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Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza Also On Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?

Anthony Gucciardi
December 17th, 2012
Updated 12/17/2012 at 12:49 pm
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adamlanzaconnecticutshooter 260x162 Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza Also On Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?In mass shootings, the usage of pharmaceutical drugs, particularly psychotropic drugs, is one of the first things that should be examined when attempting to piece together the incident. Adam Lanza, the Connecticut shooter, was most likely dosing up on outlandish levels of pharmaceutical drugs just like shooters before him.

James Holmes was hooked on a cocktail of Big Pharma drugs that have been found to be deadlier than cocaine and heroin combined (even at ‘safe’ levels). But the trend continues much farther.

Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as well as 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, were all on psychotropic drugs. Even Ted Kaczinski the “Unabomber”, Michael McDermott, John Hinckley, Jr., Byran Uyesugi, Mark David Chapman and Charles Carl Roberts IV, the Amish school killer,were all on some form of SSRI psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs.

Even the mainstream media has been on record questioning whether or not these individuals were motivated to kill by the pharmaceutical creations, particularly in the case of Prozac-using Jeff Weise (who exhibited similar characteristics to Jared Lee Loughner). But that was years ago.

Now, we have scientific proof that antidepressant drugs are causing violence, suicidal behavior, and more. As Dr. Peter Breggin stated in the Huffington Post in regards to how antidepressant drugs are actually fueling suicide and violence among the heavily drugged armed forces:

 Antidepressants are a hoax–in this case, a hoax that is killing members of our armed services.”

Suicide, Violence Link Hidden by Big Pharma

In 2005, it was found that link between Prozac and suicidal behavior was kept a secret. The BBC even reported in as early as the year 2000 that Prozac ‘led to suicide’. Oftentimes killers will end their own lives after shootings, or attempt to force the cops to kill them. This is essentially a form of suicide with a mixture of murderous tendencies.

If Prozac can drive someone to suicide, could it also drive someone to end someone else’s life? Paxil, an anti-depressant drug, was found to be linked to violent behavior in 2006. The link incited multiple lawsuits, and brings up questions as to whether or not similar drugs have the same effects. Anti-depressants have horrible side effects, but about the even more hardcore drugs, such as the drugs that many of the other killers were taking? These psychotropics may have been the final straw in pushing  Lanza and others over the edge, the final push that they needed to go through with the horrendous act.

Was Lanza on the Drug Fanapt?

Some news outlets have begun reporting that the Connecticut shooter Adam Lanza was taking a drug known as Fanapt. Nothing has been confirmed just yet, but let’s take a look at this pharmaceutical drug nevertheless.

By taking a look at the Fanapt manufacturer package insert, it becomes very apparent that this is a dangerous and brand new drug with relatively little testing. Being approved back in 2009, Fanapt went through a ’6-week’ test in around only 706 people. Only half of which actually received the drug, with the other half taking a placebo.

Afterwards, the drug went through a 4-week trial. At that point only 1/3, or 201, individuals actually tested the drug. In summary, Fanapt was therefore only tested on 554 people before being approved by the FDA and offered to the United States population of around 300 million citizens.

Sounds safe, doesn’t it?

With a page dedicated to side effects including death, seizures, and other serious issues, Fanapt also addresses the issue of suicide. As we already, know this class of drugs causes violence and suicide, which means that if Lanza was actually on this little-studied drug, it would make a lot of sense.

Whether or not Lanza was on these drugs is yet to be determined for sure despite a number of outlets reporting that he was indeed on Fanapt or a similar drug (and considering he was being ‘treated’ for his mental illness also means that he was undoubtedly taking something).

What is known, however, is that the continual thread between virtually every major shooting of this caliber involves Big Pharma’s suicide and violence linked drugs.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza Also On Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?Google Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • mark hauser

    Even if Lanza was not on the drugs at the time of the shooting, it doesn’t matter. Drugs leave a lasting imprint on ones brain. A physical one, as well as the obvious psychological. Drug addiction and even use doesn’t end by simply stopping doing drugs, you have to have a conscious definitive, ok… I can’t think of the word, it’s something like someone who’s a ‘born again Christian’ or someone who goes through a major self-re-evaluation and changed their whole perspective on things/life. You have to do that really stop being an addict or even a user. I don’t believe there are any signs that Adam Lanza did anything of the sort. What he did proves he did just the opposite.

  • Ironwulf

    I have little doubt that we will never know what drugs Lanza was using. Big Pharma is just too wealthy, powerful and consequently, influencial to let it be known. They've bought up the Lame Stream Media.

  • Frankie

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  • DWK

    I realize that this thread is a couple of weeks old, but needed to comment. About 10 years ago, my son’s pediatrician gave me a prescription for Zoloft, after commenting that I seemed tired and depressed. ( who wouldn’t be with an active baby that didn’t sleep through the night for 3 years, and no family members living close by for support) Anyway, I accepted this doctor’s “diagnosis” and began taking the medication. What ensued was the worst four years of my life, years that culminated in violent thoughts, waking dreaming, and feeling of total disconnection from reality, and one that ended in hospitalization. It was truly a nightmare situation that I would wish on no one! These days we wonder why there are so many shootings and senseless violence in this country, and I can tell you, that the reason is as clear as day. Anyone who is currently taking SSRIs, or other psychotropic medications runs the risk of developing adverse effects, effects which are clearly listed on the warning labels if these medications, and are no joke! They are listed there for a reason to warn users that personality changes CAN and DO occur, and in my experience, with more regularity than the public is told. If you look at some of the photographs of Adam Lanza and James Holmes, you can clearly see that they have the same unusual “bug-eyed” expression. This is no coincidence as many of these drugs are reported to cause states of paranoia and a sense of unreality. Of course, you are unlikely to hear of a connection between these medications and the increase in random shootings in this country, from the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture these drugs, and rush them to market, but nevertheless, there IS a connection!

    • Barbara Nichols

      Sorry to hear of your horrible experience, DWK. My doctor gave me some Zoloft samples years ago when I had a very big job and not enough sleep. I took ONE TABLET before work one morning and was still at the office at midnight buzzing around doing everything until a friend insisted I go home. He had to take my briefcase out of my hand, as I planned to keep working at home. Next morning, I was so totally flattened, I literally could not raise my arm to pick up the phone to call the office to say I couldn't come in. It took a couple of days for the effects of that one Zoloft tab to wear off. Of course, I gave the doctor the rest of his pills back and told him "never again." I am particularly sensitive, thank goodness, so knew I had to quit right away. I can only imagine the effects of longterm use.

      On the other hand, I had very good results with the Prozac I took for a year. I dumped each capsule into a glass of water, stirred it each morning, and measured out 1/4 of a cup, equalling a quarter of the smallest dose of Prozac. Doc said it would do nothing. He was wrong. I felt wonderful, my friends were amazed at how refreshed and energetic I was (in a good way). I even looked years younger. It was a great tonic and I took it for a year.

      I cannot categorically say all SSRIs are dangerous. But I can say with great authority that some of us are more sensitive to drugs and should start with perhaps 1/10th of a dose of anything. I basically fight for my life with all medical providers…even dental anesthetists who find it hard to believe that 1/3 of the dose they want to give me is more than enough.

      Biofeedback works for me. Acupuncture works for me. Homeopathic remedies work for me. Where's the insurance company that covers those no-harm treatments?

  • invitada

    Venlafaxina 150mg ¿que opinais sobre este trataiento? a mi me viene bien pero creo que sera muy complicado dejarlo

  • Amy

    There are many holistic approaches used to treat depression..
    Acupuncture has worked amazingly for my horrible battle with anxiety..
    I now have my life back after 3 years.
    There is no need for side effects if you look beyond Western medicine!
    There was no need for his Mother to own those guns!!
    She is to blame for all those grieving families now..

  • bryan

    Antidepressants (ssir’s) …first and foremost induce suicidal and violent thought and behaviors. What does that mean? People take them, then they kill themselves, often taking many innocent lives on their way. Period. Fact. If you dispute this your plain wrong. The money hungry evil companies that manufacture and sell this stuff to the public know this very well. But they care less what it does to people cause they make billons on selling it. FDA, well they are the very best friends of any major drug company in the US.

  • bryan

    Antidepressants (ssir’s) …first and foremost induce suicidal and violent thought and behaviors. What does that mean? People take them, then they kill themselves, often taking many innocent lives on their way. Period. Fact. If you dispute this your plain wrong. The money hungry evil companies that manufacture and sell this stuff to the public know this very well. But they care less what it does to people cause they make billons on selling it. FDA, well they are the very best friend of any major drug company in the US.

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  • Botvinnik

    I'd rather deal with my depression on my own than to take these poisons and murder 20 babies.

  • Miocarditis

    I work as a psychiatric nurse and I can tell you 99% certain by the way he looks that he was either on antipsychotics or had been taking them for a long time. And I can also tell you that these drugs affect the brain so much and change people in such a way that they are unable to resume normal life afterwards and yes, very likely they will be so angry with society they can go on a killing spree. Never mind someone who was probably medicated in elementary school.
    I have helped to save a lot of young people in my facility. Unfortunately doctors are only interested in the money, me and my colleagues have often refused to administer drugs and ECT and we help people get out because most of the times they are not aware of what´s happening to them. Nobody is briefed about side effects.

  • littlefaith123

    You are the only one I have heard that is stating the obvious. All of these killers,including those who kill their children,when plastered all over the news it is said that they have a history of mental illness. CODE for they are on some type of anti-depressant meds.No one holds Big-Pharmas feet to the fire. No one really cares about lives lost as long as those at the top are making money.

    • jacqui butterworth

      It has also been pointed out that he had been diagnosed with Lyme disease that can affect mind/nervous system. How true I dont know

      • Kerston

        Which was probably another excuse to prescribe the drugs

  • Cpt Girlyman

    I hate to say it but we did routinely kill women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq – so talk about a place and time were killing is endorsed from the top down as the way to settle problems. Yea. its a radical comment, but American's are over the top when it comes to mass shootings. Ohh, and I am ultra-American myself.

  • jaydi

    why isnt anyone talking about the psychiatrists who prescribe these deadly toxins and suicide pills? theres no test to determine if your mentally ill, the quack just talks to you and out you go with a prescription for more. why are the shrinks getting off the hook every single time in these shootings? what are their histories? are there any terrible coincidences like both fathers about to testify in the libor scandal? are there any military shrinks? what are their records and prescription quotas?

  • natty This video clip is excellent on the psychotropic drugs and what they can do to a person. Adam Lanza's mom became one of those "preppers" and bought at least 3 guns the preppers recommend to other preppers. Perhaps Adam with medication was overwhelmed with "all" this DOOMSDAY crap the media and websites put out . Some people you can only instill so much fear with medication before you created a time bomb personality such as Adam.

  • Christine

    After seeing the photo of Adam Lanza I recognized the look of his eyes…I've seen it many times, and psychotropic drugs immediately came to my mind. Everyone is asking why? But will we hear a report of the drugs prescribed for him? I don't think so. Psychiatrists don't know how these drugs work..I had them admit that to me. In other words it is a crap shoot! This violence will continue unless somehow the public is made aware. There are warnings in the inserts that the pharmacy gives that they may induce suicidal or homicidal behaviors in children or young persons in particular!

  • mary

    There is no evidence linking Adam Lanza to any specific medication as of yet. The fanapt reference was made by a person pretending to be his uncle in a NY Daily News story. All references to that "uncle" and his statements have now been excised from that article, but the misinformation is still being discussed around the interwebs as if it were factual.

  • Carole

    You won't read about all the shooters and being on drugs at any the time. With a controlled media and big pharma cashing in, people will never learn of the connections. Educate yourselves. The purpose is to pass legislation to take away your guns period. It will continue whether there is gun control or not.
    Please read the book 'Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness" Then you will know what they have and what we are really up against . Much worst than any gun you can imagine. There is power in mass. United we stand.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent observation Ty

  • RedLake on Prozac

    The Red Lake shooter in MN who used his grandfather's police guns was on Prozac. I wonder how many others were as well?

  • Daisy Bee

    I wonder whether Adam Lanza's mother was a problem drinker or alcoholic. If so, she could have been nasty, abusive, and cruel to him. This coupled with a drugged up son could have created the kind of rage in him that lead him to shoot her in the faceseveral times with a high-powered weapon. The ultimate stfu. The BigPharma link will be investigated again and again, but the alcohol link?

  • Fogger

    Exactly my first thought on hearing about this tragedy.

    But now we find out that this shooters father as well as the father of the Colorado theater shooter were scheduled to testify on the LIBOR scandal. What this may have to do with it, I have no idea, just very strange that's all.

  • visgoth

    I have been reading alot about the tie in between the Newtown murders and psychotropic drugs silence in the media about this I take Bupropion generic for Wellbutrin luckly I don't suffer these problems so far I hope I never will.

  • ehldee

    years ago, lost a friend to suicide after he was cold-turkeyed off his valium by the hospital he checked himself into.
    highly recommend the work, books, website of Dr. Peter Breggin, for in-depth look into this whole topic.
    Our bodies and brains are overwhelmed with chemicals, heavy metals, GMOs– that the perfection of evolution cannot make any sense out of. So. We'll all see what happens, yes?
    We're all only a few neurochemical tweakings away from insanity or bliss after all. Sad to say…

  • DR. Grainelee

    Hey idiot that posted as watchdog.
    Anthony pointed out information that any first responder would suspect – you know the pros that deal with violent people often. And you bet the first question they would be asking is what that person had smoke, drank, sorted, swallowed, or injected in the last 72 hours. The reason they ask this first is that there is a very strong relationship to people that suddenly go mad to drugs – prescription or street – same thing. Now this reported points out that the shooters on mass killing sprees are often on drugs know to have violence/suicide as a side effect- and your right , it may only happen to say less than a tiny fraction of people but with the massive promotion of these drugs from TV commercials to DRs' prescribing them like viatamins that tiny fraction represents a lot of people. Do your own homework bozo – if you think a Big Mac can cause a mass killing you need to get an IQ!

  • Derwood

    I can tell you first hand that prescription anti -depressant drugs can cause extreme violence and a full disconnect to the parts of the brain that separates us from animals, at least for some people. I woke up in a Texas prison after going on a crime spree – I was only about 110 lbs but I was so violent I had blood drenched fights with cops and bikers, i was put in the hole and could not speak coherently for about 5 days. Point is I had no control over what was happening to me until the prescription drug wore off. would clear the room when I came in. I had no history of any crime or violence before or after that episode from many years back. Now many will say that drugs/booze only amplify a persons violent tenancies – that is not true – i cry when birds die, I am not violent – ever – except that one time I took Wellbutrin.

  • Darwin Theory

    In my opinion this event was not the result of any one thing like access to guns, violent computer games, overbearing mother, or the drugs he was on but a "perfect storm" type of scenario where a multitude of things all came together. I am very interested if he had any recent changes in his medications – since I would suspect that as being the primary catalyst. I hate guns but in Australia when they banned them crime went way up because the bad guys forgot to play by the rules and now had undefended victims. Maybe at least banning full on military grade weapons klike the ones he used designed for mass killing including shooting through walls, vehicles, etc.

  • sarahfloydgreer

    Nowhere here have you mentioned that Adam Lanza had autism. Temple Grandin has covered the effects of anti-depressant drugs on the Autistic brain in one of her books, I can't remember which one, "Thinking in Pictures" maybe. It's a thing! That type of brain needs a very low dose of any kind of SSRI too much causes violent mood swings. Is it possible that Adam Lanza was crazed due to the drugs? Yes, but it may be more correct to say that it was due to the drugs' effect on his atypical autistic brain. Worth looking into. Is it possible that we could come to feel compassion for him? I hope so.

    • Brian

      Yes. You are correct. Grandin actually references this point in a couple different book she has written. "thinking in pictures" and "the way I see it". Extremely low doses are what should be taken. My son has autism and I refuse to give him pharmaceuticals of any kind for fear of irreversible regression.

      • Susan

        It is incredibally complicated; my niece had autism and other complications and because she couldn’t speek. We were present at the hospital where she died a horrible death. The nurse decided with our urging to give more and more morphine. It wasn’t until the last day of her life that the hospital did an MRI and her colon was dying/dead. Undoubtedly she was over medicated with tons of drugs. But what she had, as I understand it, the killer didn’t have. Lanza was not socialized; what he needed most was social skills; did he qualify for help under “other health impaired” and get this help? Why was he home schooled? Why all the guns and easy acc

  • systemsofcare

    lets be very clear

    on drugs or not
    this person has access to guns not just any guns assault weapons with larger magazines that held at least 30 rounds

    please explain why this was left on on the analysis ??

    2) those with mental illness and on drugs are not killers
    this must stop

    see Out of the shadows at last links

  • dave

    Opps = forgot to post the link to the side effects.

  • dave

    good article- I did a few minutes of research and found the most commonly reported side effects of Fanapt as reported by users:

    #1 VIOLENT

  • mary

    I too have suffered a life- long battle with depression and was prescribed Prozac and believed that it was helping, but it actually made my problems worse- I was just totally unaware of how bad because the Prozac deadened my emotions and logical abilities. My "meds" were readjusted many times, until I could even see "I WAS Crazier" on the drugs. When I tried to tell my Doc, there was a problem- THEY ACTUALLY UPPED MY DOSAGE to TWICE the LEGAL LIMIT ( I only realized it because my sister kept pressuring me to at least look up the drug and its effects) When I did I was faced with MY truth that these drugs don't work for me and quit them cold. ( yes Im STILL depressed, but in control) I don't know about these ppl involved with the shootings, but considering what happened to me and how my entire life was affected by these drugs, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find they were on them and I believe that if they were the doctors who prescribed them and the perspective maker of said drug should be held accountable for the deaths of all the innocent victims.

    • guest

      Many say quality Krill oil helps tremendously with depression with no side effects but only other positive health effects. Hope that helps.

  • j dunn

    boy oh boy, a slippery slope there fella. Not sure you can jump from empirical evidence stating that some of these anti-depressants cause suicidal ideations to then say they could cause violent, murderous acts. Listen, I'm no fan of psychotropic drugs, but as someone who has suffered from a lifelong struggle with depression, I have to tell you, drugs DO make a POSITIVE difference. Not all the time. Not with everybody. And…. it is a game of What Works and What Doesn't. Drugs do exist for a purpose and not just to line the execs and lobbyists of/for big pharmaceutical companies.

    • Kim

      J Dunn, are you aware that antidepressants aren’t any better than a placebo? Any perceived benefit you are experiencing is most likely the placebo effect. This has been definitively proven. Actually, medical science has never been able to prove the “chemical imbalance” theory. Meanwhile these drugs cause damage, physically & mentally. Seek a qualified Naturpathic doctor to help find and treat the ROOT cause.

    • Alex

      Pull your head from your ass!
      check out this link.

    • @digwellness

      See now, You are the exact definition of a fan. Perfectly brainwashed and all.

    • Kerston

      Oh if you want to make that argument it sounds as though the use of these drugs is like playing Russian roulette. So which is more dangerous. The drugs or the guns ? Should people who don't choose to be lab rats lose the right to bear arms and defend themselves be at the mercy of those who prescribe and take these unpredictable substances ? I think there is no reason to take away the rights of others so the mad scientists who prescribe this stuff for anyone who feels a little down and for just about anything (have seen it with my own eyes) Guns are harmless without someone to pull the trigger. The psych drugs can and have created the monsters that use the guns for these insane acts of violence against innocents. The evidence is showing that people on these prescribed "anti psychotics" are the ones doing the shootings more than the people who are just plain psychotic.

  • Dr. Sarah

    There's no doubt that this shooter was also on one of these medications, which are absolutely causing distortion in the mind!

  • Jane Peters

    I don't doubt it. And I don't doubt that phenothiazines are to blame too. I believe these drugs can cause brain damage. And effect the dopamine and serotonin levels in a person. Which may cause some people to lose control.

  • Doberty2

    Great analysis, this thread exists always throughout every one of these events

    • cpmt

      it is possible he had some 'mental illness" kind of autism. Because of the way he behaved prior the assassinations of his mother, these children and adults. I also bl his mother for having so many guns in her house… something was not right with her either.