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Brazil Poised to Legalize GMO “Suicide Seeds”

Elizabeth Renter
December 20th, 2013
Updated 05/07/2014 at 12:24 pm
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brazil flag gmo 263x164 Brazil Poised to Legalize GMO “Suicide Seeds”While their neighbor to the south (Uruguay) is busy legalizing marijuana, Brazil is preparing to legalize a plant of another sort entirely—something known as Terminator seeds, which the ETC Group calls the country’s Christmas gift for Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta.

The seeds, which are really known as Terminator technology or suicide seeds, are genetically modified seeds that are said to prevent proliferation of GMOs by making the second generation of them sterile. Why would giant seed manufacturers like Monsanto do something so seemingly anti-GMO? Because if the second generation of seeds is infertile, farmers are forced to buy more at each planting, making them even more dependent on the seed giants.

In 2000, 193 countries signed the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, which had a de facto moratorium on suicide seeds. In Brazil, one of the countries who signed the agreement, the pressure on this moratorium is mounting.

According to The Guardian, large land owners in that massive country are pressuring the government to allow them to use the technology, saying it would only be used for non-food crops like fast-growing GM trees. Environmentalists are understandably opposed.

“Brazil is the frontline,” explained Maria Jose Guazzelli of Centro Ecologico. “If the agro-industry breaks the moratorium here, they’ll break it everywhere.” And with that domino effect, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that terminator technology could soon find its way into the food supply.

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Companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, and DuPont are rubbing their hands together, waiting in the wings for their time to act. As GreenMedInfo suggests, they’ll likely express sympathy for the government of Brazil, feigning concern over the spread of GM tree pollen. Then, they can offer their suicide solution. Once approved in Brazil, the seed giants will slowly begin to roll out the technology wherever they can.

While none of the companies are thought to have developed the technology for commercial use yet, an approval in Brazil would no-doubt give them the green light.

The 2000 moratorium was drafted, in part, due to massive backlash from Indian, Latin American, and south-east Asian farmers and indigenous groups.

In Brazil, a Monsanto spokesman recently said he was unaware of terminator seeds being developed by his company or “any organization”, saying Monsanto “stands firmly by our commitment and has no plans or research relating to this.”

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Still, their website indicates they are only committed to stopping the technology as it relates to food crops and not the tree and medicinal crops under consideration in Brazil.

If passed, Brazilian Congress could make the changes law as early as February.

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  • susan

    Please keep the ban on dangerous GMO ‘terminator seeds’

    No to Terminator, No to suicide seeds! Brazil

    English Petition:
    Portuguese Petition:
    Spanish Petition:

    Note: For non-Portuguese speakers – in order to sign to the petition on, you must enter your first name (Nome), last name
    (Sobrenome), email address, street address (Endereço), city (Cidade),
    state (Estado), zip code (CEP)

    Dr. Thierry Vrain:
    “So, in other words, pollen from a terminator plant can turn another
    plant into another terminator plant… That could be the end of all life
    on Earth as we know it?”

  • Bonnie Lewenza

    Kudos to the Mayan people for standing up to these destroyers of the planet. Now everyone should follow suit to free the world of their poisons.

  • pcakes

    Global March Against Monsanto – Saturday, May 24, 2014.
    Google it (sorry,moderator won’t let me post link) to find the event nearest you and join millions worldwide marching to take back our food!!


    money:Why the love of money? Whats harder to Believe: what man is allowing to happen or what God said will happen- So as above so it is below!
    These words below coming from the KJV Bible of Paul & Timothy “with tears” couldn’t be more truthful of harmful human events past or impending in fear of man & unknown supernatural mysteries written about & presently unfolding It is with mercy,knowing & seeing what must be true. How it may have been different if we practiced the 10 Commandments, that was guided by the purest Love for humanity.
    “For as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their destiny is destruction,their God is their stomach,and their glory is in their shame.Their mind is on earthly things.But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ… “Anyone who does wrong will be repaid for his wrong, there is no favoritism.. “The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it…” We are not trying to please men ,but God who tests our hearts… “No one should wrong his Brother or take advantage of him” Philippians,Colossians & Thessalonians
    Having many ancient books, knowing endless theoretic arguments and not bound to any religion I choose God & Jesus They are worth believing in considering there is no turning back now = SuperNaturally unleashed & powerful enough to fool the elected.


    Why do you think farmers use GM or pesticides? Because without them they wouldn’t make any money. Pests or weeds or fungi would make their yields so low that the growth of crops was not economically viable. (and everyone would starve). Perhaps these are not the best solutions, but there has to be a solution. (other than reducing the population size which is clearly not about to happen any time soon) GM and pesticides are science’s best answer so far. Instead of complaining, attempt to contribute to a better solution.

  • Joao T

    This is hard for me to believe!

  • Undecider

    That’s quite interesting. As Brazil is busy giving the USA the middle finger on many fronts, they welcome these biological-chemical warfare devils right into the country. Maybe they need to take a break from shaking their asses and focus on some real issues.

    Truly amazing!

  • tmas

    You are what you eat. Sterile!!!

  • celiayounger

    OMG what a crime!!! they will not be able to reverse the damage once is done. I am sorry for the indigenous people who are use to natural ways and natural foods..They will destroy them and the whole country

  • RealityCheck

    GMOs spread, you complain. GMOs designed responsibly so they do not spread, you complain. *sigh

    • Kev C

      Its not the issue you think it is. Its about seed sovereignty (people from indigenous cultures who are happy being indigenous people with no money and no responsibilities to corporate profits having the right to sustain themselves as they always have done for millennia by saving their own seeds for future crops). Its about leaving nature alone. Its about stopping the corporations from grabbing total and permanent control of your food system. Its about not letting them poison you with all those toxic chemicals. Its about helping nature to survive and provide sustainably without massive overkill from corporate vested interests which are simply about profit and nothing else.
      It is not simply about the spreading of GM crops. Hope this helps to clarify your confusion. :)

    • pcakes

      Designed responsibly to solve a problem THEY created in the first place with their irresponsible technology! They COULD just plant non-GMO trees, voila, non-problem solved. But wait, no $$$ for biotech that way.