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Drug Contaminants, Chemicals in Tap Water Among Possible Causes of Autism

Mike Barrett
June 11th, 2012
Updated 05/09/2013 at 11:37 pm
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watergloomyscenery 235x147 Drug Contaminants, Chemicals in Tap Water Among Possible Causes of Autism

Autism has been and will continue to be a controversial issue, with the possible causes of autism being at the center of the discussion. While there are a number of possible causes of autism, some research has shown that anti-depressants and other chemicals found in the water supply could be helping to surge autism rates, specifically ‘idiopathic’ autism spectrum disorders.

Drugs in Water Leading to Autism

After exposing fish to two different anti-depressant drugs, Prozac and venlafaxine, and a seizure-controlling drug called carbamazepine, experts from the University of Idaho were ‘astonished’ after observing changes in the genetic pathways of the fish. They found that just traces of common medications and other chemicals in the water were enough to bring about autism. What’s more, the drug concentrations were comparable with the highest estimated environmental levels.

“While others have envisioned a causal role for psychotropic drugs in idiopathic autism, we were astonished to find evidence that this might occur at very low dosages, such as those found in aquatic systems,” said lead scientist Dr Michael Thomas.

This research lends even more concern for pregnant mothers who drink water with trace concentrations, who run the risk of passing along these drugs and other chemicals in the water to their unborn children.

Other Likely, and Possible Causes of Autism

In addition to research pinpointing anti-depressants and other chemicals in the water as possible causes of autism, there are a number of other likely and possible causes. Among the most controversial and the most researched causes of autism are vaccines. As children receive more and more vaccines at extremely young ages, mercury and other heavy metals are also being injected into these underdeveloped bodies. The mercury and other heavy metals cause extreme amounts of toxicity, shown to contribute to neurological disorders and the development of autism. In one survey involving 7,600 people, only four children reported having severe autism – the mother’s tested very high in mercury in all four cases.

In other research, scientists found that overweight pregnant women have a startling 67% increased chance of having an autistic child than mother’s who are a healthy weight.

Additional Sources:

National Vaccine Information Center

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  • dave

    In just the last two years, the Autism rate went from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 50 children. There has to be more than chemicals in the food and water, and grains in the gut, although these can contribute to the problem.
    Do you suppose it is the increase of vaccines and the earlier stages in life that vaccines are being given?
    The aluminum in these vaccines, since mercury has (?) been taken out, except for flu vaccines, which still has toxic mercury in them? Just asking?
    While I’m asking, why use aluminum and mercury, when nano silver, (Colloidal), will do the same thing, and destroy bad bugs in the process, while improving health?
    Oh, I think I answered my own question! Silly me!

  • Jesse Cornell

    Now that is one very serious problem. How could the health department and FDA even allow those chemicals to get into the water supply in the first place?

  • judy

    Wow- when are "researchers" going to get with it and find that yes chemicals are a pert of the problem but so is junk food and processed foods, but phytates and manganese are most of the problems. Check out the research done at now these people know how to do their research.

  • Anonymous

    vitamin B12 levels and mood change,energy etc

    best regards- ismaicd432

  • Eugene Erwin

    People are disposing of many substances down their drain. They don't realize everything gets back into the water supply. Nothing ever goes away, it is only cycled. It is the same with bottled water.

  • lilybelle

    that does not make sense! then would it would also be true that people on anti depressants are more likely to have autistic children?

  • Alan D. Smith

    All cities in Texas use fluorosilicic acid to "fluoridate" tap water. It's a highly toxic waste cocktail from the smoke stacks of fertilizer plants, containing 23% sodium fluoride (RAT POISON), lead, mercury, arsenic, barium, cadmium and palonium 20, the last three are known radioactive carcinogens. Scientific tests have linked consumption of tap water to autism as well as dozens of other diseases and neurological disorders that were not identified until decades after water "fluoridation" had begun.

    Send your email address to for a free, concise yet comprehensive speech for your city council along with many pages of documentation.

    It's time we ended the poisoning of our tap water once and for all.

  • Sean

    Facebook is blocking your site.

    • TF

      Then you know you've found truth.