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Cannabis Legalization – Government Funded Research Halts the War on Cannabis

Patrick Gallagher
July 5th, 2012
Updated 04/16/2013 at 1:29 am
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cannabislegalization 235x147 Cannabis Legalization Government Funded Research Halts the War on Cannabis

Government funded research halts the war on cannabis…for now. The war on drugs will continue to rage onward despite an overwhelming number of people voting for cannabis legalization, or for the drug to become decriminalized at the very least. The study in question is fully backed by the US government and published in The Open Neurology Journal, stating that the relief found within cannabis is sorely needed by any person in dire chronic pain, urging the government to issue clinical trials in order to subvert the DEA’s notion that cannabis is ineffective and useless medically.

Cannabis Legalization – What Seems to be the Problem Here?

Hundreds of studies have been conducted in the past, revealing the healing powers of the plant, considered at the very least questionable by the standards of the DEA and the FDA even with concrete evidence portraying a positive light on the relationship between marijuana and cancer. The evidence suggests that the plant heals cancer and is less deadly than normal pharmaceuticals. So then why is marijuana illegal? Why is cannabis legalization such a difficult change to reach? The Drug Enforcement Administration even continues to maintain the schedule I classification of marijuana and its derivatives, keeping it up on the list with cocaine, LSD, mescaline (peyote), and heroin. Not only should the country achieve cannabis legalization, but the drug has no place in this categorization.

Paul Armentano, director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) says that the study in question renders the US drug policy as false and not entirely in the best intentions of the community:

“[It] is neither based upon nor guided by science. In fact, it is hostile to science. And despite the Obama Administration’s well publicized memo stating ‘science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of my administration’, there is little to no evidence that the government’s ‘see no evil; hear no evil’ approach to cannabis policy is not changing any time soon.”

The evidence supplied in the study showed a direct correlation between the use of marijuana on patients with multiple sclerosis and the amount of general relief felt with the patients compared to similar trials where placebos were used. The scientists also specifically studied the effect on a person when smoked, noting that the delivery method was both “rapid and efficient”, but has a distinctive health deficit due to the carbon monoxide produced by the hot smoke.

The study also notes that there can be side effects, as is the case with most modern medicine, that go along with the ingestion of cannabis, including dizziness, fatigue, light-headedness, muscle weakness and heart palpitations. Those who are at risk of cardiovascular disease or disorder already may be at a greater risk if they are given cannabis, but generally the effects are mild, and may even be less obvious or detrimental over the course of time. The study also noted that in this particular trial, no deaths occurred from an overdose of THC.

The evidence found in these trials is very similar found in other trials, but with this one in particular being different due to the fact that they tested the effect of smoked cannabis as opposed to vaporized, which is generally considered to be the safest method of delivery. The conclusion was that more trials need to be conducted and that other parts of the plant may be used to treat a variety of other ailments. The drug may not be for everyone, but it is evident that cannabis legalization should be achieved.

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  • ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüven

    Either you want your freedoms restored, or you don’t. Most people “say” they want their freedoms restored, even as they deliberately stab themselves–and everyone else–in the back by begging for more statutory enslavement, and REFUSING to end the problem, somehow “believing” that not ending the problem, and always making it worse, is somehow going to end the problem.

    So let’s look at the BULLSHIT NON-OPTIONS that people “believe” means they get their freedoms back, as opposed to the REPEAL of the statutes, which actually WOULD end the persecution once and for all:

    1) “Decriminalization” is NOT repeal. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    2) “Legalization” is what we already have. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    3) “Re-legalization” is two letters prepended to what we already have. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    4) “Tax and regulate” will create more statutes, more regulations, more licenses, more fees, and create more problems and more “criminal charges.” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    5) “Regulate like _____” is just a different way to say “tax and regulate.” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    6) “Hemp ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    7) “Medical ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    8.) “Government control ONLY!” It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    9) “Corporate control ONLY!” is financial in nature, and is ENTIRELY motivated by profiteering. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    10) “Government/corporate partnership control ONLY!” is actually OVERT FASCISM. It is NOT freedom. But some of you still fight for this, instead of to end prohibition.

    There are several other “NOT REPEAL” options that people keep sucking up as “the ONLY solution”, even as they continue to “say” they want their freedom restored.

    How can you ever hope to restore your own freedoms while you REFUSE to remove the statutes that took them away, and keep pushing for MORE STATUTES to further control your life in more intrusive ways?

    How long are you going to keep paying for more of your own enslavement?

    Are people EVER going to just wake up and see the truth that’s been staring them in the face for DECADES already?!?


  • Jillian Galloway

    It's about time our country recognized that a lot of Americans like to get high with something other than alcohol. If the government really wanted to make people safe then it would legalize every recreational drug that's safer than booze.

    That would retain alcohol as the most harmful recreational drug you can legally buy, and at the same time would give people the option of legally choosing drugs that are safer than alcohol – and that's definitely NOT something we can do today.

    If the government really wants to keep us safe then why is it bending over backwards to make us unsafe?

  • Len Richmond Films

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    Using original and archival footage,"WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER" presents highly convincing evidence that this forbidden herb has healing properties beyond any other plant on the planet— interacting as it does with the body’s own “endocannabinoid system” to keep us fit and disease-free. “WHAT IF CANNABIS CURED CANCER” explains how we are all born with a form of marijuana already in our bodies, and when pot is consumed, the “endocannabinoids” inside us—along with any cannabinoids we ingest—fit together like a key in a lock, thereby promoting the death of cancer cells without harming the body’s healthy cells. A powerful and eye-opening film about the future of cannabis—and perhaps even the future of medicine. Narrated by Emmy-winning actor, PETER COYOTE.

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  • Blair T. Longley

    If this post works, then you can click my name to go to the Marijuana Party of Canada Web site, where you could look at the tons of bla, bla, blah in the party leader section and English forum, regarding the issues raised in this article above:

    "Cannabis Legalization – What Seems to be the Problem Here?"

    Those who promote more evidence-based, scientific drug law policies tend to REFUSE to go on through to an evidence-based, scientific view of government itself.

    The fundamental concepts we should begin with are SUBTRACTION and ROBBERY. All human beings operate as gangs of robbers in their environment. The best organized gangs of criminals ARE the government. That goes back to the history of militarism, which made War King, then more recently evolved to make Fraud King.

    Governments are, and must necessarily be, territorial gangsters. Behind them are the international bankers, who are the biggest gangsters, the banksters.

    Hemp truth is way, way deeper, because of there was an infinite tunnel of deceits through our money/murder systems. It is BECAUSE hemp is the single best plant on the planet for people that the law asserts that “marijuana is almost as bad as murder.” That never had anything to do with the truth about cannabis. Cannabis was criminalized because the government was the worst criminals, and so the drug wars segued from slavery and racism.

    There are real reasons why governments are the best organized gangs of criminals, and why that results in final failure from too much of their “success.” Those truths are deeply buried under the language that the established systems use to talk about themselves. Their controlled opposition tends to use the same language.

    The biggest bullies’ bullshit stories dominate both the establishment, and their controlled opposition. Thus, mainstream marijuana legalization movements are also mostly puppets, dominated by reactionary revolutionaries, who promote the same old impossible ideals and optimism.

    The reality is that marijuana fits inside of the established money/murder systems. Only changing those money/murder systems in radical enough ways could liberate marijuana in any ways that were worthwhile enough. It was NOT an accident that hemp truth was denied and suppressed just as much as the hemp plant was. It is not an accident that the first American flag and Bill of Rights were made from hemp, while the current runaway fascist plutocracy that took control of the government of the USA has become the excessive triumph of huge lies, which is driving itself insane, and thereby destroying America.

    There is no way backwards. The only way forward is to face the full facts that our political economy, inside of our human ecology, is dismal cubed.

    More hemp truth is not enough without much greater and deeper truth about human beings and government itself. Therefore, I repeat, the only good ways to legalize marijuana require revolutions in the money and murder systems. However, the vast majority of people do not understand, and tend to not want to understand, that most of the real debt and death controls have already been 99% privatized. The international banksters are primarily the ones pulling the strings of political puppets. All of the other lesser actors are inside of the banksters' systems, although most of them do not understand that.

    The deepest problem, an apparently impossible paradox to resolve, is that marijuana laws are an expression of the privatization of the money and murder systems. Although the government of the USA was a major player in those processes, the bigger context was international pressures, primarily directed by international banksters.

    It is not good enough to talk about more science based drug laws, unless those are within a more science based understanding of human society and government itself. However, that requires recognizing how and why the established money and murder systems operate the way they do, and thereby changing those realities in ways consistent with those scientific insights.

    Of course, that happening at any time in the foreseeable future would be a series of political miracles less likely that winning several lottery jackpots in a row. Instead, pot prohibition is headed towards psychotic breakdowns, which will be small components of the psychotic breakdown of Neolithic civilization. The triumph of a system based on huge lies, backed by violence, inherently drives itself mad, and thereby, destroys itself. Too bad, so sad. However, ONLY better money and murder systems could change anything in worthwhile ways, and of course, that includes changing marijuana laws. As long as the established fascist plutocracy controls us, then marijuana could only be "legalized" in the worst possible ways, that still fits inside of that established profit-from-disease system … Unfortunately, that established profit from disease system is more likely going to drive itself through to become a terminal illness for our whole society.

    I would like to believe in miracles of enlightenment, which are theoretically possible. There is no doubt that there are plenty of creative alternatives, however, without an alternative money/murder system, then none of the other alternatives can be assembled into any coherent system. Therefore, pot prohibition is getting crazier and crazier, just like our whole civilization is too!

    Pot prohibition is merely the single simplest symbol, and the most extreme example, of the general pattern of social facts.

  • guest

    the biggest special interest for continuing criminalization in california is the prison guard lobby. that speaks volumes.

  • tawen

    The toxic chemicals of Big Pharma aren't for everyone; many, myself included, prefer the natural approach. So much hoopla over a little plant, get over it already & move on. Legalize it!

  • Anonymous

    just Legalize it and Lets get real!!