USDA Punishes Prominent Researcher for Whistleblowing, Conducting Honest Research

A top federal bee scientist is being punished by the USDA for publicizing ‘honest work’ on pesticides and pollinators, though a judge ruled in his favor.

Bacteria Resistant to ALL Drugs Found in Canada in OLD Samples

Scientists in Canada say they’ve found bacteria resistant to all antibiotics in that country dating back to 2010. Has it been around longer than we thought?

Are New Dietary Guidelines Based on Science or Politics?

Are the new dietary guidelines based on science, or are they based more on politics and the almighty dollar?

Decriminalization Law: “No Fines, No Jail Time” for Felony Marijuana Offenses

Marijuana possession in any amount is considered a minor misdemeanor now in Toledo, Ohio, keeping more non-criminals out of jail.

Health Experts Worry Drug-Resistant Malaria Could Spread Globally

There have been fewer cases of malaria in recent years, but many of the new cases are drug-resistant ones.

How Fleas are Becoming Chemical-Resistant Mutants

Fleas are mutating and becoming resistant to the chemicals commonly used to kill them, but there are safe natural remedies that get rid of the pests.

Huge: Berkeley, CA Joins in Suing Monsanto for Toxic PCB Chemical Pollution

The city of Berkeley, California has decided to hold Monsanto legally liable for polluting the land and water with PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).

Researchers: Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Will Not Help with the Flu

Many people have turned to Tylenol all their lives to treat their flu symptoms, but acetaminophen, the medicine’s main ingredient, may not really help.

22,000 Nurses Refuse *Mandatory* Vaccinations

There are more than 22,000 nurses, part of Nurses against Mandatory Vaccines (NAMV), who are refusing mandatory vaccines.

Senator Stabenow Works Hard to Help Biotech Push GMOs

Senator Debbie Stabenow has been working overtime to make sure that biotech wins in passing GMO labeling legislation.

US EPA Misses Deadline for Key Assessments on these 3 Toxic Pesticides

The EPA has missed its own risk assessment deadline in 2015 for the toxic pesticides atrazine, glyphosate, and imidacloprid.

Study Suggests Patients may be Able to Predict Illness Better than Doctors

A Carnegie Mellon study suggests we patients may be able to detect subtle changes in our bodies that predict illness.

West Coast is Seeing Record Catches Thanks to Environmentalists and Activists

With the help of activists and environmentalists, groundfish that were dying off fast are now returning to the West Coast.

5 PepsiCo Products to Adopt the Non-GMO Project Label in a Few Months

Tropicana Pure Premium products and 4 other PepsiCo brands will soon bear the Non-GMO Project butterfly seal – starting next year.

Mercury Found in California’s Fog Could Harm the Food Chain

Researchers have found alarming levels of mercury in the fog that sometimes surrounds the Golden Gate bridge, harming the ecosystem and human health.

Wegmans Recalls 1,125 Pounds of Uninspected Chicken

The Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced the Class 1 recall of about 1,125 pounds of chicken sold at Wegmans.

Company Looks to Freeze a Living Human Brain to “Resurrect” it by 2045

A company claims it will be able to resurrect the dead by 2045 by freezing someone’s brain before they die, but scientists are wary of the claim.