Study Reveals ‘Best and Worst’ States to Have a Baby

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Most of us are already aware that having a baby can come with a significant price tag. However, that price can vary quite a bit from state to state, with the average cost hovering around $10,000 for the birth of a baby and an extra $5000 for a C-section.

While the cost of the delivery of a baby may be one factor in what makes a state a great place to have a baby, there are many other factors at play. rounded up the best and worst states in 7 different categories, including cost of birth and the prevalence of childcare in the state. With everything taken into consideration, it was determined that the best state to have a baby in 2016 is Vermont. Mississippi is ranked as the worst.

But while Mississippi might be the worst, it actually ranked the highest in terms of lowest annual infant-care costs.

According to all of the data gathered, the best states to have a baby (in order) were ranked as follows:

  • 1.Vermont
  • 2. Maine
  • 3. Connecticut
  • 4. Minnesota
  • 5. New Hampshire [1]

The worst states to have a baby were ranked as follows:

  • 51. Mississippi
  • 50. Louisiana
  • 49. Alabama
  • 48. New York
  • 47. Georgia

The states with the lowest infant mortality rate were California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, which is an important thing to consider. Mississippi ranked 4th to last in infant mortality rates, off-setting the low cost of raising an infant in that state.

Least Expensive States

So where is most and least expensive to raise a baby for those looking to cut costs? According to the study, the lowest average infant-care costs, by state were as follows:

  • Mississippi
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • South Dakota
  • Louisiana

While these states are perfect for those looking to reduce the cost of raising a child, it clearly comes with other drawbacks such as the high infant mortality rates which are present most prominently in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Most Expensive States

The most expensive states to raise a child in were:

  • 47. Rhode Island
  • 48. Connecticut
  • 49. New York
  • 50. Massachusetts
  • 51. Washington, DC [2]

The list ranks our nation’s capital as the single most expensive place to raise a baby, putting it even above the famously expensive states of New York and California.



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