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Cancer Cells Feed on Sugar and Sugar Free Products Alike

Andre Evans
January 18th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 1:31 pm
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sugarcancer 210x131 Cancer Cells Feed on Sugar and Sugar Free Products Alike

The dangers of processed sugar consumption are documented, as are its carcinogenic effects. But what about sugar free products? It turns out that not only can these products contain a dangerous artificial sweetener called aspartame, but cancer cells actually feed on sugar free products just as much as they do those loaded with sugar.

In a study conducted by UCLA, pancreatic cancer cells were found to multiply and grow more rapidly when fueled by fructose, as opposed to glucose or sucrose. More recently however, it has been found that even staying sugar free can have similar implications. In a collaborative study, it was found that in the absence of a usable sugar source, cancer cells will instead use glutamine — an amino acid — to survive and spread.

Of course fructose consumption (sugar-loaded products) are much more common within the American diet and elsewhere. Fructose is most commonly consumed from processed foods and soft drinks, in the form of mercury-loaded high fructose corn syrup. Along with its numerous health defects, perhaps the most concerning is the fact that this carcinogenic substance is highly addictive and is breeding a new form of ‘fructose alcoholism’.

New Discovery Shows How to ‘Starve’ Cancer Cells

The link between these products and cancer may seem grim, however the research has actually isolated one of the main causes of cancer cell growth. The study suggests that the process of inhibiting a glutamine enzyme known as glutaminase may actually prove to be an effective counter measure to the growth of cancer cells overall.

Effectively, this method aims to remove any usable resource for cancer cells to flourish. The study states that when the investigators used a glutaminase inhibitor, cancer cell samples in petri dishes stopped growing.

The idea is that creating an environment where the cancer has no means to properly grow and metastasize will effectively reduce and prevent cancer overall. Some methods like oxygen treatment, PH balance, and specific diet guidelines have similar effects for eliminating cancer by inhibiting its overall ability to flourish in the body. When it comes to cancer, prevention is key. Key substances like vitamin D and turmeric are vital for halting cancer in its tracks.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • Ramana Rao KV

    Research shows that Stevia contains selenium, Quoercetin etc. which have the property to curb cancers

  • Gery Maes

    SUGAR IS VERY BAD and also FRUCTOSE : Indeed it burns your brain cells away slowly, and similar to sugar it does. Doctor Proffessor Geuns from the K.U. University of Leuven – Belgium, made Laboratory toxicology analyses during 30 years and stated clearly those substances like Fructose’s and sugars, (all processed sweet food additives) are toxic and harmful for the brain and many other organs. Myself being a certified orthomlecular medical nutrition therapist, advice everyone to decrease the sugar consumption to the lowest level possible, and to consume sugars that aren’t processed at all but just natural, such as: direct sugarcane “cold pressed”, cold pressed honey, and slow carbohydrates like fruit (preferably not dried but purely fresh fruit) such that one can allow oneself body to metabolically transfer the slow carbohydrates into fuel for the cell-structures. We actually shall never feed our cells with sugars, but mostly with substances that one can find in nature. There are plenty of studies done by universities that show that sugar and fructoses affect the brain cells and our dopamine’s stronger than hard drugs leading to addiction, and the neurological poisoning can be avoided by alerting the public about the dangers of consuming foodstuffs wherein the sugars are added by the manufacturers of food. Maybe awareness and education together with sensibly the public about the dangers of sugars is The Crucial and Urgent approach. Look at this petition and sign up and share others to do the same please:….
    Have also a look at the following pages:

  • Soyboy

    Stevia is not a sugar but an herb. Whether it's safe or not is not conclusive as it was determined to be a mutagen (something that changes dna = therefore it mutates), however it's also been shown to increase insulin production and help reverse diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  • Jeff

    That's right, they didn't make the distinction between natural non sugar products that are natural. We have stevia, organic maple syrup, honey, and the like.

    • Renee

      So is Stevia ok ? I think it would be. Seems like you would still have to watch out for the sugar content in honey and maple syrup .

  • Jeff

    I think most people knew that high fructose corn syrup increased cancer growth.

  • Vivian

    What about STEVIA?

    • tami
    • pam

      Stevia has been used in South America for centuries as a contraceptive agent. Millions of women are consuming a contraceptive without realizing it.

    • pam

      Stevia has been used in South America for centuries as a contraceptive agent. Millions of women are consuming a contraceptive without realizing it. Just another way they are sterilizing us through food.

  • RanjitK

    In case you & your readers do not know or understand the basics of Natural Products Chemistry – there is a well known category / class of organic compounds – (originally sourced from natural products) – that is called Sugars. There are very many sugars starting from C6 sugars, C12 sugars etc etc.. They were & are ALL classified as sugars !!

    Pick up any common text book on Organic Chemistry – including a well known one – by I L Finar – Volumes 1 & 2 – and look it up !

    Glucose, Dextrose, Mannose etc – are just some of the various permutations of C6 sugars.

    Similarly Sucrose, Fructose etc – are just a few of the permutations of C12 sugars.

    The permutations are linked to the structures – and even their 3D variations – called stereoisomers – as they are referred to as D & L isomers.

    Not all of them are absorbed by the body – and pass thru the body. As their structures differ – the metabolic effects on the body differ – and the body's ability to use or metabolise these sugars usefully varies – from useful to downright dangerous – as we are now finding out !!

    • maddie

      i dont understand this! damn you organic chemistry! you are so confusing to liberal arts majors!

    • Renee

      So is Stevia one of the sugars ( is it a sugar?) that the body cannot metabolise ? What is the safest sugar to consume if you where allowed to have sugar. Again, going back to this article… people with cancer should not have sugar. If Stevia is not considered a sugar , is it safe ? I guess it would be if your body can metabolise it.