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Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge: Big Monsanto Stock Dump Friday, May 9th

Christina Sarich
May 8th, 2014
Updated 05/08/2014 at 12:21 am
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(NaturalSociety) Millions will be encouraged to dump Monsanto stock this coming Friday, May 9th, to give a clear message to the biotech industry that we don’t support them at all. With rallies planned across the country, as well as picketing to bring attention to companies like Fidelity that owsn huge amount of Monsanto stock, activists everywhere will bring the poisoning, monopolizing Monsanto, and its supporters to their knees.

Monsanto completely dominates the world seed market – for now. More than 282 million acres are currently planted with Monsanto’s vile GMO soy and corn. Over 40% of US croplands are planted with this atrocious non-food, garbage. It’s simply time to cut off Monsanto’s allowance.

Many people don’t realize where Monsanto’s money comes from. Without people and institutions filtering cash into their coffers, they wouldn’t have been able to lie to farmers and consumers about GMOs, push back with illegal campaign funds, and sway governments and regulatory agencies around the globe.

While some people knowingly have supported Monsanto, others have a mutual fund or 401k that their employers set up for them, or simply because their fund managers haven ‘t been honest with them about where their invested dollars go. Food Democracy Now has found, after investigating for months, that the investors in Monsanto are some of the world’s largest and most popular mutual funds – names like Vanguard, Fidelity, and State Street. Monsanto’s own CEO, Hugh Grant, only owns .066% of all shares of Monsanto stock!

You can watch OPERATION MONSANTO STOCK PLUNGE to learn more above.

If you want to participate, there are three easy ways that you can easily deprive Monsanto of money and stop to aid its monopoly over our food supply:

  • 1. Call your financial advisor and ask if you have a fund that contains Monsanto stock.
  • 2. Tell your advisor to sell your funds that own Monsanto.
  • 3. Ask your advisor to sell any of your funds that own Monsanto stock and opt for funds that do not invest in Monsanto or any chemical or junk food companies. (Many large food companies also help support Monsanto, like Pepsi, Kraft, Coca-Cola, etc.)

“I urgently request that you permanently remove Monsanto’s stock from investment portfolios under your management. In its 100-year history, Monsanto has proven itself to be one of the most destructive companies on the planet, regularly creating toxic chemical products that cause severe harm to human health and the environment.”

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  • C Kathol

    Well looks like the half baked plan to hurt Monsanto`s SP was a huge success. It just hit another 52 week high yesterday for the 4th consecutive session, this also bookends the vaunted march against Monsanto, laf…

  • pcakes

    Global March Against Monsanto – Saturday, May 24, 2014.

    600 cities are hosting events, find the one nearest you here;

    and join millions marching to save the pollinators and take back our food!!

  • BOKinLarksville

    I am thinking this won’t do a thing.. I bet these no good crooks (Monsanto) will be buying their own stock if their value declines on Friday.. As the price goes down, they will I can’t wait to see what happens.. I hope your plan works, but After signing countless petitions against these jerks, nothing ever changes.. I am getting very discouraged.. I fear the fix is in, and we got screwed, and will continue to get screwed.. Hopefully i am wrong..

    • Beck

      I feel the same way brother. The people don’t have any money, and the criminals that have money to invest in such a filthy company don’t give a crap….they just want the cream at any cost. I hope we get to make these men eat this poison!!! Make it a criminal offense to financially suport these monsters…..sadly, nothing is going to “change” until we have the big battle. Until then, Obama and his crew can suck a GMO turd out of my ass. Bath house Barry would probably like that too much though.

    • Rebel Writer

      It looks like we at least made a dent in their armor.