Raw Milk Decreases Asthma and Allergies by 41%

Raw Milk Decreases Asthma and Allergies by 41%

Natural Society

Despite numerous government organizations going after raw milk sellers and consumers, new research has found that children who consume raw milk are less likely to develop asthma and allergies. Researchers theorize that certain milk proteins are destroyed during the pasteurization of conventional milk, the very proteins responsible for the reduction in asthma and allergies.

The research comes from a large survey in which parents answered questions about their child’s milk consumption. The survey also examined 800 different milk samples from the participating households. Compared to pasteurized milk drinkers, raw milk drinkers had a 41-percent reduction in their odds of developing asthma. Furthermore, they were only about half as likely to develop hay fever.

The study sheds light on the powerful effects of raw milk, and only examines the connection between consumption of raw milk and 2 diseases. It is very possible that raw milk helps to reduce and prevent a host of other conditions as well.