US FDA Deregulates 2 More GE Corn Strains, Unleashing More Toxic Crops on America

The USDA recently deregulated two more strains of genetically engineered corn, making life a little easier for biotech giants like Monsanto.

Actor Mark Ruffalo Blasts Monsanto CEO After CBS Interview

Actor Mark Ruffalo got the chance to tell the CEO of Monsanto, Hugh Grant, how horrible Monsanto is for human life and the environment.

Sonoma County, CA Working on GM Ban: More GMO-Free Wine to Come

Sonoma County in California is taking steps to become completely GMO-free, putting a ban on the ballot this November, 2016.

Putin Says Russia Will Be World’s #1 Exporter of Non-GMO Foods

Vladimir Putin proudly outlined his plan to make Russia the world’s ‘leading exporter’ of non-GMO foods that are based on ‘ecologically clean’ production.

Pesticides as Dangerous as Secondhand Smoke to Kids

Early exposure to agricultural pesticides may harm children’s lungs – even more than secondhand smoke – researchers are saying.

‘Steer Clear of Creating GMO Babies,’ Scientists and Ethicists Say

“Proceed with caution, but steer clear of creating GMO babies” was the general message sent by the dozen scientists and ethicists.

Huge: Monsanto Going to Trial for Crimes Against Humanity

Several activist groups joined by food and farming experts are suing Monsanto for their crimes against humanity.

Scientists and Activists Call for Ban on Human Gene Editing

A group of scientists, The Center for Genetics and Society, and other activist groups have called for a global ban on gene editing of human embryos.

How Will You Know if Your Store is Selling GM Salmon?

How will you know if your store is going to sell the newly approved genetically modified salmon, since the FDA does not require labeling?

Alaska Fishermen Concerned GM Salmon Could Harm $6.4 Billion Fishing Industry

Alaska fishermen are concerned that the newly-approved genetically modified salmon could tank the fishing industry.

GMO Corn and Herbicide Found in 100% of Frito-Lay SunChips Samples

Independent labs have found that 100 percent of the corn tested in Frito Lay’s Sun Chips is full of genetically modified Bt toxic pesticide and glyphosate.

Chuck Norris Takes Action Against FDA’s GM Salmon

Chuck Norris is taking action to a whole new level with recent commentary on the FDA’s approval of GM salmon.

Bernie Sanders Interview ‘Cancelled Because Monsanto Was Threatening to Sue’

Bernie Sanders reportedly attests that a scheduled interview with CBS on agriculture was cancelled because “Monsanto threatened to sue” the network.

GM Mosquitoes Could End Malaria…or Spread It

Scientists at the University of California say they have created a new strain of mosquito through genetic modification that could help wipe out malaria.

FDA Ignores 2 Million+ People Saying “No” to GMO Salmon

Center for Food Safety and others plan to sue the FDA over its recent approval of AquaBounty’s AquaAdvantage® salmon for human consumption.

FDA Won’t Make Food Companies Label GM Plant Foods

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said recently that it would not require labeling of genetically modified plants that have been approved for sale.

Hungary and Austria Team Up to Regulate Ban on GMOs with Fierce Resolve

As the U.S. embraces GMOs, member states of the EU, Hungary, and Austria team up to make sure genetically modified food isn’t getting into their countries.