Connecticut Farmers Market Meat Recalled After 7 Sickened

Food Safety Contamination

Two people in Connecticut have been hospitalized with E. coli after purchasing beef, veal, and bison from local farmers markets and farms. Adams’ Slaughterhouse, which produced the products, has recalled their meat in order to avoid further problems. Both of those who were stricken with E. coli had eaten the beef packed at Adams’.

Maura Downes, spokesperson for the Department of Public Health, which is investigating the multi-state outbreak, stated:

“This facility slaughters, processes, and packs beef products for some small producers here in Connecticut. Some of these producers only sell their ground beef products directly at the farm or farmers’ markets throughout the state.”

Although 2 people became ill enough to warrant hospitalization, 7 people in 4 states have become sick thanks to the contamination at Adams’, which is located in Athol, Massachusetts. Several of their products have tested positive for Escherichia. Downes has stated that they are waiting on a list of the farmers markets and farms where Adams’ has sold their contaminated meat so that they can further warn the public. This list is expected to be issued in the next few days. [1]

The general manager of Adams’, Ed Maltby, stated of the incident:

“We pride ourselves on being a high-class facility with testing. We regret that people have gotten sick.” [2]

Maltby furthered added that there were only 2 days in which the meat was contaminated.

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Of the 7 people who have become ill, they range in age from 1 to 74 years old. The illnesses occurred from between June 27 and September 4.

The Department of Health warns anyone who purchased meat from a farmers market or a farm in Connecticut to check to see if the USDA label has Adams’ number 5497 printed on it. If this is the case, it should be discarded immediately. If customers do not have the packaging they purchased the meat in, they may contact the farmers market or farm where they purchased their meat to see if it is included in the recall.

E. coli is an intestinal infection that is often characterized by abdominal pain, fever and diarrhea. More severe cases can cause bloody diarrhea, dehydration and kidney failure. If you suspect you have been infected with E. coli, seek medical treatment immediately. [3]


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