Cup of Green Tea Daily Shown to Reduce Risk of this Cancer Type by 24%

Is there really anything green tea can’t do? It’s rich in catechins, or healthful flavonoids, and these compounds have truly amazing benefits. From weight loss to brain protection and disease prevention—green tea is truly a healing powerhouse. And the benefits go on—with research connecting the tea to ovarian cancer treatment and prevention.

Sleepless America: Over $63.2 Billion Lost Annually to Lack of Sleep

Insomnia, the most common sleep-realted complaint, is often overlooked as an uncommon issue with no global consequence. But new research from Harvard Medical School is now shedding light on the effects of insomnia on the world economy, and the statistics are quite startling. The average American misses 11.3 days each year from work because of some type of insomnia. Furthermore, insomnia-related lost time costs 63.2 billion dollars annually in the United States.

Warning: 3 Fast Food Ingredient Secrets

While many of us live a largely sedentary lifestyle, the United States remains a highly mobile society, addicted to the road and high-speed, demanding daily schedules—hence, our addiction to fast food. The convenience of this food, however, comes at a high price belying its reputation as the food of the masses. The ingredients in these foods, unfortunately, make the exchange little more than murder.

New Discovery Sheds Light on Protecting Cells from Aging

In past eras, the ketogenic diet was used to treat epilepsy and control seizures, requiring periods of fasting to produce what we now know as ketones, a by-product of metabolism. But Gladstone Institutes scientists have found that the low-carb, low-calorie diet also has an anti-aging effect.

2009-10 Swine Flu Vaccine Linked to Sleep Disorder Narcolepsy

Several European countries pushed vaccines on their populations during the 2009-2010 swine flu pandemic, urging their populations to line up for the injections to ward off H1N1. Now, however, officials are recognizing that the vaccines weren’t completely safe. Shocker, I know. Researchers have found a link between the vaccination Pandemrix and narcolepsy in children, although it isn’t the first time the two have been linked.

Diet Rich in Apples and Pears may Lower Stroke Risk by 52%

A well-balanced diet loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables is good for your health, providing a wealth of health benefits. Eating fruit and veggies can even reduce the risk of developing a chronic disease. Research indicates that eating white, fleshy fruits such as apples and pears could also reduce the risk of having a stroke significantly.

Over 40 Percent of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Disorders, Officials Not Helping

About 41 percent of 57,000 children have tested positive for early signs of possible thyroid cancer, and four out of five evacuees are experiencing thyroid abnormalities. Even doctors in Tokyo are noticing a sharply increased rate of strange symptoms among residents. Government officials, however, are doing their best to keep it quiet.

Marijuana Compounds: Highly Beneficial, Yet Illegal

Is marijuana bad for you? Marijuana has the potential to get you high: most people know this. And a growing number of people are becoming aware of the medicinal properties of this plant. But, the compounds that make marijuana such a healer are largely unknown to the general public.

Healthy Hot Dogs? Hot Dogs and Processed Meats as Bad as Cigarettes

Are you a smoker? How about a hot dog eater? According to a national medical group, hot dogs are just as detrimental as cigarettes to your health. The D.C. -based alternative health group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ran a $2,750 billboard that read “Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your health.” But it’s true; healthful hot dogs may not exist, along with healthful processed meat.

How We Are All Eating Questionable Nanotechnology

GMOs and pesticides aren’t the only things that might be lurking on your dinner plate. It is now likely that we’re unknowingly ingesting and breathing nanoparticles. Why is this a problem? Although nanotechnology may have its place in our ever-changing civilization, effects that may ensue when it hunkers down inside our organs is unknown—even to the manufacturers putting it in our food.

Doctor Recommended Toothpaste Blasts Kids with 500,000% More IQ-Crushing Fluoride than Heavily Fluoridated Areas

With one of the most popular doctor recommended ‘extra fluoride’ toothpaste brands by Colgate, you get a massive sodium fluoride blast of 5,000 PPM — around a 5,000% increase from the average water fluoridation levels of .07 to 1 PPM.

5 Strange (but True) Health Tips

Big Pharma and conventional medicine have made us accustomed to reaching for an over-the-counter drug when we experience an itch or ache. Nature’s medicine cabinet, however, is bursting with healthier and less expensive remedies. Here are 5 strange but true health tips you might not know about.

Antidepressant Use and Breast Cancer: Exploring a New Threat

Research has found a suspicious link between the use of anti-depressant medication and some very unpleasant side effects including headaches, stomach aches, nervousness, increased risk of miscarriage, autism and suicidal thoughts. But that’s not all. This time, researchers found that women who take a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Unnecessary Consequence: How the War on Drugs Affects Us All

You don’t have to sell or use drugs to be affected by the futile and expensive war our government has waged on them. Even if you do consider marijuana to be a drug, you have to recognize the giant waste of time and resources that the War on Drugs truly is. One has to wonder how long it will take the government to recognize its loss and move on to more pressing matters.

Nutritional Value of Food at Risk: Fruits and Vegetables Now Less Nutritious

The amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables has diminished greatly over the years.One apple today may carry half the amount of nutrients as an apple produced 50 years ago. Although it is still very true that everybody should be consuming many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (preferably organic), the sad truth is that we would need to consume many times more of them in order to get the nutrients we need.

Health Benefits of Thyme: Medicinal Uses of a Favorite Herb

The aromatic thyme plant is a perennial and woody shrub harnessing square stems and attractive flowers. A member of the mint family, thyme is an herb that originates in the Mediterranean basin and has a number of varieties, each with its own distinctive oil composition. Thyme is a powerful herb offering numerous health benefits.

Smoking in Cars Could be the Worst Time to Light Up

There are certain times in a smoker’s day that warrants lighting up. For many people, a car ride or commute is one of those times. But recent research shows that this could be the most detrimental time of all to spark a cigarette. Most smokers probably don’t mind, but it’s still good information to know for others.