What the Homeopathy Controversy is Really All About

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homeopathy(NaturalSociety.com) A German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, started homeopathy in the late 1700s to early 1800s. This was a period when mainstream medicine consisted of using bloodsucking leeches, mercury, arsenic, and lead to treat illness. His approach was kinder, gentler, and much more effective.

Homeopathy caught on in other parts of Europe and North America during the mid-19th Century and beyond. John D. Rockefeller reportedly used homeopathy for himself and his family.

But he made sure his fledgling pharmaceutical interests and petroleum monopoly would benefit from the manufacture and prescription of petrochemical based pharmaceuticals along with his merger with IG Farban, the largest international pharmaceutical company of that time.

Rockefeller basically bankrolled medical education and licensing for allopathic practitioners to exclude both homoeopathics and herbalists. By the early 20th Century, The American Medical Association (AMA) became a major influence for deciding what is and isn’t medicine.

Homeopathy was displaced from mainstream consciousness as the Medical Mafia took over.

How Hanemann Developed Homeopathy

Hahnemann conducted trials on volunteers and patients. This was truly evidence based medicine for establishing specific results. But his premises were unusual to the Western world.

Hahnemann believed that a vital energy runs through our bodies. This became known as vitalism. Chinese acupuncture had not arrived to the West yet, so this was a startling position to assume.
First he decided that a substance producing symptoms similar to the symptoms of the ailment being treated could heal the ailment. This became known as the “law of similars.” Since Hahnemann was using some toxic plant derivatives at first, he had to dilute those potions with water.

He soon discovered that increased dilutions proved to be even more potent than stronger solutions. First, a sample is taken from a mother solution, is diluted, then shaken vigorously. It can be diluted again and again and shaken each time. This is known as potentization.

Even though a solution can be diluted to a point of containing only one molecule of the original substance, the potentized solutions offer healing by transferring the electromagnetic properties to the water with each shaking. This is how the vital energy or chi is influenced by homeopathic remedies.

The Medical Mafia’s Real Objections to Homeopathy

This is too subtle for average materialistic practitioners and research scientists. So the AMA mainstream medicos maintain that they’re too weak to work. But that’s the cover story for the real reasons why “orthodox” medicine is against homeopathy, even as more from their ranks slip away and choose to use it.

Big Pharma runs Allopathic medicine from top to bottom. They are in the faces of medical students before they graduate and continue haunting them after they get their licenses. The AMA, FDA, and regional licensing agencies are Big Pharma’s Medical Mafia “enforcers.”

Big Pharma and medical equipment manufacturers would be ruined financially if enough discovered that very inexpensive homeopathic diluted solutions can be used to actually heal without side effects from a homeopathic practitioner who requires practically no expensive medical equipment.

Homeopathy requires dialogue between practitioner and patient. It is patient specific. That takes time and patience, something MDs don’t have time for. Practicing homeopathy is more subtle and demanding than cookie-cutter “here’s your prescription” medical practice.

But this is also the one downside of homeopathy. It’s important to consult a good classical homeopathic practitioner to get optimum results.

But it’s hard to go too wrong with homeopathy because homeopathic solutions are without side effects and are much less expensive than pharmaceuticals. Treating an autistic child often comes to a couple of hundred dollars worth of homeopathic remedies over a year’s treatments.

Meanwhile, orthodox oncologists make up to a half-million or more dollars per year off the chemo drugs they drip into their visiting patients. Yes, they get a cut of the action from those hideously expensive chemo drugs that often kill patients before cancer can.

In summary, allopathic medicine condemns homeopathy because it is more effective but less profitable than the Medical Mafia’s racket. You’ve just been told the real truth. Investigate further starting with the sources below.

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