Argentina Cancer Deaths 1.5x Greater in Heavily GMO-Planted Areas

A huge increase in cancer incidence is being reported in Argentina linked directly to areas of heavy GMO crop engineering and high biotech herbicide use.

Nestlé Removes GMO Ingredients from Baby Foods in South Africa, Not USA

Why has Nestlé removed GMOs (genetically modified organisms) from baby foods and formulas in South Africa and not in the United States?

Indigenous Chinese Herb Regrows Hair By Halting Cell Suicide

An herb indigenous to China, dong quai, in addition to treating fatigue and high blood pressure, has now been shown to naturally regrow hair.

Lack of Net Neutrality Threatens Unbiased Journalism – Deadline for Net Neutrality is Fast Approaching

The FCC may “allow” for cable companies to essentially set up toll booths on the internet, destroying Net Neutrality, ruining the internet we all love.

MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Monsanto’s Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail

The rise in autism rates is surely due to environmental factors. Just 2 of those factors are Monsanto’s RoundUp (glyphosate) and heavy exposure to aluminum.

Scientists Find Oxygen-Rich Conditions Halt Spread of Breast Cancer

One new study indicates low-oxygen levels could be to blame for the spread of cancer, giving scientists clues to more effective treatments.

New Study: People with Sleep Apnea 3x more Likely to Get Cancer

A new study shows that moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea is independently associated with an increased risk of stroke, cancer, and death.

Scientists Reveal How to ‘Train Your Brain’ to Eat Healthy

A new study suggests that your brain can be trained to prefer healthful foods over nutrition-less junk foods, even if poor diet is a long-standing habit.

Big Pharma Attacks Natural Medicine to Hide Own Death Toll (And It’s Shockingly High)

The FDA and AMA continue to attack natural and alternative remedies while hiding the high toll of pharmaceutical adverse effects and deaths.

Totally Safe: China Greenlights Monsanto’s RoundUp After Hiding Safety Studies From Public

China approved the safety of Monsanto’s toxic RoundUp years ago, yet will not release toxicology studies, leaving gmo-free advocates angry and confused.

Drug Companies Begin Push for Alzheimer’s Vaccine on Millions

A possible ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s disease will be offered in 5 years, as long as those suffering from the disease just subject themselves to a vaccine…

Report: Marijuana Users 3 Times Less Likely to be Obese

Multiple studies suggest that moderate use of marijuana can actually lessen the probability that someone will be obese. Surprising?

Annie’s Sells Out to General Mills: Watch Out for GMOs in this Popular ‘Natural’ Brand

GMO labeling advocate Annie’s food brand is selling out to the food manufacturing giant, General Mills, who is known for fighting GMO labeling efforts.

6 Foods Your “Second Brain” (Your Gut) Absolutely Loves

Intestinal flora, or friendly gut bacteria, influences our mental acuity and health profoundly. Here are 6 foods to help support gut health.

Have Antibiotics ‘Shut Down’ Your Immune System?

New evidence found that early antibiotic treatments affect the health of our entire immune system and its ability to fight specific diseases later on.

Naturally Improve ADHD Symptoms in Children with This Single Herb

Children suffering from ADHD do NOT need medications to see improvements. In some cases, one herb, Ginkgo biloba, can help to lessen symptoms in no time.

Double-Blind Test: Boosting Selenium Intake ‘Cuts Cancer Rates by 41%’

Studies show that those who took selenium supplements for at least 10 years had almost half (41 percent) the rate of cancer as those taking a placebo.