Action Alert: Legislation Seeks to Censor Taxpayer-Funded Health Research

I recently reported on how a lobby group was formed in Australia that aims to take out all alternative medicine degrees from universities. Well now Congress is trying to restrict your access to research so that you will only learn what the mainstream medical establishment wants you to learn. This legislation seeks to limit access to research that is paid for with your tax dollars, and could virtually censor your right to health research – that is until we find a way to rise above.

Lawsuit Slams “All Natural” Snack Makers for Containing Harmful GMO Ingredients

Does the term ‘all natural’ really mean anything when it comes to food labeling? Increasingly, the evidence says absolutely not. A new lawsuit launched from New York highlights the real lack of meaning behind the ‘all natural’ marketing stunt, stating that Frito-Lay’s popular ‘all natural’ snack foods like Tostitos and SunChips are actually made with genetically modified ingredients. Chris Sakes leads the suit against the mega snack corporation, filing a class-action lawsuit that sheds light on the ‘all natural’ labeling scam. Shake said that Frito-Lay products are not natural at all, as they contain corn oils and genetically modified plants.

Carcinogenic Dioxin Set Free: EPA Kneels to Monsanto and Big Agriculture

Dioxin is the most toxic man-made chemical known regarding damage to health and the environment. The EPA has withheld a study about dioxin for decades in order to protect large industries that produce dioxin while manufacturing herbicides and pesticides, plastics, chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals. In addition, industrialized agriculture (Big Ag) has pressured the EPA to withhold the report because dioxin becomes concentrated in animal products like meat, eggs and dairy.

Lobby Group Formed to Remove Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Courses from Universities

Who needs alternative or natural treatments when there is already a fantastic medical system put in place aiming to ‘better’ the world? At least that’s what more than 400 doctors, medical researchers, and scientists who want to shut down all alternative medicine degrees seem to believe. The mainstream medical practitioners in Australia seem to think that alternative medicine has no place, and chose to form a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to get rid of any alternative medicine degrees.

Over-Consumption of Fructose Linked to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

While there is no perfect diet, people are starting to realize that many of the health complications they currently face are actually a result of consuming way too much sugar. More health experts are voicing their concern regarding the over-consumption of fructose, which has been pinpointed as America’s number one source of calories. New research mirrors what has been found in the past, connecting fructose to cardiovascular disease and an increased diabetes risk.

Turmeric, Curcumin Naturally Block Cancer Growth

Turmeric and curcumin have been highlighted as powerful anti-cancer substances in the past, but research has now shed even more light on the amazing ability of both turmeric and curcumin to actually block cancer growth. This is due to the unique ability of a main component in turmeric that is actually able to block an enzyme that promotes the spread of head and neck cancer. Researchers at UCLA found that curcumin exhibited these cancer-blocking properties during a study involving 21 participants suffering from head and neck cancers.

Cancer Risk Significantly Reduced from Exercise

The number of uncovered benefits from exercising seem to just never cease. Recent research, which can actually be linked back to research conducted many decades ago, shows exercise can be utilized as a powerful tool in reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is estimated that nearly 12 percent, or about 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime.

Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation

Bill Gates, the heavy Monsanto investor who purchased 500,000 shares of the biotech giant in 2010, has been toting Monsanto’s genetically modified creations as a tool that is necessary to prevent starvation in poor nations. The same poor nations where thousands of farmers routinely commit suicide after being completely bankrupt by Monsanto’s overpriced and ineffective GM seeds.

AMA Paper Proposes Law Forcing People into Experimental Vaccine Trials

How would you react if I were to tell you that you or your child were forced to participate in experimental vaccine trials? A paper published by the American Medical Association’s Virtual Mentor wants to do just that. It seems that the amount of current participants in current experimental vaccine trials is a bit too low, so why not create a federal law forcing each person to need to “opt-out” of experimental vaccine trials in an attempt to better society?

Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain

A new Greek scientific study has demonstrated how frequency electromagnetic fields, namely cell phones, portable phones, WiFi, and wireless computer equipment, alter important protein changes in the brains of animals. Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies is the result of our advancing technologies, but it is important to study these effects so people know exactly what they’re dealing with in order to take the necessary precautionary measures.

Glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

A recent study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of Glyphosate, a carcinogenic chemical found in herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup, in all urine samples tested. The amount of glyphosate found in the urine was staggering, with each sample containing concentrations at 5 to 20-fold the limit established for drinking water.

Admittedly Illegal Genetically Modified Soil Fungus Present in ‘Organic’ Products

There is a call for a near-future investigation of illegal synthetics being used in organic food which have been corruptively approved by corporations gaming the system. The United States National Organic Standards Board, a panel that advises the USDA Secretary on all things organic related, was the one to approve Martek Biosciences Coproration’s petition allowing for the use of the synthetic chemical – a genetically modified soil fungus and algae – in organic food.

Vitamin D Deficiency in 1/4 Toddlers Could Delay Walking

According to a new research, one in four toddlers in the UK do not have sufficient vitamin D levels, and the deficiency could be causing the kids to experience a delay in walking, muscle weakness, and bone pains. The importance of vitamin D seems to be spreading at a fast pace, but many parents and even health professionals still need to do a little bit more research when it comes to obtaining and maintaining sufficient vitamin D levels.

How Cell Phones are Causing Health Complications, Protect Yourself

Experts in EMF and wireless technologies are saying that cell phones and similar devices are capable of causing a number of health defects, including depression, body irregularities, infertility and even damaging your DNA. A number of foreign countries are attempting to adopt precautionary protocols to limit cell phone use in an attempt to mitigate the number of adverse effects they have on human health. Targeted by Internet Hackers Known as ‘Anonymous’

On December 9th a group of internet hackers who go by the name Anonymous shut down biotech giant Monsanto’s public relations firm. Anonymous, who have temporarily shut down FBI and Justice Department websites are now targeting the GMO giant itself by attacking This group of hackers, seemingly working in the shadows, focus their efforts on corrupt organizations in all forms.

Affirmations for Health and Positive Thoughts Proven Effective in New Research

Are the majority of your thoughts positive, or are they hampering your mood and subsequently bringing along negative health consequences? New research has found that savoring the moment and thinking positively can help to improve your health and help steer health-conscious decisions in the right direction. In particular, the findings found positive thoughts to be especially beneficial to those already suffering from diseases like coronary artery disease and high blood pressure.

Why You Absolutely Must Personally Treat Your Own Water

Why do we need to worry about the water we are consuming each and every day? When referring to a group of people or someone acting different, the phrase “it must be in the water” is often used as a response. While this phrase is always used comically, you need to know that many of your health problems may indeed be result of what is in the water you are consuming every day.