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Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps

Anthony Gucciardi
February 14th, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 9:16 pm
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In just the past few weeks and months, we have generated powerful traction in the fight against corrupt mega corporations like Monsanto and others — and it all comes down to consumers refusing to purchase additive-loaded food products, deposit cash with banks that are spying on them, or tune into the latest propaganda news hour on MSNBC.

Ultimately, we are all no longer ‘consumers’ but ‘activists’ in the sense that we can no longer sit by and watch as our food supply and freedoms are tarnished at the same time by a merger of corporate and government corruption. A merger that is historically fatal to the heartbeat of any nation that allows itself to be swallowed by the bloodthirsty psychopaths who currently hold many high level positions in both of these sectors.

And our activism is paying off.

On the food freedom front, we have already seen major corporations like Kraft and Subway make a 180 degree shift towards removing toxic substances from their food following major outcry from activist consumers. In fact, Kraft’s act to remove artificial preservatives from their highly popular ‘cheese singles’ signifies the reality that these corporations know that they are quickly going to lose their entire customer base if they do not start removing the synthetic garbage from their food.

Even larger in scope, it was Subway that announced it would be removing a rubber chemical from its bread just 24 hours after the issue was brought up on The Alex Jones Show with a food activist. And that is just on the food front.

We have been contacted by legislators who have revealed that thanks to exclusive information leaked via Storyleak, such as the reality that Bank of America is actually spying on ‘anti-government’ protesters for the feds, legislation has been launched to protect our privacy in an entirely new way on statewide levels — and it’s expected to pass. We have seen the same sentiments in exclusive interviews regarding anti-drone spying legislation, which is yet another reminder of how simple it can be to spring real action from truth.

This is how real change is made, and this is how reality is broadcast around the world through the domination of media headlines.  Altogether, 2014 is shaping up to be a true year of reality, and in just a few short months we have already been highly successful in enhancing the message of reality through resisting corporations like Monsanto and Bank of America. As long as we continue the proverbial charge, nothing can stop a calvary rush of truth.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega CorpsGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Fractalz

    We have to remember that our blind consumerism and laziness gave power to the beasts like Monsanto by shopping for cheap food and goods. Although I do love the activist approach amended to the self aware proactive personal action. NO single factor or action will cure the problem. But hey, I’m just a dude trucking my own path.

  • Mary Anne Clark

    I’m not sure why you are calling MSNBC “propaganda news”. I watch Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, etc. and think they give excellent coverage of the news. What is your beef with them?

  • Ross Law

    Wonderful News! Go Team Truth! :) Australia is right beside you :)

  • yankee phil

    This type of reporting must keep the pressure up on the public to see what the chemical companies are doing to their children. Next you must pressure the mainstream media to carry these articles and do the job the constitution gave the press the power to do. Freedom of the press is part of the government, it is the people right to know. How can you vote correctly if half of what your government does is secret,what do you base your voting decision on when the most important matters conducted by the government are hidden by security laws. Soon health risks from chemical polution of your food will be considered none of your business and the national security laws will be applied to hide the contents of the food you buy off the shelf to protect monsanto’s fiscal health rather than the american publics physical well being……………… they say in the ring “keep punching” the life you save may be your own.

  • toysandme

    Informed people are their worst enemies. MSM ratings are down the toilet and alternative media like this site is giving them a run for their money. Keep up the good work.

  • Reality of Truth

    Thank you for reassuring articles such as this one, it reinstates that change can be had through truth and that reality is your number one back up as it cannot be trounced by any form of lie or propaganda, because the Reality is the Reality whether people agree with it or not.

    However, there is no time for a victory celebration as the fight is just now getting underway and it will be a long battle against the corporate and government corruption that has taken over the land.

    But as they say, things worth fighting for are never easy.

    • Martin Rayne

      Your thoughts reflect mine and while these are reassuring we must continue to persevere and continue to move forward. These are apart of what is worth taking a stand for and living within our integrity.