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Breaking: Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

Anthony Gucciardi
February 13th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 10:37 pm
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GMOfieldstorm 210x135 Breaking: Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in France

In a major victory for public health and what will hopefully lead to other nations taking action, a French court decided today that GMO crops monster Monsanto is guilty of chemically poisoning a French farmer. The grain grower, Paul Francois, says he developed neurological problems such as memory loss and headaches after being exposed to Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller back in 2004. The monumental case paves the way for legal action against Monsanto’s Roundup and other harmful herbicides and pesticides made by other manufacturers.

In a ruling given by a court in Lyon (southeast France), Francois says that Monsanto failed to provide proper warnings on the product label. The court ordered an expert opinion to determine the sum of the damages, and to verify the link between Lasso and the reported illnesses. The case is extremely important, as previous legal action taken against Monsanto by farmers has failed due to the challenge of properly linking pesticide exposure with the experienced side effects.

When contacted by Reuters, Monsanto’s lawyers declined to comment.

Monsanto’s Deadly Concoctions

Farmer Paul Francois was not alone in his quest to hold Monsanto accountable for their actions. He and other farmers affected by Monsanto’s deadly concoctions actually founded an association last year to make the case that their health problems were a result of Monsanto’s Lasso and other ‘crop protection’ products. Their claims were also met by many other farmers. Since 1996, the agricultural branch of the French social security system has gathered about 200 alerts per year regarding sickness related to pesticides. However only 47 cases were even recognized in the past 10 years.

Francois, whose life was damaged by Monsanto’s products, has now set the powerful precedent in the defense of farmers.

“I am alive today, but part of the farming population is going to be sacrificed and is going to die because of this,” Francois, 47, told Reuters.

It is also important to note that Monsanto’s Lasso pesticide was actually banned in France back in 2007 following a European Union directive that came after the ban of the product in other nations.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Breaking: Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in FranceGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Lynton

    Many political supporters of genetically engineered (GE) foods are feasting on organics, while promoting unlabeled GE foods for everyone else, including Mitt Romney, President Obama, and former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

    At present, the race is neck-to-neck between Romney and Obama in terms of not doing anything to protect or promote safer, more healthful organic foods for average

    Americans. Instead, both of them, while on organic diets themselves, promote untested GE foods for the masses

    According to a former White House executive chef, Laura Bush was “adamant that in ALL CASES, if an organic product was available it was to be used in place of a non-organic product,” and Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, has publicly credited a combination of organic foods and holistic medicine for turning her health around after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998

    In a 2008 interview, Michelle Obama is quoted as saying: “…you start reading the labels and you realize there’s high-fructose corn syrup in everything… Everything that’s in a bottle or a package is like poison in a way that most people don’t even know…”

    While the Obama’s appear well-informed about the health dangers of processed foods in general and genetically engineered foods specifically, their personal belief system has not filtered into the food policies that affect the rest of the population. On the contrary, the President has appointed a number of former Monsanto employees into key federal positions that wield near-absolute power over agricultural issues, while ignoring his pre-election promise to “immediately” label genetically engineered foods once elected into office

    We have no real champions for food safety and labeling of

    • Lynton

      so Obmas wife says you start reading the labels and you realize there’s high-fructose corn syrup in everything… Everything that’s in a bottle or a package is like poison in a way that most people don’t even know…”>But thats ok Bitch you dont have to eat the POISON thats hidden in everything.

      Read more:

  • Bamagiotis


    • sadhana


    • Stacy

      Please feel free to contact me with any plans!

    • Rebecca

      Keeping in mind that President Obama has appointed Monsanto’s VP’s as the heads of our agriculture departments and the FDA; what kind of plan do you have that can get around these appointed Monsanto Vp’s?

      • Lynton

        yes i agree there nothing but a bunch of Greedy A holes

  • moe

    Okay I'll take that for now….Keep em coming. This is more like it…We need to have all these evil corporations to pay for their transgressions.

    • Doru

      In 2006 a scientific report was relesed showing how the Mixture of Pesticides form stronger toxins .

      But Wait , in 2011 it was demonstrated that pesticides reduce the human IQ !

      See the two revealing articles posted at and please copy and spread them citing the Original scientific site provided to reinforce authenticity .

      Best wishes !

  • Ella Baker

    In 1995, rBGH, or rBST, milk was approved in the U.S. by the FDA, and its use began in 1994. The product is now sold in all 50 states. Monsanto sued Oakhurst Dairy of Maine over their use of a label ,which pledged to not use artificial growth hormones.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Now save the champagne from radioactivity, please.

    Nice job on Monsanto. Lock them all up, plese.

  • Patti Jo Edwards

    These are exciting times. With over 300,000 farmers going after Monsanto in court in just one case, represented by something like 56 plaintiffs the world is talking and the giant is falling. Everybody sing along with me on the Monsanto Frankenfood song

    • David Salter

      The song has gone – who removed it?

  • http://?? Ray Howard

    Who are our "representatives" representing ???Consciences have been dulled by big money, but the moral tide is turning as the people wake up !

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      Obama appointed 27+ Monsanto connected persons…including out head of AG, Gov Vilsack who organized governors to support genetic engineering. An Amish farmer was just run out of business because he can't sell his raw milk across state lines. Under Obama, the oppression of small farmers and organic producers has skyrocketed. I will not vote for him because of this. I may not vote, unless a viable candidate appears.

      • Anonymous

        Well if you don't vote against Obama then he will get back in. That is how he will get in because people will not vote. I would vote for Mickey Mouse to get that bastard out of the white house. If you think he did you wrong in these four years, wait till you see what destruction he does knowing his butt can't get back in again. He will ruin the United States. Call me crazy but I think that is his real goal. First president in to have our credit rating knocked down. How that for change. How is that change working for you?

      • Anonymous

        There is an alternative. I urge you to check out Jill stein of the green party. She supports local organic farmers and ecofriendly non toxic initiatives.

      • Anonymous

        Vote for Rpn Paul!

      • Anonymous

        Obama, the presidents before and the one after, whether he gets elected or not will have these connections. The president is but a puppet of what he is told to do, and take the blame. I believe true responsibility is in our hands through purchasing power, bc choosing presidents, chairs, congress, house to make the right choice has obviously fallen short of true accomplishments

      • Rebecca

        I totally agree…anyone I would have voted for has been systematically eliminated from the ballot box. Both Kucinich who believes as I do in organic and Non GMO foods and Ron Paul who believes in freedom…Wow what radical ideas. It is sad that in a country which originated from these concepts that we are now in a country which rules and controls it's populaces by food and health fascism.

  • Patrick Sullivan

    No need for force or violence, a general walk out of labor will solve it all.

    The only question to be answered is: When will you act labor, now or later?

    Striking them is the method to gain control of the bourse machine, that’s the control of the issue of money, the thing that they’ve used to do us all in.

    Act NOW labor! Be peaceful.

    Strike them out and I don't mean may be.

    No need for guillotines then, only Grand juries who can convene to examine the evidence of our extinction.

    Labor, when you control the power of the purse, you can finance us all in the direction of peace.

    How about you think of God's joy when you end the killing of his kids once and for all now?

    Will you give to him what is his and end the killings of his kids? Will you strike them out?

    That's you labor, the answer to what we need. Withdraw your labor and end their disease and killing of God's kids, your brothers and sisters. Then get hold of the issue of money. That's it. Strike them NOW please, not later.

    Strike them out!

    Lets finish this please; let's see you strike them out NOW labor, not later alligator. We will settle for nothing less than peace. Then, Add in the existence stipend, and call it a wrap.

    One way or the other, they're finished anyways, so why not lend a hand and put this thing to rest, Strike them out labor, Labor, you're the best. You make nearly everything that’s useful or of value, God makes the rest.

    Spare us from another moment of their indignity, iniquity and disease. Please, put your thinking caps on and take them out, because it’s known, they’re done already, them and their disease.

    When will you demonstrate your power labor and strike them out?

    Don't hesitate, please end the slaughter. Thank you. NOW strike them out!

    Cheers, Yours truly, a liaison for the God that made you and loves you sincerely, Bitch.

    Have mercy, please. Labor, Get organized NOW and strike them out!

    PS: Don’t worry, be happy: “You’re in good hands."

    • Linda McDonald

      This is the reason corporate American does NOT tolerate organized workers. This is the same crap that was going on in America after the "industrial revolution", until after the Depression when unions starting popping up and demanding rights for the workers! They have imported much labor from other countries, Mexico, etc. and those people are afraid to revolt. Republicans are 100% anti-union and they have a stranglehold on our economy now. Dont expect much until we can convince people, again, that they need to band together and stickup for their rights, problem is, the corporations will simply go import more poor workers from third world countries – OR they will just move their business TO their third world country, where there are few rights for any workers.

      • Janet

        They have already sent all the jobs away to child labor camps all over the world, our problem is how do we get thru the heads of the middle class that romney is not looking out for you, just himself.He don't want Unions, Schools, Teachers, SSI, medicare,but he accepts billions in govt. subsidies…he's been foaming at the mouth to get his hands on our SSI funds. Privatize it, yeah right, send it overseas is more honest!! We are the only country that puts profit before healthcare for all..They all have free health care accept us!! Countries that used to be behind us have passed us by a long shot!! Health, schools, the list keeps getting longer.

  • Toni Reita ND

    Engineered Poisons are found in common everyday foods such as, infant formula, salad dressing, bread, cereal, hamburgers and hotdogs, margarine, mayonnaise, cereals, crackers, cookies, chocolate, candy, fried food, chips, veggie burgers, meat substitutes, ice cream, frozen yogurt, tofu, tamari, soy sauce, soy cheese, tomato sauce, protein powder, baking powder, alcohol, vanilla, powdered sugar, peanut butter, enriched flour and pasta and hundreds of things that you would never suspect.

    Industrial false foods are neither cheap nor beneficial to anyone, they profit the corporate bottom line and destroy everything else.

    The Giant is dying, but won't be put out of our misery until we stop swallowing his garbage. Voting with every dollar that we spend, every time will ensure that we always have a choice of what goes into our body.

    Eliminate these 5 foods and eliminate most GMO from your diet.

    Real people, need real food!

    • Linda McDonald

      Thanks Toni – as John Lennon so eloquently sang many years ago "Power to the People!"

  • judgeANDjury

    reinstate the GALLOWS !

    • Janet

      Why, so the poor can be killed, again, the rich never see the inside of a jail much less a death penalty, please!!! dumb & dumber (republican right?)

  • Ole Tree Hugger

    I know a man who was diagnosed with leukemia & per his doctor it was because of his use of Roundup. The doctor stated there is more & more cases occurring because of the use of it. With the use of Roundup with vegetables it goes into the plants & remains in the food. As an example just for corn, there's corn oil, cornmeal, cornflakes, corn chips & is it any wonder people are getting ill?

    • Joanne Unleashed

      There's also high fructose corn syrup, which is in almost all processed food. Plus they feed the corn to livestock that we eat. Corn everywhere. Monsanto must be bankrupted. The only way to do that is to stop buying processed food that contains GMOs. The politicians won't do anything. Only our wallets can destroy this behemoth.

  • christophe

    You have to realise that all US embassies world wide have been ordered to promote Monsantos products to the host countries. Monsanto has its people in the FDA and the white house I believe….so the US is NOT going to do anything to damage Monsanto.

    The lunatics are running the white house.

  • John Renehan

    This means the Monsanto people should be open targets. This company along wiht Cargill, and ADM are destroing us. People know they could really hassle these companies big time.

  • Anonymous

    Death to King Louis!!!

  • Clover

    There is a verse that reads that a man will reap according to what He sows~ that's what I'm hoping happens to this evil corporation that destroys rather than builds. how can man patent a "God-given" seed. now i understand how food iS a commodity on the stock market& why a company would sell crap seeds to India's cotton farmers & to South America & why you're killing any competition. It's like a Nazi farming society.

    • Linda McDonald

      Thank you Clover, right on. Yes, Nazism comes quite close to what is happening now in this world. Watch the movie "Thrive", its free now and you can just go to the site and watch it now.

    • Janet

      Yep, that's the republican party in a nut shell.

      I want to know how anybody can still want to vote republican, they are horrible people with no ethics, no principals, no morals. Greed is their god. which is a Sin by the way. Just ask the bus full of NUNs following the romney bus..funny!!lol

  • Lisa

    I really do hope the US will follow suit but they are so corrupt with Monsanto it's really doubtful.. but who knows!

  • dg

    please, when I see some hangings I will believe it actually means something…

    • Anonymous

      I guess not everyone is into democracy. Some want to go the way of the French Rovolution? Yikes…. Screw courts, trials, let's hang people in the street again…

      Yay for "Civil" -ization

  • joe king

    When toxic chemicals are intentionally added to your food then that would mean that you do not die from CANCER,..but rather are KILLED by it. Murder!

    • Joanne Unleashed

      You have a choice to avoid consuming those foods just as Monsanto has a choice to produce them. Buy local. Buy organic. Know you farmer. Grow vegetables in your backyard instead of grass.

      • agricultural-nut

        Unfortunately – if you're American, this can be quite hard these days – and democracy isn't for everyone, as it is the government of the majority instead of the government of the minority which is what a republic should provide. (Founding Fathers hated Democracy, and for good reason – our constitution is now shredded to bits because of a majority rule, but this isn't about democracy or republics or any of that.

        It's about Monsanto and their control over not just GMO crops, but the control over the farmers. In the U.S. almost all organic farmers are under attack – physically and psychologically – even a women who just wanted to grow her own vegetables in her private garden in Michigan, was arrested for growing "organic" – Summer 2011. This is a trend that has grown so large that many places across the country will now actually prosecute you for growing non-GMO crops. When it's a game of Monopoly, these guys are the top hat of agricultural control.

        Organic food stores have been heavily under attack all across the U.S. and unfortunately no one has been able to stop this trend as the FDA is the one putting these life-threatening GMO crops on the scene here, and they'll even use the DEA to come in and get non-GMO seeds from places, that's how bad it is here, you might have the choice to buy organic where you live, but some of us DON'T have the choice anymore, especially when all the organic shops have been either raided or all the farmers in your area have had Monsanto shoved down there throat for years.

        Sad but true..

        • Anonymous

          very true…look at what has happened to whole foods…they are turning the other cheek. the consumer is being decived….

      • Linda McDonald

        Good points all Joanne! We need to figure out how to get this information to people wherever they live. Like a central bank of organic growers, where they live, and how they sell. I think it would be very beneficial for all, dont you?

  • Jack

    Down with MONSANTO!

  • joe king


  • Anonymous

    Hope the US will follow suit…

    • smithdblue

      Many of us wish the same, but under the tyranny of our present administration there isn't much chance of that happening.

      • Dia

        You can't blame it all on the current administration. Monsanto and others have been poisoning us under ALL administrations for many, many years under both Dems and Reps.

        • Anonymous

          research how aspartame came on the market…who's administration….

        • Linda McDonald

          An intelligent and correct response Dia, people are always finger pointing, especially at politicians, and the "other" party. This is bigger than those puppets, believe me, and if we dont move beyond the petty bickering, our world will cease to be a place where you and I will want to live in soon.

          • Janet

            Finally some common sense in the US!!! Get involved, that's what is required to change these autrocities. Vote the morons out that don't have the same interests as us. meanwhile vote with your wallet, complain to your local store what products you want. they will listen if we all get on board. Power to the People!!!!OWS

  • Anonymous

    EXCELLENT news!

  • Rod Parsons

    I believe that all the cancer in this country could be linked to Monsanto's evilness. If so there could be tens of millions of lawsuits. Then we could bring back the Salem witch hunters and REALLY burn them at the stake. This is one of those few times that I would mix religion with law… Can I please light the first match? I did say PLEASE..

    • Anonymous

      This is Dark Age mentality at its worst…..

      Nope, sorry pal. We are a bit more civilized now. You don't get to hang folks from trees, or chop their heads off.

      You're a sick sick person…. Please think about your murderous inclinations, it worries me.

      • Anonymous

        What nonsense you crapping out of your fingertips. There is no need for pesticides, the world food programme can do without if all circumstances and preparations are taken into account. These industrial criminals know exactly what they are doing, their product might kill everyone, and they dont give a damn about the poor, the others, not them. And you dare to incite that some concerned human has to think about murderous inclinations? You are a dangerous idiot.

      • TruthSeeker

        @"anonymous" This IS now the DARK AGE and it is MonSATAN that WANTS a New DARK AGE…they are a KEY part of the Globalist Ruling Elite DePopulation Agenda. They KNOW that their stuff is POISON – They don't THINK that it is good,,,they KNOW it is bad – that is the WHOLE point. Their agenda IS to kill people. It is now time for the PEOPLE to rise up in their OWN defense. Always better to do things PEACEFULLY. But if a Psychopath is coming at you with a huge knife grab the biggest club you can and give him a serious ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. It's now time for MonSATAN's career ending Attitude Adjustment.

        • TruthSeeker

          and Anonymous – don't worry about this person's "murderous inclinations" – Worry about MonSATAN's Murderous Inclinations…that would be worry MUCH better spent.

          • Janet

            They do know what they are doing, quite intentionally, ensuring lotz of profits for the Health & pharmacutical companies…on & on Until we take a stand against them,it will get worst.

            I used to wonder how all these lil babies were getting cancer…We never had this in the 50's or 60's, no cancer in babies!!!Shameless what they'll do all for just a Profit!!!SCANDLOUS!!!

            • Janet


      • mr bellows

        Who says the populace can't hang the traitors and mass murderers, you? Are you going to stop an angry populace from hanging these traitors? I think not coward – you don't even have the balls to post using an online name. Everyone knows that if these traitors are left to their own devices, they will continue to do harm to The People. And 'No', everyone is not 'into' democracy when 'democracy' is hiding behind the corrupted guise of 'capitalism' and is then used to murder people. This article is not about democracy at all, and is about mass murderers (corporations) being held accountable for illegal population control programs (get ready GMO Microsoft, your next it would seem). Is that 'a' definition of democracy? Many many more people are waking up now and would now say that it is; and so agency trolls and the like probably need to be a lot more careful these days. Maybe best to just stfu and crawl back under a rock, lest some wind up like that Mussolini guy during ww2 (he was a traitor to the country he lived in too; remember the old black and white photo of him hanging in the street, in his self appointed glory), or like the 'co-workers' who decorated the 'talking trees' outside the agency workplace recently. Either way, it does seem the days are numbered for the 'shills' and their masters (thankfully), and they know it (thankfully), and this would account for the fear based sarcasm, in this post and others like it, posted by the same 'entity'. Its like your scared of something, like, truth. Be that as it may, Spring time is almost here so you better update your 'software'…%root failure% reboot. (lol)

    • Linda McDonald

      You got it Rod!!