tipped me off to something not being right was the increase of low flying aircraft, flying at extremely low altitude. Many of these aircraft are helicopters. I once saw one blue in color. Either way, these very low flying aircraft have increased in presence, day and night….

        Now I notice their presence most places that I go in MD at all hours. Let me emphasize that I know these ARE NOT commercial aircraft; commercial aircraft do not fly at that low an altitude and, like I said, most of them have been helicopters. HIGHLY unusual to say the very least. I don't know what the purpose of all this is, but I didn't like it from the start. We know our governments lie about virtually everything so I think it's pointless trying to get a straight answer from them.

        Everyone needs to pay very close attention to their intuition (gut instinct, instant response) right now. It may very well save your life.

    • Roland

      It's not that hard to see. All the companies are connected. Like some companies work together. There's no difference. Those companies and their owners are more than happy to keep us ignorant and themselves knowingthe truth. Some political power over the rest of us doesn't hurt their objectives either.

  • End Times

    Wow, this is really freaky. I bet they are trying to cover this up so as not to cause a panic. Waiting to see if more stories come out.

    • Sam

      This cover-up isnt even a scratch on the surface of what they have really covered up.

  • Lizard

    You know, if I was doing a top secret thing, I wouldn't fly spooky black unmarked helicopters. I'd fly helicopters marked with local news station logos, "Friendly Frank's Copter Tours", and so on. Has anyone ever noticed that the people alleged to be in charge of covering up vast conspiracies involving thousands of people seem to be really, really, crappy at it? I mean, they never seem to shut down or shut up the people who run the conspiracy websites "exposing" them, or take the radio talk show hosts "revealing the truth" off the air, etc. You'd almost think any conspiracy we hear about is de facto a red herring.

    • Reptilians

      Are they bad at it? If they even exist, they haven't been caught. All the conspiracy theorists look like nutjobs and get shut out of society, and they keep doing everything exactly as they do it.

      • Petunia Screbble

        Right, tell that to CNN and other ABC and NBC stations whose viewership has dropped by 50% which affects their ad revenue. yup, the public, the sheep and the aware are all advancing and waking up big time.

        No more hidden agendas, most know now except the few on here. That is not an accident. They are doing it on purpose because they want a civil war so they can declare martial law. We are not cooperating, so they now are pushing us into fear which isn't working either. Most aware and awakened are also aware of what the scum sucking pigs want…. violence, and they won't get it until they illegally try to declare martial law and then it will be happy time in Michigan.

        • Smitty

          Who is the THEY everyone is talking about? If it's the Government then what branch? Does the Supreme Court know? Is Congress in on it? Or is it Aliens that are trying to do us in? To just say THEY is unacceptably vague.

          • old1

            Smitty, there are two groups of Aliens (not the illegal kind) that are kinda at war with each other we are the soldiers. Government is split down the middle. Time to take sides Smitty!

    • dan

      The world of conspiracy theory is collapsing. Its gone beyond the spike of popularity it received in the few years post-9/11.

      If one were to believe everything they heard in conspiracy theories, then it would appear that indeed, the master controllers of the world are really, really incompetent and incapable of keeping secrets from a bunch of people on the internet. No conspiracy theorist has ever been shut down or silenced, and neither has there ever been any proof presented for the existence of online disinformation agents.

      The central tenets and predictions of conspiracy theory have been around for over 20 years now and still none of them have come to fruition. I remember conspiracy theorists making almost identical predictions to the ones they make today back in the early 90's, and in those days all the predictions were either for the 90's or the turn of the millennium.

      None of it happened.

      • by the book

        Go back to sleep. Sweet dreams, cause almost 1000 president exec. orders later have not awaken you.

      • truthseeker… there is a link for you. Should educate you a bit on the "Conspiracy theory phenomenon" you are suggesting. Furthermore, it lists 33 times it was "theory" and something went down of an evil, secretive nature, with references, thank you very fucking much. Quit arguing over stupid shit guys, we are on the same team. Its the people hiding things and taking advantage of us we should be fighting with.

      • Terrie

        Dan Its not our job to educated you most of us here know whats going on people like you will be in shock when you are in your Government run slave camp being re-educated good luck with that!!!

  • richard


    • richard

      changed my mind, looked closer. not necessarily PSed.

  • Ira Shlamazel

    Space beams! How hysterically funny!

  • Ira Shlamazel

    The President has continued to refuse to deny that he is the Antichrist.

    • Bruce Conway

      We know who the antichrist is.

      It's called Stupidity.

      Like I said, we're trying to find out what is happening over in Michigan. It could be NOTHING is happening in Michigan, other than that Detroit is bankrupt and there have been loud explosive sounds for almost two weeks now.

      Now, are you going to help Ira?

      Just help us out and everything will work much better.



      • ransom

        I don't have anything new to add but my parents live in Kalamazoo, MI. I called them and they confirmed that they've heard loud booms for the last few days. They say there's been nothing in the news to explain whats going on.

        • Anonymous

          Considering there is a firing range for the military near K-zoo it could be that. And the closest nuke plant is in south haven or lakeshore so I would bet that's what ever the noise you hear is. Let's not forget that all plants have sirens around the plant so do the math. Oh the a-10 is a tank busting airplane and it called the wart hog.

          • Cindy

            Explain the booms over Kinderhook, Michigan, or over Angola, Indiana. My husband & I have both heard them, at night & during the day. Our neighbors have heard them. And while I don't think any of us has seen any black helicopters, we have heard countless low-flying military aircraft at night between midnight & 3 a.m. One night there was so many it woke me up. I've heard this sound before, so I knew immediately what it was. I used to live in Florida under the military flight path for navy jets landing at Mayport Naval Base. And huge convocations of planes just like what we heard over southern Michigan flew over my Florida house just before they announced the start of Desert Storm.

            • Andrew

              Same here Cindy. Up in Marshall the other afternoon, I heard four separate high-flying military jets fly over the house. They were so high up I couldn't see anything. I have watched aircraft for years here. I used to fly planes in college. I have an aircraft dispatcher license. I have been studying aviation my whole 40 years. Very strange having them fly over our house. It was one at a time, and very strangely separated. It could have been aircraft departing Battle Creek, but they moved all military a/c out of there a few years back. Military doesn't use the airport much anymore. Maybe just normal flight ops, but there was something really weird about it. This happened sometime around when the explosions were heard. Might have even been that morning or the next day. I recall thinking at the time that it was four TR-3Bs (flying triangles). Who knows. I would normally say that I can't wait for these naysayers to eat their words, but if so, it would mean big trouble for all of us. I hope they are right and not me. We all heard the explosions up here last week.

            • Iglarno

              Wow, Cindy said, "…we have heard countless low-flying military aircraft at night between midnight & 3 a.m. One night there was so many it woke me up. …"

              So, is it correct to understand that the countless other times, Cindy managed to remain asleep?

              So, I'm willing to help figure out what's going on. How shall I help? My cousin's boyfriend lives in UP, maybe he has some "evidence" (aka brainless rhetoric) he can post. He's as good at it as you all.

              : )


          • Andrew

            No Fort Custer is about 30-40 miles north. i used to go out there all the time when i was in the guard. We never had shit that big going off. You have any idea how big the size of an explosive has to be to make someone's house shake violently 35-40 miles away? And everyone seems to keep forgetting about the two trees snapped in half. I drove right by it and seen it with my own eyes. No sign of cause.

  • Ira Shlamazel

    Some say GOP cuts to education, childcare and a woman's right to choose combined with high-fructose corn syrup in everything is a conspiracy to keep the poor fat, stupid and in debt. Your thoughts, Fact Collector?

    • Ronald

      And others say that Obama's indefinite detention without trial for US citizens, moving US guns to Mexican cartels, leaking multiple classified security secrets, bombing Libya without congressional approval, putting Monsanto as czar of food safety and trying to gain votes by registering dead and illegals is a conspiracy to blame Bush.

  • Ira Shlamazel

    Oh my god! CNN is just now not reporting that Mitt Romney is a human! Unbelievable!

    • Anonymous

      No Mitt is not Human he is an alien from the planet Kolab or don't you know the Mormon religion. Maybe if we wanted to check his manufactured birth certificate we would shed some light on the matter.

  • Ira Shlamazel

    CNN has not reported that an alien spaceship has landed in San Francisco's Castro district! Holy Christ! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

    • Bruce Conway


      I hear you on the hyperventilators and Nibiru-worshippers.

      But, we're just trying to find out what is happening right now in Michigan.

      Is there anything wrong with that?

      • Andrew

        I guess there is when you deal with adults who think like children. These comments are the equivalant farting and then giggling about it. Grow the F up (not meaning u Bruce).

  • Alison Black

    The furry gay liberal jew illuminati did it. Isn't it obvious?

  • Anonymous

    Oh our precious bodily fluids!!

    • wiggins

      Yes…but don't give them your essence.

  • Uzi Oz

    It is just one chain reaction i.e. major blasts of the underground bases, who are just about anywhere and connected with high-speed electromagnetic trains of 2 Mach!!!

  • Anonymous

    但是你的言论和你的发言很不相符啊 难道你打的是自己??

  • Ira Shlamazel

    Good lord, you sound like such ninnies! Assuming something happened simply because the government says it didn't? That really is stupid. What is this need to be afraid of government? Really! It's the GOVERMENT! Without it, we'd all be in a "Mad Max" reality! You creepers might like that idea but most do not. Fearing the government is like being afraid of plumbing- irrational, stupid and you're the only one who suffers from self-inflicted stress. Have you nothing better to do with your life than think of nefarious alternate realities where everything is a secret plot? The funny thing is, you never can answer the question "why?" Why would the government hide a nuclear accident? We are not the soviet union. What advantage is there in keeping it a secret? If it happened, we'd know- there would be terrible consequences that would be impossible to hide!

    In reality the most likely scenario is nothing actually happened. See how that fits nicely with the current facts as we know them? That explains everything. I don't even believe the photos above, because the helicopter blades happen to be in the same position on two of the craft- very unlikely to occur outside of Photoshop. Mark my words: as usual, nothing will come of your fear.

    • Anonymiss

      Go back to sleep.

      • Ira Shlamazel

        Impossible to sleep with so many sheep like you bleating.

        • FU-AROCK

          You would be the type to have trouble

          telling the sheep from the people. Still doesn't stop you from spewing one of yours.

          Good for you.You're not handicapped you're handi-able.

    • Fact Collector

      Ira, either you are a paid government troll, or you are an idiot. Government conspiracies have happened for well over 100 years.

      The last time a similar incident was cyber reported was videoed multiple explosions at JPL, within the past few months. Caught, on camera, were high altitude / space sourced beams hitting various targets. Whenever a beam was seen, the point where it impacted to ground, there was an explosion. It was then known that JPL was completing an advanced scalar weapon. Well, no more. Makes one wonder if the IN / MI incident is related. So, what / whom would have high altitude / space based weaponry capable to destroy a most secret American weapons lab ?

      You certainly didn't see this incident on CNN nor any other ameriKan pravda-tass media.

      • Ira Shlamazel

        Well, you certainly give the bureaucracy a lot of credit! Really? Space beams blowing up the Jet Propulsion Laboratory? You then say "It was then known that JPL was completing an advanced scalar weapon". It was then known? Why won't you say by whom it was known? Isn't that a lot like Faux News' "Some say" line… "Some say the president is a Muslim werewolf Marxist nazi communist" They never say who says, it's always just "some say".

        So, we can't get a jobs bill passed in congress, but we can build, launch and utilize giant space beams to blow up buildings- all in secret? Time to take off the foil hat and get back on the meds.

        It is now 5:30 in South Bend, Indiana- 88° and clear. It's been a beautiful day, with nary a military helicopter in sight. My Geiger counter is as quiet as a mouse. I suspect things would be slightly more chaotic had the local nuclear power plant exploded today, don't you? Or have space beams been used to make me just think it's a beautiful day and not the nuclear holocaust that's really happening… so confused.

        • Bobbi

          well considering my husband's cousin works at that plant, and yup she's fine….wait I bet it's not her….I bet she was cloned…or replaced with an android. plus power plants of the nuclear variety don't usually have stuff that goes 'splodie in them, especially not stuff that would cause "radiation levels to spike". Nuclear material is stable, it does not explode without a detonator.

          • Radguy

            "Nuclear material is stable, it does not explode without a detonator."

            No, it's not stable, it is perpetually undergoing nuclear reactions which speed up when the material is purified. Hence the use of graphite as control rods, otherwise you get the China syndrome.

            Did you happen to miss the Fukishima explosions? Sure it wasn't the nuclear material that went pop, it was the superheated water.

            • You Just Broke My Br

              "…otherwise you get the China Syndrome."

              Definition: when nuclear material melts out of the reactor, through the earth, then out the other side (i.e. China)

              Ever heard of gravity? I can't believe someone would actually believe that crap. That's like watching The Blob and then warning people away from jello.

        • B.S detector

          Ira has a Geiger count? Weird.

      • Ira Shlamazel

        Oh, and I LOVE the "Government conspiracies have happened for well over 100 years" line!! How precious is that!! F.C. is so cute! 5,000 years of governments on this planet and he thinks conspiracies are only a twentieth century invention! No one is denying conspiracies exist, they always have. Perhaps you should look up the definition of the word. When I decide to have Lucky Charms for breakfast, I am in fact conspiring to get delicious Lucky Charms into my digestive tract. What you meant to say was "Government conspiracy THEORIES have happened for well over 100 years" That is actually true. Beginning with the civil war, crackpots started spewing all sorts of outrageous accusations at the government because they were angered by the outlawing of slavery. It's been that way ever since. The people making the claims nearly always are Republican ditto heads parroting radioTV blowhards like Glenn Beck or libetarians (Republicans who smoke pot). You are the same people who paid me a fortune to safeguard you from the Y2K bug- even AFTER I told you nothing at all was going to happen, but no, you said I was an idiot and you knew what was really going on! Ha! I bought stock in Apple with that money. So then, who's the idiot?

        • Radguy

          I bet you would have called the disease testing on Guatemalans a conspiracy before Obama apologised for it.

          The fact that this happened is proof that in any country, those in power can do awful things and get away with them.

          If you think that space weapons are just sci fi, think again. Consider what elite weapon developers would be working on. Space mirrors are very simple devices and there have been many beefy rocket launches that could carry arrays of these. This weaponry goes back to Archimedes. It might not have worked for him, but he didn't have computerised aiming systems.

        • Sam

          Disclosure should begin to occur on world wide mainstream media within the months of June/July. Then you will know the depth of your ignorance and and see the dark cabal for who they are. Its ok if you are a little bit behind the times and you have not awakened sufficiently to begin to see and feel the light. Awakening is happening and soon all will know the truth.

        • truthseeker

          Ira- You are obviously ego drunk. You are gloating over things like you are better than the other posts. Not about you. This is about our potential safety and well being as a country, and our trust in a govt that lies to us about countless, innumerable things that are evil and wrong to do to anyone, let alone a people who works for and fights for your guidance and leadership. So if you just want to belittle people and be a dick, get a talkshow.

      • Ira Shlamazel

        By the way, why not share with us these "high altitude / space sourced beams" photos of which you write. I'd just love to see photographs of something invisible! What a unique opportunity!

        • Anonymous

          You are damage control because your state sponsor's 'little toy' got loose and somebody reverse engineered it. Yes folks, the blowback has arrived. I hope they frack up Dimona. That would be sauce for the goose, eh? Let's see who's sneering then.

      • Ira Shlamazel

        Help Wanted: Government now hiring paid internet trolls. Inquire here:

      • haha

        Really? Those are the two options? Can't just be a troll.

      • Ronald

        I think Ira is just trying to make the Obama NWO "transformation/destruction" look just fine. Nothing to see here and don't question authority. Don't question Anything. Government is always here to help with the disappearance of your money.

    • Just Me

      These are the same people who refuse to admit there was only one gunman at JFK's shooting, and that we landed on the moon. Increase tinfoil hat power to maximum!

    • Baruch

      Newsflash Ira…the government has declared war on the people. Haven't you been paying attention?

      • Ira Shlamazel

        Yes. Exactly what is the government? Is it robots? Is it reanimated zombies? Is it cartoon action stars? Answer: People.

        The government hasn't declared war on people, the GOP has declared war on reason and truth. They have declared that facts have a liberal bias, and are too stupid to understand the impossibility of that. Facts are not up for debate- they are facts. The nuclear power plant in South Bend did not blow up. That is a fact. Undeniable, yet deny you do. You people are always so contradictory! Like the Unibomber, you're not "on to something"- you're just nuts. I hear lithium is good for that.

        • Sam

          NO. You are wrong…. completely. The government has been infiltrated by people loyal to the bankster cabal. This is why we have illegal executive orders, the NDAA, the patriot act as well as a slew of others.The government does not stand for we the people anymore… so it needs to be completely abolished and reverted back to constitutional law, instead of the uniform commercial code, which is the current set of policies we follow.

          In case you didnt know…. ALL political parties serve the same bankster cabal so the person being elected will still bow down to the same controllers. The system is broken. Right now the supreme court considers corporations "persons" and their lobby money is "free speech". Get money out of politics or we will never regain our freedom.

          • Iglarno

            Oy, Sam said, "NO. You are wrong…. completely. The government has been infiltrated by people …"

            He kept typing after that, but I think he cuts to the heart of the matter. The government consists of people. When I actually think about that, I cry. People like Sam, and Ira, and my cousin's boyfriend. All together, in the government.

            He explains exactly what THE problem is.

            So really, do any of you really think that the "people in the government" actually think better than yourselves? Or that they get outside and look at the real world more than yourselves?

            They are people. Don't expect them not to be. They will never wipe your behind for you, and they are every bit as likely as you are, to take Thierry paycheck while surfing the internet, or while getting a massage, or while doing target practice on the range.

            If you want something done, a sure way not to get it done is to sit at your keyboard.

        • Joe

          There is no nuclear plant in south bend Indiana however Bridgman Michigan is home to cook nuclear plant and Covert michigan is home to Palisades nuclear plant the oldest nuclear facility in the world ….. Monroe Michigan is home to Fermi nuclear plant other wise known as the Fukushima twin….it has a pool filled with 200 tones of spent fuel rods… There is a cooling tower in Michigan city Indiana but I don't know for fact if it's nuclear or simply a coal plant…. Again there is no nuclear plats in south bend Indiana unless the university of Norte dame has a small reaserch nuclear reactor such as the one in the university of Michigan …

    • Bruce Conway

      The people who went through Hurrican Katrina had real reason to fear their government.

      You sound like someone from the 911 Commission.

      I suggest you go catch some fish in Gulf and report back.

    • Petunia Screbble

      Your statement shows that you have definitely not been paying attention. Do you have any idea how many bills have been passed and signed that gut our Bill of Rights? Signing statements and Executive orders, the same thing? Ever heard of the NWO? The CFR wrote all about it and why they believe it is now needed. They said "Sovereignty" is an out of date concept that no longer applies in a truly corporately controlled global world. Ever hear of HAARP? Did you know that sucker can cause earthquakes, volcanos to erupt, kill off masses of fish and sealife??? Truly, where in the world have you been? Watching reality TV??? Yeah, now that is a real serious intellectual thing to do while your country, its economy and governing structure is being systematically gutted while you stuff popcorn into your face watching the Simpsons.

    • Iglarno

      Bruce Conway Said, "…But, we’re just trying to find out what is happening right now in Michigan. Is there anything wrong with that?"

      "Wrong" isn't at all what I would call it.

      To collect live information, you will have to do something other than post to this thread. Either stop filling the thread up with words that say nothing about the situation, or get off your butt and collect some useful information and post it !

      And also, reposting information that's already posted doesn't help either.

      Several other words come to mind. In any case, Ira has a good point. The methods You're using to "try to find out" is just causing you stress.

  • rawr!!!

    Maybe it is ZOMBIES :)

  • spirithelps

    Military and police personnel reported a month or so ago that there was to be a nuke incident/false flag. They trained for it. They reported that it would be 90 miles SW of Chicago, but it appears the real false flag is just the opposite of what they were told.

    • J

      What they "reported" was a forthcoming training exercise. (I don't think you know what "false flag" means.) That's what the aircraft were doing.

      • Sam

        false flags often are preceded by "training exercises". The London subway bombings for instance…..Just days prior… they ran a "training exercise" on how to respond to a bombing in the subway…. And then the subway was bombed. To call that a coincidence is simply denial. On the morning of Sept 11 2001, the US military was running a "training exercise" on how to respond to commercial jets hitting buildings in populated areas… this exercise was reported by the military as the reason why there weren't any fighter jets scrambled to intercept the planes… Things that make ya go…HMMMMMMM!!!!

  • ben.ladeng


  • wanglulu

    才发现这里几乎是国人,跑错地方了= =颜面奔~~还打错字了我~/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

  • Anonymous

    kan bu dong…

  • Anonymous



    百度 后山110 就知道了

  • A

    尼玛 发生了神马

  • g.j. verheul

    why doesn't CNN report this happening this morning, surprising

    • Bruce Conway

      I'm hoping that question was a joke.

      CNN is not a serious news organization – it's more an entertainment outfit, as we discovered during the Iraq War.

      If it's an exercise, they should at least be reporting it as an exercise. They are reporting nothing.

      Today's breaking news from CNN has to do with tennis matches. Yesterday it was all about women having bulges in the wrong place and how to fix it.

      While CNN was talking of bulges and tennis matches, the real news was reporting that Japan almost had 15 meltdowns, and that this was indeed a near Extinction Level Event (ELE), the end of all biological life on earth.

      Any of you who want to laugh about this or who believe that 'low-level' radiation is not a serious issue had better go talk to the children of Belarus then report back here.

      The children of Belarus (horribly deformed, dying, getting sicker each year) don't have to believe or not-believe or deal with trolls. Why don't they have to 'believe'.

      They don't have to 'believe' because they already 'know'.

      • Anonymous

        yeah 'man'

    • Sam

      The best way to tell if something is real or not is to watch the Main Stream Media, to include CNN FOX, MSNBC… If you see it there…. its disinformation and propaganda…. If they ignore it there is a substantial likelihood that it is something they dont want us to know about… like the truth….

  • Anonymous

    Nothing occured. The area in question has their own media and CNN would be there in 5 minutes if it were a real emergency seeing it's near Chicago.

    This was a incorrect reading. End of story.

    • Bruce Conway

      Not end of story.

      CBS posted a fake story to try and downplay it.

      It's happening, it's real.

    • Petunia Screbble

      HAHAHAHAAAA, thats a joke right???? CNN would be there huh? Thats why their viewership is down 50% and so is their ad revenues because of it. People, except some on here, are not stupid, they know something is seriously wrong and now they want to know what it is and why it is. That is why no one believes the zionist banker owned press anymore. Alternative press is the only place you can get the news. You have to go to the Internet and pull up foreign press from other countries who have reporters here and that is where you get the news until Murdock buys them out.

  • Anonymous

    Wow you guys are out of your minds =)

    • USS LIBERTY 1967

      You're either an Israeli shill or very, very cowardly…

  • I am

    I saw the jets…….low……never before!

    • Anonymous

      Oh no…. low =)

  • Seymour Butts

    Forgive my ignorance but I'm not familiar with the area where this is taking place but the million dollar question is: is there a nuclear plant or military base nearby?

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Not sure about the military base.

    • Bruce Conway

      It must be either the Cook Nuclear Power Plant (lovely name), the Fermi or the Pallisades NPPs (Nuclear Power Plants).




      Not sure if there are others. I think it's the Cook plant in trouble.

      • Anonymous

        Not possible, Both states have no nuclear plants located in them according to the feds..

        • USS LIBERTY 1967

          Michigan has Fermi, dumbass…

  • Jacob Mazac

    Hey can yall stop arguing and give some useful info like some co ords of the site so I can see if any nuclear plants are located in the area?

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        First of all, the city is on the Indiana/ Michigan border on the Indiana side. There is a nuclear plant on the Michigan side but there was NO incident. It was a false alarm. The Radiation reader malfunctioned. If something actually occured at that location it would get wire service in 5 minutes so there is nothing going on!

        • Anonymous

          Somehow I don't believe you anonymous the fact that you are trying to force to us that there's 'nothing going on' flags as so obviously there is..

          • Petunia Screbble

            Good point, since they do not address the explosions, broken trees and shaking houses 40 miles away with black helicopters. Not camoflage like military, but black, like homeland security which is the false flag terrorist acts run by the ADL and SPLC. Their SUV's are all black with no identification on them.

        • Bruce Conway

          Good try anonymous.

          Beats me why you people do this. There is another way you know.

          It's called the truth.

          King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

          And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

          (long-haired fellow from Galilee)

          • chanvre

            Asking for the truth and then quoting the bible is pretty hilarious.

            • Bruce Conway

              I was merely pointing out that believing sucks and 'knowing' rocks, as the long-haired guy in sandals with the halo said.

              According to the 'reductio ad absurdum' method of reasoning, it is best to start by assuming that all these reports are false, that it is a hoax and that it is probably just a military exercise. Fair enough? That's how I started looking at this. I assumed at the outset it was a hoax, a false report, like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (think of CNN, FOXNews and their ilk).

              Then, when conflicting information comes down the wire, you'll know that the original assertion was true all along. It's an oft-used method of proof in higher mathematics, (which I have my university degree in).

              There are thousands of eyewitness reports, despite the fibs or silence from the corporation-controlled lie-machines.

              So, all we're saying is – there is something happening there right now. The elevated readings have been confirmed by independent sites. The fact EPA withdrew its readings tells you something is going on. (Same thing happened here in Canada, U.S. and worldwide following Fukushima – monitoring sites and data were taken down).

              The very fact data had to be taken down tells you something.

              It's a major event, happening now, and worth looking at.

              If I had kids, I'd get them out of Michigan and away from this 'military exercise' – right around now.

              • broadwaysmom

                Kudos, Bruce – well said!

        • RTW

          The explanation was the UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply failed. Due to a GFI that tripped and this caused the supermega-spiked readings.

          Whe a GFI trips it opens the circuit open circuits do not conduct electricity to power equipment. Equipment w/o power does not work at all. Lame explanation for the sheeple journalist and readers….

        • Sam

          of course… move along… nothing to see here…typical words of a government disinfo shill….

    • Bruce Conway

      Hey Jacob:

      There are three plants in Michigan:,4561,7-135-3312_412




      I think it's the Cook plant having trouble. Will check further …

      This CBS story looks to be a false report, trying to downplay it:

      CBS says:

      "SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WWJ/AP) – False reports that radiation levels were at catastrophic highs near the Cook Nuclear Power Plant near Benton Harbor sent some people in northern Indiana and west Michigan of the state into panic on Thursday."



      Pu239 @

    • Bruce Conway


      Here's some good info on location, good map:




      Vancouver Island, Canada

  • floyden

    Don't feed the trolls.

    • Gerard

      shut up troll! Just shut up, and go away, PERMANENTLY!

  • Not-a-mouse

    This may sound silly, but has anyone checked flight paths in and around that area. Maybe its me, but If I owned a billion dollar Air-transport company, you can be sure I wouldn't fly my "merchandise" through a radiation zone, let alone possibly a no-fly zone?

    • Chet Lemon

      Flight path went right through the area in question. Flight left today at 808EST.

    • Anonymous

      They land in Japan all the time.

      As for the readings, I witnessed the event on line shortly after Rad chick posted you tube vid. The claim of faulty equipment doesn't pan out, BlackCat Systems continued the readings after Rad Net chose to act like a corporate bitch and censor readings. If some component of these two rad sites is shared, the disruption at Rad net didn't effect BlackCats seemingly believable movements which coordinate with the wind in that area early Thursday morning.

      By the way Im from Elkhart IN, but Live in Utah. I've contacted several of my friends regarding the "Military,DHS, Hazmat" being deployed and They've no sign of any of it.

  • topshelfn12

    Since when has there been so many unexplained explosions and booms in the tri- state area? Now their are claims of radiation spikes and military activity. Loud explosions and radiation are not good people!

  • Ava

    I'm hoping that this is a false alert. We need clean, alternative energy resources!

    • Vivek

      Well then do something to help make it happen Ava!

      To everyone here, help get the word out… there are alternatives…


      • Anonymous

        Thorium Nuclear Power! amazing stuff! completely different way to do Nuclear in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way!

        • fauxxbatt

          until bombs 4 peace psychatrically reverse rationalised the mutant license unto fisssion, the bastardazation of actual zero waste formulas (no-lethal decays) yet duing anythang good not in that nature that may have arrived upon that paranoid kne werld staged not so ineptly as idiotic vehicles beyond ignareince, besides, evil defined is cowardly, through & through, bombs for peace, Eisenhower's social perversion that LBJ patterned the failed socially queerid "great society" well thare "we" go, full blown automatted de-evolution, its post factoid paranoid based dallussional state built on insanity & pure fiction, can't happen hair, whare hair, thare hair, their, there & just thair wolves b, born of monsters, happy hunting propaganda, over, oo

    • PenWen

      Really would like that to read; "We need clean, SAFE, alternative energy resources!" Nuclear cannot be considered safe or clean…clean is not something that produces a waste product that has a half-life of thousands of years and needs to be disposed of in a secret, military-protected environment so that bad guys can't come steal it for use in dirty bombs…and if you believe that nuclear is SAFE..why not checkcout and ask Arnie Gunderson how SAFE the people in Japan feel right now. and for those of you who believe that our government is willing to give us the real scoop on nuclear problems, watch some of his vids where he tells the truth about what REALLY happened to the people around the 3 Mile Island incident. Wise up…the 'energy company' is not interested in anyone's well-being, they are only interested in profits.

  • Tom Sisson

    I am not defending anyone, but let's get serious. Quit being paranoid people and get a life. If you can't find a job, go volunteer in your community. There is more to life than conspiracy theories.

    • Robert48

      If you are going to critique others at least do it with intelligent critiques and not just lob the ol willingly ignorant term of "conspiracy theories" out there!

    • Frank

      What, huh? What does a job have to do with radiation exposure or explosions? If I hear explosions, I am concerned. If I see radiation monitors going crazy, I am even more concerned. Go away shill.

      • PenWen

        Hey Frank, you might want to check out that area to see if they have been fracking around there and if there were any old uranium mines…here in Colorado, they are trying to frack areas where they KNOW there are old uranium mines close by…scares those of us who consider what explosions could do in that scenario..:-(

    • Anonymous

      Hmm. Okay, If we're all speaking our minds, I'd first like to point out, no one here needs defending. And you want to get serious? Okay. Things are exploding, radiation, IS everywhere,its your choice to recognize that or not. Given, it doesn't matter if you do or don't, because either way, its going to effect you. And conspiracy theory? I believe in them too, but does multiple pictures, videos, eyewitnesses and recordings make this seem like a bunch of bull? I think not. I have three jobs, going to college, living on my own, and am a damn good citizen, and would like to say that "getting a life" has nothing to do with the bull shit the government feeds us from time to time. Wouldn't you be concerned if, by chance you did believe in our so called "conspiracy theories"? Maybe paranoia is not it. Maybe its just a concern. And its also quite plausible your ignorant and blind. That's brilliant, I wish I could live in blissful ignorance too. But I'm not. I've seen what our government is capable of. And got to find out a thing or two about what goes on behind the scenes of our "free country". Not trying to rant or bash the U.S. I love it here too. I just simply feel terrible for the citizens in that town, who are currently living with the adrenalin, and fear that something might happen at any moment. I hope your mind can open to the possibilities of what our nation, the government, and its people care capable of. Best of wishes. Truly, a concerned citizen.

      • Bruce Conway

        - huge booming sounds, as of explosions

        - lots of military, helicopters

        - massive spike in radiation readings (confirmed)

        - readings taken down by EPA

        - thousands of eyewitness reports

        - Hazmat team dispatched

        - false report by CBS Detroit

        You know what that spells.

      • JLS

        Thankyou Anonymous, you have the smarts to actually listen and understand what is real. Sometimes what is actually going on around us in this fast changing world of ours to some is really to much to admit that something is just not right. It is no wonder the people of the world are in doubt of their future. I feel extremely blessed to have seen some reasonably innocent and fantastic years. This is something discussed quite often with my family friends and associated. Politics of the world has lately been on the discussion agenda more than ever.

    • mr_bellows

      Toms comments just go to show how ignorant and willing the mundane drones are, to accept the truth from their government. He fails to recognize the 'fact' almost every single conspiracy theory has later been shown to be the truth of it; in whole or in part. It is not a conspiracy, when like minded people come together to create a space to 'find the truth' by sharing fact and theory. What a douche bag; get a reality check Tom. Here's one: explosions + intermittent radiation readings = danger…dumbass.

    • haha

      Tom Sissy says go fuck yourself!! lmao Tom your are a fool

    • jtango

      You keep your head up there where it's a nice, constant 98.6.

    • B Quiet

      I guess you missed the local news report from a couple nights ago about the guy having the explosion underground near his house that took down 2 BIG trees in his yard. No weather, no plane crash.

    • william

      right on email me i wld luv to hear some hardcore evidence of W u think everything having to do with Fukoshima and our radiation problems here ty, and Y u think its not true?

    • Rainbo

      Tom, you sound kind of stupid and uninformed. Maybe get YOUR facts straight before you add any more useless tips.

    • fauxxbatt

      yeah du both, possibly even threes', 2 ears, get down, yeah, go back into the blissful pre-medatations of a werks project that liberates the free, ya need not concern over rights, inaleinable, policies of queer states aka pre-determined fates as configure by robotic insurance statistics enslaved to 500 yr living dead agenda, having a mood swing or did ya just lose yer mangina's cherry,,, again, ha

  • Anonymous

    I think this was a fracking incident gone wrong

    • Anonymous

      It was caused by a great-tailed grackle attempting to break tight rock formation open using its beak.

      • Rania

        Hell I'll accept that theory lol

    • Anonymous

      You have no clue do you?

    • d rash

      Fracking? Sorry, fracking is not an explosion. Your comment only demonstrates that you are out of your fracking mind! (pun intended)

      • Lissa

        "Fracking" CAUSES Explosions !!



        Now WHO looks "fracking" UN-informed ??!!

        • rflynt

          usually people that say conspiracies dont exist because they want to be spoon fed absolute evidence.fantastic realism is about to fall from the lies in psychological indifference.animals react when proof is at their front door.humans should be able to predict at least some of their future.some of us know something is very wrong intuitively and through assiduous research.everything should be researched and openly discussed.we are not the top of the food chain. thats whats hidden.

      • fauxxbatt

        the apolagist of dis-imfo, just spewing the void even as it hits into the what, actual true beleifs, in psychiatry aka ABnormal humanoid "behaviors" its called (for one) a psychosis of shock denied & evaded, the horrorz just outta such a maturity's fathoms, about 12 is usually mid-puberescent, cuz yer kinda below that in yer permanent momentary lapse of reason

      • Sam

        Fracking is the industry term used to describe when the set of high explosives deep underground in porous oil soaked shale. It braked the rock down and lets the oil seep out able to be pumped to the surface. Its very real and admitted to, reluctantly, by all oil companies and even the government.. It has been know to cause earthquakes several times before …. and they are always censored off of the USGS earthquake maps. Ive watched them appear from the automated sensors and then disapear about 30 min later when they were deleted from the map by a living person. Im afraid Lissa is absolutely right… You are fracking UN informed. Get educated… fast… This is serious shit that affects us all.

    • PenWen

      I think this is a dsitinct possibility, like I said further up the line, here in CO, they are tyring to lease land that is right next to an old urainum mine…we are trying to get the lease stopped..:-( Explosions are not unheard of in fracking sites, even without explosions, the leakage cased between the casings and the ground allow the majority of fumes to be released, if the checmicals react with whatever else is down there….well…go figure.

      • fauxxbatt

        well that exsplains Fukishima too huh & while yer busy at it, cancerous mutations & all crime everywhare, especially against the monied monies, wow, it even exsplains natural selection, mutational diseased states & cross fertilaZation, not to mention the benefit of the doubt so mercifully offloaded, tradeing it up on some,,, consumer confideince, just trust the merits of the poly/sci sociopaths aka the greatest generalazation ever, it can't happen hair

  • Robert

    Definitely not real, the radiation network site has had false alerts before. The activity monitors are being run (mostly) by private people so the room for error is large.

    [taken from]

    "Update: 6/7/12, 7:45 A.M: – False Alert: The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction. Here is the station's report:

    "out of control readings on the GeigerGraph screen from about 11:30pm local time that occurred while sleeping. My apologies to all. I have no idea what caused this. Shut down GeigerGraph and restarted. Readings from the Geiger were in the normal range (the Geiger operates on A/C). All cable connections are tight and not loose. Am speculating between the GFI and USB Adapter and some sort of voltage spikes. The uninterruptable power supply UPS had lost power and had died – a tripped GFI. I am not going to leave the system running while not at home until I can determine and fix the problem."

    • jon chappelle

      stop trying to cover up your work.we are waking up in numbers.

      • mike


    • Jaime

      Should read the other article, even the EPA confirmed it with the numbers & a ton of other labs. It looks like it wasn't a fluke.

    • sharpin la

      As opposed to a GOVERNMENT RUN radiation network that is inoperable most of the time? LOL

    • Robert48

      "Run by private people"

      So you telling me only govt people do a accurate job?

      Because if that's what you are trying to say then I am laughing my ass off at you because I could type up a list of all the incompetence things that govt people do and it would fill hundreds of thousands of pages of paper!

    • jeff

      Het Robert. I'm sure I'm not the only guy in here that knows that you are a shill bro. hahahaha what an asshole

    • Seymour Butts

      Thank you for that 'official' report. I feel better know. Much like 9/11, Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden's death and GeigerGraphs going nuts, I believe it all as long as it comes from my beloved masters.


    • Bruce Conway

      The spike was confirmed by several other completely independent sources.

  • biigy

    no mention in any of these stories yet of vatican-ran and owned major university Notre dame

    guarantee this had something to do with an event there

  • Anon
    • Anonymous

      I'm sure if there was a leak like this – all their alarms systems would go off and the hazmat units near the police stations would have been there. Local news would have been all over it. Something else is going on.

      • I am

        kind of like 9/11 right?

      • Bruce Conway

        Local news was arrested recently reporting in that area:

        Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12 (1 of 2)

        Looks like they've been 'instructed' to stay away – as the video clearly shows.

  • Bumble

    Then again it says it may be: Major Nuclear Base Running ‘Containment Exercise’ Amid Censored Radiation Spikes

    SO the Nice try DoD may be exactly right!

  • Bumble

    Here's what he radiation levels showed yesterday then they would disappear from the site…

  • topshelfn12

    Many people in west Michigan heard and felt the booms.

    These booms are not fireworks. Local networks covered this topic and they give no explanation. Very suspicious and strange to say the least. Stay alert folks.

    • Seymour Butts

      The Martians are coming! The Martians are coming!

      • I am

        If you only knew…… would not joke about it!

      • Bruce Conway

        No, this a much more insidious and dangerous breed.

        Called 'humans'.

    • Anonymous

      No, not the martians, it was the first wave of the attack of the Annunaki announcing the arrival of Nibiru. Don't you know anything?

  • topshelfn12

    Many people in west Michigan heard and felt the booms.

    These books are not fireworks. Local networks covered this topic and they give no explanation. Very suspicious and strange to say the least. Stay alert folk

  • Facts Please

    Do you have a location other than on "near the border of Indiana and Michigan"? What was the city or town where the photographs were taken? Likewise, where was the audio recorded? And, finally, does the radiation spike in only these areas? Is the radiation higher or lower in some of the effected areas?

  • Anonymous

    Aljazeera has sent a team to investigate.

    Seems that something is going on.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a source for this?

  • Anonymous

    Please be the Hulk, please be the Hulk.

    • Anonymous

      lmfao classic

    • JULIO


  • Mark


    This radiation in this area has been increasing gradually for a very long time, it seems to me that this is a nuclear plant that has blown something and is being covered up as just a "Military Exercise" and they are popping of artillery simulators which make it look as though it's just a "Training exercise" which will be claimed as a secret to calm the public. So, you are clearly a part of this cover up and should stand down to help protect the people of your own country.

    • vekfan

      Well that's the first actual explanation I've heard of this and I buy it.

  • Anonymous

    The explosion on the provided video (pitch black outside???) sounded like a simple firework. This is all hype and people don't need something to cause panic. How did others get phots of helicopters and this guy can't even see his hand in front of his face… this is a false alarm. The Radioactivity stations have said that it was a malfunction in their equipment. Besides, there were training programs going on there since May.

    • Anonymous

      Nice try, DoD

      • dixie84normous

        anonymous,lose your name…dis-informant.

    • Bumble

      Then explain why on Radiation sites the high numbers were being yanked as soon as they were put up?

      • Anonymous

        good question…if it went on for hours. i have been wondering, so this guy was sleeping and slept through the phone calls, people freaking out trying to reach him, for HOURS? say this were a real emergency. who put that asshat in charge?

        there are fluctuations in the readings which indicates more than a glitch, the readings here:… indicate a major hot spot which is starting to cool down with a bit of green, it was bigger and hotter this AM.

        • Anonymous

          You're linking to a doppler radar. It doesn't show heat, it shows particles in the air. It's currently operating in a no storm mode, which means it will display finer particles, like bugs, fog, dust, etc. As you get closer to the center, where the radar is located, you see things closer to ground level, so you will see more "noise" on the radar. This has nothing to do with showing hot spots, etc. LOL!!!!

        • Anonymous

          You're link is to weather radar. Completely irrelevant to this.

      • Bruce Conway often take down readings that are ridiculously high – to check their equipment.

        EPA and government sites take down readings to prevent alarm and panic from the public, as they've done all along with the Fukushima data – and been caught doing it.