Cancer Feeds on Fructose, America’s Number One Source of Calories

High-fructose corn syrup is the primary source of calories in the United States. In addition to containing mercury, a known carcinogen, cancer cells actually feed on high-fructose corn syrup after it is metabolized by the liver.

Troubling Emails Reveal Federal Scientists Fear FDA Approval of Genetically Modified Salmon

Internal emails shows that federal scientists are afraid of the approval of genetically modified salmon. Back in November of 2010, there was much fear over the possibility that genetically modified salmon would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How Natural Sweeteners Can Eliminate Soaring Cancer and Obesity Rates Today

Natural sweeteners like Stevia not only contain 0 calories while still retaining a sweet taste, but they have also been found to prevent and reverse conditions like diabetes that currently affect over 105 million individuals nationwide. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Stevia, unlike fructose — particularly high-fructose corn syrup, does not feed cancer cells.

7 Simple and Natural Fat Loss Habits of Truly Healthy People

Being conscious about your daily eating habits is essential to natural fat loss that is both effective and long-lasting. Embedding just 7 habits of truly healthy people into your daily schedule can lead to a noticeable difference not only in your physique, but in your overall self-appreciation and focus.

FDA Warns Over Pregnancy Drug Risks

The Food and Drug Administration is now issuing stronger warnings over the popular pregnancy drug terbutaline, which prevents premature birth. The agency warns that injection of the drug for a period of more than 3 days can lead to maternal heart problems and even death.

Human Exposure to BPA Grossly Underestimated

Bisphenol A exposure levels have been extremely underestimated. A report in December of 2010 showed that people are exposed to eight times the “safe” level of bisphenol A (BPA), with the “safe” level being 50 micrograms per kilogram of body weight each day.

Common Vitamin Deficiency Linked to Brain Shrinkage

Vitamin B12 is an energy-boosting nutrient, but it also plays a major role in maintaining proper brain function and development. A new study has found that low blood levels of B12 can lead to brain shrinkage.

Health Benefits of Chocolate – 10+ Healthful Reasons to Consume Chocolate

Chocolate has taken a lot of heat for being an unhealthy snack, but is it really that bad for you? If we are talking about very popular candy bars like Reese’s or Kit Kats, then yes, chocolate is not healthy. But chocolate closer to its natural form, without the added harmful ingredients, actually is pact full of health benefits. What really separates a diabetes-inducing chocolate snack from a healthful handful of chocolatey goodness is the cocoa content.

Green Tea More Effective in Preventing Flu than Vaccines

Drinking green tea can slash your risk of influenza, as it contains powerful antiviral components that a new study has associated with a lower risk of flu infection. Researchers examined more than 2,000 elementary school students who were given questionnaires about their green tea consumption and illness during influenza season.

California Schools Visiting Homes of Unvaccinated Children with Nurses

The whooping cough frenzy has just been taken to a new level, with California school officials now visiting the homes of children who have not received the whooping cough vaccination. Accompanied by a school nurse, they aim to vaccine the child at their own home.

Chart Shows Healthier Real Food Meals Cheaper than Fast Food

A new chart created by the New York Times shows that eating wholesome real foods that are far healthier than fast food is actually much more cost effective. The chart analyzes the price difference between a McDonald’s meal for 4 and 2 different well-balanced meals for 4

Health Officials: Antipsychotic Drugs Given to Millions of Children are Very Dangerous

The number of children on these pharmaceuticals is becoming so astronomical that U.S. pediatric health advisers are now speaking out against the known and unknown dangers of such widespread drugging of children nationwide.

4 Ways to Improve Mental Health and Clarity

Of course the antipsychotic or anti-depressant drugs that the doctor prescribes can ultimately lead to suicidal thoughts, type 2 diabetes, and an overall shortened lifespan. In addition, new research has shown that your mental health is actually determined by your gut health.

FDA Cracks Down on Over 500 Cold and Allergy Drugs

The food and drug administration (FDA) announced on March 2, 2010 that they would be pulling over 500 prescription cold and cough medications from the market. These drugs have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore are not deemed “safe” for consumption.

Chart Reveals Organic Food Companies Often Owned by Mega Corporations

It may be shocking to you, but a large number of organic food companies are actually owned by mega corporations such as Pepsi and Kraft. These companies carelessly implant genetically modified ingredients into their food and are environmentally destructive.

AIDS Vaccine Coming Soon | Experimental Vaccine Led to Censored Deaths

Scientists are hailing a new discovery in the field of AIDS research that may lead to the development of an AIDS vaccine. The discovery, revolving around the elimination of a cholesterol membrane surrounding the virus, emerged from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Acid Reflux Caused by too Little Acid

Pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to reduce the amount of stomach acid have been found to cause a heavy decrease in magnesium levels. But are they really helping or just causing other serious complications?