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5 FAQs About Recreational Marijuana in Colorado

Elizabeth Renter
January 8th, 2014
Updated 05/07/2014 at 12:27 am
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colorado marijuanas 263x164 5 FAQs About Recreational Marijuana in ColoradoAt the beginning of this month, the first legal marijuana retail shops opened their doors to long lines in Colorado. Voters there legalized marijuana over a year ago and the system in place to support the voters’ will is now operating full speed ahead. Initial reports are that the industry made over $1 million in the first day alone.

Many people have questions about marijuana in Colorado, whether they live there or are thinking of visiting. The truth is, with the changing tide of marijuana laws across the country, Colorado offers many lessons and is certainly a case study for other states considering legalization.

Here are a few things you need to know about pot in Colorado.

1. I thought marijuana was legalized in November, 2011?

That is when Colorado voters decided to pass the legislation that created the system we have in place now. The framework took lawmakers months to put together, however. On January 1, 2014, the first retail marijuana stores were opened, despite recreational marijuana technically being legal for about a year before.

2. Who can buy marijuana?

Adults aged 21 and over can purchase marijuana in the dispensaries. Even adults from other states can purchase pot from Colorado stores.

3. How much marijuana can we buy?

For Colorado residents, the limit is up to one ounce at any time. A non-resident (a tourist or someone just visiting) can only purchase one-quarter of an ounce at a time. In addition to dried marijuana, customers can also purchase edibles and other products made with marijuana.

4. Can I sell marijuana?

Only licensed retailers are allowed to legally sell marijuana. Selling marijuana without a license is still against the law. But, you can give marijuana away to other adults as long as money or value isn’t traded for it.

5. What’s still illegal?

There are several marijuana crimes that you can still be charged with in Colorado. Violating any one of these could result in an arrest and jail time.

  • You cannot smoke or consume marijuana in public.
  • You cannot smoke or consume marijuana at all if you are under age 21.
  • You cannot move Colorado marijuana across state lines.
  • Though you can have marijuana in your car, you cannot drive while under the influence of marijuana.

While opponents of legalization would have you think Colorado is a disaster waiting to happen, photos of opening day around the state showed responsible citizens lining up with smiles on their faces. These weren’t the faces of junkies or criminals, but adults exercising their right to partake of a healing, and largely harmless plant.

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  • yo

    Its 690 an oz in Colorado following recreational prices

  • Abe

    At $400 an once this should motovate individuals to grow there own!!

  • Jacqueleen

    Colorado made Georgie boy very happy…..the global elite want our sons and daughters nodding on street corners….USELESS AND HARMLESS… nothings who will not partake in a revolution. Colorado should be thrown out of the United States of America for the lack of courage and backbone. Wimps! Fools!

    • John Cook

      Idiot, alcahol is th “stupidity” drug of choice. Cannabis is more likely to get someone Thinking…

      • Jacqueleen

        It is not difficult to see that you must partake of the Stupidity drug of choice since you revert to name calling and can’t spell alcohol. If a person can get past the nod, the fog and the numbness of cannabis, they might be able to think….meanwhile they are nodding just as the global elite expect…useless and unable to pick up a rifle and join the revolution. If communism/socialism is what you want…..try a year in China to help you make up your mind..

        • ALO

          No, just no. China is not a model socialist/communist country by any standard. While the ruling party calls itself communist, if anything, China is closest to socialist now. However their economy is essentially capitalist. Also, Cannabis legalization is part of the revolution, maybe our brothers and sisters who grow up in crippling poverty, addicted to far worse drugs will now have a better way to medicate and escape their terrible situation. Furthermore, I smoke and I promise that I am no less eager to pick up a rifle after I smoke than I am otherwise. My aim gets significantly steadier after I smoke. :) Also, in your other comment you said “liberals want no laws,” and that’s a ridiculous generalization, I’d call Obama (at least pre-election Obama) liberal, and he certainly wants (and wanted) laws, just as one example. And in response to your comment that laws provide order: sure, i don’t disagree, but many poor people in hectic urban areas with rampant police brutality are currently experiencing that chaos you seem so afraid of. Try to imagine what it’s like for them, for this guy, for example:

          Open your mind, friend. Cannabis is certainly no “stupidity drug.” I know for a fact that caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and most prescription drugs do far more damage to your brain.

      • RealityCheck

        I agree with you but your name-calling and tone are not appreciated. Do you hope to convert someone with your childish antics? This person is not an idiot. They have valid concerns.

        I think it goes without saying that if you’re going to call someone an idiot, you should at least spell correctly.

    • RealityCheck

      I see your angle here and I don’t necessarily disagree. However, consider my side. This is an example of the will of the people in action. This is quite a grand experiment in American liberty. The people are free to choose.

      The expansion of liberties is almost never a bad thing. This is not being added to the water and you are not forced to enroll on a government website. Teach your children about the dangers of marijuana as you would teach them about alcohol.

      • Jacqueleen

        Liberals want no laws, no rules and the right to do as they please. What do you think of a lawless society that does not know the difference between right and wrong? Our Laws have kept sanity in our society, but without the laws, there will be nothing but chaos.
        Picture a mother and father sitting in the living room puffing away on cannabis and telling their child do as I say and not as I do????

  • hanspy

    ”Though you can have marijuana in your car, you cannot drive while under the influence of marijuana.”Quote
    This wil be an hard nut to crack. You buy pot.Go home and smoke it.But you must be 2 weeks clean before you may step in your car and get some new pot. Ppl who smoke more the a few and daily , wil get problems up to 4 weeks before all dope is out of the system.Some cabbies wil find a new way to earn a buck..;-)

    • John Cook

      Is the law “under the influence” or “has traces in bloodstream”? Big difference…

      • John Cook

        Btw, studies have shown that experienced smokers actually drive safer when stoned. More care and slower. I can say for myself that a single beer will have me changer at a higher rev rate whereas a joint does the opposite. I tend to drive very carefully and with full attention when a bit stoned…

        • hanspy

          Yes.I know that study.9%drop in trafic accidents and 5% drop in alcohol sales. And here is the same reply.Tel it you’r local cop.And i promice you.He wil just smile and arrest you for driving under the influence. Can you prove that you are NOT under the influence from Cannabis and still have traces in your bloodstream? They do not give a shit about an lower accident nr or lower=safer alcohol consumption.They are only intrested in getting there jails full.Point.

      • hanspy

        Do not tel me.Tel you’r local cop that.