The FDA will not label genetically modified AquaAdvantage salmon, claiming that it is not “materially” different from other salmon. The FDA has still not decided whether or not to allow genetically modified salmon for general consumption.

This news is not surprising, given the history of genetically modified food and the labeling procedures that go along with it. Food that contains genetically modified ingredients is not currently required by the FDA to be specially labeled. That is why it is important to purchase high quality (optimally 100% organic) foods in order to avoid genetically modified ingredients of any kind.

While genetically modified ingredients in products are not required to be labeled, equally disturbing things may have found their way into our food supply. The United States Secretary of Agriculture recently admitted that he is unsure whether or not cloned meat has been sold in the United States.

In our previous article, New Genetically Modified Creation Threatens Health, Environment, we mentioned how the FDA would most likely not require the genetically modified salmon to be labeled.

It is unknown at this time whether or not restaurants and markets will be obligated to label their salmon as genetically modified. When looking at the history of product labeling, we can see that this will most likely not be the case. Supermarkets can currently sell genetically modified food products without explicit labeling.

This is extremely unfortunate that it is possible to predict future actions of the FDA by their faults of the past. Research has linked genetically modified food with a host of diseases, yet no changes are made by the FDA regarding the distribution or labeling of these products.

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