The EPA has finally admitted that fracking, the controversial act of pumping water and chemicals underground in order to facilitate the flow of oil or gas, is causing groundwater pollution. The chemicals involved in the fracking process are highly toxic, and many activists have been speaking out against fracking due to the threat to public health that the technique poses. Many viral videos have actually shown residents of fracking towns lighting their tap water on fire due to the high gas content.

The new EPA findings could significantly impact the fracking process, with the possibility of future regulations going into place to halt the environmental impact of fracking. The real question is whether or not the EPA will take the appropriate steps to reduce or even stop fracking, after ignoring the threat for quite some time. The EPA declaration immediately received criticism and rebutal from the oil and gas industry as well as one United States senator. Oil and gas companies have long claimed that fracking is completely safe, ignoring all information put forth that highlights the potential dangers to human health. In contrast, environmentalists across the nation rejoiced as the issue was brought to the public spotlight and debate spectrum.

“This is an important first indication there are potential problems with fracking that can impact domestic water wells. It’s I think a clarion call to industry to make sure they take a great deal of care in their drilling practices,” said Steve Jones with the Wyoming Outdoor Council.

Fracking Leading to Water Contamination, Environmental Consequence

One documentary entitled “Gasland” has highlighted the health effects of fracking, including the extreme water contamination. In the documentary, which has garnered mainstream attention and brought the issue of fracking to the attention of many, filmmakers interview citizens of fracking regions as well as observing the effects of fracking on the environment. You can view a 10 minute trailer below:

Some of the health problems which manifest faster due to all types of pollution are already known. But with countless pollutants already inhabiting the toxic water supply of the United States and elsewhere, water contamination as a result of fracking demonstrates the complete lack of government concern for public health.

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