Can Monsanto Boycotts Go Mega-Viral with this New Hedge Fund?

Can Monsanto Boycotts Go Mega-Viral with this New Hedge Fund?
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In the age of rapid information, true revolutionary ideas often get lost in the scramble to sensational headlines. One such idea whose time has come was just released from the one-two punch duo Max Keiser and Russell Brand. The Trews Boycott Hedge Fund (TBHF) is causing public facing corporations that have grown accustomed to profiting off secrecy and the abuse of citizens to take notice; or at least they should be taking notice.

The public boycott is a concept that goes back to the beginning of time. It has always wielded great power to bend corporations to the will of the people or to punish their bottom lines for abusing populations. We live in a time in which there is a massive, conscious shift underway concerning how business conduct themselves and corporations financially stay afloat.

In the past, companies sought monopolies by securing market share by fraud, secrecy, government collusion/revolving doors, and illegal payoffs. However, what we have recently witnessed with the slashed bottom lines and waning market shares of Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, and Monsanto is that the public has found their voice and has the ability to push back hard.

“There’s more than one way to occupy Wall Street. Where you keep your money is a vote for a particular system.” – Daniel Hassan of Robin Hood Minor Asset Management

What The Trews Boycott Hedge Fund brings to the table is a supercharged version of a boycott that activists and concerned citizens have only dreamed of in the past. Using information from basic stock search engines, the hedge fund identifies which companies are most vulnerable to short-selling and boycotting. The entire game has changed as this model redefines markets, finance, and what it means to ‘profit.’

With the supercharge plug-ins like Bitcoin, Startcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies stacked with like-minded individuals, the Trews Boycott Hedge Fund now becomes a massive, disruptive idea rendering big corporate public relations departments speechless and powerless.

From a health perspective, targets for individuals to profit from using this new paradigm of investing are ripe. McDonald’s is currently on the ropes after an unsuccessful rebranding campaign and social media pummeling from food activists over the years. Monsanto has also currently experienced a financial hit as the world recoils against their genetically modified organisms on all fronts.

With its flagship product glyphosate being newly labeled a 2A carcinogen, now in the same category as HIV, a targeted hedge fund boycott would move to KO the biotech giant who’s already fading fast. The science and research has been in for years as much of the public is now demanding the removal of toxic ingredients from their food.

Moving forward, the marriage of the Trews Boycott Hedge Fund with the deeply established conscious food crowd effectively supercharges the damage on corporations that wish to ignore the public demand or control the narrative in their favor.

“You can’t fight mathematics.” –Max Keiser

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