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Woops! Study Accidentally Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse

Anthony Gucciardi
August 7th, 2012
Updated 11/18/2012 at 2:25 am
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hospitalblur5 235x147 Woops! Study Accidentally Finds Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse

A team of researchers looking into why cancer cells are so resilient accidentally stumbled upon a far more important discovery. While conducting their research, the team discovered that chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth. Beyond that, it even makes the tumor highly resistant to future treatment.

Reporting their findings in the journal Nature Medicine, the scientists report that the findings were ‘completely unexpected’. Finding evidence of significant DNA damage when examining the effects of chemotherapy on tissue derived from men with prostate cancer, the writings are a big slap in the face to mainstream medical organizations who have been pushing chemotherapy as the only option to cancer patients for years.

The news comes after it was previously ousted by similarly-breaking research that expensive cancer drugs not only fail to treat tumors, but actually make them far worse. The cancer drugs were found to make tumors ‘metasize’ and grow massively in size after consumption. As a result, the drugs killed the patients more quickly.

Known as WNT16B, scientists who performed the research say that this protein created from chemo treatment boosts cancer cell survival and is the reason that chemotherapy actually ends lives more quickly. Co-author Peter Nelson of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle explains:

“WNT16B, when secreted, would interact with nearby tumour cells and cause them to grow, invade, and importantly, resist subsequent therapy.”

The team then complimented the statement with a word of their own:

“Our results indicate that damage responses in benign cells… may directly contribute to enhanced tumour growth kinetics.”

Meanwhile, dirt cheap substances like turmeric and ginger have consistently been found to effectively shrink tumors and combat the spread of cancer. In a review of 11 studies, it was found that turmeric use reduced brain tumor size by a shocking 81%. Further research has also shown that turmeric is capable of halting cancer cell growth altogether. One woman recently hit the mainstream headlines by revealing her victory against cancer with the principal spice used being turmeric.

This accidental finding reached by scientists further shows the lack of real science behind many ‘old paradigm’ treatments, despite what many health officials would like you to believe. The truth of the matter is that natural alternatives do not even receive nearly as much funding as pharmaceutical drugs and medical interventions because there’s simply no room for profit. If everyone was using turmeric and vitamin D for cancer (better yet cancer prevention), major drug companies would lose out.

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  • Gemma

    When my grandma had cancer she choose not to have treatment and lived for years. It was only in her final 6 months that things went really bad and then she had to go to hospital, and then into a hospice. The hospital sent her for some radiotherapy. She was too bad to have chemo I think by this stage and it wasn’t offered. The radiotherapy made her a lot sicker and she died shortly after her treatment finished. At the same time a close friend was diagnosed with cancer. She had chemotherapy and again it made her a lot sicker during and after her treatment. It killed a lot of her tumours but the cancer quickly came back and was worse. She also died about a year after her chemo. I have read a lot where apparently the best prevention against a lot of types of cancers is to cut out meat and dairy from your diet. As a vegan now for 2 years this hopefully makes my cancer risk low, but if I ever do get cancer I think I’ll stick with the turmeric and ginger and when it’s my time to go I’ll opt for dying peacefully with the aid of an end of life nurse like my gran did.

  • GrowGoddess

    I watched a video on youtube called Run From the Cure. I have been growing cannabis for a long time. It said in the video that concentrated cannabis oil can kill cancer and heal people. I decided to give it a try. I treated two patients, legally for free. You may want to give this a try. Here is a link to my experience with the oil
    Here is a link to the way I like to prepare my oil for fighting off serious illness like cancer. It is also good to use as a preventative. It will also lead you to a link showing how to vaporize cannabis oil properly.

    I don’t sell anything, I don’t have a business, just blogging my experience.

  • Meg

    Chemotherapy cured my cancer. I had cancer tumours that were doubling every three weeks. I had chemo pre-surgery and was able to monitor the tumour death using ultrasound. They’re gone. I’m well. The statistics on chemotherapy speak for themselves. Thousands of people now survive cancer because of it. It is both dangerous and cruel to undermine its value because it puts people off this life saving treatment.

    • Klaatu

      How many other people do you know that were cured by chemo to the ratio of people that were killed or died from the chemo or cancer?

  • Meg

    I had chemotherapy for triple negative breast cancer. My tumours were doubling every three weeks and chemotherapy killed them. I know that chemotherapy isn’t a ‘perfect’ treatment (what is?), but you only need to look at the survival figures to see that more and more people are surviving cancer than at any other time in history. If you check the data bases on cancer you will find that there accurate statistics available for those that do not respond to chemotherapy and those that die because of side effects like neutropenia. You ask how we can be sure that anyone’s survival is due to chemotherapy? Because it’s a statistical fact. Thousands of people are alive because of it and modern protocols mean that my only side effects were hair loss, a mild rash on my arms and a metal taste in my mouth. No nausea, no weight loss and most of the time I felt fine.

    • ksuter

      I say they survive in spite of the chemotherapy not due to it. And actually the rates of survival are based on 5 yrs and if they die at 5.5 years they are still considered cured but were unfortunate to get yet another cancer. Its a game with numbers. Its amazing that so many are cured by alternative methods AFTER being given up by the conventional docs or butally damaged by conventional medicine. Those that survived chemo, radiation and surgery are blessed.

  • Meg

    This article is a misrepresentation of the research. It makes me so angry that the author can just make stuff up about this research. Chemotherapy saves lives. It saved mine. A small number of people find that chemotherapy works initially and then stops working and these researchers were trying to discover why. They did! And now that small group of people that develop resistance also have a better chance of beating cancer. The worst thing about this article is that it might put people off having life saving treatment or cause them to cut their treatment short. The statistics are there; more people survive cancer than at any other time in history. And it’s not because of garlic and turmeric! Read about the real research here:

  • Kazina

    it depends what is meant by natural remedies. maybe they haven’t tried enough, there are so many different options of miraculous nature to heal. sometimes people may continue to poison themselves with artificial stuff interfering with nature’s process

  • BA

    This commentary is a complete misrepresentation of the Nature Medicine publication. The authors did not find that chemotherapy made cancer worse – they identified a mechanism that resulted in tumor resistance to the chemotherapeutic agent. The findings don’t say chemotherapy resulted in cancer spread, they reveal a reason why the treatment becomes less effective over time. Without treatment, the cancer can and will spread. Researchers have already started trying to develop inhibitors of the proteins discovered by these scientist which could potentially make chemotherapy less prone to resistance. Articles like this are completely irresponsible and frankly reprehensible.

  • monica garghentini

    vorrei sapere riguardo all’articolo sulla pianta anti cancro la groviola dove si possono trovare i suoi estratti o chi e dove posso averli e se li vendono in qualche parte del mondo . monica , verona italia

  • Maria Delaware

    As a nurse, I think this site has many helpful articles and i have encouraged others to read them. Chemotherapy can be toxic, especially some particularly aggressive combinations and drug regimes. I have known patients who are not helped by natural remedies and others who have recovered. I think ginger and turmeric are particularly helpful in a preventative way.

  • Just a Friend

    I have a good friend that did both chemo and radiation and didn't get sick from either – by taking a natural food supplement along with the treatments – Another person ( relative of a friend) is now cancer free by taking the same food supplement – so there IS hope!
    Great research on the supplement here

  • Elle

    Cannabinoids. CBD. The future of the informed.

  • Sandy

    Dear Anthony Gucciardi. Your tagline describes you as being an accomplished investigative journalist. Did you investigate the story you referred to at all? A less biased source of the story mentions that this development occurs in advanced cases of solid cancers where the cancer has spread throughout the body (metastasized). It also mentions that the discovery will help future treatments with the inclusion of WNT16B inhibitors to improve effectiveness.

    Secondly, regarding the study finding turmeric reduced tumours by 81%, I remember reading about that. The actual study found tumours were reduced (marginally) in 81% of cases. Big difference.

    I’m actually doing a study at the moment of how alternative news (and health) sites intentionally mislead their readers by omitting crucial details of the original story.

    Congratulations – you’ve site has qualified as an example of this happening.

    • Anonymous

      There are so many facets regarding disease-I myself was treated via doctor, optional surgery , and big PHARMA prescriptions which to avail I did not get better except temporarily and spending lots of money. What I experienced was a tremendous amount of research hidden and debunked by FDA and the money making conglomerates that control the truth from the American people. Only until the last 10-20 years that we’ve had the Internet that all of the research and actual cases of vitamin an nutrition “alternative” treatments that we have been able to understand that there are alternatives instead of being brainwashed that chemo, radiation, pills etc. we’re the only HOPE. I believe that information and options were never the desire of the FDA and big PHARMA that they wanted to be valued as an option for the people. So a study on how much profits and how much money the cancer business ALONE brings in…we’re not even talking about the other diseases.just take a pill, have surgery and never supplement and have a healthy lifeste

      • Anonymous

        Continued—Lifestyle! Also, insurance will take care of those when we have chosen to eat the junk(processed, fast food, little vegetables, GMO foods( do the research on what that’s doing to the body) cokes, aspartame, no supplements-get the picture? All I can say honestly share w you is that when I changed my lifetyle(juicin-veggies) supplementation, and started researching and finding a wealth of info and trying different things–(himalayan salt baths, dmso, and supercharging my body with vitamins and MINERALS-that my body DID HEAL ITSELF. Some are too far gone in illness no doubt -wait til Obama care kicks in-you might decide to start looking to become your own doctor and seek the “great physician for truth and HIS wisdom regarding healing…

        • Anonymous

          After losing 3 to disease in a 5 year period-traditional medicine did not do anything but prolong their life for a short time . America has the “best health care system??!! Yet we are the so sickest nation (high blood pressure , heart disease-etc) I mean if it were so great-why are we all getting disease and dying? Even our children-autism, add, cancer, diabetes) All out healthcare system does is try to treat the symptoms and not get to the real issues of disease! The alternative approach is simply trying to restore the body to the healthy hemeostasis of the body through a weakened immune system, getting vitamins and minerals into the body to improve cellular action. And to detoxify it as well

        • Anonymous

          After losing 3 to disease in a 5 year period-traditional medicine did not do anything but prolong their life for a short time . America has the “best health care system??!! Yet we are the so sickest nation (high blood pressure , heart disease-etc) I mean if it were so great-why are we all getting disease and dying? Even our children-autism, add, cancer, diabetes) All out healthcare system does is try to treat the symptoms and not get to the real issues of disease! The alternative approach is simply trying to restore the body to the healthy hemeostasis of the body through a weakened immune system, getting vitamins and minerals into the body to improve cellular action. And to detoxify it as well

  • Barbara

    To Katheryn Turmeric is very effective for breast cancer cells. Katheryn, do you own research on the internet. Eat at least 2 spoons of turmeric a day (tea/smoothly/curry/organic tablets/oil) with freshly ground black pepper, as piperine increase bioavailability of curcumin. Stop eating any sugar as its feeds cancer cell, stop eating processed food, refined oils only flax seeds/avocado/coconuts, stop using toxic cosmetics, stop using microwave, etc.. Also, for breast cancer use thermotherapy (e.g.3 time a day), or hot stone therapy, with the stones placed on your breast, is effective, as the breast cancer cells are close to the surface of the skin and the heat can penetrate the skin and causes cancer cell death with higher temperature at 43C.
    Do your own research e.g.
    Book by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, free to read on-line "The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees, Thermotherapy in the New Century” ,
    Book free to read on line "Alternative Cancer Remedies" .. by Vance Ferrell,
    Cellular and Molecular Life Science, 2008 "Review Curcumin: From ancient medicine to current clinical trials" by H. Hatcher, R. Planalp, J. Cho, F. M. Torti and S. V. Torti

  • Jacquelyn

    Thanks to all you kindred spirits for sharing your stories. Wonder if any of you has heard about the Paw Paw Program. We have been using it successfully for many years. Everyone who has done the program is now cancer-free, irrespective of the site of the cancer. We do know what it is. To the person who posted about Dr. Otto Warburg you are spot on. He was one of the great contributors of the previous century to the understanding of cancer and its source. We know what it is, and we know what to do about it, and it has nothing to do with drugs. If you're in the Vancouver area you might like to come to one of my seminars. Blessings on you all. Jacquelyn

  • neptunya

    on peut guerir du cancer, en utilisant, du Lapacho, du curcuma evc du poivre et de l'huile d'olive, avec de la vitamineC ainsi qu'en prenant du gingembre et roibos. c'est ce que j'ai fait et en 5 mois je n'ai plus de cancer du sein.

  • Joyce Wilson

    As a breast cancer survivor that had chemo and radiation, I know I will NEVER do it again. I got a call the other day from my oncologists nurse. She was shocked to find me still alive after 10 yrs. I told her I started drinking Zija, a moringa oleifera based drink 3 yrs and it turned my body back the way it was before chemo & radiation. I had so many terrible side effects from the drugs & radiation. She asked for a sample of the drink, but I'm sure it will never be shared with a patient. So sad that people are never told about natural products that could very possibly change the outlook for a cancer patient. Of course that would not make big Pharma any money would it?

  • Marty

    I too am looking for the original article. We really need to be able to show we did are homework… I don't like circular references! The link provided I the other comment is not working, either. Please provide citation for the whistle-blowing or atleast explain where you got this info from. Thanks!

  • hijyen bariyerleri

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  • pedr mohr

    To secede States wishing to do so should promise much better advise to cancer patients and failure to do will not be allowed,Also chem trails will be outlawed and enforced.

  • Michael David Lawrie

    Great article. I like the mention of the benefits of turmeric and ginger for cancer. I believe an alkaline pH balance in the body is beneficial for health.

  • Sammy

    Most cancer is curable and being done. See

    • DONNA


  • Geneva H.

    Lupron made my dad's advanced prostate cancer shrink to undetectable within a matter of days.

    • Theresa

      what is Lupron?

  • gerald

    Dec 12 1992 my mother died from Chemotherapy and Radiation . She had a cough , they found one small lump in her breast and non removable lump near her lungs and heart. After the treatment the cancer spread through her body. She drowned to Death, her lungs were filling with fluid and had to be drained. I live near the Cancer Clinic Know , maybe It's time pay them a VISITE.

  • Joe

    When medicine and this medical racket is a multi-billion dollar industry it is in the best interest of the people to push the most profitable way of doing things. What you do is the slander and discredit anybody who comes up with cures and keep killing off people for profit. A cure will NEVER come along because there is too much money at stake. To many jobs would be lost and too many people would loose too much. So just give up your notion that a cure will come for anything.

    • Adrian

      I wish it was a simple as that but the truth is MUCH MUCH MUCH more darker than that.

      • ruth williams

        To Joe and Adrian

        Yeah it's the same with the mining industry and the american gun industry : any conducive change would involve massive job loss and companies folding. However that is what leadership is; it's not possible at first… but any business has to adapt to the market. The whole mayan beginning of the new cycle is about pushing through …. to hear 'there's no money in that anymore so we switched to medical marijuana – and wow so many other products we can sell from that plant " …. change is possible it just needs great leadership

  • Sasha

    It's a little hard to trust an article on cancer research when 1) there is no link to the study in question, and 2) the author doesn't know the word "metastasize."

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more!! How irresponsible to make these claims and not support them.

  • Stu Sweeney

    I am a Certified Natural Health Professional and of course am certain that chemotherapy and radiation are not what I would ever choose to do if I had cancer of any kind. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 for his research "The Metabolism of Tumors". He concluded that all cancers are characterized by acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). "Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one you have the other.He discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic(do not breathe oxygen) and that they cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an ALKALINE state!The best way to have an alkaline pH balance that is not conducive to the existence of cancer is to drink restructured alkaline ionized water and to eat whole raw organic plant based foods. Kangen Water accomplishes this in days and weeks whereas it takes months and years for diet alone to accomplish it. It really is that simple. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  • OncoDoc

    I am a practicing radiation oncologist and have been advocating use of turmeric for years, as well as a lot of other supplements and herbs from my ayurvedic grandfather and mother's teaching, with supplemental information through traditional western sources and Swami RamDev. I have found that turmeric, while it has never actually cured any patient, has significantly improved their overall sense of well being and prolonged their lives. Many patients who were certainly going to die from the effects of chemotherapy became much healthier after stopping chemo and starting herbal therapy. However, other products such as androgenic steroids also have made a significant impact on quality of life and survival. One last thing, if the radiation is very well focused there will be much fewer side effects, which allows treatment of the major volume of cancer. Don't abandon tried and tested treatments, just don't allow yourself to become a money cow for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Marcella Cox

    I can take the information in from both sides. I am a doctor who wants her patients to be healthy, allowed to heal and do so as naturally as possible. Yes…chemotherapy is poison. No, it does not discriminate all the time between cancer and healthy cells. Yes…it is painful and uncomfortable and ugly. No one enjoys it. NOW…it also is very effective in most instances in decreasing tumor size, sometimes to the point of being undetectable. It is a course – a time of therapy. It is not forever. MANY MANY MANY people survive their cancers and go on to live fulfilling lives. It is NOT always successful. But check your resources….I assure you that it is more successful than vitamin d and turmeric and ginger and any other number of less toxic agents. I want people to heal, and heal naturally. But the evidence is weak to make the completely natural, no "chemo" approach the primary one that is recommended. I applaud anyone who makes a life change to the healthier and finds a way to strengthen their body enough to defeat cancer. They are in the minority, and very special. The majority will die sooner if they do not treat. All chemotherapies are not the same. There are many treatment modalities, with varying degrees of side effects and success rates. Please don't lump all cancer treatments into one collective entity, and then encourage everyone to discard it. It has saved many people. Maybe the answer will be in the combining of the lower toxicity treatments with more natural body supporting therapies. Just a thought.

    • Doc Wah

      I have seen multiple cases where no chemical intervention was ever used and the cancer was completely irradicated. A golfball size breast lump diminished to a pea size mass. The truth is that of the slow growing cancers, people are not given appropriate choices. There is absolutely no need to jump into surgery in most cases, especially if the cancer is slow growing. AND there are many natural herbal and vitamin supplements that help reduce these. But I am a huge advocate for the Raw Living Food diet, as used by Ann Wigmore. The enzymes in raw food will actually cleave the oncogene. No doctor will tell you that. It is a natural approach, and I salute anyone who makes the choice to help their body heal. Our bodies are amazing, and not only will the Raw Living food diet help cure cancer, it will cure a number of preventable diseases, such as diabetes. It will also prevent diseases. By switching from the SAD diet (standard american diet) to the natural enzymes that occur in raw living foods, you will survive to a ripe age of over 100 years old. I plan to live to be at least 120 years of age. Anyone else want to join me? I can teach you how, and give you excellent resources. Doc Wah

      • Jean West

        I agree with you. I feel Ann Wigmore’s protocol is the best. Max Gerson is also fine, as is Johanna Budwig’s. Research them all out. Bill Henderson’s book is great as is Ty Bollinger’s. The two books give a good all around view of cancer and the cancer establishment.

        I’m 79 year’s old and haven’t seen a doctor in 15 years. I feel great. No meds of course and I love raw food.

        I’d also like to see the original study. Who out there has this resource?

    • Anonymous

      Western medicine considers that removing the tumor by surgery , chemo treatment and by radiation will remove and cure the patient with cancer.

      This system of treatment has been proven , time and time again to be Inefffective and useless.

      pls visit this link

      • Bala

        Very well said. There is a fundamental flaw in the approach of western medicine in treating cancer. Reduction in the size of the tumor through chemo, radiation or surgery does not in any way guarantee that the patient is cancer-free. Often, the cancer metastasizes to other vital organs and in a year or so the patient gets back the cancer. Why did the cancer come in the first place is something no researcher is interested in. It is true that there is no money in prevention. When a patient is suffering from a severe lung infection with high fever, it is like administering a powerful antipyretic and bringing down the temperature and calling it a cure.

    • Anonymous

      The 1994 Journal of Clinical Oncology stated that chemo was ineffective in 97% of patients

    • Ron Jon

      A patient undergoes chemotherapy and lives another five years and the doctors call this a success. Another patient undergoes chemotherapy and dies within months and the doctors say that they did everything they could. It's a hit or miss game. The patient that lived an extra five years… how can we be certain that their longevity was due to the chemotherapy? Maybe they would have survived the extra years WITHOUT the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy kills healthy cells pure and simple but I've never heard a doctor attribute a patient's death to the chemotherapy, it's always the cancer.

    • Tim Kelly

      I didn't see the original study so I can't actually substantiate, but heard that untreated (by allopathic med) cancer patients generally lived 3-4 times longer than untreated… Personally I believe we have been 'sold' Cancer as a death sentence (unless you take OUR meds…) and it is the mental attitude that becomes disabled by that lie. Most who make it though cancer, whatever the treatment, do so because they believe implicitly in their own survival… §

    • @grumble_weed

      The brief mention of "One woman recently hit the mainstream headlines by revealing her victory against cancer with the principal spice used being turmeric" omits the minor detail that this woman (Google "Victoria Stewart") underwent a mastectomy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy to supplement her "turmeric". You'd think that was an important piece of information! Her "victory is that she has, so far, managed 5 years of remission without taking tamoxifen. Color me unimpressed.

  • Tonny Kolås

    Wow, how suprised we are…Again an time to remind you all that the so called myth of cancer, does not exist. The incredible discovery done my Dr.Hamer 30 years ago, is so solid, logically and the basis for a paradigme shift of enourmous proportions. Do not belive this, rather understand it and have the courage to accept it. Good luck:

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we do agree with dr hamer.

  • Richard

    From reading a few posts here and in many forums, it is painfully obvious that the pharmaceutical industry and the govt. have not shared the information they KNOW to be accurate. Take a little time to DIGEST the information at That done, you will feel compelled to spread this access as far and wide as possible. To throw a little govt. intrigue into the discussion, you might google U S patent #6630507 – ask yourself why the govt. you and I paid to do the research and filing fees, never told us about the results of this research back in 2003 ??? Do the reading and thank the stars for outlaws.

  • Katheryn

    I had triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma removed six months ago. That breast cancer is the baddest of the bad. I've declined 20 weeks of chemo and 6.5 weeks of daily radiation in favor of 50 gram infusions of Vitamin C, hyperbaric treatments, low carb/low sugar diet and many other changes. Thank you for this information. It gives me the strength to continue my life, my way, when I hear of these findings.

    • Richard

      Katheryn – decline chemical therapy for as long as necessary – Be aware of the information contained at and thank the stars there are those who feel stronger about keeping people alive than the written statutes.

      • Farrah

        Wow Katheryn! I'm in the same boat as you. 18 weeks later(I see that's when your post was written). How are you doing now? Plus what were your reasons for declining therapy?

    • Good for you!

      Kudos to you Katheryn – it takes bravery to NOT go the traditional route that many doctors will tell you to take. Many times there is panic associated with those dreaded diagnosis and unless we are informed ahead of time what our options are, most of us will just blindly follow whatever the medical field tells us to do. Thankfully there ARE other PROVEN options to rid ourselves of cancer – even triple negative breast cancer – without chemo or radiation! resources:

  • Fritz

    THC, the active components in marihuana are proven to cure a great number of different cancers too! But they'll never admit this of course, they only allow you to use it against the pain. I've lived in.the Netherlands for some years,although it's a while ago, they knew this long ago. I know this to be true cause a close friends have lived with very severe cancer of various types for about a decade now! And he's been able to preventing it from spreading to much, and kill him. But he found out about his cancer to late to be cured, it's crucial to get aware of it as early as possible! Good luck to everyone struggling with this either on a personal level or in close proximity to it! It's the plague of our time, and it's a big moneymaker for the cynical health industry.

    • Richard

      Right on, Fritz.

      Take a look at for a very complete and completely truthful look at an agricultural product that has been used medicinally for over 5000 years. The information at the site is no BS – please disseminate as far and wide as possible – the sooner the better.

    • Andy

      Yes that is true for me I have had cancer in my abdominal area and I smoked a lot at the time and it eased pain and also stopped it in its tracks by not allowing it to grow any bigger but it was the size of a Mellon when they removed it

    • Jay

      Oh my gosh! Heck no! There are so many carcinogens in marijuana (more that simple tobacco). If if "cures" cancer the way you claim, then why has your friend had to live with sever cancer for about a decade? Let's use logic in its simplest form: If it cures cancer, then it wouldn't be found in your body anymore. If it cures cancer, then how could he have found out about it too late to be cured? A cure would mean somehow you are a) killing the cancer cells b) saving the healthy cells and c) can prevent its occurrence

      Where the medical field has been (for a long time now) is they know how to kill cancerous cells. That's not hard. It's trying to destroy the cancerous cells while limiting the damage to the healthy cells. That's the hard part.

      Just because your friend isn't dead doesn't mean that he's cured. He's either killing off the healthy cells as well (again, not really a cure) or simply slowing down his metabolism. Different tumors have different growth rates. There are several variables at play in determining growth rate including your body's metabolism and the metabolic rate for cell division depending on what KIND of cell it is. (what organ, etc) If your friend smokes a lot, chances are he/she is simply slowing down their metabolism, therefore slowing down the cancer cell's rate of division. It's not going to cure cancer. Good night, read a textbook next time your up late smoking it up, not some crackpot internet site.

  • Terri

    Forgive me. This is a painful subject.

    Having watched my relatives die off one by one from some type of cancer (I think Flouride is a problem for the human body)Skin, brain, kidney, bladder, blood, lung, brain & of course, breast cancer, cancer always won. They all did Chemo and radiation per Dr advice. They all died. ( One Aunt was told, brain radiation, would actually prevent brain cancer, it didn't. It killed her.)

    I feel, in my heart, it has been known by Big Pharma, this treatment protocol wasn't EVER going to cure patients. It did however, produce vast amounts of money. They have known all along, about cancer being a cash cow. They know of cures and have silenced those brave souls who tried to expose simple cures to the public.

    Animals face similar health issues, concerning over-vaccination, pertaining to animals cancer rates. Yearly vaccines are unnecessary. Tumors at vaccine sites are very high. Reactions, can cause death,even weeks after the vaccine was given, on previously healthy animals.

    Big Pharma runs the Medical and Veterinary schools. Big Pharma makes all the drugs, with all the side effects, which will aid you in staying ill, in all probability, way into the future.

    The graduates, know only what has been taught to them, or more importantly, what was NOT been taught to them, for whatever reason.

    I have lost all respect for traditional Doctors, can't help how I feel – from more than experience/grief.

    The 4 year passing, of my 49 year old sister first from breast, then bone, then liver and finally brain cancer was an eye opener. You learn a lot about cancer when your loosing someone you love to it.

    Chemo and Radiation is not the answer to curing cancer. It never was.

    Please spread the word to reach out, look for alternatives that do cure cancers, without harming what is healthy. We need to believe in ourselves and learn to heal ourselves. This begins with truth.

    Open the window and let in the truth! It's a great view! The truth SHALL set you free!

    Blessings to all,

    from me and my dear sister, Gabriele.

    • Anonymous

      I applaud you in your quest to inform the masses. I am with you.

    • Anonymous

      I'm with you… Man money greed!

      • Anonymous

        Hear this well,it is known as the GUILD of the GOLDEN CALF,thousands of years ago.Time to break up the gang,no peace for anyone they overplayed their hand,as expected,now we see they dont fix,they play,so identify them for others,like a thief,a blasphemer,whore ,got a theme going here,MGM back lot wardrobe sale………

    • Hadassah

      I totally agree I watched my father took one bout of chemo we BEG him not to do in 2 weeks he was gone this past April. This topic is very senstive to me and the former doctor he had was a quack I got him to a new doctor he was wonderful he said I would just leave it alone My Dad had terminal cancer but my Daddy wanted to try chemo I hate cancers its the devil!

    • jen

      Thank you so much Terri for sharing your heart and great concerns for your fellow man. It is amazing that people around the planet are actually now really looking into why there is so much suffering. We as a people unknowingly are polluting our own nests. The huge money makers should be ashamed of the chemical contamination that is out there in so many forms. When you start looking at the toxins and sicknesses the lists go on and on. Fluoride is a big problem and such a sad manipulation. We need to keep informed.

      • Jeffrey

        Thank you Jen for your kind words…


    • Richard

      Terri –

      Here's a bit of truth for your perusal – – if you let this truth in the window, it could set you free –

      Please spread the access to this information as far and wide as possible.

      From my own experience utilizing this information, this IS truth.

    • Anonme

      Terri and all…

      Very sorry to hear about your sis Gabriele.

      I also watched my Father struggle with stage 4 Brain Tumor (Thx Agent Orange). They cut his head open twice like a baseball, chemo, radiation, testing him like a guinea pig… all in 8 months, including 3 months of a coma (his body just needed a rest, eh).

      I too will never go that route. Since Fukishima happened I realised that we are all guinea pigs.

      No more. Add Zeolite to recommendations of baking soda, organic food, and sugar (good brand: ZeoForce = cheaper and finer than others). Google it – used during Chernobyl and currently in Japan.

      We must be the change we seek – and continue to share knowledge gained with others.

      p.s. Be sure to purchase Tumeric that is non-irridiated to have the effect desired (health food stores).

    • Toy Boat

      There's no money in the cure only in the medicine & it's a crying shame that we have to watch our loved ones ( I lost my mom & aunt 6 weeks apart from each other) die the most horrible death possible so a few can grow richer. The only good thing about my mom dying was that I opened my eyes to soooooo many things that I never even woulda thought of. Thank you mom, your death was not in vain, your daughter is wiser & some bastard is richer!!

    • Just a Friend

      So agree with you! I watched several close friends struggle terribly with cancer, chemo and the whole nine yards. I wish I knew then what I do now. My goal? Get this info into as many hands as I can! Cheers!

    • ROBERT


  • Helena Andrews

    Cancer cells cannot survive in an alkalised body so taking bicarbonate of soda really helps. Also, cancer cells require 15 times the glucose of normal cells, so sugar feeds cancer. Simple info, cheap to do. No profit for big pharma. one chemo treatment is $300k clear profit. So who's going to tell you about bicarb and sugar?

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree ,,,I've had breast cancer and if I knew what I know to be true now I wouldn't have had radiotherapy… No chemo thank god!…. I take a ph test every couple of weeks, alkaline nutrition works… Sugar is EVIL,,,,

    • Mariana

      Helena, you took the words from my mouth. YES, it was proven years ago that bicarbonate of soda is the BEST treatment anti-cancer and SUGAR that is highly processed is dreadful.

    • Jeffrey

      Thank you Helena… Not to Many…