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Australia May Declare Homeopathy ‘Baseless and Unethical’

Andre Evans
March 15th, 2012
Updated 11/04/2012 at 12:03 am
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vaccinesmed 220x137 Australia May Declare Homeopathy Baseless and Unethical

Homeopathic medicine practitioners may have to defend their practice in Austrailia after the National Health and Medical Research Council decided that their practices may be ineffective and unethicalA statement issued claims that it is “unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, because a homeopathic medicine or procedure has apparently been shown to be ineffective.”

This statement is based on an evaluation of homeopathy by the British House of Commons Science and Technology committee, who came to the conclusion that the whole field of homeopathic medicine is no more effective than a placebo pill is.

Similarly, the statement suggests that homeopathic medicine is actually just joke medicine, and that “safe and effective conventional treatments” should not be delayed in favor of homeopathic ones.

The researchers who support this statement maintain that many homeopathic treatments are wrongfully being covered by health insurance companies, despite the fact that they are largely ineffective and sometimes more costly than conventional methods.

Many cases cited to support this statement showcase the use of outlandish medicines like animal blood and milk, which in these cases lead to the deaths of those who used these methods of treatment.

Due to the nature of the untested and absurd treatments like stated, the researchers would like to establish a formal registration scheme in the manner of conventional doctors, so that no quackery or dangerous “medicines” are covered by insurance. Currently, the Austrailian Homeopathic Associoation has a self governed registration model that is not subject to more conventional scrutiny, and thus the methods stated can sometimes be compassed within the scheme of what is called homeopathic medicine.

Interestingly, what is called ‘conventional medicine’ is also in the realm of outlandish and has similar tested proof backing the fact that it is dangerous to individual health. Despite this, a careful examination of legitimate and proven natural methods of medicine should not be discouraged or classified within the same category of  these bizarre treatments that fake ‘homeopathy’ encompasses.

About Andre Evans:
Andre Evans has studied the connection between mind and body for the majority of his professional career, offering insights as to why we do the things that we do and how to change our lives for the better. Highlighting the extreme power of the mind and the numerous neurological reasons that you may be experiencing a health crisis, Andre breaks down exactly how to melt away your stress levels and enjoy your life the way you should -- naturally.

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  • Anonymous

    homoeopathy increases our immunity system which overcomes all diseases anywhere in our body .

  • Anonymous

    homeopathy IS baseless and unethical…..

    did you hear about the man who overdosed on homeopathic "medicine" he forgot to take his pills!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    homeopathy is not medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CF

    No guns, then forced sterilization, now this-Australia becoming a real fascist state…and a good buddy of USA of course

  • organic dream

    The British House of Commons Science and Technology committee are on glue. And obviously being payed under the table by big pharma. The Australia people need to give those looser the boot.

  • Rick Tufts

    I'm a nutritionist and I manage a health food store. New mothers swear by a homeopathic remedy called Camilia. It is given to babies who are teething.The pain goes away and they stop crying within a minute or so. Are we to assume that the baby has been suckered by a placebo? I think not. These so-called medical experts have left a path of destruction in their wake and now they are protecting their turf.

    • Anonymous

      Camilia contains Belladonna which is poison.

      • belladonna1963

        however, when used correctly by herbalists and healers, Belladonna provides invaluable relief and even cures for certain diseases and illnesses. People MUST learn there is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak. Afterall, so called conventional medicine at the push of the FDA & Big Pharma has been poisoning us w/detrimental chemicals for decades. all in the name of greed. do your research, my friend, before you comment on things you obviously know little about. in todays age, there is NO reason for ignorance. Just my opinion. But a valid one, nonetheless.

  • Chuck

    Apparently the docs at the National Health and Medical Research Council are an ignorant bunch. I did a medline search and found more than 4,000 articles on homeopathy, mostly studies. In the first ten minutes I came across ten studies, nine of which found homeopathic treatment was effective. I happen to know that in the US the Office of Technology Assessment found only about 15% of conventional medicine was found effective. I think these docs are attacking homeopathy because they like to keep on making profits from drugs. As for my part I have no used any conventional drug in 57 years and have only seen homeopathic doctors. Nevertheless, I will continue to do so, no matter what they say.

    But what do I know?

    • Matty

      And how good was the methodology of those studies? All double-blinded? All with good controls? All the conclusions supported by the trials? You can't just look at the *results* of a study, it has be assessed for quality of research as well.

      I'm yet to see a *good quality* study of homeopathy with positive results. If you could link me one, I wouldn't complain, it would be interesting.