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Dr Oz Defends Monsanto: Eat GMO Foods, They’re the Same as Non-GMO Organic

Anthony Gucciardi
December 3rd, 2012
Updated 12/03/2012 at 5:11 am
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droz 255x159 Dr Oz Defends Monsanto: Eat GMO Foods, Theyre the Same as Non GMO OrganicDr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity host of the Dr. Oz program which appeals to individuals who are actually into alternative health in varying degrees, has recently declared that GMO foods are actually the same as organic — a move that reveals just how serious about helping you and your family Dr. Oz is. Writing in Time magazine, Dr. Oz even goes on to call those who shop for foods free of GMOs, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, and other contaminants ‘snobs‘.

In the article, Dr. Oz states that those who buy organic are both ‘snooty’ and ‘elitists’. Furthermore, he goes on to state that GMO conventional foods are the food of the ‘people’. It makes you wonder if Dr. Oz even wrote this piece, as NaturalNews’ Mike Adams points out in his piece on the subject. Dr. Oz’s article even comes just after the largest healthcare group in the United States declared that everyone should avoid tumor-linked GMOs to avoid the serious health consequences that go along with their consumption.

Kaiser Permanente, the major healthcare group, had this to say:

“Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health. Independent research has found several varieties of GMO corn caused organ damage in rats. Other studies have found that GMOs may lead to an inability in animals to reproduce.”

Dr. Oz Article Follows Barrage of Attacks on Organics, Pro-Monsanto Lies

But what’s going on here? Recently there have been numerous attacks on organic food, even leading the New York Times to issue a public apology over the ridiculous nature of the Times’ hit piece on organic food and buyers (using similar language as Oz in calling them snobs and elitists). Plus, the previous studies attempting to tackle the benefits of organic actually showed why organic is better — even after attempting to use statistical lies to make it appear to be the opposite.

It seems that Dr. Oz is the latest to join the barrage of attacks against Non-GMO, organic consumers across the nation. Was he paid by agribusiness a sum he could not refuse? There is currently no way of knowing, though he will surely have to respond to his ridiculous claims that GMO foods are literally the same health-wise as organic.

In an effort to reminder Dr. Oz of the research that defies his claims, I would recommend he look at the peer-reviewed research that links Monsanto’s Roundup (used in larger and larger doses on Monsanto’s GMO crops as they are ravaged by resistant insects) to over 29 conditions including:

  • DNA damage
  • Infertility
  • Liver damage
  • Lymphoma
  • Hormonal disorders in children

Roundup that organic food items do not use. But it seems Dr. Oz thinks that Roundup is perfectly safe, the same Roundup that researchers found at ‘normal’ levels contributed to tumor development and organ damage. And these are just a few examples.

This information will undoubtedly be brought to Dr. Oz by activists and health conscious citizens from around the globe who will demand answers from the celebrity doctor attempting to align himself with the alternative health crowd while simultaneously pushing vaccinations, many Big Pharma creations, and now GMO-laden foods. But will he issue a public apology, or continue to push Monsanto’s agenda throughout the mainstream media?

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Dr Oz Defends Monsanto: Eat GMO Foods, Theyre the Same as Non GMO OrganicGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • lorax “unless”

    Dr. Mehmet Oz, the celebrity host…. think of his ethos. he is not some health nut he is a plasitc surgen. there is a resong other contrys banned gmos, one to stop food co. controling what we eat and two we dont know what this will do to the enviorment. super bugs bad soil. for god sake women have had stomic probems (possibly from) monsantos pre pestaside corn. how about that bull sh** seed pantent? say that gmo’s are safe… (i wont) they have a seed pantient in place and this is what it does to the farmers of american

    Case in point, 75-year-old farmer Hugh Bowman, who regularly bought Monsanto’s Roundup-resistant soybean seed for his first growth and signed a licensing agreement promising to use all the seed and not to use any regenerated seed for future use. But Bowman also had other riskier, lower-yield plantings, and for those, he wanted “a cheap source of seed.”

    So he went to the local grain elevator where farmers drop off their harvested soybeans, and he bought and planted some of those, knowing that those beans would likely also be Roundup-resistant.

    He eventually produced eight separate crop yields using the second and third generations of the grain elevator seed, and he was quite open about what he was doing.

    “I couldn’t imagine that they’d give a rat’s behind,” he said.

    But they — namely, Monsanto — did. The company sued Bowman, as it has sued other farmers. Bowman lost in the lower courts and was ordered to pay $84,000 in damages to Monsanto. He appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    turn off dr oz and go to the co op or something

  • mike

    yes eat food organic….

  • Christoffel Groenewald

    Dr , Wizard of Oz what are you on ?

  • Jerry

    At least people dieing from Monsanto products will not go hungry.

  • David

    I am really disappointed to read this. Dr.Oz seems to have sold out to Big Pharma. Sad!
    GMO is not organic!

  • Guest

    I'm sorry, but "GMO conventional foods are the food of the ‘people" … is he serious? I'm pretty sure the "foods of the people" start with seeds and soil not in a test tube in a lab. Mister Oz should go home and eat a big genetically modified meal and wait for his tumor.

  • 7777

    You guys are ridiculous, maybe he just doesn't think there is anything wrong with gmos, and there is no hidden agenda. Ever think of that? Wow such insecure people that you have to attack someone and accuse them of selling out because they don't share your opinion

  • marlies

    Dr. Ozz tells more things that are not true and even bad for your health like this shit

  • RealTruthinContext

    Canned foods, because canning technology is improving, there's less salt required in them. Many vegetables are pretty tasty that way. Canned asparagus is terrible out of a can, in my opinion. But corn is reasonable coming out of a can. And a mother should feel comfortable, if it's a low-sodium variant, having corn come out of a can as opposed to giving her kids some muffin, which is also inexpensive, but doesn't have any nutrient value to it. That was where I was trying to push some buttons on that article.

    I don't want us to throw our hands up as though we're helpless in this process. In this country, we've been blessed with relatively affordable, high-quality produce. We have to take advantage of that.

    Everything you said in your preamble: 100-percent on board. You talked about it seamlessly. You mentioned genetically modified foods. One of the most popular shows this year has been that topic. I was surprised, because I thought a lot of folks would have made their minds up and wouldn't care that much about it. But there is a huge interest in America in genetically modified foods. And in a nutshell, I spoke out openly about the fact that I think we deserve as a nation to know if a food is GMO. Doesn't mean that we shouldn't eat GMO foods, but as you say, we don't know, really, what the impact of these foods is going to be across our population, so at least let me know! And right now the only way I know of to be sure — there are very few labeling campaigns for GMOs — in most cases, you just have to buy organic. And I think there's an opportunity for American buyers, especially the moms of America, to make a decision, and they deserve the right to know.

    Beet Reporter: New Year's resolutions are all about change, and a lot of the time we focus on the individual as far as change goes. But as I see it, there needs to be a lot of change in the food system and the way that food choices are presented to us. We see a lot of ads for "foodertainment," horrible foods that are promoted on the television, and in agriculture, a lot of crops are subsidized that are not the most beneficial for humans, creating food costs that are out of proportion, as far as vegetables costing more than meats or nutritionally-deficient foods. There seems to be a lot of change coming, though, and I think that your show is one of the best ways that people can see this food revolution in progress, and it's one of the most mainstream ways they can [access] it. So my question to you is, in changing the system in this new year, do you think that change is going to come from individuals at a grassroots level, from Big Agriculture, the government, or the media?

    Dr. Oz: I think a grassroots change has already started. I can see food vendors reacting to that, but can I speak very openly about the pressures I think food vendors have? I'm very tough, as you know, on some of the vendors you stated. They sell products that have more salt than they have to have, they're devoid of nutrients… Why do they sell that stuff? Well, a lot of these guys, when I confront them with it, say, "Well, we tried to make healthier versions. Beverage companies are out there trying to sell tea and people won't buy it. They want sugary drinks. So they say "We have to stay in business. We can't keep pointing people to drink stuff they don't want to have." So the big opportunity we have is to realize that we vote with our pocketbooks three times a day. And so if we vote wisely, vendors will make healthier food.

    I'll tell you a story. A major vendor of products, a commonly eaten noodle for kids, and I confronted him. I said "You have all this salt in there." And he was very quiet about it, and I kept hitting him harder and harder and harder, and finally he broke down and said, "Listen. I took all the salt out. We have one-third the salt in our product than used to be there." I said, "You're kidding me. Why didn't you tell me about this?" He said, "Because if we told people it was healthier, they wouldn't eat it." So they have an uphill battle, too.

    What we have an obligation to do in the media is to make it clear that you do have the power to change, and you're not fighting an uphill battle. Coca-Cola just wants to sell beverages. They're not bad people. They're hard-working folks, and they sell a lot of tea in Asia. But if Americans will only drink Coca-Cola, they'll sell Coca-Cola. If they'd be willing to try low-sugar teas, which do very well in Asia, then they'll sell them in America. And they're out there, so we just need to make the choices. Our goal, I think, in the media, is to move people an inch to the right or to the left of where they put their hand up on the shelf. That's what it's all about. You move from the food that's not good, to the one that's a little bit better. That's all you have to do. And slowly but surely, you'll be moving in the right

  • RealTruthinContext

    Beet Reporter: With January being weight loss month [on your show], I would imagine that a tip that would help a lot of people would be to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets. I've seen you through time talking often about the benefits of eating organics. You've often pointed to the high toxicity of non-organics, and it's well known that organic farming avoids the environmental harms of conventional farms through sustainable practices, and skips the genetic modification, which some studies have linked to illness. Also, a lot of researchers just say we don't know enough about [GMO foods] to eat them. And then in a recent Time article, you mentioned that organics are elitist, that [only] the "1%" has access to these foods, and that it's snobbish and unnecessary to eat them. So I'm wondering if the point of that is that eating any fruits and vegetables is preferable to eating none, or whether you truly believe that one is as good as the other.

    Dr. Oz: It's the former that is true, not the latter. There is no question that if you can afford organic food, it is better for you. It is certainly much better for the environment. I call [what I talked about in the article] the "99% Diet," because I'm actually in the 1%. I'm blessed with the ability to buy [organic] foods. My wife's vegetarian, and we eat meticulously at home.

    But I give that advice on the show all the time, and when I travel the country as I am now, I talk to a lot of people who don't have the wherewithal to go to the kinds of markets where these products are widely available, and they can't eat in those kinds of restaurants. Well, then they put their hands up in the air and they say "If I don't have access to good quality food, then I'm not going to bother trying."

    I was trying to be self-deprecating [in the article]. That was the whole point — which obviously didn't hit the target for some folks — by saying people like me are wrong to say that the only way to get where we are is to be on target with every single dish we're having. There's no question: everyone who can, should. But let's just give an example. If you are a mom with two kids, median income $35,000, typical TV audience, and you have a choice between buying organic berries, which can be expensive and which can lead to wastage, because if kids don't eat the berries in time, they go bad, they get mold, whatever. When you buy frozen berries, because they're harvested when they're ripe, they have 85 percent of the nutrient content of the organic berries that we eat at my house. There's no wastage. They're very inexpensive because there's no spoilage for the vendor either, so they can sell them for cheaper. The mom doesn't have to throw them away. And you know what? I think America's big battle is not between your buying the highest quality produce available on the market, or the boxed, frozen variety. It's whether we're eating fruits and vegetables at all. And that was the point I was trying to make.

  • RealTruthinContext

    Interview: Dr. Oz Responds to Uproar Over Time Article, Clarifies Stance on Organics and GMOs
    Dr. Mehmet Oz has taken a lot of flack lately about a recent Time magazine article, in which he seemingly reversed his position on organics and genetically modified (GMO) foods. In a phone interview yesterday, I got the straight dope on this sudden shift in opinion, directly from the doctor.

    On his show, Oz has frequently expressed the superiority of organic fruits, vegetables, and products, citing the high toxicity of their pesticide-laden non-organic counterparts. But in the Time article, titled Give Frozen Peas a Chance – and Carrots Too, Dr. Oz used terms like "food snob," "elitist," and "snooty" to describe organic foods and the people who buy them. The pesticide content he so frequently disparaged, along with the other side effects of conventional produce (pollution caused by pesticide runoff and the mysterious effects GMO foods have on health, for example), were notably omitted from the piece, prompting many health-conscious media outlets and consumers to accuse the doctor of having sold out to the nefarious food giant Monsanto. Below, read how the doctor explained his apparent flip-flop, and what he thinks we can do to further the healthy food revolution in 2013.

  • Patti

    This should shock me but it doesn't after working for one of the Largest Insurance Companies in the US and seeing a President be made to go along with a CU Buyout or be be threatened to loose her retirement and everything she built in the company. I would say he was told to go with it or loose everything in life he's worked for. He needs broad shoulders and a strong backbone to stand up against this monster. This equates to standing up for Hitler or the Mafia.

  • Toy Boat

    Yet another reason why I don't watch corporate owned media, the same people who own the TV stations own the food company and they have nothing to gain by telling us the truth.

  • best soy sauce

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  • Common Sense

    Watch this video about Dr. Oz then read his article !! Especially the last bit at time 5:20!!

  • B MacEvoy MD MPH

    I do not know Dr. Oz, but he seems to have quality education including public health. He is a surgeon, which is more mechanical training than critical research, although all doctors are taught to be critical of what they see and read. He is now however, an entertainer, and his mission and intentions may include different goals. Doctors do not generally recommend things that are not scientifically proven, nor ought they dis something controversial such as non-GMO or organics without moving from the realm of science to personal beliefs. With his high profile status, he ought to be more responsible and clarify the difference between medical research and his opinion.

  • Jeannie

    If Dr. Oz didn't say GMO's are just as good why hasn't he come out and said, for all the world to hear and see, loudly and unarguably he doesn't endorse or support GMO products or foods of any kind? I stopped listening to him after he came out and touted getting vaccines because they were safe. He simply dismissed the facts. Dr. Mercola definately knows much more and promotes a much healthier lifestyle. Think of it this way, don't eat it if it isn't nature made, man made will kill you.

  • beach

    Glad to see people feel strongly about this . It is obvious that Monsanto (satan?) is out to control the world food supply . They are trying to force ,regulate , sue,corrupt,bancrupt , the small farmer and organic. They are trying to kill every seed that is Not their design . We should get together with our neighbors and communitys and have community gardens and grow our own food and seeds .And relearn how to can and store our own produce. My grandparents did and my uncles are still doing it .

  • starwitness

    Please don't tell me that most of the people on this thread still watch mainstream TV. I kicked it for good when they switched the signal from analog to digital and am still breathing. The assumption that we're too hip for it to negatively impact us as we continue to be voluntarily conditioned by it increases the likelihood that it will end up turning us into characters right out of Idiocracy. Sounds to me like Dr. Oz is telling people what they want to hear depending on who it is that's listening. He wouldn't have such a prominent position of influence in our society if he were to truly advocate a wholistic lifestyle which is what real health talk is all about. That would go against way too many commercial interests so don't hold your breath…

  • Geoff

    Paid off in a big way or honeytrapped. Standard procedure for the elite powers.

  • sdollen

    Many have wondered if dr oz is part of the bindenburg group, I think this is proof. The bindenburg group has an de population agenda due to the over populated USA and the world too. GMO foods make big money for the big corps and also funds the most profitable cancer business like chemo, giving insecticide for cancer, which is not an insect, as cancer is primarily a fungus. You can't kill a fungus in the body with insecticide, but he insecticide is mixed with baking soda an alkaline so you don't die right away from chemo treatment. Baking soda can weaken and with constant contact of a fungus, kill it off, but the baking soda has to touch the fungus over and over for a period of time. If someone actually survives chemo, it is usually due to the baking soda killing the fungus not the actually insecticide which makes a huge profit for the cancer industry. GMO foods help support the cancer industry and the many stock holders of the cancer industry.

  • m.e.b

    sperm counts in french men are down 33% over 16 years……gmo food anyone

  • Charles n

    People should never listen to a moron like Oz in the first place. Listen to yourself and stop relying on fools and charlatans like Oz.


    YES, BOYCOTT DR. OZ!! That will teach him to DECEIVE PEOPLE!! We have ALWAYS HAD THE POWER– SO USE IT!!


    Personally, I think it's a GREAT SIGN!! Obviously they are RUNNING SCARED!!!! If people are TOO STUPID TO SEE THE LIES, then it will CLEAN-OUT the GENE POOL!! " CRITICAL MASS" IS what will STOP it & IT'S HAPPENING!!! KEEP-UP THE GOOD WORK CITIZEN'S OF THE WORLD!!!!!

  • Mary Andreyo

    Dr. Oz is no wizard. We are a world full of sick, obese people—most of the stuff we eat has been altered. Our water, air and food. What is left. My adult son has been sick all his life with chronic asthma, stomach ailments, allergies. He started eating organic months ago. His stomach problems, asthma and other ailments have left him and he feels wonderful.

  • Rod

    The GMO thing is incideous. They don't want you to eat foods that will cure the fungus and parasites (cancers) inside us. That's right, you heard it right here. Cancers are generally, purposely an undiagnosed parasite or fungus. How are they going to make money if you are healthy? How can they make money if you can maintain and cure yourself with vitamin rich food? Ten years ago I'd never would have considered doctors leading us astray but they do, and it is because they are all taught by big pharma to give us pills instead of good food. Yes, yes, yes. Seek and you will find the truth.


    I never listened to one word this worthless quack said. He is with the government enemy, he is against Americans, and he is NOTHING BUT A DANGEROUS TERRORIST.

  • Bonnie

    KP didn't declare any such thing about GMOs either. An old, plagiarized article written by an anti-GM activist, using every piece of debunked, discredited "research" was published in their newsletter. There is no position statement anywhere in the newsletter, KP's website or anywhere else.

  • hostage707

    Dr Ox has been talking trash for years scaring middle aged women into all sorts of ill advised medical hype. After promoting injections for everyone, When asked if he vaccinated his OWN KIDS he referred to the fact that HIS WIFE would not allow it.. What does that tell you. Guy attacked Dr Mercola and is a pretends to be a natural doc when in fact he has more sponsors than a NASCAR driver…

  • stv

    While the world suffers a tidal wave of chronic diseases and acute maladies, individuals like Dr OZ are too busy lining their pockets pushing crappy medicine and treatments, commercial and GMO foods and their own agenda.
    As a consequence of television show after television show that glorifies the purpose of medical profession, doctors are the exact people that every one runs to in order to tell them when to eat, sleep, exercise, have sex and a plethora of trivial issues.
    They assign to soybean baby formula over breast milk and synthetic immunity via vaccines over natural immunity. Their philosophy promotes the introduction of foreign DNA capable of pathogenesis, toxic metals, preservatives and chemical compounds into the body of human beings.
    They shamelessly promote commercially grown fruit and vegetable that (well known fact) contain pesticides, herbicides; glues, waxes, lacquers, anti-budding liquid, ethylene oxide and they may have been irradiated. They may are picked before they are ripe, and put in cold storage.
    According to people like Dr OZ, eating, fresh local grown vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh tubers and fresh green leafy vegetables, which are 'in season', and in good condition makes a ‘snob’, ‘snooty’ and ‘elitists’.
    But it gets even worst. Now they advance Frankenstein GMO food and declaring it the same as organic.
    "No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance." – (From Alan Bullock’s – Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives.)
    By practicing the ceaseless repetition of seeing "medical doctors" on television every day, people are conditioned (the "uniform pattern of public utterance") to think that anyone who is not a "medical doctor" must be a quack (the "jarring dissonance").
    Unfortunately, we have been so much inculcated with lies, diversion and perversion of the truth that the average American has become so brainwashed by the medical establishment that thinks God (Nature or what else you want to call it) is a quack and their doctor is God!!

  • saji

    when it come to losing your job, most people sell out… but remember truth will prevail and what goes around comes around.. sad on him dont watch him anyway

  • Felicia

    You were my mainstream hero…but no more. How much did Monsanto pay you?



  • ant

    Eat Me Eat Me
    Oh, yes yes, vote yes, I want to be labeled I am GMO that is the way the world will go. The world knows where I am and what I can do, and the millions of poor looking only for the next day, I am here to show them that better day. I look forward to the day when there are no poor to scream and yell about how life’s hard, just like hell. How quiet the world will be when less is more, more or less, for those that know only the best. The force of will has the power to say GMO all the way, and to those that cannot rise to pay their way, did the world need that many anyway? I know it is tough on the many for the few, but we do not need to really say, how GMO paved the way. For those that simply have no idea, it is just the same as if you never knew, we can say it never happened and that is all we have to do.
    I want to be labeled I am GMO, for those people that still need to know.

  • Karen

    I have lost respect for Dr. Oz as he is taking a position of ignorance. I have eaten organics for 40 years, and as a Holistic Health Practitioner I've witnessed how organic foods support vitality and nourishment in the body. I have also observed GMO's and toxins from non-organic foods contributing to cancer in my clients over the years. Educate yourself and make healthy choices……continue to stand up for your freedom to eat clean, organic foods.

  • Sandy Dell

    More on this subject here: Dr. Oz's stand — maybe he has changed his mind!:

  • Morgan

    For those that aren't clear: Dr Oz sided with Monsanto by saying GMO-loaded conventional is the same as organic!

    He is either ignorant to all the research or completely paid off.

    He also supports flu shots and big pharma drugs FYI.

  • Mike

    It makes my blood BOIL!! to hear a piece of trash like Doc Oz that is so full himself and "preaches" a blatant LIE as he does. If we simply do the research and investigate the truth ourselves, this is what will free us from the propaganda lying crap that spews out of mouths like this!

  • techy

    he got paid off Somway

  • @LeapingFar

    GMOs are poisoning us. U.S. Govt in cohoots with Monsanto and big pharma. Crimes against humanity.

  • @LeapingFar

    I don't like Dr. Oz anyway. Never trusted him, working for corps getting kickbacks of course. Sittin' in his multi-million dollar home and enjoying wealthy lifestyle conning us.
    BOYCOTT his TV show.



  • Gertrude

    Russian research claims that the third generation eating GMO food will become sterile.

  • John

    I was over his feel-good in 30 second type of medicine a long time ago. Wake up, people…..These celebrity Dr.'s will say and do anything if the price is right.

  • Pat George

    I'm guessing that Dr. Oz will be talking about this on an upcoming show in order to defend himself, as I watched his show on Oct. 17, 2012 and heard him and watched him. He admitted that his wife, Lisa, was the narrator of a film produced by the anti-GMO film maker that was on t he show, and he later had guests who refute the GMO scares. In segment 3 of the video clips of his show, he endorsed buying ORGANIC, because there is no way of your knowing which foods are genetically modified since there are no labeling laws, and Organic foods certify that they're non-GMO. He's often said that he prefers Organic for his family. His wife narrated the anit-GMO film! I can't understand why people will tend to believe all the written words on the internet! Do your own research. Go to: You can check out his site: or in particular:

  • Pat George

    I'm guessing that Dr. Oz will be talking about this on an upcoming show in order to defend himself, as I watched his show on Oct. 17, 2012 and heard him and watched him. He admitted that his wife, Lisa, was the narrator of a film produced by the anti-GMO film maker that was on t he show, and he later had guests who refute the GMO scares. In segment 3 of the video clips of his show, he endorsed buying ORGANIC, because there is no way of your knowing which foods are genetically modified since there are no labeling laws, and Organic foods certify that they're non-GMO. He's often said that he prefers Organic for his family. His wife narrated the anit-GMO film! I can't understand why people will tend to believe all the written words on the internet! Do your own research. Go to: You can check out his site: or in particular:

  • Deb

    Money talks….. and integrity is lost. Such a disappointment and a shame. I do not consider myself to be a snob or elitist for caring about what I feed my family and put into my body. Genetically modified products are a serious health threat to our environment and human population. It's disgusting to me that those with political/media influence can be bought to become mouthpieces for evil corporations.

    • Oriskany52

      Oz the Discredited totally misses the major point: The overwhelming amount of consumers want labeling of GMO products,. i.e. choice and Monsanto is dictatorially saying no to this most important of democratic constituencies. And spending multi-millions to intimidate some states from implementing laws which would label GMO-produced products. ee cummings has a poem that ends, ” you pays your money and you doesn’t take your choice. Ain’t freedom grand” This sums it up for me quite realistically.

  • @digwellness

    Why is it so hard for some of you to believe he sold out. When he was on Oprah for all those years, he was all about mainstream medicine and so were some of his early shows. He flip flops more than Romney.

    • @PainFreeMN

      Agreed. This isn't the first time he's flip flopped his opinion on similar issues. Money rules. So sad because he has a great influence on many small minds.

  • betty ballard

    I read the article. Primarily, Dr. Oz talks about nutrition in canned and conventional foods being the same as Organic. There is not a controversy about nutrition; it’s about poison in the food. Dr. Oz does not address the poison that surrounds the nutrition in canned foods/on conventional food; also, he touched little on the high-heat canning that destroys most of the nutrition in canned foods. Personally, I’m finished with Dr. Oz. Clearly he is a paid entertainer and will say and do whatever Big Money wants. I will continue to buy/eat whole foods without the poison. Dr Oz must go along with Monsanto.

    • @PainFreeMN

      I'm with you! Done w/ @Dr.Oz Shame on him, Monsanto and all those supporting such an evil and destructive behavior. Our children and generations after will suffer because of their collective actions.

  • sjp

    If you're healthy doctors are out of a job! It's very simple – the more tumors/infertility/liver damage patients have the more the huge drug companies make money out of the general public. Eat organic – stay healthy – avoid doctors/gmo companies et al and all their lies.

  • dona


  • Ann

    I cannot believe that Dr. Oz would make such a statement. Was he paid for this comment from Mansanto.

    Anyone with common sense knows that Monsanto is causing diseases and poor health for the world and should be wiped off the face of the earth.

    Perhaps Dr. Oz should have a debate with Dr. Mercola who is quite knowledgeable about Monsanto and how this corrupt industry is ruining the health of people worldwide. But, I would bet that Dr. Oz and his family don't eat GMO foods. They can afford to eat organic foods and Monsanto should disappear and the world should make available ONLY organic foods for everyone!

    Shame on Dr. Oz!!!

  • RC

    WAITAMINUTE, FOLKS! This sounds a bit shady to me. Didn’t anyone teach you to not drink the Kool-aid without reading the label first?


    I don’t yet know who’s lying here, but I know I’ve seen Dr. Oz tout organic veggies on his show many times. He’s no saint, but if he’s suddenly done a complete 180 on organics, I want to see that article FOR MYSELF before I condemn him.

    But when I clicked on the link above, the page that came up says “This content is only available to Time magazine subscribers”. It only allows you to see the 1st paragraph of Dr. Oz’s article, which is entitled GIVE (FROZEN) PEAS A CHANCE — & CARROTS TOO. The portion of the article that’s visible says:

    “There’s nothing like a block of frozen spinach to make you feel bad about your family dinner. There’s good food and bad food and pretty food and ugly food–and then there’s the frozen-spinach block. By any rights, this is not something you should want to eat. The picture on the box looks lovely, and the very idea of eating spinach is healthy. But what you find inside is a frosty, slightly slimy, algae-colored slab.

    Somewhere out there — maybe just a five-minute drive from your house — a farmer’s market is selling fresh, organic leaf spinach that might have been sprouting from the soil an…”

    That clearly says nothing about GMOs.

    Does everyone here who dissed Dr. Oz already subscribe to Time, which means you’ve already read the article & can confirm that he said what he’s been accused of saying?

    If so, kindly copy & paste the full article here so the rest of us can read it.

    If not and you haven’t even read the article, WTF izzat about?

    What happened to reserving judgement until you’ve examined ALL the facts? Just because a Natural Society piece condemns someone in the public eye, you automatically buy their story without checking the source material for yourself?

    I’d hate to be stuck on a jury with you blokes!

    • Dawn Avotins

      Hoorah I agree with you!

    • I.H

      This made me curious because that did not sound like something Dr Oz would recomend. I don't agree with all his views 100%, but I do agree with a lot of views he does have. I decided to go to Dr Oz's web site and look up organic and Gmo topics. Every topic he had on it he seems to advocate organic more so then anything else and questions GMO food. That being said, he always is open to listen to both sides opinion, I did not come across anything with him endorsing GMO foods, and he agrees with labeling them so consumers have a choice from what I did see on his site. There is so much misinformation an contradicting information that can be found online, tv and in print. I guess it shows that it is always a good idea to question what you hear, especially from a single source, or if it seems out of character.

      • Jacqueline

        While you are defending Dr. Oz, you are calling Anthony a liar. Which is it? Anthony has more to lose than Oz if incorrect. I believe in this article. Money talks while BS walks!

    • Morgan

      RC, looks like you don't get it. Dr Oz in the full article says organic is 'elitist' and the same as conventional in every way.

      Conventional food is full of GMOs and pesticides.

      Therefore Oz is saying GMOs are safe.

      Get it?

      • RC

        No Morgan, I’ll “get it” when I get to read the complete article FOR MYSELF. If you read the complete article, why dont’ you post the link for the rest of us?

        Websites are notorious for posting incomplete quotes, so I don’t base my opinions on what ‘people’ say someone said. I find the primary source myself, which should be easy enough with a magazine article. But the only links I’ve found go to the Time website, which requires a subscription.

        I haven’t seen a single tv news report on that article, which is odd. Anderson Cooper lost sight in one eye – temporarily, a week ago – but mentioned it yesterday in his show. Every network has covered it since, but onoe of them have mentioned Dr. Oz’s Time article.


        • @kelelovesinfo

          I can post a link to it… but it's paid content. So you can pay for a subscription like the rest of us if you'd like to read it.

    • Sandy Dell

      More about Dr. Oz's stand — maybe he has changed his mind!:

    • Catie

      RC, you are correct…the article never discusses GMOs. I don't think anyone read this article and I say that because of the reference that all of these "investigative journalists" make to GMOs.

      I actually subscribed so I could read the entire article. It isn't a pro-GMO or anti-organics treatise. It is instead an article about how to find budget-friendly produce options including frozen and canned. Some how GMO came to stand for non-organic. They are two different topics. GMOs are foods with their genes manipulated. Organic refers to the methods of production used. The opposite of organic is conventional (i.e., cows given growth hormones, crops sprayed with pesticides, etc.).

      I take issue with Dr. Oz for encouraging people to eat canned vegetables because most of those cans are lined with BPA plastic and in most cases the fresh version of the food is cheaper (by weight), including the organic.

      • agelessdoctor

        Thanks for getting the TIME Magazine and reading the article and comparing it to the opinionated excerpts. Bottom line: Everybody has an opinion. Getting and reading the entire written story is the best solution of all. Then people can go on with their opinions. Even Dr. Oz has an opinion. He's not a research scientist. He's a paid doctor/actor. Still love his ability to get those body parts for his show. HMMMMM. Where do they come from?

  • Brains

    Most doctors are ill informed and this one is downright dangerous as too many think he is a god or something…..obviously he is living the illusion to the full realization of the idiocy he projects.

  • guest

    It's time to stop watching doctor OZ! He is slowly but surely selling out. His last sell out was over vaccinations, he was speaking in support of them as he had quietly invested in a vaccine company.
    He had previously said that his wife would not ever agree to vaccinate their children. Bye Bye Dr OZ, I will never watch you again!

  • Albert C

    What a sell out – this is just like dentists saying that eating candy is just a healthy as Fruits & veggies – always a greedy hidden agenda

    • toothfairymum

      Um, which dentists promote candy Albert C? Evidence please?

      • Phoenix

        That's not the point

        • toothfairymum

          True Phoenix, but saying that Dr Oz's sellout is "just like" something that is blatantly false decreases its authenticity by association, IMHO.

          • Sheri

            I believe that Albert's words are using an analogy; as in a sarcastic way. Not that dentists promote using candy to prevent tooth decay. (shaking head) A comparison.

  • GaryL

    Well said, Sad in Oregon! It occurs to me that Monsanto, et al, are in serious trouble; the jig is almost up.

    I sense a great deal more to the story than what we presently know, but there are a lot of folks (including myself) doing some serious research into the entire GMO juggernaut. There is clearly a lot of canned disinformation being presented with Dr. Oz’s being no exception, especially since it was so very nearly identical to an attempted “hit piece” submitted to our local county newspaper’s “letters to the editor” by some of our “esteemed” biotechnologists from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

    One of their assertions was that “DNA is DNA regardless of the source,” and, while that’s essentially correct, what they willfully omit is that diverse DNA produce diverse proteins, some are natural and some are novel; I suspect the major problems with GMO are due to the novel variety.

    Great job Anthony for staying on top of this! I feel we’re close to a crossroads where the scientific fraud and essentially killing-for-profit is going to be completely revealed for all to see.

    • Jacqueline

      Praise God….for revealing the evildoers in high places and for foiling the wicked plans of evil hearted men/women. Thank you, Lord!

  • Lorrie Ogren

    I no longer respect this man or his work. One more man bites the dust of time!

  • Sandra Barnhart

    What? No way!! sigh…. I am SUPER disappointed by this news.

    • Dawn Avotins

      I don't believe this article! I watched an episode of Dr Oz where he had a GMO scientist and a Dr. against GMO and Dr Oz did not endorse GMO foods anywhere, in fact he was telling the audience to eat Organic and also named the foods highest risk of GMO and or pesticide risks.

      • Monica

        Right in Dawn!!!! I saw it too. We need to send this to him so he can see ppl are bad mouthing him. He is NOT endorsing GMOs folks, & he always talks organic!!!! He did a whole show where ppl are stealing his identity & using it for their own benefit. A lot of haters in the world who jump on the bandwagon without watching the show.

  • GW

    wow…they really will pay off everyone…very sad Dr. Oz!!

    • Umbagog

      I wonder how much he sold out for.

  • Leslie Lorraine


    • Bob

      Smiling jack. He'll get more viewers bein so controversial.. I never liked the guy.

  • John

    I think in this corrupt and greedy world full of lies and manipulation, the safest way to go trough life, is to sharpen and follow your intuition.

    • MizLisa El


    • jacqui butterworth

      Thank you Anthony Gucciardi for fighting to stop the corruption that is going on with our food. The more people that know what is happening the better,

    • littlefaith123

      Hmmm, interesting! When I watched a show showing DR. Oz's kitchen you could see in his kitchen cabinets and all of his spices were organic brands. Oz is just another whore for the corporate giants like Monsanto and all the scumbag companies who promote their crappy food on his show. He can not come out against his owners (meal ticket) Monsanto, and the like, know what a huge marketing "tool" Oz is to the American sheeple. Now we will have to filter what garbage he spews…the truth from the lies, common sense must apply. I stopped watching him when he got his own show,then I started back when he began talking about holistic ways to heal , now I will turn him off again.

    • Kenneth Smith

      I wonder how much Monsanto lined his pockets with cash.. This is one example of what could happen"dont know if he has kids oor soon will have grand kids kids but for example if a new baby is brought out to show his wife and him and him and it is deformed due to the chemicals in the food she ate that passed through her into the baby and it has no legs or arms or just a plain vegetable will he feel the same,will he feel the bribe was worth it? My 8 years of research against GMO's proves his article a "LIE".

    • Jacob

      yes, I agree wholeheartedly.
      Sadly Dr. Oz is another puppet in the food chain of paid advertisers. It's whomever is bank rolling him at the moment I find he is advocating. what a joke. Take his advice with a giant grain of sponsored rock salt. Another pawn in the paid spawn…

      • J2longduckdong

        I know! what a joke! He sucks. Gosh, I have to admit I fell for his advertisements but now, wow. where is the integrity? He is lacking it in his face lift of a face. He sucks the giant reaming of sell out.

  • George

    Almost ALL of the scientists criticizing the Seralini study either work in the industry or own patents on GM technology. That study was published in a PEER REVIEWED SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. It is valid. It is up to Monsanto to disprove the study… so far they have not. As a result GMO's should be banned unless and until they can be scientifically proven to be safe.

    • MizLisa El

      yeah i'm disappointed

    • Jacqueline

      I totally agree with you, Sad in Oregon….Glad to know that truth spreads all across this nation. Bill Gates should be ashamed of himself…..for not only paying for the research on GMO's, but for Spraying the world with chemicals that will change the soil and will control the weather, for his effort to depopulate the world (Does he think that he is God?) for spreading abortion/planned parenthood to third world countries and for the spread of contraceptives all for the good of the people, of course! Evil envelopes people at all levels of society…Dr. Oz no longer exists…….Shame on the ruling class of thugs!