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Buy Tamiflu for Flu Treatment? Flu Drugs Only Make Money for Big Pharma

Elizabeth Renter
July 13th, 2012
Updated 01/04/2013 at 9:06 pm
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tamiflu 235x147 Buy Tamiflu for Flu Treatment? Flu Drugs Only Make Money for Big Pharma

If you are unfortunate enough to contract the flu, you can either let it run its course (with the help of natural solutions) or you can run to your doctor to receive a prescription drug treatment. These drugs—most often Tamiflu or Relenza— are designed to shorten the life of the flu virus within you. But as the influenza viruses evolve, the drugs are becoming less and less effective. Should you buy Tamiflu or other drugs to ‘treat’ the flu? To put it simply, no.

Buy Tamiflu for Flu Treatment? Think Again

Scientists are now working on a new type of flu treatment, using antibodies produced by the human body as a guide. The body creates antibodies to fight a flu infection, and these antibodies are the same no matter what flu strain you are infected with. Scientists are studying the effects of high levels of these antibodies in mice with a “normally lethal” dose of the flu virus and they say the results are promising.

“The ability of these antibodies to protect mice from highly lethal strains of influenza is promising,” said top researcher and flu expert Yoshihiro Kawaoka. “Such antibodies may be especially useful during outbreaks of newly emerging, highly pathogenic influenza viruses.”

The scientists treated mice with high concentrations of the antibodies and then infected them with deadly doses of H1N1 and H5N1 flu viruses. Sixty to 80 percent of those antibody-treated mice recovered, compared with only 10 percent of those not treated similarly.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a private corporation is behind the research. Theraclone identified these antibodies in humans and then paid the researchers to make large quantities of them and test them in mice. How much did they pay? According to Reuters, it was an $18 million job.

The race to find cures and valuable treatments is always on, but what motivates this race is rarely the wellbeing of all humankind, and instead the almighty dollar.

After all, drugs like this rarely benefit all humankind, just those with the money to afford them. A ten-day dose of Tamiflu, for instance, costs well over $100 and simply isn’t feasible for a growing number of Americans. The cost alone makes it not worth it to buy Tamiflu.

A drug like this could be enormously profitable for the company behind it. Think of how much money drug giants Roche AG and Gilead Sciences Inc. have made off of Tamiflu since its creation. A more powerful and effective drug would only be more profitable.

Wait a minute, don’t enough people get vaccinated—shouldn’t flu treatments be unnecessary? Well considering the growing disenchantment with vaccination programs and the fact that the flu vaccines, such as the H1N1 vaccine, aren’t only dangerous but also largely ineffective, there will always be plenty of room for overpriced flu medications to share the market with the vaccines.

Despite the price of the drug, individuals may still want to buy Tamiflu, but before considering the purchase, first know that there are many extremely inexpensive and natural solutions for protecting against and treating the flu.

Your immune system protects against the flu – not drugs or vaccines! Here are 9 ways to boost your immune system and prevent the flu. In addition to these 9 ways, start:

  • Consume turmeric or take a turmeric supplement. Turmeric health benefits range far and wide, with the spice being a fantastic overall immune booster and protector against illness and disease.
Before you buy Tamiflu, don’t forget to utilize the above natural solutions!

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  • coconutcreamcare

    Great article
    I work in a nursing home as an LPN nurse and the first heard of Tamiflu was this season when they gave every resident who agreed 2 weeks worth of Tamiflu. Boy would I like a little of that referrall fee.
    I also wrote something on how to fight the flu. I will add reference to this article for reference to tamiflu.
    Protect Yourself Naturally During the Flu Season

  • dr.sherko

    My great respect to all
    I thing the best treatment or the best things to prevent gitting flu is useing onion

  • ThomasT

    Lets have some exposes of the vax.

    Praralyzed from flu shot

    There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack pf influenza The producers of these vaccines, (and I bet the docs profitting from them) know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway. Dr Anthony Morris, former chief Vaccine control Officer and research virologist, UDS FDA, 2012.

    Drink green tea. Green tea has also been shown to cut flu risk when consumed at 1-5 cups per day. NO!

    Green tea is drunk by the litre daily in Japan, yet they have stroke and cancer epidemics. The negatives far outweigh the positive anti-oxidant polyphenols in green tea. ALL tea is the highest of any consummable in fluoride. Fluoride attracts polonium into the spleen for storage, and from there polonium fuels all malignancies. Clark HR PhD ND 2007. Tea is high in caffeic and salacylic acids, both allergens that each inflame 8 specific baody parts. An inflamed bodypart allows easy entry for the cancer nucleus and cancer complex to start and fuel a malignancy at that site. Clark HR. Dr Clark's works since 1995 are based on over half a million repeatable, so scientifically valid bio-resonance tests. The fact that mainstream medicine does not recognise Dr Clark does NOT invalidate the science!

    I am surprised that 3 gms of natural, (with rutin and hesperidin bioflavanoids) vitamin C, selenium and gernanium are not recommended in the article, for they have been psoitively identified as revving-up the killer white CD4, CD8 and CD16 whote blood cells. Maybe Elizabeth needs to do more reading before putting pen to paper.