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Compiled Proof that Natural Healing is Embedded in Nature, Natural Foods

Mike Barrett
September 5th, 2012
Updated 11/01/2012 at 10:34 pm
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Disease rates are skyrocketing, particularly chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. With an estimated half of all US adults to face diabetes by 2020, it would seem that there is little hope for slowing down the rampant onslaught of lifestyle-connected conditions. It may be that our continued distancing from nature is the root cause of the escalation of disease, but the good news is that natural healing and prevention can be achieved with the mere decision to embrace mother nature and the natural healing foods provided by her.

Mainstream physicians have been prescribing, cutting, and radiating for decades, yet disease rates are not dwindling. These conditions are not being cured, but fueled. What has been increasing alongside the explosion of sickness rates? Humanity’s reluctancy to embrace and utilize the core principals of natural living.

‘What doesn’t give you cancer these days?’ This statement is a result of major corporations and government organizations turning a blind eye to toxic substances within the food supply and the environment. It may be true that most mainstream products and ‘solutions’ are feeding illness and disease, but another statement could be made that is quite the opposite. ‘What real living food doesn’t prevent cancer?’

There is a serious epidemic of vitamin D deficiency throughout the United States and other developed nations. Many individuals are not going outside anymore, and toxic sunscreen is used even when they do. In either case, vitamin D is not attained, and vitamin D is absolutely essential in the prevention of disease and proper hormonal regulation. Today, however, even cases of the rickets are returning!

Spices like turmeric and ginger, fresh fruits like lemons and oranges, and vegetables like carrots and kale – what real foods don’t prevent cancer? The answer, as scientists are slowly finding out on a daily basis, is nearly all foods are healing foods. These food products are full of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial compounds that have been found to combat cancer and even shrink tumors.

Here are just a handful of examples proving that nature and natural foods are truly the key to preventing and healing disease. Going one step further, they are pivotal in paving the way for you to not only survive, but thrive.

Natural Healing with Natural Foods

Spices – Spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, oregano, curry, and more have all been shown in research to have a profound positive effect on the body. Turmeric spice and ginger have been shown to destroy cancer cells time and time again; cinnamon is great for diabetics and protecting against diabetes; oregano is full of antioxidants, making it great for anti-aging and defeating cancer.

Fruit – Although fruit contain fructose, that doesn’t take away from the many health benefits they provide. Apples and pears help to preserve brain health; papaya contains an enzyme known as papain, which helps with the digestive system; berries are among the top antioxidant rich foods, known to help slow the aging process, fight cancer, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and much more.

Vegetables – Vegetables are possibly the most important foods that the vast majority of people are omitting. Celery naturally contains an ingredient that can halt breast cancer; leafy greens like broccoli are essential for the prevention of prostate cancer and to keep the heart healthy; carrots, collard greens, and zuccini help to promote vision; beets are wonderful for detoxing the body.

Nuts – All nuts contain a variety of health-boosting compounds, including omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to promote mental health, halt weight gain, and help lead to a longer life. The compounds found in pistachios make the nut great for eye health, heart health, and cancer prevention; walnuts are rich in vitamin E, which protects cells and DNA from damage, supports circulation, and is great for the brain; almonds help with weight management, improves heart health, and regulate blood sugar.

Of course this is only a handful of foods that lead to only a handful of health benefits. Remember that natural, organic foods can induce natural healing, and that a simple walk in the park can make more of an impact than you would ever believe.

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About Mike Barrett:
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  • Dr. Stewart

    Despite the reluctance and sometimes open opposition of the food industry backed by mainstream doctors, natural remedies and lifestyles are gaining popularity among people of all walks of life. As a becoming naturopath, I can only welcome these developments.

    An Atlanta pediatrician

  • Greg Drill

    Nature indeed provides us with many benefits to keep us healthy and fresh. Now a days there are various products that are made from natural extracts and are very good for your skin.
    best self tanner

  • Belinda Allen

    Getting back to nature and it's bounty is the key to good health nowadays. I take tumeric and cinnimon and capullate it myself (less expensive) and always buy organic, when I can. Cancer…..finding the "cause", ,,, IS, the "cure". The Tumeric has kept my digestive system in check, all the while my arthritic joints do not hurt me anymore….unless I forget to take it. I have just touched the tip of the iceburg…and still learning more all the time. With the internet….we can all do the (free) research ourselves or go to the library. Stop taking for granted that the food industry has our best interest as heart….the allmighty dollar has them by the Kahoones. Buy organic. Where we all "spend" our money is where we are placing our "vote". Stop buying bad processed food, and they will go out of business, or they will clean up their act. Live to Learn….and….Learn to live.