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3 of the Most Potent Healing Foods

Elizabeth Renter
December 2nd, 2012
Updated 12/02/2012 at 2:32 am
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spicesgrouped 255x159 3 of the Most Potent Healing Foods“Everything you eat is either fighting disease or fueling it.” We know foods have the potential to be healing. What you eat can either harm your health or make it better. And nowhere is that more true than with medicinal foods like garlic, turmeric, and ginger. All three of these foods have amazing flavor and incredible benefits. They can help prevent disease and even cure certain illnesses and complaints. These three represent the trinity of healing foods.

Healing Foods – Ginger

Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a healer. Its benefits are widely recognized and extremely varied. It is seen as a “warming” food that can increase circulation and reduce general inflammation. While the list is long, here are just a few of the benefits of this remarkable root:

  • Cancer prevention (Shown in one study to shrink prostate tumor size by a whopping 56% in mice)
  • Morning and motion sickness treatment
  • Nausea treatment
  • Pain reducer
  • Swelling reducer
  • Ovarian cancer treatment
  • Arthritis treatment
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia prevention
  • General digestive tonic
  • Heartburn treatment

Here is more information on the health benefits of ginger.


Closely related to ginger and among the most powerful of healing foods, turmeric has similarly been used to treat and prevent illness and disease for hundreds if not thousands of years. This orange-hued root vegetable has a more smoky flavor and is found in curries and dishes around the globe. According to, the root “has been scientifically documented to have over 500 applications in disease prevention and treatment.” Among these are:

  • Reduced oxidative stress
  • Fat loss promoter
  • Liver detoxifier
  • Heart disease prevention
  • Skin tonic
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Cancer fighter and treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Natural painkiller

Here is more information on the top health benefits of turmeric.


Garlic is a more commonly used food in the U.S. and other western cuisine. This means it is widely available, and you can easily reap its benefits at mealtime. But this bulb isn’t just “good for you”, it packs a serious medicinal punch and has even been shown to cure drug resistant tuberculosis. Other benefits include:

  • Inflammation fighter
  • Cancer prevention
  • Anti-arthritis
  • Detoxification
  • Toothache reliever
  • Cold prevention
  • Cough relief
  • Heart health promotion
  • Fights infections like: Herpes, MRSA, Cholera, Thrush, Streptococcus, and Influenza

Here is more information on the health benefits of garlic.

These are 3 of some of the most powerful healing foods.

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  • Khun Siwalai

    At Patcharapat, we make a infusion with Ginger Lemongrass (other Thai herbs) which in itself has anticancer and Blood pressure lowering properties. more info on our website

  • joan brown

    hello i use turmeric in a yougurt just atea spoon .orblend it in water along with some ginger or blend ginger along in a little water try it.

  • masagazi samuel

    I used turmeric to reduce the size of the spleen in 2 weeks after failing with other common herbs with my client.

  • Angela

    everything I read was great can't wait to try them.

  • Alice

    My acupuncturist recommend turmeric and ginger to help with my pains. Can't really tell a difference yet, but I have only been using for a few weeks. Btw I had no idea ginger was good at cancer prevention. That's great to know. Thanks

  • Lizzie

    It's color is so rich and it stains-any way to get the stains out?

  • Alexandre

    I learned so many wonderful things for give me a Healthy Life in your Smart News!
    Thank You!

  • Betty

    Try Ginger tea: about 1-inch chopped fresh ginger root; cover and simmer in 1 mug water (your drinking mug). While the ginger is simmering, put ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ¼ teaspoon turmeric and 1-teaspoon local honey; mix to a paste; strain in the hot boiled ginger water; stir to mix; add lemon juice to taste. Good…and you get all at one time. Repeat 2-3 times a day, if you like.

    • jana

      I have no clue what frac14 is please….

    • jana

      Sorry, now it doesn't say "frac14" throughout your comment anymore…don't know what that was! Thanks for tea recipe – it's clear now! ;)

  • Tyranny

    More Awesome Info Elizabeth! In Case anyone is interested. George Noory is having a guest on tomorrow talking especially about Turmeric.

  • Justin Goodman

    do you guys have any recipes for these ingredients? i use garlic all the time, but i've never used either turmeric or ginger.

    • Melody Ford

      curry- both, stirfry- ginger,turmeric in rice to give it an orange color, ginger tea, dahl- lentil curry. I've been using turmeric as a mouth wash after I had some teeth removed

    • gingertea

      ginger tea, absolute marvelous we drink it every day next to "normal" tea. cut 10 slices of the ginger root, peel put in a pot with 1½ water-add 4 bruised cardamom pods + 2 star anis+ half a cup of brown sugar. put on low heat and let it simmer for approx 1½ hour. you can drink ginger tea hot and cold.
      tumeric is put in curry's and if ypou goole you'll find many recipe's. good luck, take care and be safe☼☺

    • lupita

      Thai food, these tree are very useful in Thai cuisine, love the soups you can look for recipes on
      ( ) they have great variety . blessings!

    • Marianela

      Hi! you could prepare ginger tea, buying ginger root, in a pan you add; water, cinnamon sticks, and boil it for 10 min, add honey it 's the best tea, I ever tried, is good for nervousness, depression, fatigue etc. enjoy it!